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RomsterintNULL, yes steamw orks in wine and native.00:03
jaegerWAY too late on that one, heh00:04
jaegerjoacim: nice, I've heard those are solid00:05
joacimnot many low powered power supplies left these days00:05
joacimin stores anyways.00:06
Romsterjohn_cephalopoda> It's a bit cumbersome to write stuff in the bugtracker every time. It would be great if you could just label outdated packages like it's done in AUR. <- i've been thinking of that.00:10
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Romsteri was asleep00:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lua52: added00:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: youtube-dl: 2015.11.27.1 -> 2015.12.0501:29
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Ghost_r00thello Gents;04:00
Ghost_r00tI want to install consolekit but I get this error while installing its dep. "polkit".04:00
Ghost_r00tconfigure: error: Consolekit autoconfigured but systemd is in use (missing systemd-login pkg-config?)   ERROR:building `usr/ports/opt/polkit/polkit#0.112-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.04:03
Ghost_r00tthat is very funny in the sane that crux is supposed to be D-free.04:03
Ghost_r00tany solution guys?04:04
jaegerIs there more in the build log that might be useful? You might also compare the Pkgfile to the one in the MATE repo04:08
Ghost_r00tjaeger: no this is the only error in the configure pre-compile process for polkit04:10
Ghost_r00tand it shouldn't be that way04:10
Ghost_r00tjaeger: could you take a look04:10
jaegerI'm using the one from MATE, which works fine04:11
jaeger for reference04:11
Ghost_r00tjaeger: the dirty solution would be to change this polkit with that. give me the link04:12
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Ghost_r00t jaeger s pre-install script important for me? or it is MATE specific?04:35
Ghost_r00tjaeger: the same error. looking for systemd again04:56
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Ghost_r00tanyone here!05:00
Ghost_r00tthe systemd in polkit consolekit problem ?!05:00
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Ghost_r00tjaeger: would you plz look at this
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Ghost_r00teven if I change the ERR line to WRN I would get that problem.07:00
Ghost_r00tanyone plz help here07:01
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Wildefyrerror 404: help not found07:18
Ghost_r00tWildefyr: are you with me?07:35
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Ghost_r00txeirrr: hello mate; do you now anything about why polkit isn't compiling?07:38
xeirrrGhost_r00t: need to see the build log07:38
Ghost_r00tconfigure: error: Consolekit autoconfigured but systemd is in use (missing systemd-login pkg-config?)   ERROR:building `usr/ports/opt/polkit/polkit#0.112-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.07:40
Ghost_r00txeirrr: just that07:40
xeirrrGhost_r00t: try this: download polkit-0.112.tar.gz, upack it to /tmp, go to source directory and run "./configure --help" see if you can add --disable-systemd to configure process07:45
xeirrrGhost_r00t: or --without-systemd something like this07:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: t1lib: fix source, fix CVE-2011-0764 CVE-2011-1552_1553_1554 CVE-2010-264208:33
Romsterpkgmk -eo ; ./work/src/polkit-112/configure --help08:38
Romster--disable-systemd ?08:39
xeirrrGhost_r00t(already out of channel) is suffering this08:41
Romsterthere is logs of this channel08:42
xeirrrif he provided full build log, things would get much easier08:43
Romsterwell i can test it in docker08:47
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john_cephalopodaThere is only one single package that depends on gegl: gimp.08:56
john_cephalopodaAnd gimp only works with gegl-2.0, not with 3.x. Which means that gegl is completely useless in its current state.08:57
brian|lfshello all09:04
brian|lfsvery drunk09:05
john_cephalopodaHi brian|lfs09:07
john_cephalopodalfs= Linux From Scratch?09:07
brian|lfsI've done lfs before yes09:09
brian|lfssad thing more stable then CRUX09:09
john_cephalopodaI looked at LFS for a bit but it seemed to simple. So I wrote some AUR/crux ports inspired scripts and made a distro with busybox and gcc and glibc and no other tools included :D09:10
