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brian|lfswow mahmutob whats witha ll thhe questions today04:17
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emmettthis channel alive?04:42
emmettanybody here?04:42
jaegerif you have a question, ask it and wait; it's not a fast-paced channel most of the time04:43
emmettowh ok04:44
emmettim new to irc things04:44
emmettu dev of crux?04:44
jaegerone of them, yes04:47
emmettactually i have problem with crux04:50
emmettim new to crux after few month playing with arch linux04:51
emmetti got problem when installing gvfs04:51
emmettits says some library missing i guest04:52
jaegercan you paste the build log to or a similar service?04:52
emmettok i will do it later04:53
emmettim going to reinstall crux again in my laptop04:53
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brian|lfsanyone awake?05:26
koribrian|lfs: yeah sup05:29
brian|lfsnot muchh05:32
brian|lfsI installed mate the othehr day the menus don't work lol05:33
brian|lfsand click change backround nothing works05:33
brian|lfscompiz don't work even though I compiled it05:33
jaegerprobably due to not running the install-scripts during install05:33
koriyou're probably missing packages05:33
korior that05:33
brian|lfsI ran them05:33
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brian|lfsskype just closes when I open it05:33
brian|lfshmm what else is broken for me05:34
brian|lfsdidn't bother installing my printer since nothing else work05:34
koria lot of things apparently05:34
brian|lfsoh ya I tried compiling KDE flex is to new for doxygon05:34
jaegerI can't speak for skype as I don't use it but MATE is definitely usable if installed properly05:35
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brian|lfswell I had prt-get run the install scripts05:35
brian|lfsabout to downgrade to 3.105:36
jaegerYou keep saying that but it sounds like a total kneejerk reaction05:37
jaegerBesides, 3.2 is the official current supported (insert adjective here) version05:37
brian|lfsok but like every other package seems broken like I said I ran the install scripts for mate05:37
jaegerYou missed something. Not sure what but I'm telling you it works properly. I do a LOT of testing of MATE05:38
jaegerI'm running it on several different machines, too05:38
brian|lfsmaybe from everything before mate being compiled withh gtk3 no clue05:38
brian|lfsI"m glad I didn't put CRUX on my main machine at this point05:40
brian|lfsI knew what that part looked like but it don't open05:43
jaegerThe point was to show it opens05:43
jaegerwhat do you get if you run "mate-appearance-properties in a terminal?05:44
brian|lfsno clue whats with mine then05:44
brian|lfsit says its not installed05:45
brian|lfsmate apperance control center05:45
jaegerDid you install the mate-control-center package?05:46
brian|lfsapparently it says its installed05:48
jaegerwhat is the *exact* output you got when you ran mate-appearance-properties?05:48
brian|lfs(mate-appearance-properties:4955): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema05:50
brian|lfs'org.mate.control-center.appearance' is not installed05:50
brian|lfsTrace/breakpoint trap05:50
jaegerok, that's much more useful.05:50
jaeger"it says its not installed" implies to me that the command you tried to run was not installed05:51
jaegerthat is NOT the case05:51
brian|lfsI cant' open crap on mate so had to dump the error in a file first05:51
jaegerthe glib schemas are not installed05:51
jaeger(which, by the way, are handled by post-install scripts)05:51
brian|lfswhat do the glib schemas come with05:51
brian|lfsok and I run the scripts05:51
brian|lfsso I"m lost05:51
brian|lfsyou know what package05:51
jaegerrun this: glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas05:52
brian|lfsok ran no error05:52
jaegernow try mate-appearance-properties05:52
xeirrrjaeger: can you share the theme for "min max close" buttons? XD looks great05:52
xeirrrjaeger: and gtk2 theme05:53
jaegerxeirrr: amusingly it's ubuntu's05:53
brian|lfsok that fixed that05:53
brian|lfswhat needs to be updated for the application menu to work05:53
xeirrrjaeger: ok only deb?05:54
jaegerxeirrr: as far as I know05:55
jaegerbrian|lfs: not sure what controls those... maybe update-desktop-database? If that doesn't work, try "prt-get update -fr mate-menus --install-scripts" to force it05:56
xeirrrjaeger: thanks05:56
brian|lfsstrange neither helped06:00
jaegerWhat's actually happening? Are the menus empty or something else?06:01
brian|lfsI click on the menu button for application and it never does anything06:02
brian|lfswhat does stickynotes come with mate-applets wont[' recompile it says sticky notes not found06:03
jaegerI've never seen the menus not work, maybe there's a mate IRC channel you could ask06:04
jaegerAs for the stickynotes thing I don't understand what you're asking06:04
brian|lfsconfigure: error: Stickynotes explicitely requested but dependency not found06:04
