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brian|lfsthanks that worked00:11
brian|lfsfiled another bug lol00:11
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brian|lfshey mahmutov you there LOL06:17
mahmutovi am here06:32
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brian|lfswhats you doing man07:56
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mahmutovoh good  i a looking xfce-thunar settings08:10
mahmutovthnar-volman doesnt mount my ntfs partition rw08:10
mahmutovi mounts readonly.08:11
mahmutovso i write script to mount rw08:11
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ryu0jue: you may recall i authored the revdep rewrite. would you be willing to accept modifications to it? i was thinking to optimize it further.10:19
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jueryu0: sure :)10:54
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xeirrrfirefox <---- good job random crash12:30
et-0nlineand what browswer you recommend12:30
Wildefyryeah I've been getting segfaults on the latest build too12:30
Wildefyrnormally firefox12:30
et-0nlinechrome is popular in my area12:31
Wildefyrok hf compiling webkit12:32
frinnstwe have located a few crash issues with firefox compiled under gcc 512:33
frinnstworkaround is to use -O1, -Os or something else12:34
frinnstseems related to the default -O2 flag12:34
frinnstfirefox 43 will probably hardcode the CFLAGS to one of those values since I doubt i can find the issue before it is released12:35
Wildefyrit hasn't been /too/ unbearable12:35
frinnstno but annoying enough12:36
frinnstif you load and click the blue login button it should trigger a crash12:37
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frinnstor just load it seems12:38
Wildefyryeah twitter was another offender for me12:39
john_cephalopodaLol, just tried to run revdep, realized that I'm on my arch laptop and not my main computer12:40
Wildefyrswitch the laptop to crux as well12:40
frinnstyep ive had issues with twitter too12:40
john_cephalopodaWildefyr: Nah, wifi is too much of a hassle.12:41
john_cephalopodaI could try wicd...12:41
Wildefyrjohn_cephalopoda : try connmand12:42
WildefyrI ported it to 6c37 yesterday12:42
john_cephalopodaOn the other hand, the laptop important all the time. I can't risk to break something because I carry the laptop around with my and need it everywhere.12:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.8-rc3 -> 1.8-rc412:43
Wildefyrjohn_cephalopoda : so better to run arch which can be broken on the whim of the arch devs?12:44
Wildefyrno thanks12:44
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john_cephalopodaWildefyr: If arch breaks, I can say: "Arch devs broke my system."12:45
john_cephalopodaIn crux, it's always my fault ;)12:45
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xeirrrjohn_cephalopoda: you can fix it yourself so you are learning packaging :)13:14
xeirrrjaeger: thankfully there is gnome-themes-ubuntu-0.6.1.tar.gz under the same location with deb, so no need to extract that deb shit13:17
xeirrrjaeger: :)13:17
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xeirrrjaeger: also i found some packages from opt/contrib have footprint issues which breaks the mate build. so it's necessary to ignore footprint during mate installation. This should be mentioned in README.13:22
john_cephalopodaxeirrr: I have (re)written a lot of packages until now.13:24
john_cephalopodaBut when revdep doesn't find everything, I got stuff bugging and don't know why.13:24
xeirrrjohn_cephalopoda: cool13:25
john_cephalopodaI got flightgear for crux.13:25
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ryu0john_cephalopoda: on that note, i'm attempting to optimize revdep with a better lookup algorithm.14:23
john_cephalopodaNice, ryu0.14:24
ryu0hopefully, switching to glibc's hash table implementation will help.14:24
ryu0before i was using binary searches14:24
ryu0hm. same output.14:25
ryu0yet on this test crux machine...14:25
ryu0old revdep took 6m38s14:25
ryu0new revdep took 1m19s14:26
ryu0it trades higher memory usage for faster runtime...14:26
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ryu0anyone want to test the new draft? i intend to submit patches in the near future.14:28
ryu0john_cephalopoda: care to try out the new draft?
john_cephalopodaryu0: Atm I'm not at home on my crux computer.14:34
john_cephalopodaI will be in about 6 hours or so.14:34
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rmullryu0: Warning - your tarball will crap all over the CWD upon extraction15:54
rmullryu0: Old revdep: 16.5s, new revdep: 18.8s, also the new revdep has firefox in the output and the old one does not15:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gtk: updated to 2.24.2919:03
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rmullHmm, bind failed to build (probably due to my libressl system) but it still attempted to install, and wound up with a bunch of missing footprint items20:08
rmullIs there some reason why it would continue to run the build script if the make step fails?20:08
rmullI guess it's up to the packager to check the results of the make before trying to do things like install config files and junk?20:10
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jaegerrmull: if pkgmk continued even though the build failed, the build didn't produce an error exit status, sounds like20:48
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brian|lfswhats going on22:19
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