IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2015-12-07

john_cephalopodaopt/gtk3 : footprint mismatch!00:06
*** remona_dash has quit IRC00:07
Worksterjohn_cephalopoda, missing or new?00:10
Workstersame number of make jobs as per logical cpus cpu+ hyperthreading if you have that00:11
Worksterthe +1 doesn't do a heck of a lot and is sometimes slower.00:11
john_cephalopodaUh, .la - and .so00:12
Worksterthat's fine new is ok00:12
Workstersoft dependencies you got cups installed00:12
john_cephalopodaAh, ok.00:12
john_cephalopodaIt would be nice to have prt-get a bit more interactive.00:13
john_cephalopodaFor example, it could ask if I want to install it anyway.00:13
john_cephalopodaWhen I compile something for a long time, stuff like that gets really annoying.00:13
Worksterin /etc/pkgmk.conf00:16
Worksternew is not a bug unless it's like html doc files or README and other junk files. Missing files however is always a bug, usually maintainer did not build it in a clean container.00:17
Worksteror it's broken and some component failed to build/install00:17
Worksteror it's got a missing dependency maintainer built it with not listed in # Depends on:00:17
Worksterin any case report missing files00:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: inkscape: 0.48.5 -> 0.9100:21
dbrookejohn_cephalopoda: if it's just a NEW footprint mismatch you have a new pkg anyway and don't need to recompile, just pkgadd -u00:32
dbrookeWorkster: I modified your docker image (removed your repository and a few other refernces to romster, and added mine) and it's been really useful in cleaning up my ports00:34
Worksterdbrooke, i should make a general one and then mine with a few extra tools.00:35
Worksterit's very helpful, i do need to upload a updated one though.00:36
Worksterif you have any improvments or a Dockerfile using mine as a base i'd be keen to see it00:36
Worksterprologic has a official one but it's 3.1 so i rolled my own, until prologic gets to that.00:37
Worksterbut i got other changes i use like ccache prt-utils installed and a few other small things.00:37
dbrookeI shared the bind mount of /usr/ports since downloading is slow (and metered) for me and a ports -u cleans it up anyway00:38
Worksterwell i set a mirror in my /etc/pkgmk.conf00:38
dbrookethe ccache stuff is useful00:38
Worksteri bind my ccache to my system00:38
Worksterand see /etc/profile for some ccache settings00:38
dbrookeI just kept that as you'd set it00:39
Worksterit's fine as i have it, just saying their there.00:39
Worksteri use that as a wrapper to start my containers00:41
Worksteri should put that on the Docker page too.00:41
dbrookethat's basically what I used, just removed ${PKG_PORT} from the ports bind mount and changed IMAGE to my modified one00:43
Workstersee i can get to them files on my system from each docker container for uploading or other use.00:44
Worksterand for rsync and git00:44
Workstereach has there own different styles though.00:44
dbrookethe other thing I noticed is that the mkdir makes a sungle directory called literally {packages,log,ports} but creating the container seems to create the bind mount directories anyway00:45
Worksterhmm i hadn't checked that.00:48
Worksterforce of habit to mkdir before installing in Pkgfiles i guess00:49
rmullI can't build inkscape01:10
rmulllots of linker errors, undefined references to various symbols01:11
rmullAll deps appear to be installed01:12
rmullWorkster: Any thoughts re: inkscape?01:12
rmullHere's the build log:
rmullSome missing symbols supposedly belong to glibmm, which is installed01:15
brian|lfsI'm trying it rmull01:38
brian|lfsboost is downloading very slowly01:38
rmullSounds like it could use a boost01:39
brian|lfsthe copy of it I found on google just as slow01:42
korirmull: HA01:43
brian|lfsI like CRUX but much to buggy to put on my main system at this point01:44
*** lostcoffee has joined #crux01:44
brian|lfshopefully the GCC 5.3 will fix a lot of problems01:45
brian|lfshey Romster you around?01:46
Romsteryeah brian|lfs01:48
Romsteri'm compiling stuff with gcc 5.301:48
brian|lfscool did you ever try compiz-fusion01:54
brian|lfssee if it goes through or fails on plugins extra01:54
brian|lfsstupid question do I have git clone this
brian|lfsor is thhehre a repo for it?01:55
Romsterthere is a git driver in git for ports.01:56
brian|lfsguess it wasn't a stupid question wasn't obvious01:59
koriyeah don't worry about it02:00
korigit repos aren't officially officially supported yet02:00
arceterai don't recall ever installing the git driver02:00
arceterabut i can use git repos so02:00
arcetera┐('~'; )┌02:00
koriarcetera: its installed automatically with git now02:00
arceteraoh nice02:00
arceteraarcetera: stop using that shrug dont piss off kori02:01
koritilman: can you update the git driver, by the way? we did some changes02:01
koriI forgot which02:01
brian|lfsI'll have to install git don't see it installed on my system strange02:02
brian|lfsinkscape installed fine02:02
rmullbrian|lfs: inkscape is fine? Hm, then wtf is my problem02:03
brian|lfsno clue compile optimization options maybe02:04
rmullI'll turn those down and retry02:04
brian|lfskind of strange I had a lot of them turned on02:12
brian|lfsnvidia driver installed02:12
brian|lfsjust blacked listed nouveau rebooting02:12
brian|lfsnvidia-340 to be exact02:12
koribrian|lfs: don't forget to gl-select use nvidia and nvidia-xconfig02:13
brian|lfsgl-select doesnt' wrok02:19
brian|lfsit says its not installed02:19
koribrian|lfs: yeah you need to add nvidia-340 to gl-select manually02:20
koriline 11802:20
brian|lfs================ WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING ================02:20
brian|lfsThis server has a video driver ABI version of 20.0 that is not02:20
brian|lfssupported by this NVIDIA driver.  Please check02:20
brian|lfs for driver updates or downgrade to an X02:20
brian|lfsserver with a supported driver ABI.02:20
korithis is why I started using nouveau02:21
brian|lfsso where is glselect located02:21
koriline 118, just add nvidia-34002:21
koribut I don't think nvidia-340 works anymore02:21
brian|lfsit might tere is a new one then the ports02:21
brian|lfsthat came out in Nov02:22
koriwait, 96?02:22
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koribrian|lfs: use nouveau for now, I'll take care of nvidia-340 in the next few weeks02:24
koriwait actually02:24
koriyou'll test it for me02:24
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brian|lfsok trying the new driver manually02:26
brian|lfsnewer driver worked02:30
korialright cool02:30
brian|lfsstrange not sure when slim broke02:31
brian|lfsor if its dbus is broken02:31
brian|lfsit starts if I run it manually but not in my rc.conf02:31
korirecompile everything!!!!!!!!02:31
brian|lfswhat lol02:32
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brian|lfshey Romster trying qt4 with webkit02:59
brian|lfsI added it to the Pkgfile02:59
brian|lfsnot sure why it would disable itself as default02:59
*** ivs has joined #crux03:01
Worksterqt bundles it's own webkit03:05
Worksteri haven' had any luck so far toget that part of it to install03:05