brian|lfsbut it what it is waiting to see if CRUX gets to the point where I will install it on my main system09:10
john_cephalopodaI had the great idea to install crux on my main system 5 minutes after finding it.09:11
john_cephalopodaI mostly use the main system for IRC and a bit of drawing.09:11
john_cephalopodaAlso browsing and watching youtube09:12
Romsteri'm workingon broken source files and broken ports.09:17
Romsteri did go outto take the dogs for a walk on the beach in the lovely day i had09:18
john_cephalopodaHey Romster09:21
john_cephalopodaLet me see if I got something in my list for you.09:21
Romsterhi john_cephalopoda09:21
john_cephalopodaromster/python3 - outdated, latest version is 3.509:22
Romsteri really don't need any more things at this stage but if it's broken09:22
Romsterprobably everything in romster is outdated09:22
john_cephalopodaProbably, yeah.09:22
john_cephalopodaBut most stuff works quite well.09:22
Romsterit was all built in a clean environment so dependencies are mostly right.09:23
john_cephalopodaI recently switched to using the 6c37 repo, they got the latest versions.09:23
Romsteralsa-plugins vs=1.1.0 anitya=1.1.0 arch=1.1.0 gentoo=1.1.009:24
Romsterworking on my version sort and comparing it to a few different distros packages.09:24
Romsterbut i got a ton of work to go on it09:25
Romsterbut the benefit is, knowing instantly when something is out of date.09:25
john_cephalopodaI wonder if a script could be built that checks for the latest version by downloading site for site of the projects and extracting the version.09:25
Romsterthat's exactly what version sort does.09:25
Romsterbit old and only one source there. but the spider will take care of finding the files09:27
Romsteri work on it on and off here and there in my spare time, when i'm in the mood.09:27
Romsteri did see this mentioned here.09:29
Romsterbut it has a few quirks, and the way i'm doing it will have other projects using it.09:30
Romsterwell other tools i'm also working on.09:30
Romsterlike mirror checking xdelta3 generation of source file locations.09:30
john_cephalopodaA new init system!09:30
Romsterah i meant meta309:31
Romsterlol no09:31
Romsteri could make a lib and make pert-get diff have a 3rd column saying upstream version.09:31
john_cephalopodaAlso an audio system that starts automatically without you being able to do anything. It's interwoven with the init system in mysterious ways. Also it resets your audio stuff to some weird settings.09:32
Romsteror any other tool. also to check sums on files and signatures09:32
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Romsterlike 100% master volume09:32
john_cephalopodaRomster: Yeah, or just mixing your sound devices, so instead of a midi input, you only have a throughput where you have to rout into the throughput in and out of the throughput out.09:33
Romsterand get echos so midi stuff goes spastic09:33
john_cephalopodaAlso it changes your volume all the time, when you got a loud sound, your microphone resets to nearly-mute.09:33
john_cephalopodaAnd let's call it heartbeataudio or something.09:34
john_cephalopodaGod, pulseaudio is the shittiest audio system ever.09:34
Romsterwhich is why i refuse to use pulseaudio09:35
Romsteri would rather use jack for everything but idiots don't even support jack09:35
john_cephalopodajack is cool. Together with qjackctl it makes routing and other tasks like that very easy.09:38
john_cephalopodaI rarely use it though since my productive system is on crux now and crux hasn't got the audio tools I'd use in the repo.09:38
Romsteri was messing with a compressor and eq and all sorts of patching at one stage.09:38
Romsterwhich tools are those?09:39
john_cephalopodaardour mainly.09:39
Romsteri'd love to get them working09:39
Romsterhaven't i got that in romster?09:39
john_cephalopodaAh, yeah.09:39
john_cephalopodaA lot of lv2 plugins don't exist there though.09:40
Romsterprobably just needs a version bump09:40
Romsterwell if i know what it needs i could fix that.09:40
john_cephalopodaNo, I mean external lv2 plugins.09:40
john_cephalopodaI think, I'll package some myself.09:40
john_cephalopodaStuff like those:
Romsteri said i could package but if your up to it.09:41
