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koriwhat else should I need to use nouveau00:01
deep42thoughtok, bedtime for me00:02
deep42thoughtcu later00:02
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mechaniputerI'm building an iso and I had gnu-efi fail to build with multiple cores. I had to change the Pkgfile to 'make -j1'. Is that the sort of thing that should be "fixed" in the official Pkgfile by the maintainer, or is that not something that we do?00:38
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Workstermechaniputer, report it to the maintainer if it reliable breaks00:57
Worksterhow many make jobs did you use?00:57
arceteraso i'm writing my first Pkgfile01:06
arceterawhat is "DESTDIR"01:06
arceteraand why should DESTDIR=$PKG in make install01:06
arceteraalso will this makefile Just Werk with DESTDIR=$PKG01:07
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rmullarcetera: What do you think it does?01:08
arceteramakes it not install to the system but to the package01:08
arceterawould i be correct?01:08
arceterait worked woo01:09
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arceterai have written my first package01:10
arceteraand it worked01:11
arceteram a g i c k01:11
arceterai now have one package in my crux port git repo01:12
mechaniputerWorkster: I was using 7 threads, it failed less than half of the time.01:13
arceterahow do i add my own git repo as a repository to be used w/ prt-get01:17
arceterait uses an https:// clone url so01:17
Romsterreport it then mechaniputer01:17
arceteraor rather01:17
arceterano git:// clone url01:17
Romsterlook at any of the emulators git01:18
arceteraok bam01:21
arceteranow i have one package in my crux repository01:21
arceterai am a noob and i should feel bad01:21
arceteraa package which i used once01:22
arceteranow i dont01:23
arceterabut i ported it anyway01:23
Romsterthat's how my romster repo stated01:23
arceterai am a noob and i should feel very bad about it01:23
Romsterbefore lone 10 50 100 packages01:23
Romsterwe all start off as a novice01:24
arcetera probably bad01:24
Romsteras long as you learn01:24
Romster# Packager: line is funky01:25
arceterai obfusticate my email address with gnu tr01:25
Romsternice one01:25
Romsteri haven't seen that method done before01:25
Romsterguess it's better than base64 encoding it01:26
arceteraespecially when bots are learning to read "this at this dot this"01:26
arceterai mean for users who need to email me about my package01:26
arceteraif they use crux they can figure that line out :p01:27
arceteraand if they dont use crux then they dont need to use my packages01:29
arceteraim a noob and soon i'll be a noob that badly maintains packages01:30
Romsterhow can you be a noob when you know some basics01:31
arceterai installed this distro yesterday01:31
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arceterai mean ive touched tons of other distros01:33
arceterabut this is my first time laying my hands on crux01:33
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arceteraalthough i do enjoy crux more than i've enjoyed any other distro01:36
rmullHmm, when building wireshark, the little plus/minus expand/collapse boxes don't show up at all, something about a gtk theme probably: "Error loading theme icon 'zoom-in' for stock: Icon 'zoom-in' not present in theme Adwaita"01:36
arceterapackage management is simple and fantastic and pkgfiles are easier to read than ebuilds, pkgbuilds, and the like01:36
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rmullI wonder how I got this Adwaita theme - I don't remember installing it, though maybe it was years ago01:37
arceterarmull: i believe you need it for gtk301:37
arceteraor if you ever installed gnome01:38
rmullgtk-chtheme only shows a theme named Raleigh01:39
rmullgtk3-icon-browser has nothing01:39
rmullMaybe I need to download a theme?01:40
arceterai use kori's numix-satori even though i don't use satori01:40
arceterait's the closest to my term colorscheme01:40
arcetera(but not really close)01:41
rmullWhere do you get that?01:42
arceterakori's github01:42
arcetera iirc01:42
rmullI see it.01:42
rmullI'll worry about it later01:42
korirmull: adwaita is a dep to some packages01:44
arceteraadawaita is the de facto theme for icon support and Just Werking01:45
arceteranumix is the de facto theme for unixporn01:45
arceteraholy fuck is that netscape navigator on windows 1001:46
arceterahow do i launch slock when i close my laptop01:50
arceteramake mpd pause01:50
rmullI see that there is a 6c37/adwaita-icon-theme available, I'll install that and see what happens02:10
rmullOkay, that seemed to give me the icons I need, thanks all02:17