brian|lfsya I no but there is a switch to enable it03:05
Workstertried using bash instead of dash, it shold beon by defualt03:06
Worksterit was for crux 3.103:06
Worksterand atm i'm busy with work stuff.03:06
brian|lfsbut since its not as default I added the switchh03:06
brian|lfsto enable it03:07
brian|lfsstrange didn't help03:09
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brian|lfsthink I found the problem03:15
brian|lfsaccording to lfs you need  gst-plugins-base03:16
brian|lfsfor webkit03:16
brian|lfshmm might be a lack of mysql03:21
brian|lfsapparently the webkit switch is only for windows03:23
brian|lfsslow mirrors killing me today03:24
brian|lfsbad when mysql fails03:37
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rmullbrian|lfs: Here's my inkscape buildlog with make -j1:
brian|lfswondering if its theh gcc 5.203:43
brian|lfsnot sure never heard of inkscape before today03:43
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rmullI'll try now with ccache disabled03:44
*** __mavric61 has joined #crux03:45
brian|lfsmysql won't compile mariadb won't compile03:46
brian|lfsRomster can I get the package files gcc 5.203:46
*** remona_dash has joined #crux03:55
rmullAnyone else with gcc 5.2 want to try building inkscape?03:56
remona_dashthanks to jaeger I installed nvidia-sl and it worked03:56
remona_dashnow I updated the sysup and xorg-server errors with libglamore.l.a. and already installed03:58
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remona_dashxorg-server from 1.15.2-1 to 1.17.4-103:59
Worksterrmull, i fixed inkscape earlier today ports -u03:59
remona_dashwhat should I do04:00
Worksterremona_dash, prt-get readme xorg-server04:00
remona_dashare those file nvidia related04:00
Workstersee the bit about new and removed ports04:00
rmullWorkster: I have the latest04:00
Worksterwell i built it and bbl i gotta get this work done04:00
rmullWith gcc 5.2?04:01
rmullbrian|lfs said something about using 5.304:01
brian|lfsI"m using gcc 5.2 and it installed for me04:01
rmullOh okay, I misunderstood04:01
brian|lfsno 5.3 for something else04:01
rmullgot it04:01
brian|lfsbut got mariadb to install04:01
brian|lfsre-compiling qt404:01
remona_dashshould I rebuild xorg-server everytime I update nvidia or kernel:-B04:02
brian|lfsapparently qt4 needs mariadb or mysql for webkit to compile with it04:02
brian|lfswhy would you need to rebuild xorg-server04:02
brian|lfsI installed 340 drivers today and didn't recompile xorg04:04
remona_dash Worker so I should remove xorg-glamor-gel and try again04:11
brian|lfswell if you want to re-install xorg you would have to remove the deps04:14
brian|lfseven with mariadb it still didn't work04:15
*** tired_laptop has joined #crux04:19
remona_dashwhat is mesa3d exactly? do I need it with nvidia?04:22
brian|lfswow you don't need to be running CRUX if your asking that04:23
Worksterremove it and find out remona_dash04:23
Worksterprt-get dependent --all mesa3d04:24
Worksterxorg-glamor-gel should of been removed when you did the crux upgrade with the iso04:25
Worksternot gel04:25
Worksterprt-get remove xorg-xf86-video-modesetting xorg-glamor-egl04:25
Worksterprt-get depinst libepoxy xorg-xcb-util-keysyms04:25
Worksterright there in the README04:26
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tired_laptopclean install ftw04:26
*** ivs has joined #crux04:39
brian|lfsyour lucky remona_dash I would of booted your ass04:40
brian|lfsI'm not mean tot he point where I would ban you04:41
tired_laptopremona_dash, you can look at the arch or debian wikis for general overview of such subsystems.. they don't have overwhelming useless information like wikipedia04:48
tired_laptopthen when you have specific questions that are directly related to crux these guys here will be the best linux community you've ever seen ;)04:48
brian|lfsI have a headache from QT4 and webkit04:49
brian|lfsit sitll don't work04:49
brian|lfsbut hhalf the problem is not having mysql or mariadb as deps04:49
brian|lfsI got mariadb to install but still isnt' compiling webkit qt404:50
brian|lfsI would definitely prefer my sql04:50
rmullWorkster: Thanks for that inkscape binary, I'll fall back to it if I can't figure out what my system is doing04:51
brian|lfsmaybe we both have bad ram rmull04:51
brian|lfscan you try My sql and see if it bombs out lol04:52
rmullfrom opt?04:52
brian|lfsyes its in opt04:54
rmullLooks like it's pretty out of date, have you tried 5.7.9?04:54
brian|lfsit kept bombing out on me no error very strangge04:54
rmullI'll try the build, hold please04:54
brian|lfsno problem going to mcodnalds be back in a few04:54
brian|lfsyou still there tired_laptop04:55
rmullbrian|lfs: opt/mysql fails for me too04:56
rmullIn my case I think it's libressl related04:58
rmullCannot find appropriate system libraries for SSL.04:58
rmullHad to scroll up a bit to find the message04:58
brian|lfsoh ok04:59
brian|lfsI probably had the same error04:59
tired_laptoprmull, not ideal but I had this happen quite a few times, I simply open the configure script and delete the line for testing openssl ;)04:59
tired_laptopssl support works fine04:59
tired_laptopjust that in the configure script the testing method is specific to openssl or something, don't quote me though05:00
brian|lfsyour probably correct05:01
brian|lfsdon't matter either way scratching my hhead about webkit05:02
*** xeirrr has quit IRC05:02
brian|lfsbe back in a few05:02
tired_laptopthis is if you're asking about configure failing.. wasn't following your earlier msgs though. But I use libressl too on my box and had random failures (although it should be a drop in replacement).. so if you're asking about configure failing the above should do (I tested ssl functionality on program after compile and it was working fine).05:03
rmulltired_laptop: I am not too concrened about my own SSL failure - I was trying to help brian|lfs with his mysql build failure05:03
rmullbrian|lfs: You may want to paste a build log05:03
rmullFWIW I'm trying to build 5.7.905:04
tired_laptopah, right05:04
rmullBecause it may not make sense to try to get the old stuff working if it can just be updated05:04
brian|lfsgood point05:04
brian|lfsbe back in a few05:05
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*** SpacePenguin has joined #crux05:16
rmullbrian|lfs: I was able to build 5.7.9 with just mkdir build; cd build; cmake ../05:21
rmullYou might want to think about packaging that and then opening a bug in flyspray05:21
rmullGotta head to bed.05:21
brian|lfsok ttyl man05:23
*** ivs has joined #crux05:24
brian|lfsthinking about installing CRUX 3.1 lol05:24
brian|lfs3.2 seems buggy05:24
brian|lfswow one package worked05:25
jaegerIf you run into bugs, report them on the bug tracker or via email to the port maintainer.05:26
*** xeirrr has joined #crux05:26
brian|lfsah ok how do I report bugs05:29
brian|lfshaven't bothered yet because it teems like every other package05:29
jaegereither email the maintainer listed in the Pkgfile or go to
brian|lfsbug page wasn't to bad to figure out05:35
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brian|lfshey you there tilman06:32
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frinnstmysql builds just fine..07:33