Romsteri got a ton of stuff atm to get crux working on 3.2 better.09:41
john_cephalopodacrux is cool. It's not as complicated as gentoo while being quite actively maintained.09:42
Romstertrue but it leaves some issues like more work to get to where you want to be.09:42
Romsterbut at the same time you learn.09:43
Romsterand if a issue happens can fix it before the other distros even have a fix09:43
john_cephalopodaI was hanging around in sourcemage IRC for a while, it was horrible. They didn't even have an installer iso. I had to take my own kernel and busybox and boot it to unpack sourcemage onto the (virtual) disk.09:43
Romsterhow did they install?09:44
Romsteryou don't?09:44
john_cephalopodaThey hand out chroot images.09:45
brian|lfsthought sourcemage was ded09:45
john_cephalopodaThey recently updated their site.09:46
john_cephalopodaAlso there is a beta site at
john_cephalopodaThey are very magic-themed.09:48
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: dbus-32: 1.10.4 -> 1.10.609:48
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: freetype-32: 2.6.1 -> 2.6.209:48
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: libpng-32: 1.6.19 -> 1.6.2009:48
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: openssl-32: 1.0.2d -> 1.0.2e09:48
Romsteri had noticed that09:49
Romsterit's like puppy linux, you install pups09:49
john_cephalopodacontrib/ladspa - getting an md5 error09:50
Romsterhow that works i dunno... i thought you make pups09:50
Romsteri am actually working on 404 source files and wrong sums.09:50
Romsterit was fine when i packaged it.09:50
Romsteri hate when upstream decide to replace the file.09:50
john_cephalopodasourcemage is a bit overcomplicating things. You got a ton of utilities. In crux you got ports, pkgmk, pkgadd and prt-get as a wrapper for pkg-operations09:51
Romsterpkgmk pkgrm pkginfo pkgadd09:53
Romsterand just the wrapper prt-get09:53
Romsterthere is another prt-get relevant but i forget it's name.09:53
Romsterbut i find prt-get to be good enough09:53
Romsterladspa hmm there is two10:00
Romsteri need a tool to check what files have more than 1 hash10:01
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Romster3.7K and the other file is 69K i belave that is a truncated file10:06
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john_cephalopodacontrib/ladspa is completely broken10:15
Romsterthe joys of linux10:21
Romsterconfigure: error: Can't find expat.h. Please install expat.10:22
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/polkit#0.112-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.10:22
Romsterfor starters missing dep10:22
RomsterYour intltool is too old10:23
Romstereasily fixed10:23
Romstersays it's found but i didn't have in installed10:24
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/polkit#0.112-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.10:24
Romsterall it needs is expat and intltool10:24
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Ghost_r00tRomster: hello sir; could I jump in and say I ahve the problem with polkit not building.10:27
Ghost_r00tconfigure: error: Consolekit autoconfigured but systemd is in use (missing systemd-login pkg-config?)   ERROR:building `usr/ports/opt/polkit/polkit#0.112-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.10:27
Ghost_r00tI can't figure out how to solve it?10:27
john_cephalopodasystemd on crux?10:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: polkit: add misisng dependency intltool10:28
Ghost_r00tjohn_cephalopoda: YES10:28
Romstermust be some other dependency because it built for me.10:28
Ghost_r00tRomster: anyway to check it?10:29
Romsterit'll be at configure10:30
Romsterit must be finding something.10:30
Romsterdid you do a clean format and install crux or did you do a in place install over a old filesystem that had systemd on it?10:30
Romsteryou could try this. wget ; pkgadd polkit#0.112-1.pkg.tar.xz10:31
Romsteri just uploaded it10:31
Romsternot a fix but a workaround.10:33
RomsterGhost_r00t, if you did install over a existing distro install romster/pkg-not and see what untracked files are on your system.10:33
Romsterfiles not in the pkg database will show up.10:34
Romsterpkg-not /usr10:34
Romsterjsut be aware cache files that are generated and other .conf files will show up too. along with kernel modules... so be extremely careful if you pipe that command to rm10:35