brian|lfs=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/mate/mate-applets/mate-applets#1.12.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.06:04
jaegerwhat's the rest of the error? can you pastebin it?06:05
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jaegerhrmm, that's kinda a useless error, good job on that, upstream06:06
brian|lfsI know lol06:06
jaegeris everything listed in "prt-get depends mate-applets" installed?06:07
jaegeralso, what's the output from "pkg-config --exists --print-errors gtksourceview-2.0" ?06:10
jaegerregarding the menus thing, I suppose you could try running "mate-panel --replace" in a terminal and see what you get06:12
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brian|lfshmm good point06:16
brian|lfspkg-config --exists --print-errors gtksourceview-2.006:17
brian|lfsPackage gtksourceview-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.06:17
brian|lfsPerhaps you should add the directory containing `gtksourceview-2.0.pc'06:17
brian|lfsto the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable06:17
brian|lfsNo package 'gtksourceview-2.0' found06:17
jaegerok, that explains the mate-applets failure06:19
jaegeryou need gtksourceview and it needs to be version 2, not version 306:19
brian|lfsya I iknow just move mate to the top of my prt-get conf06:20
brian|lfsand updated my system06:20
jaegeryou'll need to force an update to gtksourceview, looks like06:20
jaegerif the 2.x version were installed you'd have the gtksourceview-2.0.pc file and that pkg-config command wouldn't complain06:20
brian|lfsok error is gone now06:20
emmettbrian: are u using x32 or x64?06:21
emmettare u install gvfs?06:23
brian|lfsyou asking if gvfs is installed?06:23
emmettthats what i mean06:23
emmettbcoz i got problem installing gvfs06:23
emmetton x64 system06:23
brian|lfsI'll check in a second06:24
brian|lfswhats the easitest way to see if a package is installed?06:24
jaegerprt-get isinst package06:24
brian|lfsyes its installed emmett06:25
emmettok tq brian06:26
brian|lfsyou want my package lol06:26
brian|lfswell what error do you hahve06:26
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emmettactually i forgot error06:26
emmettim running arch06:26
brian|lfsif I run revdep is it jsut revdep no switchhes06:27
emmettright now06:27
mahmutovhey brian06:27
mahmutovare you on 3.1?06:27
emmettim gonna reinstall crux06:27
brian|lfsstill 3.206:27
mahmutovyou successed mate!06:27
brian|lfsnope menus don't work06:27
mahmutovi cant !06:27
jaegerdid you try the mate-panel suggestion?06:28
mahmutovhow did you pass gtksourceview 2.006:28
jaegerWas there any output?06:28
brian|lfsmoved mate repo to the top and syup06:28
mahmutovin mine gtksourceview 3.0 instaled so it stopped06:28
brian|lfsI get 0 output with pkg-config command now06:29
jaegerno output is the expected output in this case06:29
mahmutovoh on the top?good solution,so any broken or conflict other repos?06:29
jaegermahmutov: it's not just a good solution, it's part of the instructions06:29
brian|lfsdo you think maybe gtksourceview 3.0 should be renamed to 3.006:29
brian|lfslot of people may need bothh06:30
mahmutovyeb i need 3.006:30
mahmutovso it can be both?06:30
brian|lfsI would think so not sure06:30
brian|lfsdepends on file names I would suppose06:30
jaegerI don't use 3 myself but it's a possibility06:30
brian|lfsI find that hahrd to believe lot of stuff would pull it in06:31
brian|lfseither way mate apps menu st ill no go for me06:32
brian|lfsany services I need running for mate?06:33
brian|lfsmahmutov, can you trying moving your mate repo then do sysup and install theh rest of mate and see what happens06:35
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brian|lfsmake sure you have --install-scripts06:35
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jaegerI have no reason to mislead you on this.06:36
jaeger$ prt-get listinst -v --regex 'gtksourceview'06:36
jaegergtksourceview 2.10.5-106:36
mahmutovyeb i tried with -install-scripts but was not on top06:36
mahmutovi will try06:36
brian|lfsI believe you jaeger so where is your mate repo in your prt-get.conf06:36
brian|lfsis it first06:36
jaegersecond, after my overlay06:37
mahmutovif we install gtksrcview 2.0 and 3.0 will goes?06:38
mahmutovor both?06:38
brian|lfsyes 3.0 would puff06:38
jaegercurrently you cannot install both06:38
mahmutovor both will installed?06:38
mahmutovwhat will be ther programs that depends on 3.0?06:39
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xeirrrI dont know why you guys are suffering, but follow instructions and everything will be fine.06:42
xeirrri mean 1.1006:42
mahmutovwhere 1.1006:43
xeirrrwill test 1.12 if i got time06:43
brian|lfsnot sure either man I follow instructions06:44
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mahmutovxeirr where is  1.10  ports?06:45
mahmutovi didnt see in
