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rmullSometimes I think it would be cool if the ck4up rules were included for a Pkgfile00:25
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rmullso that you could optionally check upstream for changes00:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: bind: 9.9.7-P2 -> 9.9.801:05
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mahmutobhi everbody01:06
mahmutobi have installed mkinitrd01:07
mahmutobfrom syl ports01:07
mahmutobanybody uses it?01:07
mahmutobi have a problem with it01:07
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mahmutob/sbin/mkinitrd: 9: [: --show: unexpected operator01:15
prologicany cruxers in CA (USA)01:15
prologicWhat's the correct timezone setting? :)01:15
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rmullprologic: US/Pacific?01:32
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frinnstprologic: ls /usr/share/zoneinfo01:39
frinnstwill list it01:39
frinnstalso check how rc does it: /bin/ln -snf /usr/share/zoneinfo/$TIMEZONE /etc/localtime01:39
frinnstand $TIMEZONE is obviously defined in rc.conf01:40
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mahmutobhey romster01:45
mahmutobhvlinux is alive?01:45
arceteradoes anyone have the link to the unofficial i686 crux iso?01:48
arceterasomeone on a different server needs it but theyre banned from freenode for some inexplicable reason01:48
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mahmutobarcetera did you solve bluez problem01:57
arceterano and i dont care01:57
arceterai bought an aux cable01:57
frinnsttry arcetera01:57
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prologicthanks frinnst and rmull02:35
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mahmutobhey guys02:42
mahmutobfinally i created my first live iso.02:42
mahmutoband i am writing from my live iso.02:43
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mahmutobbefore using crux i didnt see crux live iso in web (except cruxex)02:44
mahmutobfinally i did myself my crux live.02:44
xeirrrmahmutob: the iso you created may be buggy n has unknown potential ptoblemas.02:57
mahmutobi am testing it at now02:57
mahmutobit looks good02:57
xeirrrmahmutob: why not use jaeger's updated isoļ¼Ÿ? at least its well-tested.02:58
mahmutobbecause it is live02:58
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mahmutobjaeer's live?02:58
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mahmutoband i remastered my crux with xfce4 and adding some programs.02:59
mahmutobso it is fully xfce4 live iso03:00
mahmutoband we can remastering our crux by this method.03:00
mahmutobit is pratical way to create live iso.03:01
mahmutobalso this method alows us to create live iso from a installed system03:02
mahmutobalso setuping from live iso is easy.just i will copied / directory to target partition and then create new initrd.03:04
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brian|lfswtf did I miss lol from mahmutov07:31
brian|lfsguess not important07:37
brian|lfsso whats updated in this ISO07:45
prologicbrian|lfs: So have we confirmed we can get compilz+ezoom working in crux 3.2?08:01
brian|lfsgot it to compile but it don't work08:14
brian|lfsit just messes up08:14
brian|lfsno window borders and non of the affects work08:14
brian|lfsI sent you a bug fix for plugins extra08:15
brian|lfson the bug page08:15
brian|lfsyou there prologic08:16
mahmutovhey brian i think,remastering will be important thig in crux08:16
brian|lfswasn't here earlier what you talking about08:17
mahmutovso we dont need to re-compile  everthing08:17
brian|lfsso uploading binaries somewhere?08:17
mahmutovno,we have already them08:18
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mahmutovi created last night a live iso with xfce408:18
brian|lfsok but what good that do when every other package is still broken08:19
mahmutovso i can install this iso to my other computers.08:19
mahmutovwithout compiling.(like installing at strt)08:20
brian|lfswhy would you install something that is buggy08:20
mahmutovwhich is buggy?08:20
mahmutovwhich package?08:20
brian|lfsskype compiz08:20
brian|lfsI'm sure others08:20
brian|lfsinstall skype08:21
mahmutovoh no i am talking about remastering method08:21
mahmutovi have successed with dracut just i said it is possible.08:22
brian|lfsI'm drunk I'll just say I have crux 3.1 on a thumb drive and will be installing08:22
mahmutovfirst i saw in web only cruxex i did too.08:22
brian|lfsso your on 3.108:23
mahmutovno i am 3,208:23
brian|lfsgood luck08:23
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brian|lfshey Romster09:11
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: wget: update to 1.17.111:09
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wawanI wanna ask smthing11:54
wawanTheres any ways to connect to wifi in crux11:55
wawanWithout script11:55
wawanI mean connect through cli11:55
z3brawith contrib/networkmanager ?11:56
wawanI already try that11:56
wawanNot work11:56
wawanIm use nmcli11:57
xeirrror use wpa_supplicant12:10
wawanNmtui not work on crux12:19
wawanHow to use wpa_supplicant through cli12:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: chromium-pepperflash: 45.0.2454.85 -> 47.0.2526.8012:21
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xeirrrthere is wpa_cli12:46
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z3brawhat's the webkitgtk port for?13:19