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Ghost_r00tRomster: useful tool and considerate tip. thank you10:38
Romsteractually is sepens tool i just packaged it.10:38
Romsteradd that to polkit should get you going.10:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.8-rc2 -> 1.8-rc310:43
Ghost_r00tRomster: could me tweaking network governer options in the kernel like westwood+ and cubic and such resulted in my low network speed. I can use Internet via my android tablet on the same wireless network with much better speed.10:43
Romsteri am using westwood+ and it's ok for me.10:44
Romsterall westwood+ does is not back off so hard when it gets packet loss.10:44
Romsterand it takes less time to train up in speed again.10:45
Romsterso in theory should be faster than the default10:45
Romsterif you got more than one on you can echo to either sys or proc to change the govener10:46
Romsteri forget where exactly it is now.10:46
Ghost_r00tRomster: what does cubic do?10:47
Romsteri forget now. you can press on help in the kernel.10:48
Romsteror read the kernel docs10:48
Ghost_r00tRomster: not clear.10:49
Ghost_r00tvery brief10:49
Romstersorry i don't know10:49
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RomsterCUBIC is an implementation of TCP with an optimized congestion control algorithm for high bandwidth networks with high latency10:50
Romstert is a less aggressive and more systematic derivative of BIC TCP, in which the window is a cubic function of time since the last congestion event, with the inflection point set to the window prior to the event. Being a cubic function, there are two components to window growth. The first is a concave portion where the window quickly ramps up to the window size before the last congestion event. Next is the convex growth where CUBIC probes for more10:51
Romsterbandwidth, slowly at first then very rapidly. CUBIC spends a lot of time at a plateau between the concave and convex growth region which allows the network to stabilize before CUBIC begins looking for more bandwidth.10:51
Romsterso basically good for satellite and other such laggy connections10:51
Romsterwhat the hell is a parked domain11:18
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remona_dashI have a problem downloading from sourcforged11:20
remona_dashand pet-get returns with error11:21
remona_dashany solution?11:21
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Romsteri was about to ask what port and we do have a mirror you cab set in /etc/pkgmk.conf11:24
*** remona_dash has joined #crux11:33
remona_dashany help?11:33
tilmanhere's how it works:11:36
tilmanyou state your question11:36
Romsteri replied but you left11:38
Romsterit'll be in the log11:38
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remona_dashRomster, I didn't. I got disconnected11:45
remona_dashit is libmodplug11:45
Romsterok i'll test that remona_dash11:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: ladspa: site is parked, new source url11:47
Romsterwhat the heck silently changed file... so you get a md5sum mismatch remona_dash ?11:54
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remona_dashno no md5sum11:56
remona_dashnot yet at least11:56
Romsterworked for me11:57
Romster# pkg-url11:57
Romsterso what exactly is the problem?11:57
Romsteri got redirected to internode.dl.sourceforge.net11:58
Romsterremona_dash, what mirror did you try?11:58
Romsterand you can get the file from
Romster$EDITOR /etc/pkgmk.conf11:59
Romsterarch seems to have the wrong md5sum at least i didn't check other distros12:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libcgroup: initial import12:03
remona_dashI got 405 Forbidden right of the bat12:07
remona_dashbut I hear it's dnsz have some rotating problems12:08
remona_dashanother problem with nvidia-so12:09
remona_dashnvidia-sl port12:09
Romsteri use unbound to query the main name servers than to rely on my isp or anyone else.12:15
Romsterbut would get better results on googles name server
remona_dashRomster; how could I set what you use (unbound) or Google dnsz12:17
remona_dashalso this nvidia problem12:17
Romsteri have unbound set on it's own firewall pc but you could run it on the desktop.12:17