*** tired_laptop has quit IRC07:47
brian|lfshey frinnst07:52
brian|lfsguess your special failed for most of us07:52
brian|lfshave you ever written any packages for CRUX07:53
xeirrralso successfully built here07:58
frinnstwhat special?08:00
frinnstand if you're going to report bugs you might want to include the actual bug08:01
frinnstfiling a bug "this doesn't work" when it actually works isnt very helpful08:01
frinnstso in the future please include logs and other relevant information08:01
*** remona_dash has quit IRC08:02
brian|lfsnot sure did work for 2 or 3 of us earlier08:02
brian|lfsand we tried new my sql and it worked08:02
frinnstI saw rmull had problems but that was due to him using libressl08:02
brian|lfssorry in multiple windows08:02
brian|lfswhats wrong with libressl08:03
frinnstwell it obviously breaks things08:03
frinnstand it replaces a core package with something we havent tested for08:03
frinnstif you want to use libressl - great, have fun08:04
frinnstjust dont file crux bugs when something related to it breaks08:04
brian|lfsnot sure if I'm using it but woudl make sense becuase my sql bombed out on me08:04
frinnstlibressl is not part of crux in any way. you'd have to had made a choice to install it08:05
brian|lfswasn't on my system libressl08:05
frinnstthen you might want to include the failed buildlog of mysql in your bugreport08:06
brian|lfsjust checked08:06
brian|lfswhere would the log file be I'm somewhat new to CRUX08:06
brian|lfswhat it be in /usr/ports/package08:06
frinnstwell you could pipe it to a file or you could enable logging in prt-get08:07
brian|lfstrying mysql again08:07
frinnstthen you have tools like wgetpaste if you dont have X running in crux08:07
brian|lfsya I've heard of webgetpaste08:08
brian|lfsdid anyone file a bug about qt4 or qt4-32 not having webkit in it08:08
*** ivs has quit IRC08:09
brian|lfsit would appear thaht the log file is on as default08:11
brian|lfsbut there was no pkgbuild folder just made one08:14
brian|lfsstill not logging strange08:17
frinnstyou have to use prt-get for it to get logged08:19
frinnstnot pkgmk08:19
frinnstyou could always just pipe it to a file08:19
brian|lfsI'm blind was in front of my face not enabled logging08:20
Romsteri'm not blind and i /still/ miss things in front of my face :P08:22
brian|lfshey Romster08:27
brian|lfsI messed with the qt4 for a few hours didn't have any luck08:27
brian|lfshey frinnst my compile log is at
brian|lfsalso updated the bug08:29
frinnstyeah, its incomplete08:32
brian|lfsnot really thats were it bombs out while installing08:43
frinnstah, sorry. seems there was an option to view the whole file08:43
frinnstinstall: invalid user 'mysql'08:44
frinnstso the pre-install script sets up the users08:44
frinnstprt-get --install-scripts depinst mysql08:45
frinnstor set "runscripts yes" in prt-get.conf08:45
brian|lfsah ok so it doesnt do the scripts automatically08:45
Romsternot unless you tell prt-get too08:46
brian|lfswell the other bugs I posted updating them seem to fix them08:46
brian|lfsI was trying to write new ones for compiz because the plugin extra wont' compiel and I"m a littlele confused08:47
brian|lfsI'll pastebin08:47
Romsteri'ma  little worn out but i'll see what i can figure out08:47
frinnstgst-plugins-bad works for me (tm)08:48
brian|lfsthe problem I'm having the package name is and pkgmk keeps trying to add a -1 to the file name08:49
brian|lfsinstead of a .08:49
Romsterform that Pkgfile on gist?08:49
brian|lfswell I modified the old pakcage and made my own fodler locally08:50
Romstermakes no sense i got too much on my mind08:50
brian|lfsoh sorry08:50
brian|lfsI install gcc 5.3.0 by the way08:50
Romstermaybe the prologic/... one is foobared?08:50
frinnstladspa works too08:50
brian|lfsthats why I was tyring to compile a newer one08:50
brian|lfsok I'm confused lol08:51
Romsterthere is a ton of issues with prologics ports, i don't know where to even start from.08:51
frinnstits even hosted by romster:
Romsteri fixed ladspa like ad ay ago frinnst08:51
Romsterlike a day*08:51
brian|lfsoh ok08:51
frinnstah, so another case of not updating the ports tree :)08:51
brian|lfsI updated my ports08:51
brian|lfsbefore I started08:52
Romsterbut it's concering that the ladspa domain is now parked.08:52
Romsterand i fixed inkscape today08:52
brian|lfslesson learned I'll post logs for now on08:52
brian|lfsinkscape worked for me08:52
frinnstbrian|lfs: have you upgraded from 3.1 ?08:52
brian|lfsnope started on with 3.208:52
Romsterlogs are helpful08:53
frinnstlogs are essential08:53
brian|lfsdon't remember if I installed your rpoe Romster08:53
brian|lfsbut even if I did the main ones would be above yours08:53
brian|lfsI pulled ladspa_sdk from the main ones08:54
Romsteryou would hope so unless you got prefer higher set08:54
Romsterbut then mine be older08:54
brian|lfsso if you updated nto sure why it bombed on me08:54
brian|lfsthe gst-plugins-bad was old as dirt08:55
brian|lfscan't say thats why it failed but it worked after I pointed to a newer version08:55
Romsterhow is it old.08:55
brian|lfsit was 10.x and they was an 11.9908:55
frinnstgst-plugins-bad is the latest version ffs08:55
Romsterthat's the now -compat ones08:56
Romstersomething is not making sense.08:56
Romsteri try to make sure everything works.08:56
brian|lfsI believe you08:56
brian|lfsI meant the compact sorry08:56
frinnstcompat :)08:56
Romsterfuck me i need to go make coffee and relax a bit08:57
brian|lfswell eventually I got all the deps to work for pidgin and it installed08:57
Romsteri'm really easily confused atm08:57
brian|lfsyou think coffee will help08:57
Romsterwhat do you mean finally they should all just work.08:57
Romsternot really08:58
brian|lfsthere not08:58
Romstercoffee hels me to focus08:58
brian|lfswell see how things work with gcc 5.3 I guess08:58
Romstershit just worked in 3.108:58
Romsterin crux 3.2 a lot of stuff just borked08:58
Romsterand i haven't got though it all yet08:58
Romsterthis is why i'm on crux 3.1 still.08:59
brian|lfsso should I downgrad eto 3.108:59
Romsterwhat is eto?08:59
brian|lfsdowngrade to 3.108:59
Romsteri'm still working on fixing ports.08:59
brian|lfsshitty keyboard08:59
Romsterif you wanna help and make patches go for it.09:00
Romsteror just reporting what is broken but i am running though all the compiling as i type.09:00
brian|lfsI was kidding I won't downgrade09:00
brian|lfsthats why CRUX isn't on my main machine09:00
Romsteri have 800 ports here on this pc i expect some things wont work09:00
brian|lfsthats a recipe for a mess09:01
Romsterhonestly thing we need more contrib members so i can do less.09:01
brian|lfsI'm trying to learn so I can help you all out09:01
Romsterdoesn't help i'm also testing other maintainer ports for them. because i use them.09:01
Romsterand i keep finding issues.09:01
brian|lfsthat's why I pasted the link the the package I was trying to write09:02
brian|lfsI'm scratching my head09:02
Romsterwhat is the source file?09:02
brian|lfsis compiz just gay non standard package names09:02
Romsterprt-get cat ladspa09:02
Romstersee what i did there.09:02
brian|lfsits compiz-core.
