IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2015-12-05

Romsterthere removed the redundant code, added a IMAGE variable00:00
Romsteralso look at romster/pkg-clean00:01
Romsterit's great to remove packages except core00:01
Romsteri was using that in chroots, but it comes in handy for doing things like00:02
RomsterPORTS="`grep "# Maintainer: Danny Rawlins" */Pkgfile | awk -F / '{print $1}' | xargs`"00:02
Romsterfor p in $PORTS; do /usr/sbin/pkg-clean -r; prt-get depinst $p; done00:02
Romsterafter you turn on /var/log/pkgbuild logs in /etc/prt-get.conf00:02
Romsterthen go though fixing them after00:02
Romsteri have to have some tool to cope with the shear volume of ports.00:03
Romsterthe -v stuff is optional it's bind mounts to the system00:04
Romsteri use the same source ccache as my system too to ease some burden00:04
john_cephalopodaOooh, mesa3d builds much faster when I remove all those unnessecary radeon and intel things.00:05
Romsteryeah that does slow it down00:06
Romstermostly llvm00:06
john_cephalopodaI'm getting hungry.00:06
john_cephalopodaMcDonald's closed 6 minutes ago.00:07
Romsternot good food there anyways00:07
Romsteri tried hungery jacks that's not in my town and they weren't bad.00:07
Romsterat least there meat doesn't appear to be 30% water and 20% cereal00:08
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Romsterthe most important thing i found that helps ccache deal with so many different gcc versions and crux versions is using export CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK="%compiler% -dumpversion; crux"00:11
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Romsterand because i'm insane i had a little help to make this ASM version of the "crux" command
Romsterbecause it sure beat the speed of C and shell /usr/bin/crux00:12
Romster$ time crux00:13
RomsterCRUX version 3.100:13
Romstersince the faster you can make ccache work the more benefit it is.00:13
Romsterthink it was more a learning thing than anything else00:15
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jaegerwoot, mate website is back00:26
Romsterhad no idea it disappeared00:31
jaegerIt was down for a day or so00:31
jaegerWell, not sure about the main site, the package site was down00:32
jaegerannoying since I was trying to test 1.12 packages in a clean env00:32
john_cephalopodaEverything is completely broken now.00:37
jaegerwhat did you do?00:37
john_cephalopodaUpgrade to 3.200:38
john_cephalopodaRandom stuff stops working.00:38
john_cephalopodaUnable to load GL driver "(null)": GLX is not supported00:39
john_cephalopodaAlso: =======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.00:41
john_cephalopodaA lot of glib stuff seems to be missing.00:42
jaegerdid you run rejmerge and revdep? and rebuild anything that was reported broken by revdep?00:42
Romsterand rebuild video/input drivers for xorg ? prt-get readme xorg-server00:44
Romstergl-select ...00:44
jaegeryou should also take a look at the end of;a=blob;f=iso/bin/setup-helper;h=0f71c287ae8655b4381c99130da70700275bb1cb;hb=HEAD00:44
jaegerassuming you upgraded in a non-standard way, which I'm guessing you did based on earlier chat00:45
Romsteras for subversion, PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(
john_cephalopoda* xorg gl/glx is selected00:45
john_cephalopodajaeger: I upgraded using the iso.00:45
john_cephalopodamount stuff, setup, setup-chroot, rejmerge, generate new locale, reboot00:46
Romsterhrmm why is tcp_wrappers not on the remove_pacakges jaeger ?00:46
jaegerwe probably forgot it00:49
john_cephalopodaIs there an svg/vector image version of the crux mascot for desktop background purposes?00:54
jaegerno idea here00:58
john_cephalopodaI'd put a HD wallpaper with the crux mascot on my archlinux laptop :P00:59
pedjazsh-5.2 make check is thorough, it's maxing out one core for a while now01:02
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brian|lfsI want to see someone upgrade from CRUX 1.0 to 3.2 lol04:00
Wildefyris there a package that provides a vpnc-script?04:00
Romstercan ya even get that old of a crux version. oldest i got here is crux 2.104:01
jaegerenjoy :)04:02
Romsteroh geez04:02
Romsteri'd pass on that brian|lfs can have that pain04:02
brian|lfsprobably no prt-get or anything04:02
brian|lfsand like gcc 1.004:03
Romsterpossibly gcc 2.9.2 or something04:03
brian|lfslooks like feb of 2002 it was made04:04
brian|lfsdon't have any old hardware to run it on04:04
RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/gcc#5.3.0-1.pkg.tar.xz'04:05
Romsternow to test04:05
xeirrrjaeger: how many years you use crux?04:05
Romster2005 when i started on crux04:06
Romsteras a desktop at least. before that i had a linux server when i ran windows04:06
jaegerI think I picked it up around 2001 or 200204:07
jaegerwhenever version 0.9.1 was04:07
Wildefyrjesus christ I thought connman was supposed to be lightweight04:07
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Wildefyrhaving to find so many random bits and pieces04:08
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brian|lfsthehre we go that should run 0.9.104:08
brian|lfsI remember when I got my 1ghz socket A04:09
brian|lfsI paid like $200 for it04:09
brian|lfsand I didn't have a job04:09
brian|lfsI feel old I"m 3504:09
jaegerdamn kids! get off my lawn!04:09
brian|lfsis that a good idea to go to a newer gcc Romster04:09
Romsterback then i was running a i586 AMD K 405Mhz with 384MB SD ram04:10
brian|lfsI thought we were already having problem with 4.204:10
Romsterno the gcc 4.3 should fix the previous gcc errors04:10
brian|lfsI had my dual socket M chips on a tyan board04:10
Romsterin 4.204:10
brian|lfswow your going way backwards now04:10
Romster-O2 on gcc 4.3 breaks wine04:11
brian|lfswe are in the GCC 5s04:11
Romsteri mean 5....04:11
Romsternot 404:11
jaegeryou both said 4 at some point, heh04:11
xeirrrwhen you guys had first touch linux,I was only 1004:11
brian|lfs4.9 might be more stable04:11
jaegerI first used linux in 199604:11
Romsterold habbits of typing 4 for gcc -_-04:11
xeirrrjaeger: then i was 5 lol04:12
brian|lfssounds about taround thhe same time for me redhat 5.204:12
brian|lfscouldn't get X to work for crap04:12
brian|lfsdam refresh rates04:12
brian|lfsand an ATI rage pro 8MB of video ram04:12
jaegerMy big project back then was getting svga quake working in red hat 3.0.304:13
brian|lfswhy redhat 3.0.3 5 was out04:13
jaegerkernel 1.3.19 or something04:13
Wildefyrfor multiple sources you just place them on mutliple lines right>04:13