Romster# wget ftp://FTP.INTERNIC.NET/domain/named.cache -O /etc/unbound/root.hints12:18
Romsterroot-hints: "/etc/unbound/root.hints"12:18
Romsterit's your net, nvidia-sl is ok here12:20
RomsterConnecting to||:80... connected.12:20
Romstertry that12:21
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*** remona_dash has joined #crux13:03
remona_dashdc again13:03
remona_dashthe nvidia-sl problem13:03
remona_dashcould you help13:03
Romsterremona_dash, make sure you got /usr/src/linux-1.2.313:21
Romsterand you make && make modules_install then try building nvidia-sl13:21
Romster1.2.3 being the uname -r13:22
john_cephalopodaIs nvidia-sl the nvidia driver?13:31
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Romsterthe short lived nvidia driver13:49
Romsterhmm i notice pf-kernel patchset too.13:54
*** kokakoda1 has joined #crux13:54
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Romsternot sure if that'll work13:54
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john_cephalopodanouveau ftw! :þ14:31
*** jue has joined #crux14:42
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nebg_is there any way i can make an image of the current snapshot of my system and for example use it when i format my PC ? in roder to get back my system ?16:04
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remona_dashRomster; I didn't get that. should I change the kernel arc directory or is it something else16:23
remona_dashand if you say it isn't for pfkernel I would ask why not16:24
remona_dashthe nvidia script isn't concerned with the kernel patches16:25
remona_dashit remains the possibility of nvidia hasn't catch up with version 4.3 yet16:26
remona_dashwhich is it16:26
remona_dashanyone else could help?16:27
jaegerIt's likely 4.316:28
jaegerIt builds fine on 4.1.13 for what that's worth16:29
remona_dashjaeger, it is nvidia-sl16:29
remona_dashis it the latest16:29
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brian|lfswhat about 340x drivers16:37
brian|lfsand 330x16:37
jaegerno, there's a 358.16 on the short-lived branch now, you could try that16:37
brian|lfs350 won't work for a 285 GTX lol16:43
brian|lfsthat would be 340 series driver16:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nvidia-sl: updated to version 358.1616:45
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: nvidia-sl-32: updated to version 358.1616:45
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC16:56
remona_dashjaeger did you update the nvidia-sl? thank you16:56
koribrian|lfs: 340 is available in 6c3716:57
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux16:57
*** |narcos| has joined #crux16:58
brian|lfsI'll try it latter17:02
koriI use a 9500 GT so yeah I need to maintain the driver for myself17:02
koriI actually stopped using in favor of nouveau17:02
koriI'm not sure if it compiles with the newer kernels :<17:02
brian|lfsI'm running Nouveau right now17:03
brian|lfswell on Nvidia's site they hhave a 340.9617:03
brian|lfswhich came out in Nov 201517:03
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*** gb00s has joined #crux17:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lvm2: update to 2.02.13717:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mysql: update to 5.6.2817:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nano: update to 2.5.017:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: python: update to 2.7.1117:24
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.11317:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gtk3: updated to 3.18.617:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: Revert "gegl: 0.2.0 -> 0.3.4"17:25
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jaegerremona_dash: yeah18:07
*** SiFuh has joined #crux18:22
john_cephalopodaHmmm, nothing works any more since the 3.2 update. Linker problems everywhere18:24
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john_cephalopodaWhere are all the software licenses stored in crux? Lik /usr/share/licenses19:31
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux19:35
korijohn_cephalopoda: nowhere19:39
mechaniputerjohn_cephalopoda: I don't think there is a central location. Actually, are the licenses on the CD? Since we are distributing binaries on the CD, I believe that we are supposed to have copies of licenses to go with the binaries. In the case of ports though, the licenses are not installed when you install the port. That is ok since the user can get the license from the download location for the port.19:39