Romsterok then09:03
brian|lfsand pkgmk keeps trying to do -109:03
brian|lfsso I tried commenting out the reversion line09:03
Romsterwhy do that...09:03
brian|lfswas trying to figure out how to get it not to do the -109:04
Romsterunless you stick the $revision int he source (which you shouldn't) then ...09:04
Romsteri'm not sure i follow would not add -109:04
Romsterthat source line would read
Romsterafter the name and verison got echoed09:05
Romsterso where is this -1 ?09:06
Romsterit doesn't exist there.09:06
frinnstthe source-dir has -1 appended?09:06
brian|lfsno it doesn't but thahts what pkgmk is adding09:07
Romsterpkgmk -eo ; ls work/src/09:07
brian|lfsit has .1 on the site not -09:07
*** gb00s has joined #crux09:18
brian|lfsstill don't get it lol09:18
Romsteri don't either show me the log and site09:19
brian|lfsoh ok09:23
brian|lfsI got the url fixed09:23
brian|lfsnow other errors09:24
brian|lfswas easiter to jsut do thhat09:27
frinnstI have no idea what the problem is09:27
Romsterhe was trying to get rid of the -1 on it... -_-09:31
*** mahmutov has joined #crux09:32
mahmutovhi everbody09:32
brian|lfsI'm unconfused now09:35
brian|lfsor getting there I should say09:36
Romsterhi mahmutov09:36
z3brahello everyone09:36
brian|lfsyour correct it uses cmake Romster09:37
Romsterthen you need to depend on #Depends on: cmake09:38
Romsterto that list and use cmake instead of configure09:38
Romsterplenty of examples in ports grep cmake /usr/ports/opt/*/Pkgfile09:38
Romsteror look in contrib09:38
brian|lfsunder stood09:40
brian|lfsmy confusion was I didn't realize was the local package name not the source09:40
mahmutovcan i build crux from at start09:44
mahmutovall base binaries too.09:44
mahmutovlike lfs?09:44
mahmutovis there any document or code?09:44
frinnsthave fun09:45
mahmutovok thanks..09:46
Romsteryou can mkdir -p /var/lib/pkg/ ; touch /var/lib/pkg/db ; then use a binayry pkgmk tp build up your system09:46
Romsterwhy though just go try building LFS for that.09:47
Romsterand come back to crux when you've had enough of manually doing dependencies09:47
Romsterahh what was i gonna do again. now i forget.09:48
mahmutovlfs is hard way and long process09:49
mahmutovthis girt link has a code,it makes automatically everthing.isnt it?09:50
Romsterwe have Pkgfiles that are build recipes09:50
frinnstmore or less09:50
Romsterthat pkgmk pkgadd pkgrm pkginfo uses09:50
frinnststill manuals steps but the Makefile explains it pretty good09:50
Romsterand prt-get is a front end tool that handles dependencies09:50
mahmutovi just ask to know how we can build crux09:51
mahmutovi have already install crux to my comp.09:51
Romsterall in iso.git09:51
Romsterare you trying todo something different?09:51
mahmutovi will try diffrents but not at now09:52
mahmutovmany weeks later :)09:52
mahmutovalso installed crux from ubuntu :)09:53
Romsterthat be fun09:53
Romsterbe sure to check over your system with romster/pkg-not09:53
mahmutovi installed 3.2 iso and extract it09:53
Romsterfor rouge files not part of any package09:53
mahmutova file called rootfs.tar.xz09:53
mahmutovi extracted it a diectory09:54
Romsterthat's actually the iso root09:54
mahmutovand i chrooted in it09:54
Romsterand installed from there?09:54
mahmutovi mounted my target partition to mnt09:54
mahmutovand made dir  /media/crux09:54
mahmutovi put precompiled packages09:55
Romsterso you made it dual boot?09:55
mahmutovand i commanded setupç09:55
mahmutovi configed my grub file09:55
Romsterah not so bad, for a moment i thought you installed on top of ubuntu.09:55
mahmutovi copied kernel and initramfs to my boot directory09:56
Romstercrux and ubuntu.... that's not a combo i'd ever would see09:56
mahmutovi copied from iso content09:56
mahmutovubuntu is diffrenet partition crux is in diffrent parttion09:57
mahmutovsda2 ubuntu-ssda3 crux09:57
mahmutovi successed to insttall crux from another linux with bootstrap method.09:57
brian|lfsok just read what you what you trying to acomplish lol09:57
Romsteryeah i'm saying is those that use ubuntu, i'd never have seen a ubuntu user install crux as dualboot.09:57
Romsternever contemplated that setup09:58
Romsterbrian|lfs, is english not your native language?09:58
brian|lfswhy didn't you need to extract the rootfs09:58
brian|lfsyes it is09:58
mahmutovi sorry my english,not native09:58
brian|lfsoh you meant him not me Romster09:59
Romster'<brian|lfs> ok just read what you what you trying to acomplish lol'09:59
Romsterread that again made my head hurt a little.09:59
brian|lfsit made my head hurt09:59
Romsteri know my grammar is terrible too but... i think it's not quite that bad?09:59
*** gb00s has quit IRC10:00
mahmutovi dont like ubuntu so i changed my os10:00
mahmutovto crux10:00
Romstermahmutov, you could of chrooted into the iso itself.10:00
Romsterand then mount and run setup10:00
brian|lfsyou realized you just call mahmutov brian|lfs like 5 times now10:00
Romsterextracting the rootfs wasn't really necessary?10:00
Romsteri'm not myself tonight10:01
mahmutovrootfs is a like chroot enviroment10:01
brian|lfsand you were correct it has a CMAKElist file compiz-core10:01
mahmutovi used it to like a base10:01
Romsteri fixed a iphone served customers and rebuilt a computer and fixed several others. brain is over stimulated.10:02
mahmutovi chrooted it and i mounted my target (sda3)  to mnt10:02
mahmutovit so easy for me.10:03
Romsterit isn't really hard, but i haven't met many ubuntu users that could do that.10:03
brian|lfswhat was wrong with the iphone10:03
brian|lfsI haven't either10:04
Romsterbroken screen, easy to fix but i had to dremmel the case out something bad. looked liked it had been dropped a hundred or more times. and the corner were really bent in.10:04
mahmutovi made this because we can press it called "crux installation over ubuntu"10:04
mahmutovso any ubuntu usuers can make this process.10:04