jaegerThat's what the guy who showed me linux used, I didn't know what was available at the time04:13
brian|lfswow lol04:14
mechaniputerjaeger: I was 5 when you started apparently... I started running GNU/Linux full-time in 2006.04:14
brian|lfsI remember when I tried mandrake 6.x it was much more stable for me thehn the red hat04:14
jaeger <-- actually, looks like I was spot on04:14
jaegerjuly/august 199604:14
mechaniputerxeirrr: We are approximately the same age then.04:15
jaegerI feel old04:15
brian|lfsso do I 35 omg04:15
brian|lfsso will a new iso be released if the newer GCC works better romster04:16
Romster38 since a few days now04:16
brian|lfswe can call it like CRUX
Romstermost likely not, core/gcc will just get bumped after testing04:16
jaegercrux 3.2.damnitnanoisbroken04:16
Romsterthe only time crux ever got a z number was 2.7.104:17
xeirrrmechaniputer: born in 1991 tho04:17
brian|lfsya I noticed the iso was like wtf04:17
mechaniputerxeirrr: Me too, in May.04:17
Romsterat my suggestion since we went like a year before we pushed out 3.004:17
xeirrrmechaniputer: Oct04:17
Romsteractually i'd love jaeger's updated iso to be more official, and pushed when any major changes happen like llvm gcc xorg etc.04:18
brian|lfswhy don't we just build a system that generates new isos on its own and throws them on the server04:18
brian|lfsI think thats what the do with like gentoo and shit04:18
Romsterfor those starting fresh, don't need to have a massive list of ports to update.04:18
jaegerbrian|lfs: I actually implemented one with 3.1, right before 3.2 came out. So I'll probably make that work for 3.2 as well04:19
brian|lfsthats why GCC should be added to the iso at least04:19
brian|lfsI should shbut up and figure out how to build packages and figure out QT lol04:20
Romsterhmm need to see how qt behaves on new gcc04:20
Romsterthanks for the remidner04:20
brian|lfsI was referring to the webkit issue04:22
brian|lfsseeing kde will take a long time to update I need to work on making ports for compiz04:22
Romsterwebkit built for me...04:22
Romsterwhich webkit we got 3 flavors?04:22
brian|lfshmm so whats missing for skype then04:22
Romsteroh skype thing is in qt itself04:22
Romsterqt bundles it's own webkit04:22
brian|lfsusr/bin/skype-bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory04:23
Romsterbe a issue with qt4-3204:24
brian|lfsdefinitely not on my system04:24
Romsternoticed them files got missing on crux 3.2 but it works on 3.104:24
brian|lfsthhat would make since its 32 bit04:24
brian|lfsya I know I can't type04:25
brian|lfsso what repo would I need Romster for now04:25
Romsteryou can. just need someone to point it out. so you learn.04:25
Romsterjust like i make a ton of mistakes.04:25
Romsteri dunno, everyone says my romster repo has a bunch of useful stuff.04:26
Romsterbut i really need to go though and look at all them ports04:26
brian|lfsya I seen your repo didn't need to install it yet04:27
Romsteri basicly went on a hunt for anything interesting and ported it to crux to try it out04:27
Romstermore so before i got full time work.04:28
Romsternow most of it jsut sits there. and gets occasional fixes/updates04:28
brian|lfsqt32 looks to be on compat-3204:28
xeirrrRomster: some pkgs are really painful to build, like firefox, llvm, mesa, wibkitgtk, qt4 etc, so your binaries are appreciated04:29
brian|lfsyou don't have it unless you renamed it04:29
jaegercorrect; the only 32-bit package that gets installed by default is glibc-3204:30
Romsterxeirrr, yeah i had them fr 3.1 but i have not done them for 3.2 yet04:30
brian|lfshow do I get your repo romster I don't see it on the page04:31
Romsterit should be there...04:31
xeirrrRomster: they also work in  3.204:31
Romsterxeirrr, no i'll need to upload into the 3.2 directory for 3.204:32
Romsterwhere the heck are my ports on portsdb04:32
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brian|lfsthere not there I swear I saw them 3 days ago04:33
brian|lfsthey went the same place as XFCE404:33
Romsterand you'll see the httpup file in there04:34
Romsterwhich has an error i it04:34
Romsterstil says .so instead of .zone04:34
jaegerthere was probably some error running the sync04:35
jaegeryeah, quite a few repos show an error in the log for the portdb cacher04:35
Romstermust of been a net outage then04:35
brian|lfsso rename .so to .zone?04:36
Romsteri'm just doing that now too.04:36
brian|lfsgoing to go find some food I'll look at your ports and add them when I get back04:36
brian|lfsoh by the way you have gnome 2 on your page04:37
brian|lfsand youy must of pulled your hair to get kde to compile04:37
Romsterupdated the file04:38
Romsterlong time ago04:39
brian|lfsI would say so04:45
brian|lfsand I checked you have no qt04:46
brian|lfs32 bit04:47
Romsterhmm think i need to nuke that is really old now.04:49
Romsteri so need to go over my web sites.04:49
Romsterthat was when i had forked xorg to update it.04:50
Romsterand later merged it back into crux xorg.git04:50
brian|lfscrazy people outside around here tonight05:15
brian|lfsI do like my partying but there was some guy outside yelling out loud to himself05:15
Romsterok then05:17
Romsterprobably drugged up05:17
brian|lfsI dont' like that kind of partying lol05:17
*** certainquirk has left #crux ("nite crux!")05:18
brian|lfsbut ya definitely didn't see qt4-32 bit on your ports05:19
Romsterthat's in compat-3205:20
brian|lfsya I know and it don't have webkit in it05:21
brian|lfsthought you said you had qt also maybe I miss understood05:21
Romsterqt has it's own bundled qtwebkit05:21
Romsterfor some reason since crux 3.2 it skips that part o qt05:22
Romsterthat same Pkgfile in crux 3.1 builds it05:22
Romsteri'll try that after wine i'm depinsting now on gcc 5.305:25
brian|lfswhat kind of processor do you have anyhow05:27
Romstermany but my main rig is a Phenom II 96505:29
brian|lfsoh ok my main one is a I7 5960X05:32
mechaniputerRomster: A good chip.05:32
brian|lfsI have an FX-8350 over here05:33
mechaniputerbrian|lfs: I have one of those also! I'm still rocking my Intel T5450 Laptop here, but on Debian, not CRUX (For now).05:35
brian|lfsI'm on debian on my main machine05:36
brian|lfsdon't think I would put CRUX on my main machine at this point to many bugs05:36
brian|lfsI like crux but don't think it has the people to iron out the bugs05:38
brian|lfsand the other thing eventually all the major guis like KDE are going to require systemd to work05:39
mechaniputerI run CRUX on my main portable machine. and have for about a year. This T5450 machine isn't portable anymore though.05:40
