IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2015-11-30

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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: spice: 0.12.5 -> 0.12.600:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: spice: add six dependency00:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: dhcp: add ssd-based scripts, thanks frinnst!00:12
rmullteK____: mpd looks like it has a upnp dependency that is explicitly enabled during ./configure, but not pulled in by the dependency list00:18
arceteraso I got X11 to run00:30
arceteraand everything is working mostly fine00:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: arpon: 2.7 -> 2.7.200:30
arceterabut X11 is... slow00:30
arceteralike just generally laggy00:30
Wildefyryour drivers suck00:30
arceteraWildefyr: xorg-xf86-video-intel00:31
Wildefyrcheck the X log and see what the x server is using00:31
Wildefyrchances are it failed to load your correct drivers and is using a slow reducundancy mode00:31
Wildefyrsomething like modesetting etc00:31
arceterashould i pastebin the log00:32
arceteraApplications aren't slow but my wmutils scripts are slow00:32
Wildefyrwhere is the http00:32
Wildefyrnow I have to copy it00:32
arceteralike my wmutils scripts are acting slowly00:33
arcetera/bin/sh is dash00:33
teK____rmull: scan-build would have to be a separate package (wrt
arceteradash keeps having the error when run "dash: 1: prompt: not found"00:34
koricheck shell config file00:34
arceterawhich is dash's config file00:34
arceteradash is my scripting shell00:34
arceteraand no, it's not .dashrc00:34
arceterabut that error is probably causing a delay00:35
arceteraI don't have a web browser yet (compiling)00:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: clang: 3.6.2 -> 3.7.000:36
arceteraso i cant google it00:36
Wildefyras for as I can tell the driver loaded correctly00:36
arceterayes it's dash00:36
arceterawhere is dash's configuration file00:36
Wildefyrno idea00:37
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Wildefyris it happening whenever dash is loaded however?00:37
arceterait happens all the time00:37
arceteraapplications aren't laggy00:37
arceteralike i can smooth scroll in telegram desktop00:37
teK____rmull: or I am wrongt.00:38
arceteraand i can type at a reasonable speed00:38
arceterabut my *scripts* which use *dash* are laggy00:38
arceteraand they were 100% ok on void00:38
arceterabrb building vanilla dash00:40
arceterathe fuck00:40
arcetera"dash: 1: prompt: not found"00:40
arceteraw t f00:41
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arcetera/bin/sh was bash for some reason00:43
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arceterai am very new to this distro00:43
arceteraand source-based distros in general00:43
arceterawhy do i have to compile all of gtk00:44
arceterafor fucking suckless surf00:44
arcetera>uname -r00:46
pidsley-afk arcetera: next time you install crux, select the "xorg" group during the install, and you will get all the drivers, firefox, etc00:46
pidsley-afkyou can also install those packages from the iso disk without building everything00:46
arceterai'm not using firefox00:47
arceterai have a binary package for firefox00:47
pidsley-afki know, but you had problems with xorg; you would not have had those if you installed the xorg group00:47
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john_cephalopoda>uname -r00:48
arceterano fucker edition kernel for you00:48
john_cephalopodaI tried to set my kernel name to "jmf's cut" but the ' confused the script parser and it exploded.00:48
arceteranext time im goin with "superdick"00:49
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teK____rmull: removed upnp from mpd00:50
arceterai just installed a seperate libupnp package just for mpd00:50
arceteraits in a third party repo00:50
teK____I hate when upstream fails to auto-enable stuff :\00:51
john_cephalopodaI did ports --update, why is mesa upgraded to some 10.something?00:52
john_cephalopodaThe online pkgdb says 11.something is aviable.00:52
teK____maybe you use a third party repo that ships 10.x00:52
teK____(and it is listed before xorg in prt-get.conf)00:52
arceterahow do I set a PS1 for dash and make it persistent?00:52
teK____prt-get info mesa3d  might help00:53
arceteralike where's dash's config file00:53
john_cephalopodaI rewrote the mesa one by hand, so it is 11.something.00:53
teK____man dash | less -p '^FILES' arcetera00:54
arceterahow do i detect if the currently running shell is dash?00:55
arceteraor anything but mksh00:55
arcetera$SHELL wouldn't work00:55
Wildefyrecho $SHELL?00:55
arceterathat's still mksh00:55
arceteraoh wait00:56
john_cephalopodaTry typing "help".00:57
john_cephalopodaMy GNU bash prints out some stuff.00:57
arceterajohn_cephalopoda: this is dash00:57
arceterascripting shell00:57
john_cephalopodaarcetera: I mean, when you want to detect it.00:58