xeirrrguys, follow this instruction --->
xeirrrread README carefully06:48
xeirrrand do as it is06:49
xeirrrthen a barebone mate will born06:49
brian|lfsoh my start menu works now06:51
brian|lfsI thought mate-session was to start mate with startx06:51
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brian|lfsnow if only compiz would work so I can see I"m legally blind lol06:59
mahmutovhey brian mate is ok except compiz?07:17
brian|lfscompiz is instaleld but it don't seem to work correctly07:20
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mahmutovhey romster12:40
mahmutovwhat is hvlinux is it alive?12:40
john_cephalopoda"High Voltage Linux, or HVL for short is a minimal source based didistribution designed to be built up for any number of tasks. One distro many uses."12:55
john_cephalopodaAnd latest packages are from 2010.12:56
mahmutovwhy not resume?12:57
mahmutovisi t based crux?12:57
john_cephalopodaLooks like it is.12:59
z3brathere is knort also12:59
z3brawhich is based on crux12:59
john_cephalopodaWell, at least it uses the same tools.12:59
mahmutovknort but not popular and not more developing13:00
mahmutovisnt it?13:02
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arceterapulseaudio is giving me14:17
arceteraN: [pulseaudio] alsa-util.c: Disabling timer-based scheduling because high-resolution timers are not available from the kernel.14:18
arceteraand then hangs14:18
arceterarunning "pulseaudio -v" gives "device suspended"14:18
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xeirrrdont use pulseaudio in crux, kinda painful14:37
mahmutovcompile your kernel with alsa support14:38
mahmutovand create a file called asound.rc in your home directory.14:40
mahmutovsounds work with no problem14:40
arceterano but14:48
arceterai need a bluetooth headset14:48
arceterai'm *using* alsa right now14:49
arceterabut bluez5 audio only werks with pulse afaik14:49
mahmutovbluez5 doesnt work with alsa?14:50
arceteraapparently not14:50
mahmutovtry this14:52
arceterathat specifically mentions pulseaudio14:52
mahmutovyou are right blueez5 doent support alsa.14:52
arceterahell this mentions systemd too14:52
mahmutovno not require,it can recompile with no-systemd14:53
arceterayou know what im just gonna buy an aux cable14:54
mahmutovhey arcetera14:58
mahmutovare you used for compile pulseaudio?14:58
mahmutovadd   to configure14:59
mahmutov--enable-bluez5 --disable-bluez5-ofono-headset14:59
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mahmutovso recompile pulseaudio and try it.14:59
mahmutovand set version=7.115:01
mahmutovso pulseaudio will work with bluez5 suppot15:02
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mahmutovhey arcetera15:34
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john_cephalopodaWow, past-john_cephalopoda wasn't stupid.15:56
john_cephalopodaJust shot my system into pieces by compiling a bad kernel and rebooting. Turns out that I set up a backup kernel a few months ago. Now on  3.12.24 instead of 3.4 - but it runs!15:57
mahmutovwhat about 4.3.215:58
mahmutovanybody tried it?15:58
john_cephalopodaUh, *instead of 4.316:00
mahmutovwhat is go on?16:01
mahmutovsoory,how is it go on?16:01
mahmutovhey john did you make special cofig to .config?can you share?16:02
john_cephalopodaI just did "make menuconfig" and chose what I need.16:07
john_cephalopodaMost stuff works out-of-the-box but you have to compile the right device drivers. That's different for everybody, so I can't help you with that.16:07
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jaegerarcetera: I use pulse on a few machines, should work. That error says exactly what it wants, though, you need to enable HR timer support in the kenrel16:17
jaegerI don't use a bluetooth headset so no idea on that particular part16:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: doxygen: updated to 1.8.10, fixed flex support (FS#1264), fixed deps (FS#1259) and mandir16:43
Wildefyrok I know this is probably a really simple question16:45
Wildefyrbut how on earth can I stop the console output from dmesg when booting?16:45
jaegeradd "quiet" to your boot line16:46
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Wildefyrok nice, now how to make the init quiet as well?17:01
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jaegeryou'd need to modify the init scripts or sysvinit itself for that, I think17:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: apache: update to 2.4.1818:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dovecot: update to 2.2.2118:24
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Wildefyrany reason in particular prt-get update doesn't check the packages directory?20:04
Wildefyrto see if the package already exists and is built20:05
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Wildefyrsynergy port 404'd me21:09
jaegerdick move, synergy port21:14
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