brian|lfswhat gui you run05:40
mechaniputerI'm intentionally using CRUX and Void to avoid systemd. I use DWM on CRUX and XFCE on binary distros.05:40
brian|lfsI like systemd in some ways but to make desktop enviroments that force peeoople to use it is nuts05:41
mechaniputerYeah, it took over so fast. It drove me away from Debian after having used and advocated it for several years.05:43
brian|lfsI went back to Debian like 4 months ago because nothing else is stable anymore05:44
jaegerNew releases always have some issues to iron out with a small team but for what it's worth I use crux as a full-time desktop and used it as my workstation at the previous job05:44
Romstersome how QtWebKit.pc is being misse din qt4 and qt4-3205:45
brian|lfswhats packages and repos ddo I install for DWM05:45
brian|lfsI figgured it was both05:45
Romsterthis is why i'm still on crux 3.1 and haven't bothered to move to 3.2 just yet05:45
rmullbrian|lfs: There is a dwm in contrib05:46
brian|lfsoh ok will thall pull everything in05:46
mechaniputerbrian|lfs: Just install dwm and dmenu, you will figure it out from there.05:46
brian|lfsoh ok05:46
rmullMy own dwm is just installed from source because it is rarely updated05:47
rmulland it's just easier to config it IMO05:47
mechaniputerLook at the Arch wiki for guidance.05:47
*** tilman_ has joined #crux05:47
brian|lfsI'll give arch that they have good wikis05:47
brian|lfsbut are buggy also05:47
mechaniputerYep! :P That's Arch!05:48
brian|lfseither other time I would reboot arch it wouldn't boot05:49
*** tilman has quit IRC05:50
Romsternever trust just one source05:52
brian|lfsI was thinnking dwm was something else lol05:54
Romsteri'm happy with pekwm and tint205:55
brian|lfsnever heard of them05:55
Romsterboth in contrib05:55
Romsterpekwm defaults are ugly but i got themes for it in romster/05:55
Romsterit's almost like openbox05:55
Romsterso everyone seems to say05:56
brian|lfsI prefer guis with a little more then that basic I'm legally blind05:56
Romsteroh then your probably better off with xfce05:57
brian|lfsbad thing I like my home built computers but need help because of the dam wires for your power button and such05:57
Romsterwith prologics compton for magnification05:57
brian|lfswith what?05:58
mechaniputerbrian|lfs: Yeah, those wires are frustrating even with 20/20 vision.05:59
brian|lfsI heard some ASUS boards have a block you plug them in thhen stick it onn your board06:00
brian|lfsdon't recall that on my ASUS board06:00
Romsteryeah some upper market boards do that.06:00
brian|lfsand this one I custom built onlinen06:00
brian|lfsstill paying for it 7k for a computer lol06:01
brian|lfsprobably half that the video card06:01
Romsteri honestly don't know why they don't have a special connector for that now. i hate having to plug in 5 plugs every mobo build i do.06:01
Romsterand getting the case leds around the right polarity so they work.06:01
Romsterpwr hdd, reset power speaker06:02
brian|lfsthen the wires aren't even universtal I've seen case withh different wires then theh mothehrboard has pins for06:02
Romsterevery god damn time.06:02
Romsterand then the power one is usually 2 separate sockets for either msg or power06:02
brian|lfswhaht is projogics by the way06:03
Romstermsg is meant to flash the led when it's sleeping etc... scre that i just plug it on the pwr pins06:03
brian|lfsis it part of with of the guis you use06:03
Romsterprologic has a compton/fusion port for magnifying the screen06:04
Romsterhe uses in xfce06:04
Romsterhe also has limited visibility.06:04
brian|lfsoh ok06:04
brian|lfsso its a person lol06:04
brian|lfsname like that thought it was a program06:05
brian|lfsI need to quit smoking06:05
Romsterlol yes it's a person06:06
mechaniputerHard to tell irc nicks from project/program names sometimes.06:06
Romsteri've never thought of that.06:06
brian|lfsthanks romster06:06
Romsterhmm llvm does take awhile to build06:07
brian|lfsyes it does06:07
brian|lfsespecially on amd06:07
Romsterwhy is that06:07
brian|lfsnot sure just noticed it takes much longer06:07
Romsteri know my pc isn't up to a I7 but it's not that far behind one.06:07
brian|lfsthe othehr day could be me06:08
Romsteri also compile in ram06:08
brian|lfswhat do you use for optimization on your amd?06:08
brian|lfsI just left it default with makeopts -j606:08
Romsterfor docker builds none other than -j406:08
Romsterfor my system06:09
RomsterCFLAGS="-O2 -march=amdfam10"06:09
brian|lfswhat tool you all use to make the initrd for the iso06:09
Romsterjaeger, does that06:10
Romsterprobably in iso.git i think it's isolinux?06:10
brian|lfsI'll need to make an initrd if I install on my main system06:10
Romstergrub-ufi ? not sure what tool to make the actual initramfs itself06:10
brian|lfsCRUX because I encrypt eventhing along with LVMS and all06:11
Romsteri use lvm and mdadm06:11
brian|lfshmm so you think I can't get by without it since we aren't using systemd?06:12
Romsterno need for systemD to encrypt with cryptosetup and lvm206:12
brian|lfsI know no need for systemd06:13
brian|lfsI meant an initramfs06:13
Romsteryou are lucky that i think crux 3.2 is the first crux realize to include LUKS support06:13
jaegerAn initramfs/initrd is still needed for encrypted /, though06:13
brian|lfswell I don't need my whole systmed encrypted06:14
brian|lfsI just prefer it encrypted lol06:14
jaegerThe ISO's initramfs is trimmed down and made for the installation process, you'd be better off using something like better-initramfs or dracut for a full-fledged one06:14
jaegerif you just want to encrypt /home, for example, it's not required06:14
brian|lfsthats what I figured06:14
brian|lfsthat makes sense06:15
brian|lfsI've used dracut before06:15
brian|lfsthats very strange about the qtwebkit Romster06:16
prologicof course I'm a bloody human :P06:18
prologicyessh :)06:18
mechaniputerprologic: Greetings, Program!06:20
*** xeirrr has quit IRC06:22
Romsterhi James06:22
Romsterprologic, i've been watching that feature request for screen magnification06:23
Romsteralso good morning prologic06:23
*** xeirrr has joined #crux06:24
Romsteror not it's not quite morning yet06:24
prologicgood evening06:24
Romsterjust about midnight in usa06:24
prologicyeah someone from here chatted to me privately  about some compton zoom thing06:24
prologicdmoed a youtube video of it06:25
Romsterah cool06:25
prologicvery promising06:25
Romsterthat would be great as part of Xorg itself.06:25
prologicI'm hacking on Kermit06:25