Romsterit's not really over ubuntu since you put it in it's own partition10:05
brian|lfsok but why not just mount the iso10:05
mahmutovlike that10:05
brian|lfsarchlinux is our enemy10:06
mahmutovi mounted iso and i extracted rootfs.tar.xz10:06
brian|lfsits also a swear don't use that word10:06
mahmutovwhy enemy :)10:06
Romsterwhat was what i was getting at earlier all i would do is mount the iso. mount a new partition to /mnt and run setup10:06
brian|lfsbecause it hasn't another bad word systemd10:06
Romsternot really a enemy, it's just another distro10:06
Romsterubuntu uses systemd too no?10:07
Romsteror is it still upstart10:07
brian|lfsI know they are actually based off of CRUX10:07
Romsteri haven't been keeping up10:07
Romsterarch borrowed ideas from crux10:07
brian|lfslast I knew systemd10:07
Romsterlast i new it was upstart10:07
Romsteron ubuntu10:07
mahmutovubuntu is using systemd but i dont like10:08
mahmutovanyway guys i tried a way to install crux.10:08
brian|lfsits probably an improvement from upstart10:08
xeirrr14.04 is still using upstart i think10:08
mahmutovi am in 1510:09
brian|lfsso mr genus how long will it take you to fix all our bug mahmutov10:09
Romsterare you amazed we still use sysvinit ?10:09
Romsterand it just works10:09
brian|lfsand get a whole desktop KDE plasma10:09
*** ivs has joined #crux10:10
Romsteri am worried about LFS having a systemd and non-systemd editon of there guide.10:10
brian|lfswhats wrong with choice10:10
brian|lfsthey could just say sorry we only support systemd10:11
Romsternoting but what happens if the non-systemd guide gets neglected or silently disappears?10:11
Romsterjust like systemd said they'll allow udev to compile on it's own.10:11
brian|lfsthey been releasing new of the both around the same time10:11
Romsterwell that kay or who the fuck that name is again10:12
brian|lfsyes bugs what do you have installed on your CRUX installation so far mahmutov10:12
Romsterkde hasn't been updated for crux 3.2 yet. there is mate that jaeger is helping to make it crux 3.210:12
Romstere19 not sure how progress of that is, i'd imagine it'll just work10:13
Romsterxfce4 should mostly work as is.10:13
Romsteri just run pekwm and tint210:13
Romsteri used to use kde and some other DEs10:13
brian|lfsI'm runnign xfce410:13
mahmutovcan we use 3.1 ports in 3.2?10:14
Romsteron crux 3.2 i believe?10:14
Romsteryes and no.10:14
mahmutovi want to use xfce4 ports10:14
brian|lfs3.2 muchh newer10:14
mahmutovbut not in 3.2 ports?10:14
Romsterxfce4 should mostly work.10:14
mahmutovso i compiled openbox and tint210:14
mahmutovat now i am using  it10:15
brian|lfsbut I can give you the info for the xfce4 repo if you want mahmutov10:15
Romsterwas much broken brian|lfs ?10:15
mahmutovyes iwant brian..10:15
brian|lfsjust was one dep missing10:15
Romsteryou should file bugs for sepen if anything needs fixing.10:15
brian|lfslord if I could remember the dep I had to install manually lol10:16
Romsteralan needs to get his 3.0 branch up to 3.2 he hasn't even pushed 3.110:16
brian|lfsit was already in the repo just a matter of installing it10:16
Romsterah i'll find it later or someone else will.10:16
brian|lfsI'll put the info in a chat box mahmutov10:17
mahmutovcrux is fully rolling distro isnt it?10:17
mahmutovsomebody can update from 3.1 to 3.2?10:17
brian|lfswow mahmutov jumps distro to distro like me10:17
z3bramahmutov, not seemlessly10:18
brian|lfsdo you know how to modify prt-get.conf mahmutov to add the enw repo10:18
mahmutovyeb i know10:18
mahmutovi added contrib repo10:18
mahmutovlast night10:18
brian|lfsok cool the xfce.rsync file is in a private message10:18
brian|lfsis there a tool for downloading the repo files by thhe way10:19
mahmutovyeb i see it thanks.10:19
brian|lfsI noticed wget saves it in html10:19
brian|lfswhich obviously doesn't work10:19
brian|lfsso I ned up downloading the files on one computer and opening them and creating a new file and pasting the contents and savingg10:20
brian|lfsor I could scp the file10:20
brian|lfshey xeirrr I your question way after the fact10:21
xeirrrbrian|lfs: yeah i saw that :)10:25
brian|lfswonder if I should install CRUX 3.1 and do the docker thing for now10:27
*** gb00s has joined #crux10:27
brian|lfshey mahmutov what was the name of the French distro we both tried?10:28
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC10:45
*** gb00s has quit IRC10:59
*** xeirrr has left #crux ()11:04
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xcb-util-image: fix dependencies (FS#1254)11:34
mahmutovhi everbody12:33
mahmutovmy precompiled are in /usr/port above directories.12:33
mahmutovhow can i fetch packages from ports easily to another directory12:35
z3braI don't understand the question12:36
mahmutovex /usr/ports/opt/x/x.pkg.targ.z,/usr/ports/opt/y/y.pkg.targ.z ...12:36
mahmutovi want to collect them a central directory12:36
z3bratweak /etc/pkgmk.conf12:36
z3brato change the default build directory12:36
mahmutovto a one directory?12:37
z3brathat's what I use for example12:37
mahmutovso your packages arein /usr /build?12:37
z3braand whenever I build a package, it gets created in this directory12:37
mahmutovyeb i understand  :)12:38
mahmutovmuch thanks.12:38
z3brahow was nutyx btw?12:40
z3bralast time I tried it, "cards" wasn't even a thing :)12:40
mahmutovi think cards like prt-get12:40
mahmutovbut it also fetch binaries..12:40
mahmutovfrom repos12:40
z3braah, that's all?12:41
z3brabecause when I was discussing with the devs, they had a whole new idea for package management12:41
z3brabreaking everything into many packages, then using meta-packages to tie them together, using predifined rules and such12:42
z3bragcc-dev, gcc-bin, gcc-lib, gcc-doc, ...12:42
mahmutovahh yes12:42
mahmutovtheir packages are like that12:42
z3braand having flags like "META='bin lib'"12:42
mahmutoviis it for smal packages?12:43
