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Worksterit's not cheap but they do work00:02
jaegerThe unifis are much more reasonably priced. Less than my airport express, in fact00:02
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Worksterwell if you need seamless AP switching in a large area i'd go for them unifis00:07
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prologicWorkster: changes of what?00:14
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jaegerI just need one for my home. I think a single one will cover it fine00:14
mahmutobhey guys00:14
mahmutobi installed thunar-volman00:14
mahmutobbut i rebooted my partition not mounted auto00:15
mahmutobso i dont see mounted devices on thunar00:15
mahmutobwhat should  do another ?00:17
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jaegerI have no idea how thunar handles that stuff. It might need udisks2 or something else but I don't know00:25
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mahmutobhal daemon?00:33
mahmutobshould i install  hal00:33
jaegersorry, don't know the answer00:33
jaegerlook for an xfce channel and ask there, maybe00:34
mahmutobanybody who tries xfce4?00:34
Wildefyrmaybe try #xfce400:35
Wildefyror #xfce00:35
teK____maybe thunar has a readme, too.00:36
jaegerNow that the MATE update is done I might give XFCE a try, we'll see00:36
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brian|lfsso will the skins or cowboys win tonight?01:07
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Romsterprologic, that rmull had to rebuild cairomm in addition to glibmm, gtkmm, and glib. before inkscape would build, but revdep never reported them as being broken. my only guess is the differente standered lib for C++ being C14 now than before of C11?01:15
Romsteror could it be something else.01:15
Romsterand why does it not say that revdep on ldd is fine.01:15
Romstercode generated must be different?01:15
Romsterbut then the ABI linking is not broken?01:25
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brian|lfsjust installed revdep01:29
brian|lfsdidn't find any errors on my system01:30
brian|lfscan we rename revdep gentoo hahs a tool named revdep01:30
Romstergentoo has a ldd command too lets also rename that :P01:35
brian|lfsI missed our new french guy he messaged me and said XFCE doesn't work for him01:40
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brian|lfsI messed around with QT for quite a while not sure what the issue is withh it not building webkit01:41
brian|lfsI do know you have to have myusql or mariadb01:42
Romsteri started messing with qt401:42
brian|lfswhich I didn't have either on my system and now I have both and still doesn't work01:42
brian|lfshey prologic you around01:43
Romsterhmm did you look at this brian|lfs can you test
Romsteror not why has skype got that file in arch01:49
brian|lfswell kde needs webkit also01:50
brian|lfsthat may fix skype but don't fix webkit01:50
RomsterQT is no longer a supported port of WebKit since 2013. This document is retained for historical reasons only. For further information, please consult ​
Romster$ prt-get fsearch
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/opt/qt4:01:51
Romster  /usr/share/qt4/lib/ ->
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/compat-32/qt4-32:01:51
Romster  /usr/share/qt4/lib32/ ->
Romstercrux 3.101:51
Romsterand not on 3.2 same Pkgfiles01:51
Romsterthis pisses me off01:51
brian|lfsok on my system comes up in nothing last I cheked01:52
brian|lfsoh ok01:53
brian|lfswas typing and reading at the samething01:53
brian|lfsso you thinking we may only be able to get webkit in qt501:53
Romsterno idea.01:53
brian|lfsif that was the case then skype would still have a fit01:54
Romsteri'm installing every port on my system that is in opt contrib... then i'll rebuild qt4 and qt4-3201:54
Romstersee if that does anything01:54
brian|lfsI tried asking in the qt irc room no response01:55
brian|lfslike I said according to LFS you need mariadb or mysql01:55
Romsteri have nether on my crux 3.1 fucking system and those libs are there.01:56
brian|lfsmaybe we need to bump qt4 up01:57
Romster gst-plugins-base-0.10.36 (For QtWebKit HTML5 Video)01:57
Romsternot a database01:57
brian|lfsno but if you try to install amarok it will fail without webkit01:59