prologicyeah be nice06:25
mechaniputerRomster: 1:27 AM here in NY.06:25
prologicI could go back to WindowMaker or something :)06:25
Romsterpro is in California06:26
Romsterused to be in australia though06:26
Romsterhurry up llvm....06:27
Romsterthis is worse than building webkit06:27
brian|lfssame in DC06:28
Romsternote to self setup my distcc cluster with multiple docker containers of distcc daemons running each flavour of crux.06:28
brian|lfshey prologic you picked a strange time to show06:28
brian|lfsabout to install your compiz fusion06:29
Romsterpro never sleeps :P06:29
Romsterwell he does but stays up late etc, while programming.06:29
brian|lfslink is broken for compiz-0.8.8.tar.bz206:30
Romstereh we got a mirror of sourcefiles
prologicthanks Danny :)06:32
prologicyeah keep in mind these are old ports06:32
prologicbecause Cannonical (those rotten assholes) completely destroyed the project06:32
prologicif compiz ever stops working for me I'll have two choices a) use an old version of CRUX (because compilz doens't compile anymore) or b) stop using LInux on the desktop06:33
Romsterif i don't have the file on or let me know i'll pull it in from some source that matches the md5sum06:33
mechaniputerprologic: Those rotten assholes indeed.06:34
prologicsomeone better keep copies of these source files please :)06:37
prologicI'm sure I'll need them!06:37
prologicI should stick em on my NAS soon06:37
prologicsoon as i can get it powered back up06:37
Romsteri keep old shi% in
Romsterhmm but i don't have that compiz one...06:39
Romsterhere it is i'm uploading it to my mirror06:41
Romsternow i have it archived in my hash tree.06:43
Romsteri probably should add prologics ports source to my mirror.06:44
brian|lfsnotification.c:104:9: error: too many arguments to function 'notify_notification_new'06:44
brian|lfs     n = notify_notification_new (logLevel,06:44
brian|lfs         ^06:44
brian|lfsIn file included from /usr/include/libnotify/notify.h:27:0,06:44
brian|lfs                 from notification.c:23:06:44
brian|lfs NotifyNotification *notify_notification_new                  (const char         *summary,06:44
brian|lfsgetting that withh the compiz plugins extra prologic06:44
brian|lfsI'm in the same boat as you man legally blind06:45
brian|lfsI checked I have libnotify06:45
Romsteron crux 3.2? prologic is probably on 3.1 still06:45
brian|lfswhy is he using 0.8.8 still06:46
brian|lfsisn't thehre like 0.9.0 now or 9.206:46
brian|lfsyes 3.2 in my case06:47
Romsterbecause the newer version is canabolized by conological ubuntu?06:47
prologicit's all broken beyond 0.8.806:47
prologicI can't be of more help right now06:47
prologicdon't have my desktop online yet06:48
prologicAnd yeah I'm still on 3.1 anyway (obviously)06:48
prologicI'll be upgrading soon too I guess06:48
Romsterbut i am working on 3.2 in docker to get things working.06:48
prologicbut maybe I'll hold off until I know compilz rebuilds fine :)06:48
prologicI can test that in a crux docker container06:49
Romsterdocker is great for this tehehe06:49
brian|lfsany idea about that weird error06:49
Romster(prologic introduced me to docker, and prologic does the offical crux docker image)06:49
brian|lfswhat is docker exactly06:50
Romsteri'd have to try it out brian|lfs06:50
Romsterbasicly a VM06:50
Romsterbut it uses the system kernel06:50
brian|lfsby the way all the compiz packages are gone06:50
Romstereverything else is sandboxed06:50
brian|lfsI was able to find them all on google06:50
Romsterbrian|lfs, can you make a pastebin list i'll add them to my mirror06:50
Romsterof the urls you got them from.06:51
brian|lfsok would have to look in my bash history06:51
brian|lfswonder why Ubuntu had to mess with something that worked and F it up06:52
Romsterno idea.06:54
Romsterso did ubuntu drop upstart for systemd?06:55
Romsteri don't follow ubuntu06:55
mechaniputerYes, I think they were planning to for 15.04? Eventually anyway.06:55
mechaniputerI haven't run *buntu since 2010, but I keep a nervous eye on them.06:56
prologicbrian|lfs: curius; how are you using crux now without a working compilz+ezoom?06:57
prologicalso I'm very concerned the ports don't compile on 3.2 :/06:57
prologiceven more concernred Romster can't find the sources to them anymore06:58
Romsterwell 3.2 has a more strict gcc version06:59
Romsterif it's a real problem i can add the older gcc version to contrib06:59
Romsterbut it may not be necessary07:00
brian|lfsI'm on my debian box sshehd in07:00
Romsterso far 4 ports in opt with broken source urls.07:00
Romsterload average: 11.83, 9.95, 8.6507:01
brian|lfsI'm still looking up urls for the rest of compiz07:01
Romsteri'd love a xeon workstation07:01
Romsterthis is a 4 core cpu07:02
brian|lfsyou think the newer gcc may resolve compiz07:02
brian|lfsthe 5.307:02
Romstermight i dunno yet it's still munching it's way though depinst wine07:02
Romsteron mesa3d now07:03
Romsterhasn't even got to the -32 ports yet07:03
brian|lfsso you compiling every package in the main repos07:03
Romsterjust about07:06
Romsteronly way to make sure they work07:07
brian|lfsother then bad urls are you having good results07:07
Romsterat least compile.07:07
brian|lfshad to find every compiz package lol07:07
brian|lfshey prologic why no emerald-themes07:07
prologicnever botherd with it07:09
prologicfeel free to help make ur poor vision use of linux better though :)07:09
brian|lfswhats the point of emerald then07:09
brian|lfsits not required07:10
prologicnever used it myself07:10
prologicnot afaik no07:10
brian|lfswill I have zoom one has to wonder with no plug extras07:10
brian|lfsplugin extras07:10
Romstercool got them mirrored now brian|lfs prologic07:10
brian|lfsthat was quicker then it took me to go back and find them07:11
brian|lfslet me find you a link for the emerald themes Romster07:11
Romsterprologic, you should get brian|lfs that link to the bug so he can help give it more of a shove.07:11
prologicyeah sure will do07:12
prologicbrian|lfs: ping me in a few days :)07:12
prologicI feel naked without my crux desktop :)07:12
Romsteri'll bbs need to go to the grocery store07:13
brian|lfswow at this hour man lol07:14
brian|lfshere is the emerald themes
brian|lfswhat happened to your desktop prologic07:14
prologicit's unpowered in the office07:15
prologicI relocated to the US couple of months  acbk07:15
prologicmy stuff just arrived about a week ago07:16
brian|lfsI wouldn't relocate to the USA07:16
mechaniputerprologic: Welcome, and sorry for the disappointment! :P07:17