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brian|lfsquestion where is the kernel config located on the iso04:25
koribrian|lfs: /usr/src/linux-*04:27
koriwait, the iso?04:27
kori┐('~'; )┌04:27
xeirrri guess /usr/src/'uname -r'/.config04:29
rmullbrian|lfs: Does /proc/config.gz have it?04:37
brian|lfsended up just configuring it myself04:47
brian|lfsmost stuff was picked already04:47
brian|lfsyou were correct about the /proc/config.gz04:49
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brian|lfsquestion why isn't grub seeing my kernel does it not like UEFI on CRUX for the fstab maybe?05:05
jaegerit's also in the crux/ tree on the ISO05:25
jaegerdid you generate grub.cfg manually or use grub-mkconfig?05:25
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brian|lfsI figured it out the name of the kernel has to have the kernel version in it05:46
brian|lfsnow to figure out what I forgot in my kernel lol05:47
brian|lfshow how have you been jaeger05:51
jaegerpretty busy. still working tonight, sadly05:54
jaegerhopefully done soon05:54
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jaegerand you?05:59
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brian|lfsok but annoyed can't figure out where my kernel problem is lol06:30
brian|lfsah figured it out devices changed order06:38
jaegerwoot, I can go to bed now. good night06:43
brian|lfswhy because I compiled my kernel lol06:45
Romsterbrian|lfs, which device?07:04
brian|lfsno my root changed ofrder after rebooting07:08
brian|lfsand grub seems to be to stupid to use UUIDs when using the script the generates thhe grub.cfg07:09
brian|lfsnot sure if thats a compile option that needs to be enabled for grub or whaht07:09
brian|lfswow thats a file name AliasAnalysisCounter.cpp07:11
Romsteruse the UUID=07:13
Romsterthat never changes07:13
brian|lfsI know I could add it manually that way but grub config script should do it automatically and its not07:17
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Romsteri even use UUID on lilo root=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-INTEL_SSDSC2CT120A3_CVMP22HUIH764BGN-part108:20
Romsterreally is dumb if grub can't handle it08:21
frinnstiirc grub-detect used uuid's last time i tried it09:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: lynx: fix compiling with ncurses10:09
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arceteratonight I did what I usually would do and plugged in my phone and left my laptop unplugged and closed.10:41
arceteralaptop died.10:41
arceteraI also notice that music from MPD does not pause when I close the laptop.10:41
arceterawhat's wrong10:41
Romsterfucking firefox segfault10:42
Romsteryou'll have to setup acpid to trigger on lid close or something arcetera10:43
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arceterai don't know if i even have acpid on10:45
arceterasorry about slow typing10:45
arceteralearning a kb layout10:46
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arceterahow do i set the system keyboard layout to colemak10:50
arceteranot just X10:50
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arceteranevermind on that11:01
frinnstarcetera: crux does nothing without you telling it what to do11:07
frinnstso you need to configure all that stuff yourself11:07
arceterai'm aware11:07
frinnstits kinda the point of crux :-)11:07
arceteralooking through the archwiki entry for acpid as much as i hate arch11:08
frinnsttheir docs are really good11:08
arceterayes i agree11:08
arceterabut their community11:08
arceteraoh my fucking god11:08
arcetera"crux does nothing without you telling it what to do" yes i know i spent 13 hours installing and configuring it the first time11:09
arcetera9am: lets install crux11:09
frinnsthehe :D11:09
arcetera10pm: i'm done i think11:09
arceterai'm a noob11:09
frinnstgood way to learn11:09
arceterai know11:09
arceterai already maintain one package11:09
frinnstif all crux users maintained one package, we'd be golden11:10
arceteraalthough one thing i do like is11:10
arceteraa large amt of users maintain their own packages or repos11:10
arceteraits rather decentralized and i really like that11:11
frinnst*one package each11:11
Romstertakes a few weeks to iron all the settings out and then some.11:12
arceteraafter i configured almost everything to my needs11:13
arceterain thirteen full hours11:13
arceterai'm just going to agree to try and never do that again until 3.311:13
Romsterthis is why it's targeted for experienced users or those that have an appetite to learn and a lot of time11:13
Romsterwon't really need todo that again in 3.311:13
Romsterjust upgrade when the time comes and maybe a few changes.11:13
nogagplz_keep your home dir safe too, that cuts the setting up in half for next time11:14