john_cephalopodaCompile script is probably:00:58
john_cephalopodawhile true; do gcc main.c; done00:58
Wildefyrhah yes01:00
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arceteralike seriously01:01
arceterawhen i move my window to another01:01
arceterait takes a tiny bit of time01:01
arceterachanges the stacking order01:02
arceteratakes a little bit of time01:02
arceterachanges the window border01:02
arceteratakes a little bit of time01:02
arceterachanges the other border to inactive01:02
arceteraand my wmutils scripts worked fine on void :L01:03
arceteraoh wait01:04
arceterahold on01:04
Wildefyrtry changing the bangs to /bin/bash?01:04
arceteraor perhaps it's because i'm compiling shit01:06
arceteraand my laptop is shitty01:06
arcetera"cpu p" prints 401% so i think my cpus being used up01:07
Wildefyrwell yes01:07
arceteracrux is pretty nice so far, i've been looking for a linux distro close to bsd01:07
arceteraas bsd can not to wifi01:07
Wildefyrlast line01:08
arceterai cant open it01:08
arceterabrb wget01:08
Wildefyrcurl -s lol?01:08
Wildefyrrenice will set it so compiling won't take literally everything01:09
arceteraok why is everything in 24h time01:09
Wildefyrthat's the default?01:10
arceterahow change01:10
john_cephalopodaIT IS PERFECT!01:15
john_cephalopodawhile true;01:15
john_cephalopodado echo "[0%] Building C object /src/drivers/devuid -" $(cat /dev/urandom | head | sha1sum) "blockdrv.c";01:15
john_cephalopodaNow you can do as if you build but actually you're sitting in front of a computer, doing nothing.01:19
pidsley-afkarcetera: are you sure you read the handbook?01:19
john_cephalopoda2:20 am, gtg. Cu01:21
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korinote: arcetera's lag was due to compilation of webkit01:43
koricase closed01:43
arceteraso my friend has precompiled firefox as i dont wanna compile a web browser but i'm getting an error01:53
arceteraPKGCOMGlueLoad for file /usr/lib/firefox/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:54
arceteraCouldn't load XPCOM.01:54
arceterait's a .tar.gz01:54
arceteracrux package01:54
arceterafresh build with pkgmk01:54
jaegerdo you have
arceteraapparently not01:54
jaegerso find which package owns that and install that as well01:55
jaeger(it's nss)01:55
arceterawhat package is it in?01:55
jaegerprt-get fsearch libssl3.so01:55
arceteradidn't know that option existed01:55
arceterawhy does crux feel like freebsd to me01:55
arceterai ran freebsd for a grand total of 2 hours as it didn't support my laptop's wifi card haha01:56
korihonestly I was pretty impressed with CRUX during my first few months01:56
korisince I had used FreeBSD before and that was lovely01:56
koriCRUX was even more lovely when I managed to work it01:57
arceterai like bsd but hardware compatibility01:57
koriI'm kinda bored with it now but it's nice01:57
koriit's a nice solid distro I guess01:57
arceteraalso kori in the 6c37 repo it says redshift was being migrated to crux-ports-git01:57
arceteramy eyes are burning pls to halp01:57
koriarcetera: that is right, I forgot to add01:57
korithanks for the reminder01:57
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arceteraso how do i set alsa's default soundcard?02:05
arceterait's defaulting to "HDA Intel HDMI" and I need "HDA Intel PCH"02:05
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rmullInterestingly, the clang port can't be built with previous clang version03:00
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jaegerclang being a pain? well, I never03:10
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korijaeger: the sarcasm is off the charts03:19
arceterahaving a bit of a problem with alsa03:20
arceterait werks but03:20
arceteraALSA lib dlmisc.c:254:(snd1_dlobj_cache_get) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_ctl_h2.so03:20
arceteracannot open mixer: No such device or address03:20
arceterasudo alsamixer works03:21
arceterasame problem with amixer03:21
jaegerkori: indeed. :)03:21
jaegerarcetera: user in the audio group?03:21
arceteraprobably not03:21
arceterayes the user is03:25
arceterame at 9am: lets install crux!03:27
arceterame at 10:27pm: im almost done i think03:27
arceteraif i can just fix damned alsa i'm done03:28
arceterawell uh03:29
rmullDid you log out and back in after adding user to alsa group?03:29
arceteralibasound_module_ctl_h2 doesn't exist03:29
arceterait's not in /usr/lib/alsa-lib/03:29
arceterai'm gonna sleep03:30
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brian|lfsgood night03:33
brian|lfsI"m afraid to try CRUX all the bugs I"m seeing in the chat03:34
rmullbrian|lfs: If you're referring to arcetera, most of them are user error03:38
rmullHe seems to be ignoring the handbook03:39
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brian|lfslooking in the ports look like I see dracut that looks like a good sign for the way I configure my hardware.03:43
brian|lfssystem I mean03:51