brian|lfsunless you left Syera07:17
*** xeirrr has quit IRC07:17
*** xeirrr has joined #crux07:17
brian|lfswe are assholes mechaniputer07:18
mechaniputerHehe, I'm working on movint to Canada if I get into my desired school for my phd.07:18
mechaniputerI'm almost in Canada anyway. I'm in northern NY, not the city.07:19
brian|lfsCanada is probably best place right now07:19
brian|lfsI wouldn't go UK07:19
brian|lfseven though I want to visit it some day07:20
prologicmechaniputer: heh yeah07:24
prologicbut on the plus side I do work for  arguably one of the best companies in the world :)07:24
mechaniputerprologic: Which state?07:25
prologicit's mostly disappointing in this particular area (Bay Area) because of the sheer expensive07:25
mechaniputerNice weather there though.07:25
prologicand crime/poverty is astonishing in this country07:25
prologicit's cold now :)07:26
mechaniputerCold, lol.07:26
prologicwell for a Qheenslander it's a bit shilly07:26
brian|lfsI wouldn't mind the bay area07:26
mechaniputer4c here, and that's hot for this time of year.07:27
prologicit's 7C atm here07:28
brian|lfswhats that like 40F07:28
prologicuseless imperial system07:28
prologicthat's the other thing07:29
prologicthe US has got to stop this silly imperial nonsense07:29
mechaniputerI use celsius, but like I said, I'm almost in Canada.07:29
mechaniputerMost people here use Fahrenheit though.07:29
prologicimprove education 10x; get rid of guns altogether; improve (actually create) a middle class welfare system07:30
prologicand I'm only getting started :)07:30
mechaniputerIt's easier to move somewhere else than to fix the problems here.07:31
*** xeirrr has quit IRC07:31
prologiclike Canada, Australia, Switzerland to name a few? :)07:31
*** xeirrr has joined #crux07:32
mechaniputerAustralia is a bit strict on the internet censorship for my tastes though.07:35
mechaniputerAlso too hot for me.07:37
brian|lfsI"m only 35 I"m sure be forced to move in my life  time to another country07:40
brian|lfsso what kind of internet do you have prologic07:43
prologicsome ComCast business grade internet rated at 50/1007:44
prologicusually it's more like 60/1107:45
prologicbut it drops out a fair bit I've noticed07:45
tilman_great, firefox' profile selection dialog acting up under spectrwm07:47
tilman_woooo gtk3 (i assume)07:47
Romsteris gtk3 still that broken?07:50
tilmandunno, could well be a bug in spectrwm of course07:51
*** xeirrr has quit IRC08:04
brian|lfswow joys of the net chick riding me on second life lol08:10
*** xeirrr has joined #crux08:20
asieoh great, random segfaults with firefox08:31
asieand magically disappearing webm support08:31
asiegstreamer's fine, firefox isn't08:31
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux08:35
brian|lfshell hhhhhhhh09:00
brian|lfsmeant to say hello09:02
brian|lfswhy all h's for a name09:03
*** BitPuffin|osx has quit IRC09:30
*** asie has quit IRC09:35
*** tilman_ has joined #crux09:38
*** xeirrr has quit IRC10:28
hhhhhhhhi saw someone else with it and i thought it was funny10:33
*** xeirrr has joined #crux10:33
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC10:44
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux11:08
*** intNULL has joined #crux13:03
*** ubuuu has joined #crux13:04
intNULLWhat is crux? Is it good for a low/old end computer? (OptiPlex 760)13:04
frinnstit is a source based distribution13:04
intNULLMuch compiling?13:05
frinnstso i'd say its not really practical on a low end cpu - since it will require lots of compiling13:05
intNULLIts a intel quad13:05
frinnstdepends on how patient you are13:05
intNULLWhat cpu do you have?13:06
frinnstI ran crux just fine on my core2duo way back :)13:06
frinnsti7 260013:06
frinnstbut I run crux on my hp microservers too13:06
frinnstand on my rpi13:06
intNULLDoes steam work?13:06
intNULLIt's a bit crucial for me13:06
frinnstdont use it. iirc people have gotten it going but im not sure the current status13:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nano: add file to dependencies, move man-pages13:08
intNULLWhat's good with compiling?13:08
intNULLLike is it more optimized?13:08
frinnstnot really. its for people that want maximum control on how and what stuff is run on their computer13:09
intNULLI think I stay with Arch then, but someday I will try crux13:10
*** intNULL has left #crux ("Quit")13:10
frinnstyeah use whatever works that you feel comfortable with13:10
tilmansteam works pretty okayish13:11
frinnstim such a good recruiter for crux!13:11
frinnstq: is crux right for me?13:11
frinnstfrinnst: no, probably not13:11
tilmanthe steam runtime contains an "old" libstc++ that causes issues if your libGL uses libstdc++ as well (gallium/llvm)13:11
tilmani believe steam doesn't like alsa and really wants pulse13:12
frinnstsomeone said alsa works though13:12
tilmandunno, i just found out my microphone stopped working13:13
frinnstoh god, you are one of those "FUCK YOU FAG" gamers? :D13:14
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: man-pages: update to 4.0313:14
frinnsti always mute microphone audio when I play games13:14
frinnstkids are annoying :p13:14
tilmannot sure i should out myself wrt the games i'm playing13:15
tilmanthen again i probably filed bug reports that have some game names...13:15
tilmanbut no, i don't rage like a 14 year old homophobe :)13:16
tilmanmaybe this is the bug i'm seeing13:19
*** druid_droid has joined #crux13:23
druid_droidupdating to 3.2 :)13:25
*** ubuuu has quit IRC13:57
*** SirRafiki has joined #crux14:01
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux14:02
joacimI just get a lot of сука in videogames14:08
joacimrussians dont like it when i blow their space ships14:08
*** ubuuu has joined #crux14:10
john_cephalopodaLatest opt/gtk3 is 3.19.414:10
john_cephalopodaI just got an error when compiling an external package because 3.18.x was too old.14:11
john_cephalopodaHi ubuuu14:12
john_cephalopodaIt's a bit cumbersome to write stuff in the bugtracker every time. It would be great if you could just label outdated packages like it's done in AUR.14:13
ubuuuhi john_cephalopoda14:15
joacimbug tracker is the best way of getting the attention of the maintainer tho14:17
jue3.19.x are unstable release, 3.18.x is what we are using14:18
*** sjohauk has joined #crux14:18
john_cephalopodajoacim: The AUR does it quite well, it sends notifications per mail and stuff. Though it isn't perfect.14:18
joacimsounds like a lot of effort to put a system like that in place14:19
john_cephalopodaYeah, might be.14:20