brian|lfs4.8.6 is old newest 4 is 4.8.7 came out may 201502:02
brian|lfstrying it now02:02
brian|lfsdid you see the -webkit switch for the configure script02:03
brian|lfsat first I was getting excited then it didn't work and I read thats only for windows02:04
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brian|lfsI'll shit my pants if it works02:10
brian|lfsholly crap don't recall this much java crap in QT 4.8.602:16
Wildefyrjava is everywhere now02:18
Wildefyrin places it really doesn't need to be02:18
brian|lfshey Wildefyr Romster and I are scratching our heads trying to figure out what happened to webkit in qt402:18
Wildefyrdon't ask me02:19
Wildefyrfuck webkit02:19
brian|lfsagree but lot of apps need it02:19
Wildefyrchange the apps you use ^^02:21
brian|lfsoh Romster02:26
brian|lfscan't say why I don't see it with prt-get fsearch still02:28
brian|lfsbuilding qt4 4.8.7 for 32 bit now02:32
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prologicbrian|lfs: sort of; what's up?02:44
prologicWorkster, Romster you mean that ldd did not report any broken linked libraries?02:44
prologicIf it didn't I would call that a bug really02:45
prologicwith ldd itself02:45
brian|lfs4.8.7 webkit worked02:45
brian|lfsfirst attempt 32 bit qt failed because of libgl so I removed the nvidia drive I had installed and re-installed mesa3d and mesa3d-3202:46
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Worksterprologic, ldd or really revdep that uses ldd did not report the error, i /thnk/ it's abotu libstdc or some shit in g++ i'm over caring, just tell everyone to recompile all there c++ ports03:26
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brian|lfsyay skype works so webkit is good03:29
brian|lfscan't say why prt-get fsearch
brian|lfs don't see it03:30
prologicWorkster: hard to telll really without a way to repro the issue03:30
brian|lfsdid you want me to submit bug report to have qt updated Romster03:30
prologicwhether it's ldd's fault or a bug in our revdep script03:30
Worksterbrian|lfs, yeah do that i can fix qt4-3203:36
Worksteri updated the verson on qt4 and it did not build qtwebkit03:36
Worksterso just submit a bug report and patch and i'll take a look after work03:37
brian|lfshmm webkit seems fine skype just closes lol03:41
brian|lfsI only bumped qt to 4.8.703:48
brian|lfsbut could be a matter of having mysql or mariadb03:48
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brian|lfsgrr this is getting annoying no 3d dacceleration can't get rid of old nvidia crap04:49
brian|lfsits looking for 340.93 libs04:49
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Worksterbrian|lfs, looka t romster/pkg-not and prt-get readme xorg-server06:08
brian|lfsI fixed my NVIDIA issue the driver was trying to throw 32 bit libs in the 64 bit libs folder06:16
brian|lfsWebkit seems fine now can't say why skype is borked it just closes06:16
tilmanWorkster: abi change ;)06:17
brian|lfsis that correct /usr/lib syslinked to /usr/lib64 don't sound rigghht06:17
brian|lfsdoxygen is plain borked it wants between flex 2.5.4 and 2.5.3306:19
brian|lfswe are running flex 2.606:20
tilmancan the vhdl code be disabled?06:21
Workstertilman, is their a way to detect for this?06:22
tilmannot sure06:22
Romsterhaven't found much else.07:02
Romsterwith tilman confirming it is ABI incompatibility, I think all C++ ports that were built with C11 need rebuilding for C14. would be nice if there is a way to analyze and report what needs rebuilding on a system update of new compiler.07:03
brian|lfshey Romster07:05
Romsterhmm looks like my qt4 build did indeed install qtwebkit07:05
brian|lfsWebkit seems good on my system skype just closes no error or log to look07:05
brian|lfsthe 4.8.7 correct?07:06
Romsteryeah 4.8.707:06
brian|lfsits weird thought there was a 4.8.8 but it wasn't on the site I looked on07:06
brian|lfsany idea why prt-get fsearch doesn't show the webkit07:07
brian|lfsat least for me it don't just locate does07:07
brian|lfsI'm thinking skype is perm broken unless Microsoft recompiles it07:08
Romsteronly if those files are in the .footprint in prtdir path in prt-get.conf07:08
brian|lfshasn't been a new version in years07:08
brian|lfskind of hard to diagnose with no error07:09
brian|lfsoh don't install mariadb and mysql on the same box07:09
brian|lfsapps don't like it07:09