nogagplz_took me longer than I care to admit to learn that11:14
Romsterbe mostly packages doing new things and renaming there conf options11:14
Romsteryeah keep home in it's own partition11:14
frinnstits aliiiive11:15
frinnstTo: fredrik@crux.guru11:15
frinnstSubject: test11:15
Romsteri only have root and home11:15
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nogagplz_no swap anymore? or a swap file?11:15
yui^^the 3.1->3.2 upgrade was pretty smooth for me11:15
arceterai have / and /home and swap11:15
frinnstyui^^: good to hear11:15
arceterafor me there was no 3.1->3.211:15
arceterafor me it was 3.211:15
yui^^and the few things that broke were really easy to fix11:15
xeirrrsmooth here too11:15
Romsteryeah i got swap in lvm logical volumes among with my other stuff in like 10 other logical volumes11:15
frinnstyeah ports not on the iso will probably break11:15
Romsterthat is the other benefit, whats broken isn't that obfuscated to not be able to understand it.11:16
Romsteri've looked though ebuilds and i still don't understand how that all works.11:17
nogagplz_they are pretty cumbersome11:17
Romsterabstracted commands doing what where.11:17
frinnsttry to package something to rpm11:17
yui^^the weirdest thing for me was feh11:17
Romsteror deb11:17
arceteraso i found an acpi script on thinkwiki, but i don't use a thinkpad11:17
Romsterit's done in a Makefile11:17
arceterawill it work?11:17
arceterai mean acpid is detecting the lid state11:18
frinnstarcetera: there is a tool that records various acpi things - i forget what its called11:18
arceteraso i need it to sleep on that11:18
frinnstbut with that tool you can get what your computer calls "lid close" etc11:18
arceterafrinnst: acpid11:18
arceteraevent=button/lid and a script will do it, but i need the script11:19
yui^^acpiclient probably11:19
frinnstacpid monitors and executes, but it can sometimes be hard to figure out what your computer sends when you do something11:19
yui^^is nice11:19
frinnstyeah, thats the one11:19
Romsteryou probably want to read into hibernate to swap.11:19
arceterawhen close/open11:19
arceterabutton/lid LID close, buttton/lid LID open11:19
Romsteror just changing the power states11:20
arceteraso i want the computer to sleep11:20
arceterashould i make a script that goes echo -n "mem" > /sys/power/state11:20
arceterai feel like i'm learning a lot just by having this operating system on my laptop11:23
Romsteryou are that is the next thing about crux11:23
arceterathat worked11:24
arceteranow to configure it with acpid11:24
arceteraso just make a file that's11:24
arceteraand then link to an acpi event11:24
Romsterand something to wake it up again11:25
arceterawell that's some shell-fu there11:26
Romsterprt-get fsearch filename11:26
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Romsteris really handy for finding missing files11:27
arceteraecho "$1" | grep "button/lid" && grep -q open /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID0/state && exit 011:27
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arceteraarch: We're not a user-friendly distro11:27
arceterai was impressed the first time i installed arch now i'm typing shit like that11:28
Romstereh shell is the bane of all linux11:29
arceteraaight now to test11:29
Romsteralways need some glue code11:29
arceterait Just Werked11:29
Romsterhow hard was that...11:30
arceteranot very11:30
arceterabut hey, i'm learning11:30
arceteranext thing11:31
arceterahow do i set /etc/resolv.conf to only be "nameserver" on a particular network11:31
arceterarather than the dns assigned by dhcpcd11:31
frinnstif I understand correctly that could be tricky11:32
frinnstyou only want to use that nameserver on your home network? but other dns servers when on the go?11:32
frinnstand you dont run dhcp on your home network?11:33
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frinnstiirc dhcpcd does resolv.conf-head and resolv.conf-tail etc, so you can have static values either ahead or behind the values dhcpcd will enter11:34
frinnstI guess that would work?11:34
arceterabut the thing is the only nameserver should be
arceteradon't ask it's confusing11:35
arceterai use the alternate dns settings so little its not really a problem11:36
frinnsthehe, sry. long time since I played around with those features11:36
arceterai feel like i'm learning less of a distro with crux and more linux itself11:37
arceteraconfiguring the kernel and slimming it for my hardware was phun(tm)11:37
arceterai compiled the kernel three times the day i installed crux because11:38
arceterafirst time i forgot iwlmbm11:38
arceterasecond time i forgot i915 AND upgraded to kernel 4.311:38
frinnstmake oldconfig ftw11:38
arceterawat's that do11:38