juegtk works in the same way as all 'gnome' sources: odd minor numbers are unstabel releases, even is stable14:35
john_cephalopodaAh, good to know.14:36
john_cephalopodamplayer, xine-lib and gimp have ldd-problems.14:44
joacimare you saying they show up in revdep?14:45
joacimrebuild them then14:45
john_cephalopodaxine-lib should be solved now, gimp was already reported in flyspray.14:45
john_cephalopodamplayer has some linking problem.14:45
rmullIs anybody's mpv working with its youtube-dl support? I used to be able to do 'mpv [youtubelink]' and it would play the video. That stopped working, so then I started doing mpv `youtube-dl -g [youtubelink]`. Then that stopped working because now youtube serves audio and video streams separaetly, no now I have to merge the streams with youtube-dl -f and wait for it to finish downloading before playing14:53
*** xeirrr has quit IRC14:54
*** xeirrr has joined #crux14:58
*** SirRafiki has left #crux ()14:58
john_cephalopodarmull: Nope, not working for me. TLS error, it says.15:00
john_cephalopodaBefore the update to crux 3.2 it worked though.15:01
john_cephalopodaI got an idea what might have failed but I got to test it first.15:07
pedjawth, make check hangs for zsh-5.1.1, too.Hm.15:08
john_cephalopodarmull: Is your error in mpv something about "TLS not terminated"?15:11
frinnstmplayer builds fine here15:12
frinnstcan you either paste more of the buildlog or rebuild with -j115:12
frinnstsince the warnings in your pastebin are unrelated to the error15:12
*** ubuuu has quit IRC15:13
john_cephalopodafrinnst: It builds correctly. But when playing youtube URLs, it fails.15:14
joacimI'm confused15:14
frinnstyeah, you just pasted a builderror15:14
john_cephalopodafrinnst: The build error was mplayer.15:15
frinnstyes, thats what im asking about15:15
john_cephalopodaAh, sorry, my fault.15:15
john_cephalopodaI was confused because we were just talking about mpv (which is an mplayer fork).15:16
frinnstis mpv build with https support?15:18
frinnst$searchengine has suggestions:
john_cephalopoda 15:23
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Here is the build log of mplayer with make -j1 --->
john_cephalopodaHmm youtube-dl fails with ERROR: Unable to download webpage: <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590)> (caused by URLError(SSLError(1, u'[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590)'),))15:31
john_cephalopodaSomething is wrong with ssl here.15:32
frinnstseems libvpx is causing troubles15:33
frinnstyou could add --disable-libvpx-lavc to the configure-line in the Pkgfile to work around it15:34
john_cephalopodaIn mpv?15:35
pedjazsh-5.0.8 flies thru  make check.I am officially confused now.15:36
frinnstno, mplayer15:37
frinnstyoutube-dl seems to work for me15:38
frinnstthe newest version atleast15:38
frinnstreleased today it seems :D15:38
frinnstdont know how youtube-dl works but if it uses curl or wget to fetch data it should work if you have ca-certificates installed15:39
frinnstand unless youtube-dl tries to magically find the certs itself15:40
*** xeirrr has quit IRC15:48
*** sjohauk has quit IRC15:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] chromium: updated to 47.0.2526.7316:03
rmulljohn_cephalopoda: I have the TLS error as well16:05
*** druid_droid has quit IRC16:10
pedjanew gpg release (from modern branch) has Tor support.nice.16:14
rmullHmm, my mpv isn't detected lua during config, and youtube-dl depends on lua I think16:15
rmullThe 6c37 repo has luajit, I'll install that and retry16:15
pedjah.265 encoded Archer episode looks gorgeous in full HD, with half the size.what kind of magic is this?16:19
*** BitPuffin|osx has joined #crux16:20
rmulljohn_cephalopoda: Installing 6c37/luajit and rebuilding mpv solved the problem for me...16:21
pedjasadly, my graphics card can't use vdpau-hevc.16:22
rmullfrinnst: What do you think about that? Seems like a few people use mpv for playing youtube, but mpv depends on a third-party package (luajit) to make it happen16:22
pedjaI used smplayer yt browser.16:25
pedjaor smtube16:30
retardmpv supports youtube-dl if you install lua51 first16:33
retardluajit is not required16:34
retardfor libvpx i've stuck with 1.4.0 for ffmpeg compatability16:34
retardmpv doesn't support lua 5.3, which is what the lua package installs now16:35
rmullretard: Ah okay16:36
rmullIs luajit bigger than lua51?16:36
rmullI can just check16:36
rmullignore me16:36
retardi just keep youtube-dl in /opt/bin so i can update it with sudo youtube-dl -U16:39
retardsites break too often16:39
rmullInteresting strategy16:40
*** certainquirk has joined #crux16:40
retardbut it does just call curl16:40
retardthe ssl error john_cephalopoda described above is related to the change in how the certificate chain is dealt with, but i haven't seen it for a long while now16:42
retardupdating openssl and then curl should fix it16:42
pedjaretard: there is lua51 port in opt, nad latest mpv(0.13.0) builds just fine.16:42
retardpedja: that's what i'm saying, yes16:43
retard0.9.0 also builds fine against lua5116:43
pedjaah, sorry for the noise, then :)16:44
rmullokay, I replaced 6c37/luajit with opt/lua51 and rebuild mpv, so I should be good to go, thanks for the tips16:48
rmullAnd the SSL error was fixed by adding lua51, so I'm not sure about the relationship to curl/openssl16:48
rmullI am using libressl here anyway16:49
rmullfrinnst: Regarding my last ping, opt/lua51 is suitable and I don't need luajit, sorry for the noise16:50
retardmpv has no support for http or https, it relies on ffmpeg (or youtube-dl through lua 5.1/5.2) for that16:52
*** pedja has quit IRC16:53
retardi like it when applications limit the scope of their functionality like that16:53
*** dougiel has joined #crux16:56
*** octarin has joined #crux17:03
*** dougiel has quit IRC17:13
*** john_cephalopoda has left #crux ("Leaving")18:07
*** teK___ has joined #crux18:14
*** teK___ has quit IRC18:14
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux18:15
*** ubuuu has joined #crux18:26
*** ubuuu has quit IRC18:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: zsh: 5.0.8 -> 5.218:28
*** deus_ex has joined #crux18:30
*** octarin_ has joined #crux18:35
*** octarin has quit IRC18:37
*** octarin_ has quit IRC18:39
*** octarin has joined #crux18:40
*** joacim has quit IRC18:48
*** Axel_H has joined #crux18:49
*** dougiel has joined #crux18:51
*** ubuuu has joined #crux19:13
*** ubuuu has quit IRC19:34
john_cephalopodaLol, spent hours compiling gcc-fortran.19:59