brian|lfsthey will compile but bitchh07:09
brian|lfsI'm drunk and making sense07:10
Romsterand my skype on crux 3.1 works.07:17
Romstersurely it can work on 3.2 as well.07:17
mahmutovhi everbody07:22
mahmutovis there any code automatically upgrade the version of source in Pkgfiles.?07:23
mahmutovi want to upgrade version numbers to last version my port(xfce)07:24
mahmutovor should i change them manually?07:25
brian|lfsok how do we think something with no error or log07:25
Romsteri'm working on version sort that'll that but it's far from ready yet07:26
brian|lfsI must admit mahmutov your a smart man and your new to CRUX like m07:26
brian|lfsdid you have any luck with XFCE mahmutov07:27
brian|lfshow was work Romster07:28
Romsterbusy with jobs that take forever.07:28
brian|lfsok looking Romster07:29
brian|lfsso they encrypt their logs lol07:31
Romsteroh god do they now. bloody wankers....07:31
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brian|lfsyup all garbage07:34
brian|lfsI would have no clue who to submit to07:34
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brian|lfsis your test configured to boot Romster07:38
brian|lfsor load X or something07:38
brian|lfshey Romster wtf
brian|lfsthey are saying with debug enabled it works07:41
brian|lfsfor qt407:41
brian|lfssome people are saying to compile qt4 with clang07:43
brian|lfsand that fixes it07:43
mahmutovhey brian i installed xfce4 is ok but thunar-volman doesnt detect volumes so thunar doesnt show my my hardisk volumes08:12
mahmutovi didnt solve it08:12
mahmutovromster i can help you about version sort or bumping08:41
mahmutovi know python very well08:42
mahmutovwe can do it easily in python.some ideas i have08:42
Romsterjust cooked myself dinner08:45
Romsteri have far too many ideas now mahmutov08:46
Romsteri've asked a few freelance programmers for some assistance, and they all wanna change the language to something other than python that i got it written in now08:47
mahmutovwhich language are you writing08:48
mahmutovso can i help you?08:48
Romsterhow good are you at python? done any projects already?08:48
mahmutovis your project on git08:49
Romsteralso how much free time do you have08:49
Romsterno i got it here on my own personal server08:49
mahmutovi see,i can pull request08:49
mahmutovif it isi in web08:49
Romsteronly if i give access08:49
Romsterhave you seen it's got some text files of output08:50
mahmutovi coded a accounting program in python with flask08:50
Romsteri'd be able to prograam more if work didn't mentally drain me so much08:50
Romsterthe scope of my project has many smaller projects off it.08:51
mahmutovthis iste is yours?08:54
Romsteryes i own that one08:54
Romsterand a few others08:54
Romsteri want to end up with a database of source file versions08:54
mahmutoviam lokking at it08:55
Romsteri still can't decide on the database to store it in.08:55
Romster pretty much slice stuff up and sort it08:55
mahmutovi think this makes dinamically08:55
Romsterat the bottom is some stats08:56
mahmutovcode looks source sites and find last version?08:56
Romsterfinds all source files08:56
Romsterthen sorts them by name - version - archive type08:56
Romsterso it does 3 level sorting08:56
Romsterand when i do --head 1
Romsterthat's just a example off a mirror site though08:57
Romsteri haven't found a decent spider for my needs yet08:58 --common-ext | ...08:58
Romsteri filter what types of files i'm looking for before it's fed to filter-tool08:59
Romsteri have about 500 regex lines so far09:00
Romsteri didn't pick a simple task :D09:01
mahmutovyour input link so large, isnt it09:01
Romsterinternet speed09:01
mahmutove.g i think code lokks pkgfile source link09:01
Romsternot really09:01
Romsterwell i can do that too yes09:01
Romsteri made a small romster/pkg-url program too09:02
Romstercd /usr/ports ; pkg-url -b09:02
Romsterand i have a list of all the base urls09:02
Romsterfor every Pkgfile09:02
Romsterbut it's not ideal due to versioned directories09:03
Romsterand some sites wont let me list files etc.09:03
Romstera spider be a better idea09:03
Romsterloo for common paths to download files from each project09:04
frinnstholy backlog, batman!09:04
mahmutovit is empty :)09:08
Romsterno it isn't09:09
mahmutovsource section09:09
mahmutovahh yes sorry..09:09