mechaniputerMaybe we should put licenses on the installation CD, like in the doc directory with the handbook?19:40
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*** blueness__ has joined #crux19:42
frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: we went over that yesterday19:43
frinnstrun revdep and rebuild whats required19:43
frinnstif you dont want broken libraries either rebuild whats broken or use a binary distribution19:44
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Not broken binaries but broken packages. Like gimp not working any more because of upgraded gegl, but when I downgrade gegl, it fails because of something boost-related and other.19:44
frinnstthen why blame 3.2?19:45
frinnst<john_cephalopoda> Hmmm, nothing works any more since the 3.2 update. Linker problems everywhere19:45
frinnstthe gegl update has been reverted19:45
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Because in 3.1, gimp worked. And reverting the gegl update didn't help for me.19:45
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC19:46
frinnsttry "ports -u; prt-get sysup" before you do anything else ;-)19:46
john_cephalopodaNot that gimp is some top priority for me. It is just an utility that I sometimes use. But I feel better when all packages work, in case Bill Gates comes by and says: "I'll give you one million dollars if you can show me that gimp works on linux." ;þ19:47
frinnstbut you still havent said what the actual problem is19:48
frinnstdoes gimp fail to run? does it fail to build?19:48
frinnstif it fails to run, have you tried rebuilding it?19:48
john_cephalopodaHere's the build log:
frinnstand what does revdep say?19:50
john_cephalopodaLast time I tried, it only listed some applications, no libs.19:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gegl: fix footprint (again)19:55
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mahmutov1hi everbody19:59
mahmutov1hey guys i installed crux with success20:00
frinnstwow im shocked. I could reproduce your error20:00
mahmutov1where can i find xfce4 packages?20:00
koriBUG ALERT20:00
mahmutov1but precompiled.20:01
frinnstmahmutov1: xfce lives in its own repository20:01
frinnstand there are no precompiled packages afaik20:01
mahmutov1what about other desktops?20:02
mahmutov1openbox,lxde,any?can i find packages?20:02
frinnstwe are a source based distribution20:02
frinnstso doubtful20:02
mahmutov1ok i know20:02
mahmutov1but i installed from iso precompiled packages20:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gimp: fix build20:03
mahmutov1so i can install a desktop like that20:03
mahmutov1isnt  it?20:03
frinnstno. we just provide the basic pre-compiled binaries so you can install a basic system20:04
frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: there, done20:04
frinnsttry now20:04
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mahmutov1anybody hasnt packages of a desktop20:04
mahmutov1in web?20:05
frinnstdont think so20:05
frinnsttry searching for it20:05
frinnstslackware, debian or arch are all binary distrubitions that provide precompiled packages20:06
mahmutov1in crux?20:06
frinnstno :)20:06
mahmutov1just basic system's packages?20:07
frinnstas i said, we are a source-based distribution. sort of like gentoo20:07
mahmutov1i see.i know you :)20:07
mahmutov1but i think somebody has precompiled packages of a desktop20:07
john_cephalopodafrinnst: revdep says this btw:   blender, jre, libreoffice, mplayer, skype, syslinux20:07
jaegeryou can skip rebuilding jre, it's a false positive20:08
frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: I just pushed a fix to gimp. do ports -u and try again20:08
jaegerhrmm, maybe I'll see how xfce builds on 3.2 after I finish updating MATE20:09
mahmutov1ok what i will do if i want to installxfce420:09
mahmutov1when i boot crux it drops shell at now20:10
john_cephalopodaskype is also binary, so also false positive.20:11
jaegerRight now xfce isn't listed on the port db since it hasn't been updated for CRUX 3.2 yet20:11
jaegerYou could try rsyncing it directly but there's no guarantee it'll work that way20:11