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Worksterrmull, yeah remove clang then build it05:09
Worksterwe should probably force gcc to build clang05:09
brian|lfsquestion there more then 1 crux 3.2 iso05:18
brian|lfsit says on distrowatchh its 385 mes and the iso I have is 2GB05:18
brian|lfsnevermind just me brain fart05:27
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brian|lfsanyone thhere I got ssh working but can't log into ssh withh root and its not letting me create a user the iso?05:57
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brian|lfsat least a coomand to add a user would be good06:06
nogagplz_might need to make a password for root, and might need to allow login as root in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config?06:07
brian|lfsah ok I'll check but I think the ssh is to new and won't allow root login06:09
brian|lfswhat am I missing its not letting me edit the config file06:20
brian|lfslast I check i is for inserting in vi06:20
nogagplz_isn't it insert in vi06:20
brian|lfsyou just hit i06:22
nogagplz_I don't know what masochist wants to use vi in this day and age06:24
brian|lfswell nano is broken on the iso06:26
brian|lfsany other editors on the iso06:26
nogagplz_not much afaik, maybe vim too06:27
brian|lfsif I could just add a user problem sovled06:27
brian|lfsvim is vi06:27
brian|lfsvi is an alias06:27
nogagplz_what's broken with nano06:27
mechaniputerbrian|lfs: The iso isn't really meant to be more than installation/upgrade/recovery media. I'm not sure what problem you are having, but it sounds like you are tyring to use it like normal live media.06:34
mechaniputerbrian|lfs: Also, allowing root logins over ssh is typically inadvisable from a security standpoint.06:35
brian|lfsbut if I can't add a user then how else would I ssh06:35
brian|lfsI can see but have bad eyes just was trying to make my life easier06:36
mechaniputerAre you trying to add a user while running the iso? The iso is for installing, not running.06:36
brian|lfsI was able to edit the sshd_conig file and I"m sshed in now06:36
brian|lfsfigured out the issue withh vi it didn't liek backspage on my keyboard06:37
brian|lfsdel seemed to work06:37
nwegood morning :D06:38
brian|lfsam I safe using the kernel config on the iso?06:41
brian|lfsI just want something quick and dirty06:41
nwebrian|lfs: the kernel config is a good starting point..06:42
mechaniputerbrian|lfs: It will be dirty, not as quick... :P06:49
mechaniputerbrian|lfs: The default choices will often work, but will result in a fairly large kernel and take a longish time to build depending on your hardware. Worth a try if it's too much trouble to do otherwise, I suppose.06:50
brian|lfsbut how much of a difference would I notice with 16 cores06:54
brian|lfsoh wait wrong computer 8 cores06:54
brian|lfsand 32GB of ram06:54
mechaniputerProbably not too bad. You will need to tell make to use those cores though.06:56
mechaniputer'make -j6 all' to use 6 of your cores is what I'd do.06:57
mechaniputerI find that keeping a core or 2 free actually speeds it up, but ymmv.06:58
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mechaniputerWell, I've stayed up later than I should have. Oh well.07:04
brian|lfsgood night mechaniputer07:05
mechaniputerbrian|lfs: Good night, good luck, and welcome.07:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.7.55 -> 1.8-rc209:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: setuptools: 18.4 -> 18.6.109:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: Merge branch '3.1' into 3.209:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: six: 1.9.0 -> 1.10.009:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: cryptography: 1.0.1 -> 1.1.109:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: cffi: 1.2.1 -> 1.3.109:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pyasn1: 0.1.8 -> 0.1.909:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: Merge branch '3.1' into 3.209:53
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Ghost_r00tI have a problem with Gpt_Efi grub2 setup. there won't be anything happening (showing) on the screen after taping enter on grub menu. I had CONFIG_FB_NVIDIA before but removed it. (no difference). CONFIG_FB CONFIG FB_EFI CONFIG_FB_VESA are enabled and built in the kernel12:45
Ghost_r00tI had no such issue before.12:45
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Ghost_r00tany help?12:58
deep42thoughtto me, it looks like your bootloader doesn't find the kernel12:59
deep42thoughtwrong framebuffer, etc., _in_ the kernel would at least print a few lines12:59
deep42thoughte.g., trying to start a 64-bit-kernel on a 32-bit machine (which is way worse than a wron fb) will print a kernel panic13:00
deep42thoughtbut I have no (positive) experience with uefi13:00
deep42thoughtcan you increase verbosity of the boot process?13:01
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nwelhas someone got this problem before?