z3braso when you install "gcc", you get gcc-bin and gcc-lib12:43
z3brait's been a while12:43
mahmutovsmall packages?12:43
mahmutovin your opinion is it good distro ?12:44
mahmutovwith package management.12:44
z3braI didn't try it with cards12:45
z3braback in the days, it was still using prt-get12:45
mahmutovi used it with cards12:45
mahmutovit was speedly12:45
mahmutovbut i think cards is like prt-get12:46
mahmutovbut also fetch-install binaries12:46
z3brait was inspired by prt-get indeed12:46
mahmutovbehind the package management relies crux ideas12:47
z3brawell, it's based on crux12:47
z3braafter all12:47
mahmutovi asked  to devs.can i use crux ports,he said to me yes12:47
mahmutovbut our pkgmk configs are more developed12:48
mahmutovsome attributes he said me about pkgmk.conf12:48
z3brawhy did you switch to crux then?12:49
mahmutovi want to understand base12:50
mahmutovbecause nutyx relies on crux12:51
z3brawell, now nutyx is a distro on its own12:51
mahmutovand not large community you know12:51
mahmutovand crux more reliable than nutyx isnt it?12:53
z3braI don't really know12:53
z3bracrux as been around longer than nutyx12:54
z3braso probably yeah12:54
z3brabut if all you want is strong-reliability, there are other options12:54
mahmutovdebian has no ports12:55
mahmutovdebian uses systemd?12:55
mahmutovwe can make crux more reliable arent we?12:56
mahmutovlike debian or others..12:56
mahmutovfor large useful12:56
mahmutovfor large using other people12:57
z3brareliability require more people to test packages, stricter policies, and longer package testing12:57
z3brawhich means less fun12:57
mahmutovso we develop our community?12:57
mahmutovand more people use crux?12:58
z3brakeeping a small community ensure more freedom12:58
z3braI don't think having a big community is a goal for crux12:58
mahmutovno i dont think so12:58
mahmutovmore big community more develop for crux12:59
z3brai need to go12:59
mahmutovok see you12:59
mahmutovi wonder why crux has no live iso eg xfce4_live or mate_live ?13:17
mahmutovor can we crete a live iso from our installed crux system?13:18
*** z3bra has quit IRC13:50
*** z3bra has joined #crux13:50
frinnstyay, first letsencrypt cert deployed13:56
mahmutovİ DONT UNDERSTAND14:03
mahmutovi dont understant14:04
mahmutovsorry for upper case14:04
mahmutovi want to make a live iso aand i want to use it my other comps or i want to give my friends14:05
mahmutovhow can i do this?14:06
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux14:13
*** j_v has joined #crux14:14
frinnstyou could install crux on a usb-stick14:20
frinnstor you could use
j_vhas anyone else had an issue building gtk-3.18.6? the build seems to hang building libgdk: 'GISCAN   Gdk-3.0.gir'14:21
frinnsthow long did you wait? iirc, that can take a while14:21
j_vmaybe not long enough14:22
frinnstactually no, just tried it and took less than a second14:22
frinnsti take it 3.18.5 builds?14:22
j_vwell, it did when the port was bumped14:23
*** dxlr8r has quit IRC14:23
frinnstyou can just edit the Pkgfile version= and try again (if something else has changed)14:24
frinnstyou will need to update the md5sum with pkgmk -um14:24
rmullRomster: Interestingly, the inkscape I got from you takes a dump when I try to run it14:25
rmullI tried rebuilding glibmm, gtkmm, glib, and inkscape all forcing CC=gcc, and inkscape still won't build14:25
rmullI am definitely out of ideas14:25
j_vfrinnst, the problem could be on my install... i'll have to dig deeper. thanks for help14:25
*** dxlr8r has joined #crux14:30
frinnstuse pkgmk -kw so the build dir remains afterwards. will probably help finding out whats wrong14:37
j_vok, it must be something local here, because i can build gtk-3.18.6 package using fakeroot as my normal user. i use fakeroot and build user for normal port building, so maybe somthing has hosed that user or it could be a permissions issue14:37
j_vthanks about the pkgmk -kw... i actually use that alot when hacking on local versions of ports14:41
j_vit's stange that 'grep -r GISCAN' in the gtk3 source directory only finds GISCAN in the ChangeLog14:44
frinnstyeah most ppl do. just mentioned it since its hard to tell who youre talking to :)14:45
j_vno problem... i'd rather get help i'm aware of, and also sometimes i get a new twist on something i think i already know but they do better14:46
rmullRomster: I also rebuilt cairomm in addition to glibmm, gtkmm, and glib, and now inkscape builds for me...14:58
j_vfrinnst, ok, i now find i am able to do a simple pkgmk in the gtk3 port directory as root, so the problem i'm having building gtk3 is related with my prt-get setup / build user. i've manage to hose something in that, since it's worked fine, other than some permissions issues early on, for 2-3 weeks at least. thanks again for your help.15:07
*** certainquirk has joined #crux15:09
*** nullmark has quit IRC15:11
*** nullmark has joined #crux15:14
*** j_v has quit IRC15:18
*** dougiel has joined #crux16:26
*** gb00s has joined #crux16:34
*** deep42thought has joined #crux16:37
*** sonus has quit IRC16:38
*** sonus has joined #crux16:45
*** sonus has quit IRC16:49
*** kori has joined #crux16:50
*** sonus has joined #crux16:50
*** sonus has quit IRC16:55
*** sonus has joined #crux16:56
*** sonus has quit IRC17:00
*** sonus has joined #crux17:12
*** sonus has quit IRC17:17
*** sonus has joined #crux17:30
*** jue has quit IRC17:32
*** jue has joined #crux17:32
*** evil_shibe has joined #crux17:55
dbrookewhen preparing a repository is it acceptable practise to include somebody else's port of a dependency and set myself as maintainer with them as packager?18:04
*** SirRafiki has joined #crux18:15
frinnstyeah thats usually how its done18:16
*** SirRafiki has quit IRC18:20
dbrookefrinnst: thanks, just sorting out a repo with my first attempt at ports18:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: apache: move man-pages18:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mod_php: update to 5.6.1618:30