mahmutov1where from 3.1?20:11
mahmutov1or what desktop is ready for 3.2?20:12
mahmutov1anybody is using a desktop in 3.2?20:12
jaegerfrom 3.1, yes. I'm working on the MATE update right now, can't speak for any others20:12
mahmutov1i saw openbox and tint2 panel in 3.2 ports20:14
mahmutov1can i use them?20:14
mahmutov1how i can compile it?i am new at crux :)20:15
jaegerYou should check out the handbook on the website, lots of info there. sections 4.2 and 4.3 in this case20:15
mahmutov1ok iam looking at now20:15
jaegeralso section 5 (ports)20:16
mahmutov1what about prt-get20:18
mahmutov1is it fetch binaries?20:19
jaegerIt does not. It's a frontend for pkgutils which builds packages from ports20:20
john_cephalopodafrinnst: gimp builds but footprint mismatch.20:21
mahmutov1hey guys20:23
mahmutov1if i want to reinstall crux,i must compile all packages(except basic)20:24
john_cephalopodamahmutov1: You want to update crux?20:25
mahmutov1no no20:25
mahmutov1if my system fails or breaks20:25
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mahmutov1what about compiled packages stored20:26
john_cephalopodaIt depends how much it is broken.20:26
mahmutov1can i use them20:27
mahmutov1where they stored in crux20:27
jaegerby default they are stored in the port directory20:27
mahmutov1.tar.gz s ?20:28
mahmutov1so we must backup them?20:28
john_cephalopodaIf it is really broken because some important package broke, an update/package reinstall from the iso would solve this. That's in case the system is broken so much that it doesn't boot or the compiler toolchain is broken.20:28
mahmutov1are you backup your binaries?20:30
mahmutov1precompiled packages?20:31
jaegerBackups are up to you, however you want to do them20:31
mahmutov1hey guys i see a distro named nutyx20:32
evil_shibejaeger: make crux for x86 now20:32
evil_shibei need this20:33
evil_shibeif you good dev so make them20:33
evil_shibei can pay you in bitcoins20:33
mahmutov1did you see it?20:33
mahmutov1is it based on crux?20:34
mahmutov1i see it uses like crux ports20:34
mahmutov1its  pkgfile like crux's20:35
jaegerTheir website says it's based on LFS20:35
mahmutov1but it uses pkgadd,pkgmk command20:35
mahmutov1to compile a package20:36
mahmutov1ok anyway. iam trying openbox and tint20:38
mahmutov1i will turn back...20:39
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*** dougiel has joined #crux20:46
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tilmanjaeger: from a rather quick glance he should probably have been honest and credited crux more20:48
jaegermaybe so... I've never looked at the ports before, just glanced at the website20:48
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mahmutov1hi everbody21:58
mahmutov1i installed successfully openbox21:58
mahmutov1i login openbox session22:00
mahmutov1i cant found any file manager22:02
mahmutov1should i add other ports?22:03
mahmutov1i cant find pcman,thunar in contrib22:04
joacimthunar would be in the xfce repo22:05
nweyou can find thunar  if you downloading xfce.repo22:05
nweto /etc/ports/22:05
nweand then running port -u xfce22:05
nweif you want to use prt-get you must alos add a line prtdir /usr/ports/xfce22:05
mahmutov1i added contrib repo22:06
mahmutov1should i add xfce4 same way?22:06
mahmutov1but xfce4 port not exists in crux3.222:06
mahmutov1example i want to compile pcmanfm,i found it contrib ports.22:08
mahmutov1but i cant found libmenu-cache in ports22:08
mahmutov1pcmanfm depends libmenu-cache?22:09
nweif you cant find the port you must create it..22:10
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*** Workster has joined #crux22:10
mahmutov1or can i use 3.1 ports in 3.2?22:10
nwemahmutov1: have you try prt-get depinst pcmanfm?22:10
nwerun prt-get depinst pcmanfm22:11
nweit will install dependencies for pcmanfm22:12
mahmutov1ok but libmenu-cache not exisits crux3.2 ports22:12
mahmutov1i searched it ports page22:12
nwein the Pkgfile for pcmanfm.. # Depends on:   libfm22:12
mahmutov1so this command will fail22:12
mahmutov1libfm relies libmenu-cache :)22:13
nwethen you must build a port for libmenu-cache :)22:13
mahmutov1a pkgfile?22:13
Worksterhmm that's part of lxde desktop22:14
mahmutov1i it exist in 3.1?22:14
mahmutov1i cant found rox too in ports22:14
mahmutov1which filemanager are you using in 3.222:14