frinnstreuses your config from an older kernel and just prompts you for new / changed settings11:39
arceterathat'd be useful as fuck11:39
frinnstyou obviously need to copy the old .config from the old source-tree first11:39
arceterai'll use that for 4.4, thanks :311:39
yui^^whenever i do make oldconfig i'm really careful about the first couple of prompts11:40
yui^^and then i end up just accepting the defaults for the rest...11:41
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frinnstyeah those are usually arch changes11:41
frinnstthe latter part tends to be just drivers11:41
frinnstarcetera: you can enable the configs option when building your kernel. that will always give you a gzipped copy of the running kernels config in /proc/config.gz11:44
arceterai feel like i'm learning less of the distro itself and how to work the distro and learning more about linux11:44
arceterathis is the only distro which i havent had a complaint with so far11:45
arceterai probably won't be considering this when i roll out my own distr-11:46
arceteraoh shit my secret plans11:46
arcetera(bad joke)11:46
frinnstdont worry, you'll soon find something :)11:46
frinnstIf i was the sole developer crux would probably look different and it would be perfect for me. but suck for everyone else :)11:47
arceterai liked arch but systemd is shit and the community is shit11:47
arceterai liked void but package management is cumbersome and confusing11:47
arceteraif i was the sole crux developer crux wouldn't work right11:49
arceterai'm a VERY bad programmer11:49
arceteraor rather11:50
arceteraif i was a developer with any distro11:50
arceteraeverything would break11:50
arceteraif i joined debian i'd accidentally delete the website11:51
arceteraif i joined void i'd make crypto issues with the package manager11:51
arceteraif i joined crux i would slam my hands against the keyboard in pain11:51
arceterabrb food11:52
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rmullarcetera: Speaking of crypto issues with the package manager, you should be advised that we use broken crypto (md5) for source file validation and we don't use package signing so Pkgfiles could be silently replaced on anyone's mirror with something that grabs and runs exploit code. There is no intention of changing.12:39
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juermull: md5 isn't broken for our use case15:49
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: dhcpcd: update to 6.9.415:55
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frinnstpackage signing without signing the source is probably worse than not signing anything15:56
frinnstand there simply isnt enough resources for us to do that15:56
frinnst(as in signing the port but not the source would give people a false sense of security)15:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lvm2: include directory /etc/lvm/cache into the port15:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cups: update to 2.1.115:58
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rmullfrinnst: Some upstream devs sign their sources, and you're also signing your checksums of the sources, which are also frequently provided by upstream18:36
rmullEither way, the point isn't to reassure people that the sources are free of exploits, it's to give people an additional layer of trust that the packager thinks they're correct18:36
rmullTrust isn't boolean, and doing something is (IMHO) better than nothing18:37
rmullAs far as resources go, gpg signing is already built into git, so you don't need to do anything other than set up your keys18:38
rmulljue: Yeah, I know the old argument. It's just that switching to something that isn't "subpar" is a pretty easy switch to make and patches have already been proposed.18:38
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arceterahow do i set up acpid to wake the computer after a suspend with pm-suspend on lid close?22:39
arceterawhen i close the lid the computer suspends, but when i open it the acpi power button event prevents me from turning it back on22:39
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Wildefyrrmull what's the problem with using md5?23:06
Worksterrmull, i was providing .sha256sum for romster but of course no one but me would of been using those.23:15
arceterahow do i compile vim with python2 support?23:18
arceteraand install ctags23:19
arceterai have some shit i need in muh vim23:19
arceteraoh ctags is in opt/23:20
Wildefyrsay you want to compile it with python2 supp when you run ./configure when building it23:23
arceterai looked at the pkgfile23:23
arceteratheres no like --enable-python2 or something23:23
arceterabrb searching that shit up23:24
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