*** ivs has quit IRC18:35
*** dougiel has quit IRC18:40
*** mahmutov1 has joined #crux18:48
mahmutov1hi everbody18:48
*** mahmutov1 has quit IRC18:48
*** mahmutov1 has joined #crux18:50
mahmutov1any opinion?18:53
*** hsatow has joined #crux19:05
*** SiFuh has quit IRC19:06
*** SiFuh has joined #crux19:07
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux19:12
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux19:21
Wildefyrfuck me, my install seems to be fucked on my chromebook19:31
*** mahmutov1 has quit IRC19:31
Wildefyrrandom errors about libcrypto not being found19:31
Wildefyrunable for connman to connect or even to usb tether as the system freezes up when I plug in the usb19:32
Wildefyrunplug the usb and it unfreezes19:32
*** mahmutov1 has joined #crux19:33
koriWildefyr: did you install libressl19:37
koriif so, you need to recompile everything that depends on openssl19:38
mahmutov1i started my crux openbox opened normally but after  irebooted for something this error occurs: module i915 not found19:38
Wildefyrkori : nope19:39
Wildefyrthis is essentially just a fresh install19:39
Wildefyrhaven't done much to it19:39
Wildefyrpowered it off last night everything was fine19:39
Wildefyrnow it's fucked and I'm just gonna reinstall19:39
kori┐('~'; )┌19:45
koriWildefyr: just recompile openssl and then everything depending on openssl19:46
Wildefyrwould but no internet *shrug*19:55
kori┐('~'; )┌19:56
Wildefyrreinstalling packages from the iso19:58
Wildefyrshould reset it19:58
*** sonus has quit IRC20:03
*** sonus has joined #crux20:04
*** mahmutov1 has quit IRC20:29
frinnstwhat filesystem?20:33
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC20:34
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC20:39
Wildefyrmahmutov : you need to compile the intel i915 driver when compiling your kernel, if you don't want to reboot you can add it as a module I think20:40
Wildefyrfrinnst : ext4 on /20:40
*** mahmutob has joined #crux21:00
mahmutobhi everbody21:00
mahmutobhow can we set keyboard automatically in openbox21:00
mahmutobusually i commnaded "setxmap "21:01
mahmutobis there any way set keymp21:01
Wildefyrput something like this in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/:
Wildefyrobviously change the keymap to what you want21:03
mahmutobin /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d21:05
mahmutobi find a conf file21:05
mahmutobnamed 10-evdev.conf21:06
Wildefyroh really21:06
WildefyrI can't believe it21:06
mahmutobi added keyboard layout line to in it21:06
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux21:06
mahmutoboption "xkb_layout" "us"21:06
frinnstdont, that file might get replaced when you upgrade21:06
mahmutobisnt it?i hope it works21:06
Wildefyrfrinnst : what do you recommend then?21:06
frinnstthe location you suggested21:07
Wildefyroh of course21:07
frinnstsorry if i wasnt clear21:07
WildefyrI didn't notice where he had found it..21:07
mahmutobthanks wildefyr21:07
mahmutobi am looking option "xkb_layout" "us" this option21:07
mahmutobmuch tjanks :)21:07
mahmutobhey friends i have other problem21:08
mahmutobopenbox-xdgmenu.c:35:36: fatal error: gnome-menus/gmenu-tree.h: No such file or directory21:08
mahmutobi downloaded source from v21:08
mahmutobi want to make xdg menus for openbox21:09
mahmutobbut i extracted this source21:09
mahmutoband make and then it occurs21:09
mahmutobgnome-menus/gmenu-tree.h: No such file or directory21:09
mahmutobwhat can i do to solve this?21:10
frinnstfind whatever openbox-xdgmenu depends on and install it21:11
*** gb00s has quit IRC21:21
mahmutobgmenu-tree ?21:23
mahmutobhow i can find which ports contain it?21:23
Wildefyrmaybe none do21:25
Wildefyrmaybe you have to find the source yourself21:25
*** sudobaal has quit IRC21:37
*** joacim has quit IRC21:40
*** hsatow has quit IRC21:52
*** joacim has joined #crux21:59
rmullmahmutob: You can use setxkbmap from your .xinitrc22:00
mahmutobhow can i find a header which ports contins that e.g gmenu-tree.h22:00
rmullprt-get fsearch gmenu-tree.h22:00
mahmutoboh yes rmull i remembered it.22:01
mahmutobi want to  make whole ports in
mahmutobnot just in my local ports22:02
mahmutobi just added core-opt-xorg-contrib22:02
mahmutobi searched it
mahmutobbut no success22:03
brian|lfstry google22:04
brian|lfsyou install XFCE yet mahmutob22:05
mahmutobnot yet brian22:06
mahmutobcan you re-put ports info to chat box22:07
mahmutobbecause i change my comp22:07
Worksterrmull, did revdep even report the issue? newer gcc anyhting with c++ would need rebuilding. also including boost and them *mm ports.22:07
Wildefyrfor people who host their compiled packages? How do you do it?22:13
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC22:16
Worksteri build in a docker container then i upload the built package to my host22:19
Wildefyrwell I'm more interested in the hosting part22:21
Wildefyrwhat to use really22:21
Wildefyrso that it's easily rsync-able22:22
jaegerall you'd need is the hosting space and the rsync daemon22:24
mahmutobwe can define a central build path22:26
mahmutobin pkgmk.conf22:26
mahmutobi set it to my ntfs partition so my packages stored in ntfs after i copied to my host22:29
mahmutob=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:22:34
mahmutobhow can we automatcally update footprints22:35
mahmutobi commanded prt-get depinst xfce422:35
mahmutobthis error occurs22:35
Wildefyrprt-get update $name -uf22:39
Wildefyr-uf flag basically on any valid command22:39
rmullWorkster: No, revdep never reported the issue22:42
jaegercheck out the --margs option to prt-get22:42
WorksterWildefyr, PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes"22:43
Workstershould help22:43