*** joacim has joined #crux20:00
*** octarin has quit IRC20:05
joacimheh. fucked up my system20:07
joacimfixing it is half the fun i guess =)20:07
john_cephalopodajoacim: Welcome at "Fucked-up-my-system-and-trying-to-fix-it-again Anonymous". I'm John. :þ20:09
joacimnot that fucked up. worst case scenario i just pkgadd the packages from the iso20:10
joacimdid that before :320:10
john_cephalopodajoacim: I think that's exactly how I broke my system.20:10
jaegerYeah, very hard to permanently break things20:10
john_cephalopodaOn a Linux system, stuff tends to break only partly and temporary.20:12
joacimit is only annoying if i have to get out of my chair to walk over to my server20:12
john_cephalopodaOn a windows system, everything burns when something fails.20:12
pedjaI forgot root pw for crux-3.1 kvm I made a while ago.Hurray.20:12
joacimthinking about getting an ssd for my server too now. dont even think ill need it20:13
joacimcurrently using an old 5400 RPM drive from a laptop20:14
pedjaand setting up ssh access to it is on my TODO list...20:14
joacimcould use a thumb drive, but most of the ones i've used don't seem that reliable20:14
joacimthe first thumbdrive i bought is still alive, but that one is kinda slow compared to new ones20:15
joacimjaeger: got that seasonic g360 now. pretty beefy for being only a 360W power supply20:15
*** ubuuu has joined #crux20:16
joacimmuch heavier than some of the 300W gutless wonders I used 15 years ago20:16
*** kori has joined #crux20:21
john_cephalopodaIf you got a lot of r/w operations, an SSD might not be the best choic20:35
*** ubuuu has quit IRC20:35
john_cephalopodaSome german youtuber (who has to render videos all the time, so a lot of write operations) mentioned that his SSDs died too fast, so he's back to HDD.20:36
john_cephalopodaMrrr, getting an SSL error all the time.20:38
john_cephalopodaERROR: Unable to download webpage: <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590)> (caused by URLError(SSLError(1, u'[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590)'),))20:38
joacimwhats the url?20:38
teK____john_cephalopoda: depending on the length of the videos, tmpfs and sufficiently large RAM might be the best solution20:38
john_cephalopodajohn_cephalopoda: ^20:38
john_cephalopodateK____: Well, that guy is the german youtuber with the highest view and subscriber count. He renders videos with 2 to 4K.20:39
frinnsttheres a difference between ssd and ssd20:40
john_cephalopodaAlso iirc FRAPS writes temporary stuff to disk before rendering it.20:40
frinnstits not all the same crap20:40
frinnstand stuff changes quickly too20:40
joacimyoutube-dl works here. is your certificates in order? update ca-certificates package?20:40
joacimwas thinking about that intel dc s3510. if not, yet another samsung 850 pro20:41
john_cephalopodaThat's probably the problem.20:41
john_cephalopodaI don't trust SSDs yet.20:41
john_cephalopodaAlso HDDs are much cheaper. 4TB for 60-100€.20:42
frinnstjoacim: i have a 350020:42
john_cephalopodaYay, with ca-certificates package update, it works20:42
frinnstits pretty epic20:42
frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: wait, what?20:43
frinnstyou've had us look for your strange issues and you're telling me you havent even updated your system?20:43
frinnstprt-get sysup ffs20:43
joacimi only have one issue with crux 3.2 so far20:45
joacimand it is my own package....20:45
frinnstAnd i thank you for not having me debug it for you :)20:45
joacimI'll watch a movie. I expect you to fix it20:46
frinnstlol fuck off20:47
joacimheh. you say that to your boss as well? =)20:47
frinnstonly to my customers20:48
frinnstmy boss is awesome20:49
frinnstmy customers are terrible20:49
joacimI do customer support. want to kill every single one of them20:49
*** octarin has joined #crux20:50
retardi am always exceedingly nice and polite with customer support people20:50
octarinHas someone ported i3 over crux, or should I just download the binary and put them into /opt/bin ?20:51
joacimthat was quick. you have a irssi script for that?20:51
octarinthank you, I'll use it for now :)20:51
frinnstyou can use opt/mpup to "subscribe" to 3rd party ports - without having to subscribe to the entire repo20:52
joacim/ports i320:52
octarin(yeah, i'm a crux newbie)20:52
joacimor something like that20:52
frinnstso install mpup; add "httpup sync i3" to /etc/mpup.lst and maybe add /usr/ports/meta to your prt-get.conf20:53
octarinOh, too bad, the libev site is down for the moment21:02
retardoctarin: you can grab and put it in /usr/ports/contrib/libev and proceed as usual21:05
octarinI guess it's cleaner than web.archive.org21:06
teK____you can even use :-)21:07
frinnstyeah, if you use romsters australian mirror this might happen:
pedjathere must be a way to automagically add vms started with virsh/kvm to hosts file, but I can't find it/figure it out...21:11
frinnstdhcp + bind?21:12
teK____well, Steve begs to no give a damn:
frinnstpt 2:
teK____"LOOK! SHE'S A BEAUTY"21:14
pedjafrinnst: virsh uses dnsmasq, so the answer is probably somewhere in the manpage :)21:14
teK____*doing the crocodile barrel roll*21:14
retardlibvirt has all manners of hooks21:15
frinnstpedja: did you count the number of deps required for libvirt?21:15
frinnstiirc I gave up after the 10th new library or so21:15
retardi really want to stop using it21:15
pedjalet me check21:15
retardrather just wrap qemu in a couple of scripts21:16
frinnstyeah I have rather long qemu commands in my fluxbox menu21:16
teK____they can be counter-intuitive, too21:18
frinnsthm, blood alcohol level should be high enough now. better do some distruptive network configurations before it wears off21:18
teK____reconfigure all the firewalls!21:18
john_cephalopodafrinnst: I did prt-gert sysup.21:18
frinnst~10% imperial stouts ftw21:18
teK____I only have Gordon's Gin and no tonic water left :\21:19
john_cephalopodafrinnst: But since I had some cert issues, I deleted /etc/ssl to recreate a working conf. And deleted the certs that were not in the ssl package.21:19
john_cephalopodaI reinstalled ssl after that and it recreated the /etc/ssl, so I didn't think that it would be a problem.21:20
pedjafrinnst: 11+ports from core/opt/xorg21:22
pedja38 ports total in my virt repo, but there is a bunch of other stuff there21:23
pedjamostly deps for virt-manager :)21:25
retardclicking, double-clicking, using a mouse - mice21:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: pinentry: add new dependency libassuan21:39