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jaegerGhost_r00t: If the system boots but you don't have any framebuffer output you probably need the EFIFB support in the kernel, the rest don't really matter. If you're generating your grub config manually, load the efi_gop module. If you used grub-mkconfig it should do that for you14:46
jaegerIf this is the case usually you'll see a quick message like "no suitable modes found, booting in blind mode" right before the screen goes blank14:52
frinnstnwe: yes, force make -j114:55
frinnstI told tek about it but it seems it slipped his mind :)14:55
nwefrinnst: oh thanks :)14:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: babl: 0.1.12 -> 0.1.1415:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: json-glib: initial import15:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gegl: 0.2.0 -> 0.3.415:40
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: postfix: 2.11.6 -> 2.11.715:43
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teK____it has16:13
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Wildefyranyone use msmtp?18:33
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Wildefyrstruggling to find a source for ca-certificates.crt18:33
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jueWildefyr: I have this in my .msmtprc -> tls_trust_file /etc/ssl/cert.pem18:49
Wildefyrah ok18:52
Wildefyrah yes that worked perfectly18:53
Wildefyrthe documentation was tellin me it had to be .crt file wasn't sure what the cert.pem file was18:54
rmullteK____: contrib/json-glib is not generating the manpages that are in the .footprint19:03
rmull(btw, are you okay with me reporting this stuff on IRC, or do you prefer something else?)19:03
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teK____that's ok, I wonder what the man pages depend on for building19:28
frinnstprobably docbook & xmlto and that crap19:30
tilmanwhat about asciidoc?19:31
frinnstxmlto depends on asciidoc so I included that :-)19:31
tilmancontrib/json-glib seems to be a lie anyway19:32
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deep42thoughtHi, this is not 100% crux, but: What's the difference in decoding between playing a video with vlc and mplayer? I'm asking, because right now, I'm able to flawlessly play h264/5 (I'm not sure, which) in mplayer but not vlc.21:07
deep42thoughtwith vlc, however every graphic-related program freezes21:08
deep42thoughtand I get a lot of errors in dmesg from my graphics card21:08
tilmandecoding in hw vs sw maybe21:14
deep42thoughtmplayer has 2% cpu utilization21:15
deep42thoughtso I guess, it's hardware, too21:15
deep42thoughtdoes vlc use some libraries, which mplayer doesn't?21:17
frinnstvlc doesnt bundle anything I think, mplayer does21:18
frinnstbut with xv you should have more or less same %21:18
tilmani'd hunt for some diagnostic switches and get some more details about how it's decoding and displaying stuff21:18
deep42thoughtok, that would explain the behaviour21:24
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arceteraso uh22:13
arceterafonts in firefox are godawful22:13
arceterahow do i fix that22:13
arceteralike i think it's using "fixed"22:14
arceterathat explains a lot22:14
Workstervlc is probablynot using the vdpau backend where mplayer is? i'd prefer to us mpv over mplayer22:14
mechaniputerarcetera: There are some fonts that you need to install, I forget which. I think you need some bitstream fonts.22:15
Worksterdeep42thought, ^22:15
Worksterarcetera, probably need to install more fonts22:16
arceteracurrently all i have is bitmap fonts22:16
arceterathat explains a lot lol22:16
Worksteryeah, that'll do it22:17
arceterainstalled bitstream vera sans22:17
Worksteryou'll have ot exit firefox and start it again to find that i think.22:18
arceteracrux is the only source distro ive liked so far22:20