rmullWorkster: If I understand correctly, you're saying that if I update from crux 3.1 -> 3.2 and install a new gcc/g++, I need to rebuild a number of C++ ports even though revdep doesn't identify them?22:44
rmullAny tips in figuring out which ones they are?22:44
Workstercorrect rmull22:44
rmullOkay. TBH I'm not sure how revdep works22:44
jaegerAny of you use Ubiquiti UniFi APs at home?22:44
Worksteri'm not sure what it is but something changes in g++ programs compiled on a different compiler version.22:45
WildefyrWorkster : seems fair, but I keep it enabled just in case22:45
Worksteri'd love to know what changes perhaps tilman or prologic or another programmer might know?22:45
*** BitPuffin|osx has joined #crux22:48
*** mahmutob has quit IRC22:51
frinnstnot at home. we run a couple at work22:54
frinnstbut zzz now, ask away and i'll respond tomorrow :)22:54
Workstermight be the standard lib C11 to C14 change?23:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gmpc: 0.20.0 -> 11.8.1623:02
jaegerfrinnst: thinking about buying a single unifi ap ac lite for my house. ~1500 square feet. Not really happy with the power/coverage of my airport express23:06
*** mahmutov1 has joined #crux23:08
mahmutov1hey guys how can start a service23:09
mahmutov1from command line23:09
dbrooke /etc/rc.d/<service> start23:10
mahmutov1i installed xfce423:13
mahmutov1but icant start23:13
mahmutov1should i add some services to start xfce423:14
teK____xfce is no service23:14
mahmutov1e.g dbus service?23:14
mahmutov1i know xfce4 is not service23:14
teK____you need a login manager like slim (and use your ~/.xinitrc) or call xinit manually from the command line23:14
mahmutov1i tried it23:14
teK____xinit needs to exec xfce4-start (or similar, don't remember)23:14
mahmutov1exec startxfce423:15
mahmutov1thsi is my .xinitrc23:15
mahmutov1but no start23:15
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux23:15
mahmutov1dbus error occurs23:15
teK____did you start the dbus daemon?23:15
teK____well :)23:15
mahmutov1so i will add dbus-daemon to rc.conf?23:16
teK____start it and retry first23:16
teK____you can add it later..23:16
jawboif you cp the xinitrc from /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc it already has the code for it23:16
mahmutov1no exist a file23:17
mahmutov1there is only 30-dbus.launch23:17
*** kori has quit IRC23:21
mahmutov1SERVICES=(lo net crond dbus)23:21
mahmutov1i edited my rc.conf this23:21
mahmutov1how can i edit23:21
teK____the SERVICES array has to match the file names in /etc/rc.d23:21
teK____% ls /etc/rc.d/dbus23:22
mahmutov1ok there is a service file  named dbus23:22
teK____-> dbus goes into SERVICES()23:22
teK____we do have documentation on this at https://crux.nu23:22
mahmutov1alsa   exim   net        nfsserver   rpc.mountd  rsyncd  sysklogd23:23
mahmutov1crond  inetd  nfs        rpcbind     rpc.nfsd    slim    wlan23:23
mahmutov1dbus   lo     nfsclient  rpc.idmapd  rpc.statd   sshd23:23
mahmutov1my /etc/rc.d23:23
mahmutov1so i can edit SERVICES=(lo net crond dbus)23:23
mahmutov1isnt it?23:23
teK____yes, you can23:23
*** kori has joined #crux23:25
Worksterjaeger, we use them for customers. public wifi stuff mostly.23:25
*** kori has quit IRC23:25
*** mahmutov1 has quit IRC23:25
*** kori has joined #crux23:26
Worksteri thought there is a startxfce file.23:26
jawboit's just a wrapper script i believe23:26
teK____it's in the README of xfce4, I'm sure23:26
Worksterdbus-launch --auto-syntax --exit-with-session startxfce423:27
Worksterin ~/.xinitrc23:27
Worksterthen just type23:27
Worksteractually just "exec startxfce4" i thnk xfce4 now starts the client dbus session automaticly. but i haven't tried the later way.23:28
teK____xorg does (iirc)23:28
nogagplz_Workster are you still using just pekwm23:29
Worksterdunno, things keep changing so fast.23:29
teK____via the 30-dbus.launch file23:29
Worksteryes just pekwm and tint223:29
teK____it's bin that way for some years now :>23:29
Worksterlol see i haven't bothered to change since lol23:29
jaegerWorkster: Any problems or complaints with them?23:30
nogagplz_tint2 was a pretty big change, how long did you go without a panel for23:30
Worksteri hadn't i used other panels before that23:30
Worksteri had used pypanel and some other gtk panel before that23:30
*** mahmutob has joined #crux23:31
mahmutobi succefully installed xfce4 on 3.223:32
mahmutobi logged and i am writing from xfce4-3.223:32
mahmutobbut no icons23:32
jawboyou should install those :)23:32
mahmutobi opened thunar but no icons23:33
mahmutobwhat should i do23:33
nogagplz_gnome-icon-theme should be a safe bet23:33
Wildefyralso I recommend lxappearence to set it23:34
nogagplz_does lxappearance do it for both gtk2 and gtk3 yet, and with the gtk themes too?23:34
mahmutob prt-get depinst gnome-icon-theme23:35
mahmutobThe package 'gnome-icon-theme' could not be found:23:35
mahmutobwhich ports contain that23:35
*** kori has quit IRC23:35
nogagplz_oh it's not in opt or contrib, maybe try hicolor-icon-theme then23:36
mahmutobprt-get depinst hicolor-icon-theme23:37
mahmutobpackage hicolor-icon-theme is installed23:37
Worksterjaeger, nope they allw ork perfectly23:37
Worksterall work*23:37
mahmutobit is already installed23:37
mahmutobbut no icons23:38
Worksterjaeger, you do need a computer for running the software but the unifi access points work flawlessly when you move form one to another.23:38
Worksterany old pc like a core 2 duo works fine for the server to control them23:38
*** deep42thought has quit IRC23:39
mahmutobfind /usr/ports/ -name '*.pkg.tar.gz' -exec cp {} /opt/central_repo/  \;23:39
mahmutobhey guys this code copies all compiled packages to a defined diectory23:40
jaegerWorkster: I'm used to that, used aruba iAPs at the previous job. I'd buy one of those but they're much mor expensive23:40
jaegers/mor /more /23:40
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC23:44

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