pedjaI plan to convert all my vmware vms to kvm guests, so I can finally get rid of WS, I am tired of constantly fixing/patching it.21:39
pedjacurent libassuan is 2.4.2, btw21:40
Wildefyrgah connman is saying it fails to connect to /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket as it doesn't exist but dbus is running21:44
pedjainteresting new trust model in gnupg-2.1.x(TOFU).Sounds like a poisonous(sp?) japanese fish.21:45
retardtofu doesn't sound like fugu21:45
*** octarin has quit IRC21:45
pedjano, but it does sound like it's less lethal cousin21:47
pedjanote to self:build pidgin with spellchecker already.21:48
retardyou do know tofu is a kind of soy bean curd21:50
pedjahipster food?yeah ;)21:51
john_cephalopodaSince when is vegetarian fake-meat hipster-food?21:53
retardsince when is tofu vegetarian fake-meat?21:53
pedja"Vegan=indian for lousy hunter" :)21:55
john_cephalopodaFrom wikipedia: "Generally, the firmer styles of tofu are used for [...] mock meats, [...].21:55
joacimretard: when vegetarians started using it in place of meat =)21:55
john_cephalopodaFrom wikipedia: "[...] tofu is frequently associated with vegetarianism and veganism as it is a source of non-animal protein."21:55
pedjaI wonder if vegans ever hear salad screams as it was chopped to pieces when they wake up in the middle of the night.22:01
pedjadon't tell my mother that plants have no souls, she *will* kick your ass.22:03
pedjaso, zsh-5.2 builds fine on clean, up to date 3.1.22:04
*** mahmutov1 has joined #crux22:10
mahmutov1hi everbody22:11
*** SiFuh has quit IRC22:12
mahmutov1i am new  in crux22:13
mahmutov1i am in ubuntu at now22:14
*** SiFuh has joined #crux22:14
mahmutov1how i install crux to my disk from ubuntu22:14
john_cephalopodamahmutov1: Better try out crux using a VM first.22:15
mahmutov1is there any script to install crux from another linux22:16
mahmutov1it is not necessary22:17
john_cephalopodamahmutov1: Installing 2 linux distros parallel is complicated.22:17
john_cephalopodaIt requires manual partitioning and changing bootloader scripts.22:17
mahmutov1i will install other disk22:17
mahmutov1no whole disk22:17
mahmutov1dev/sda2 ubuntu22:18
john_cephalopodamahmutov1: Have you got a lot of experience with Linux?22:18
mahmutov1sda3 will be crux22:18
mahmutov1i have alot22:18
john_cephalopodasda3? Is that really a seperate disk or is it just a partition?22:19
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retarda separate disk would have a different device name22:19
mahmutov1i mean partition22:19
mahmutov1i want to install other empyt partition22:20
mahmutov1i have already formatted it22:20
mahmutov1example in archlinux you can install it pacstrap -i /mnt22:20
mahmutov1before you mount sda3 to mnt22:21
mahmutov1after you can install arch with pacstrap command22:21
mahmutov1is there any method like that22:21
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john_cephalopodamahmutov1: I am unsure.22:27
Wildefyrmahmutov1 : you can't do that with pacstrap22:28
Wildefyryou'd just be installing arch to an empty folder, not /dev/sda322:31
Wildefyras you haven't mounted it yet22:31
mahmutov1after mount i wrote22:32
mahmutov1first i mount sda3 to mnt22:32
mahmutov1after i used pacstrap -i /mnt22:32
Wildefyrso you installed arch? great!22:33
mahmutov1of course22:33
mahmutov1this method is bootstrrap method22:33
mahmutov1didnt you hear?22:33
Wildefyrno because irc doesn't transmit sound22:34
mahmutov1sorry my english22:35
Wildefyrright I get what you mean22:36
Wildefyrno crux doesn't have a way to do that22:36
mahmutov1i tried it but no success22:36
mahmutov1i installed crux 3.2 iso22:36
mahmutov1extract it22:37
mahmutov1a file rootfs.tar.xz22:37
mahmutov1then i extract it to mnt(after mount sda3 to mnt)22:37
john_cephalopodaIs there a way to list all the files that will be updated when I do a specific prt-get update/sysupdate?22:37
Wildefyrjust files?22:38
mahmutov1then i chrooted mnt22:38
john_cephalopodaWildefyr: Uh, I meant packages22:38
Wildefyryeah, prt-get diff or prt-get quickdiff22:38
john_cephalopodaAh, thanks.22:38
mahmutov1but how can i create new initrd?22:38
retardthere is no built-in method of making initrds with crux22:39
mahmutov1whats it the command that creates initrd?22:39
retardit's outside the scope of the distribution22:39
retardyou can use any initrd/initramfs22:39
mahmutov1any command?22:39
john_cephalopodamahmutov1: There is an endless number of tools that you can use.22:40
mahmutov1ex: mkinitrd in ubuntu22:40
retardi use better-initramfs on some encrypted systems22:40
mahmutov1ok but i am in chroot22:40
retardworks well for me22:40
retardthen initrd is moot22:40
mahmutov1which package contains?22:41
mahmutov1ex i commanded mkinitramfs in ubuntu that creates new initrd in boot directory22:42
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mahmutov1and how can i find  a command which package contains?22:43
*** plurt has joined #crux22:43
Wildefyrthere's no method22:45
retardwhat are you asking us?22:46
WildefyrI know there's a package for arch but it only works against their repos22:46
retardthere are many different tools for creating initrds22:46
mahmutov1ok in crux which command makes initramfs?22:47
retardthe one you choose22:47
mahmutov1i didnt find in core or opt packages22:47
prologicany vmware users/experts her?22:48
mahmutov1or what is the package name that contains it22:48
retardmahmutov1: stop asking, start reading the answers. there are many different tools for creating initramfs-es/initrds. if you want mkinitramfs, here.
mahmutov1ok guy but i cant compiling22:50
mahmutov1i am in chroot22:50
Wildefyri can't even22:50
mahmutov1and mkinitrd package exists?22:51
retardwhy would that prevent you from compiling?22:51
mahmutov1i want to compile dracut22:51
retardthen do it22:51
mahmutov1but that error occurs22:51
retardwhat error22:51
mahmutov13046 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) make sysconfdir=/etc mandir=/usr/man/22:52
mahmutov1i used this port22:53
mahmutov1rsync -aqz dracut22:53
mahmutov1but icant compile it so im finding precompiled and packaged packet22:53
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC22:53
mahmutov1that contains a command that makes initrd22:54
retardthat port builds fine for me. are you in a fully installed crux-chroot?22:54
mahmutov1how we can understand it22:55
mahmutov1 i installed make and gcc22:55
mahmutov1what about this error22:56
retardhave you run the setup script from the crux iso?22:56
mahmutov1i am trying it........22:57
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