arceteralike ive used binary distros as my main os22:21
arceteragentoo/funtoo i dont like22:22
arceteralunar was unsupported asf22:22
Workstereh just went ona few distros but debian then crux never really moved other than my own crux fork for a short while, then back to crux.22:24
deep42thoughtmpv seems to have a nicer interface than mplayer. Maybe I'll just dump vlc and stick to mpv :-/22:28
rmullmpv is good, do it22:36
deep42thoughthonestly I don't care too much about which player I use - my only concern is, that something might still be broken with my system22:37
Worksteri use a mix of mpv and xine-ui22:41
Worksterdeep42thought, prt-get update -fr `revdep`22:41
Worksterand check with rejmerge22:42
deep42thoughtthe only port, which revdep lists, is libreoffice22:42
deep42thoughtand libreoffice is not compiled, thus it doesn't change22:42
Worksterthat's normal and so no other broken libs22:42
deep42thoughtwell _something_'s not right, if vlc "plays" h264/5, but freezes video22:43
deep42thoughtbut I'll go the easiest path: I'll ignore the problem until it reoccures :-D22:44
Worksterdid you set VA-API video decoder in vlc?22:48
Worksterand OpenGL video output (experimental)22:48
Workstermight be worth looking22:49
arceterahow do i get unicode chars in st?22:55
arceteralike a ton of shit doesnt look right22:56
arceteralike alsamixer there's boxes22:56
arceterasome toilet fonts it's just ??????22:56
arceteraalso after setting up fakeroot builds sudo prt-get reports an error22:58
*** kori has quit IRC22:59
arceteralike just "sudo prt-get depinst <xxx>" doesn't work22:59
arceterait's now "sudo fakeroot prt-get depinst <xxx>"22:59
Worksterboxes means missing glyphs23:03
deep42thought"sudo fakeroot" seems wrong23:03
Worksterand that means you haven't got a font that covers all the glyphs for unicode chars23:04
arceterai use the same font that i used on void23:04
arceterainstalled termite, looks fine23:04
Worksterdoes that cover all the glyphs did you even generate the glibc locale?23:04
arceterayes i generated the glibc locale23:04
arceterait doesn't work in suckless st23:05
arceterait does work in termite23:05
Worksteryou only set LANG and didn't override LC_ALL right?23:05
arceterai did what the crux install guide told me to23:05
arceteraexcept i replaces se_SV or whatever with en_US23:05
Worksterthen i'm out of ideas i only use english au utf23:06
arceteraim jus gonna use termite23:06
Worksterobvious one is did you reboot after all the changes to that23:06
arceteraas it just werks23:06
arceteraWorkster: well yeah23:06
Worksteri like sakura has tabs too23:07
arceterai did it in the chroot while installing23:07
arceterai don't need tabs, thats what tmux is for lol23:07
arceteratime to config termite23:07
arceteraor not23:09
arceterai just wanna use st,,,,23:09
arceterahappens with all fonts23:10
arceterawhat the fuck23:10
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC23:12
*** ivs has quit IRC23:26
*** ivs has joined #crux23:26
*** xeirrr has joined #crux23:49
*** kori has joined #crux23:52
arceterawhen running 'sudo prt-get depinst <anything>' after setting up fakeroot i get the error "/usr/ports/<repo>/<package>/" is not writable23:52
arceteramakecommand in prt-get.conf is "sudo -H -u pkgmk fakeroot pkgmk"23:53
arcetera              e23:53
deep42thoughtyou should setup a different work directory, which belongs to your pkgmk-user23:53
arceterai chown'd /usr/ports23:53
arceterato pkgmk23:54
arceteralike the guide on the crux wiki told me to23:54
arceteradeep42thought: theres your problem23:54
arceterawell that fixed it23:54
arceterai can not to computer23:55
deep42thoughtremember to issue "port -u" as pkgmk and not root - otherwise, some ports may belong to root again23:57
*** deus_ex has quit IRC23:59

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