Romsteri know ugly shell09:10
Romsterbut it works09:10
mahmutovsometimes ago i wat to develop my spider to search  special things for me09:10
mahmutovif you think spidercan do this we can develop a spider09:11
mahmutovdo you think putting your project to your github?09:12
mahmutovso i will pull it and write som codes09:12
mahmutovand i will make pull request09:13
mahmutovor how can i help you because i want to make same thing09:16
mahmutovso we can merge our knowledge09:16
Romsterwell the spider is only part of the problem and prologic ha a nice spyda but it needs improving.09:19
Romsterif ic an find my examples for it to show the issue i have09:24
mahmutovor can we analys orther distros spec files?09:26
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mahmutovcan we fetch version from their ports09:27
mahmutove.g if x-distro's version > crux's-version09:28
mahmutovupdate source..bla bla09:28
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mahmutovit can be a method int it?09:31
Romsteri've only just started doing that too.09:33
Romsteralsa-plugins vs=1.1.0 anitya=1.1.0 arch=1.1.0 gentoo=1.1.009:34
Romsterneeds more work for other ports to track, i'm just getting the framework done first.09:34
Romstercrawl -v --blacklist=".*" --whitelist="^http\:\/\/downloads\.sourceforge\.net\/projects\/boost\/boost\/[0-9.]+\/boost_.*\.tar\..*$" --whitelist="^http\:\/\/sourceforge\.net\/projects\/boost\/files\/boost\/[0-9.]+/$" --pattern ".*\.tar\.gz/download$" --pattern ".*\.tar\.bz2/download$" --pattern ".*\.tar\.xz/download$" |tee /tmp/boost.log09:38
Romsterworks but it's slow, it needs more threads running, and it tends to go over and over the same files a few times until it reduces the list of what to keep09:39
Romsteri'm not sure how to explain how it should function.09:39
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Romsteri really do need to look at spyda more and see if ic an figure out how to do the idea i had awhile ago.09:43
Romsterto get the --depth to work as i expect09:43
Romsteratm --depth works the number of iterations of the loop, and how i expect it to work is the depth of the directory tree from the starting url.09:44
Romster--depth 2 would be deep09:44
Romsterrestricted to same host09:45
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mahmutovyes this works but slowly processes09:45
Romsterexactly atm it's really slow09:46
frinnstim bored09:48
Romsteryou at work bored?09:49
frinnstI only have boring projects lined up09:49
frinnstand no customer issues09:49
frinnstso im pondering what to do09:49
Romsterthought you be cursing at windows :D or HP09:49
frinnst1) Do something boring09:49
frinnst2) dont do anything09:49
Romsterthough choice09:49
frinnstoption 2 is winning09:49
Romstermy ugly version to look in directories is faster mahmutov09:51
Romsterfor url in $( | egrep '/[0-9.]+/$' | xargs); do --common-ext --strip '/download' $url; done | --show-ranking --show-failed --print-sorted --head 1 | awk 'NF {print $3}'09:51
Romsterif your any good you'll be able to speed up spyda.09:52
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux09:52
Romsterfor starters09:52
Romsteris the answer to that ugly monstrosity ^09:53
Romsteryou might want to register your nick on freenode too mahmutov09:55
mahmutovHOW İ CAN DO THİS09:55
Romsterunless you already have another nick registered09:55
mahmutovhow can i do this09:55
mahmutovsorry upper case09:55
Romsterdo which register?09:56
Romsterfor someone that knows python you don't know basic irc stuff?09:56
Romster/ns help register09:56
mahmutovi dont understand what do you mean09:57
Romsteryour nick is not registered09:57
Romster-NickServ- mahmutov is not registered.09:57
Romsterare you new to freenode?09:57
Romsterthen i gave the command to help you to register your nickname09:58
Romsterfrinnst, why not fire up a vm and test ports :D09:58
mahmutovhey romster10:05
mahmutovi have registered.10:05
Romsterbtw why is your ident root.... i sure hope your not running as root for the irc client.10:07
dbrookeanyone, bored or otherwise, feel free to review my first go at some ports
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dovecot: update to 2.2.2011:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: whois: update to 5.2.1111:24
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