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rmullz3bra: Looks like nothing depends on it15:26
rmullMaybe it's used in third party repos15:27
z3brawhy would it be in contrib then?15:29
rmullLooks like webkitgtk uses the same sources as webkit-gtk2 and webkit-gtk3, but is newer than either of them15:37
rmullWebkit-gtk2 forces gtk2 during config, and webkit-gtk3 does not. webkitgtk does not either.15:38
rmullIt might be possible that webkitgtk deprecates webkit-gtk3, and webkit-gtk2 exists for those who do not want to build against webkit-gtk3 (though it would need a version bump)15:39
rmulland the "webkit" port I don't know about. Maybe it doesn't build for gtk.15:39
z3braI don't even have this port15:39
rmullOh, you're right, that's from the prologic repo15:40
rmullI should check to see if I'm still using anything from there :x15:40
rmullRomster: Any thoughts on webkitgtk vs webkit-gtk3?15:41
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z3braanyhow, I'm giving dillo a go15:42
z3braIf I can live without webkit, my life will greatly improve I think15:42
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john_cephalopodacontrib/jack-audio-connection-kit is broken.15:57
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john_cephalopodaThe version is outdated and the site 404s because of that.15:57
rmullz3bra: You may also be interested in netsurf, though I haven't compared the two (dillo/netsurf) for a long time16:01
rmullnetsurf is a little trickier to build16:06
z3braah, didn't know about it, thanks16:06
john_cephalopodaHow do I find out again, to which package a file belongs?16:07
rmulljohn_cephalopoda: prt-get fsearch filename16:10
john_cephalopodaHmm, also contrib/lmms is outdated and not working.16:15
mahmutovhey guys is there any script to search ports from crux.nu16:16
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mahmutobhi everbody19:11
mahmutobwhich applet are you using as network applet19:12
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john_cephalopodamahmutob: wicd is quite nice.19:19
mahmutobi am trying19:20
john_cephalopodaYou start "sudo wicd" as daemon and then run "wicd-gtk" as user.19:21
mahmutobCould not connect to wicd's D-Bus interface. Check the wicd log for error messages.19:22
mahmutob:) i commanded wicd and i added my panel19:23
mahmutobshould i add services?19:24
mahmutobto rc.conf?19:24
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mahmutobin my logout menu some buttons is transparent19:37
mahmutobnamely pasive19:38
mahmutobjust logout button active sees19:38
mahmutobwht other (restart,shutdown) are pasive19:39
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Wildefyranyone know how to fix 'Illegal hardware instruction' when launching firefox?19:48
WildefyrI've recomplied it twice and the deps and still getting it19:48
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prologicbrian|lfs: sounds like it should be possible to get it working then20:14
prologicI'll be upgrading to 3.2 shortly20:14
mahmutobhey guys20:15
mahmutobmy thunar mounts ntfs partition readonly20:15
mahmutobhow can i use mount with ntfs-3g20:15
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Wildefyrs mount /dev/sda1 /mnt20:25
Wildefyrsudo *20:25
mahmutobmy fstab is empty just / is defined20:26
mahmutobthunar-volman auto mounts partitions20:27
mahmutobbut in automount it mounts ntfs partiton readonly20:27
WildefyrI dunno, never used thunar20:30
Wildefyrbetter to just use fstab20:30
mahmutobbut i like automatically making  it20:31
z3bra_you mean when you plug it?20:32
mahmutobe.g i will format a partition20:33
Wildefyralso, been meaning to ask: anyone got a script to clean out the packages directory for the latest version only?20:33
mahmutobso when it reboots,it will make auto mount20:33
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z3brayou need to add it to your fstab20:36
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mahmutobudevd[415]: specified group 'kvm' unknown20:40
mahmutobwhat about this error20:41
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frinnsti would have thought it was a pretty obvious error message?20:51
frinnstto make it extra obvious: some udev-rule expects there to be a "kvm" group set up, but you dont have that group on your system20:53
frinnstprobably havent run the appropriate install-script20:53
frinnstoh right, he left20:53
Wildefyrhe is somewhat of a help vampire it seems21:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sane: move man-pages, fix footprint (FS#1269)21:05
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mahmutobError initializing polkit authority: Error initializing authority: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1 (g-dbus-error-quark, 25)21:08
mahmutobthis error occurs so my ntfs mounts ro21:09
mahmutobhow i can solve?21:09
Wildefyrlooks like dbus isn't working properly21:15
mahmutobin .xinitrc21:17
mahmutobexec startxfce4 writes21:17
mahmutobshould i change it ck-exec dbus bla bla21:18
mahmutobck-launch-session dbus-launch xfce4-session21:21
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mahmutobis it a polkit auth problem?22:14
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brian|lfshmm wegetpaste not working23:32
brian|lfsapparently something wrong with the site.23:32
Worksteryou can use other backends on wgetpaste23:54

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