nweI dont using anyone just the terminal :)22:15
nwebrb tv22:15
mahmutov1brb tv?22:15
mahmutov1i dont understand sorry22:15
Workstercontrib/menu-cache is libmenu-cache22:16
mahmutov1hey nwe are you using firefox from terminal?22:16
Worksterprt-get depinst menu-cache22:16
mahmutov1workster it is good news .. :)22:16
mahmutov1so i will command  "prt-get depinst pcmanfm"  and then pcmanfm will install?22:17
Worksterit should22:18
Workstertesting it here22:18
Workstersounds to me you tired to install and not dependency install22:19
mahmutov1but when i tried "pkgmk -r" command22:20
mahmutov1it is not compile recursively22:21
*** andrei_ has joined #crux22:21
mahmutov1so error occurs libmenu-cache not found22:21
mahmutov1what about pkgmk -r cmmand?22:22
mahmutov1how i can search ports from
mahmutov1from console?22:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pcmanfm: add misisng dependencies for post-install: desktop-file-utils and shared-mime-info22:28
Worksterpkgmk -r will build everything from the top level directory it is started from.22:29
Worksteruse prt-get depinst ...22:29
Worksteryou do need to read the documentation.22:29
Worksteras for rox i don't see it.22:29
Worksteryou'll need to port this to a crux Pkgfile
Worksteror find another file manager22:32
Worksterwhich pcmanfm is22:33
mahmutov1can i search a port from console?22:38
*** sudobaal has quit IRC22:38
mahmutov1ex alexta ports,how can i search it?22:38
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WorksterCRUX's portdb command line client23:21
*** pejman has joined #crux23:23
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*** pejman has joined #crux23:23
*** mahmutob has joined #crux23:26
mahmutobhe guys23:26
mahmutobi am writing from crux23:27
mahmutobit is excellent23:27
mahmutobi have a quest,on23:28
mahmutobi am in openbox23:28
mahmutobwhen a right click a file to open with it23:28
mahmutobmy installed programs lists is empty23:29
mahmutobbut i have already install some programs23:29
mahmutobsecond question how i can activate my sound car?23:29
mahmutobsound card?23:29
john_cephalopodamahmutob: You have to compile the kernel with support for the soundcard that you're using.23:30
mahmutobooh no it is so long time :(23:30
john_cephalopodaSame for network cards and special devices (like drawing tablets), you have to compile the drivers as modules or into the kernel.23:30
john_cephalopodaKernel compilation takes about 1 minute for me23:30
mahmutobdont you compile whole kernel?23:31
mahmutoband how can i determine my sound card driver and use in kernel config?23:31
john_cephalopodaBut it is pretty fast.23:32
mahmutobhow can you do this?23:32
john_cephalopodaTry "lspci" in commandline and look for something called "Audio device" or similar.23:32
mahmutob00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 8 Series HD Audio Controller (rev 04)23:33
john_cephalopodaAh, yeah. You have to enable HD audio iirc.23:34
mahmutobin kernel config?23:34
mahmutobok but it longs 60 minutes for me23:35
john_cephalopoda2 minutes and 18 seconds for kernel compilation here,23:35
mahmutobwe must compile whole kernel?23:35
john_cephalopodaWhat's your output for "lscpu | grep Model\ \name"23:36
mahmutobModel name:            Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz23:36
john_cephalopodaCompile the kernel using "make -j4"23:37
john_cephalopodaIt will reduce the time a lot by using all 4 threads for compiling.23:38
nogagplz_mahmutob: does this help?23:38
mahmutobah ok23:39
mahmutobthe rule is cpu +1   isnt it?23:39
mahmutobmy cpu is 4 so j5?23:40
mahmutobor equvelant?23:40
john_cephalopodamahmutob: Device Drivers --> Sound card support --> Advanced Linux Sound Architecture --> HD Audio. Enable HD Audio PCI there.23:42
mahmutobok i am doing it..23:42
john_cephalopodaSome people say +1. But I have compared and using the exact number of cores was a bit faster. Not a big difference though, may also be just random noise.23:43
jaegertry both and time them, good way to check23:44
john_cephalopodaShouldn't make a big difference anyway.23:45
jaegerDepends more on how much extra junk is in the kernel config23:46
jaeger1m33s for my config with -j823:47
*** mahmutob has quit IRC23:55

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