IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2015-12-15

jaegerbusy with work... lots of puppet00:02
john_cephalopodaI can't reach crux.nu00:05
john_cephalopodaWell, I can reach it but 75% package loss00:06
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jaegersomething about your route to there, maybe... it seems ok from my end00:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: firefox: updated to 43.001:31
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xeirrrteK____: Can you fix irssi source url? ^ it seems that they redesign the whole web and move to github.01:39
Romsterlet me guess and no name on there files.01:40
Romsteri am gonna rage at github one of these days01:40
frinnst <- unless you already found the source someplace else01:40
xeirrrthanks, guys. I downloaded it from github01:41
Romsteri'm just gonan write a script to mirror the files off github i think01:41
Romsterwith filenames01:41
frinnstwhat, 0.9.4.tar.gz isnt descriptive enough? :D01:41
Romsternope :D01:41
brian|lfseverything needs to be .xz or .lzma01:46
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brian|lfsfirefox failed for me trying again02:20
brian|lfsstill failed02:49
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rmullbrian|lfs: Are you referring to the build? Does it fail during linking? Do you have enough RAM?03:20
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brian|lfsyes 32GB of ram03:28
brian|lfsdon't look like linking to me but I could be wrong03:29
rmullhoo boy, internal compiler error...03:33
rmullThe last time I got those, I bought a new computer03:33
rmullI recommend making sure your PC's cooling is sufficient and running a memtest03:33
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brian|lfsthats bad can't install memtest03:36
tired890download the iso and boot off it03:37
brian|lfsI would say 42 to 43c is hot03:39
jaegeryeah, that's too hot03:40
jaegereven if you have an AMD CPU :D03:40
tired890what cpu cooler? clean with alcohol and reapply good TIM03:40
brian|lfsI have an fx-8350 with a heatpipe03:41
tired890heatpipe? are you using the stock cooler?03:41
brian|lfsI"m lookingg online people saying as highg is 60c is safe lolwtf03:41
jaegerer, I did my math wrong, 43C isn't that bad under load03:41
brian|lfsno its nnot stock03:41
tired890I have the same cpu03:41
jaegerIt would be high for idle but not terrible03:41
tired89043c idle is very high03:42
brian|lfswell my motherboard says my fann is working lkol03:42
brian|lfsnow that I've waited its at 4003:42
tired890watch -n 0.3 sensors03:43
tired890then compile, you will see real time temps03:43
tired890cpu sensor should be named k10 something03:43
tired890sensors is in lm_sensors prt03:44
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brian|lfsanything I have to install for that03:49
tired890prt-get depinst lm_sensors03:49
tired890also, you need to modprobe the kernel module, most AMD motherboards have ite, so run this:03:50
tired890modprobe it8703:51
tired890then run the watch command I posted above and you should see temps and voltages neatly03:51
brian|lfsit keeps spitting help back like the command is wrong03:52
tired890what command?03:52
brian|lfsoh just met03:52
brian|lfsmy kernel don't have the modules and the link is bad for lm_sensors03:53
brian|lfs404 error03:53
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tired890google the exact filename you should find a ton of sources, copy the full link replacing the url in the Pkgfile. md5 will ensure integrity of contents so no worries\03:54
jaegerlooks like their entire site is gone03:55
brian|lfsI know I could do that was more a FYI03:55
brian|lfstrying firefox again anyhow03:55
brian|lfsmust admit my fx-9350 was one of my cheapest builds03:56
tired890for a linux user its still a very potent cpu..03:57
brian|lfsmy friend told me a few years ago must people could get by with an Intel core 2 duo for what they do03:58
brian|lfsI think its past the failure already03:58
brian|lfsits still compiling03:58
ryu0rmull: oops. sorry. :x04:00
brian|lfsI think I paid $350 for my board and chip had all the other parts already04:01
tired890does it seem like your PC is about to take off in terms of rpm? ;)04:01
tired890also you have -j8 for flags right? make sure you squeeze the juice out of all cores04:01
brian|lfshad a strange board for ASUS had to losen the screws on my board to get heatpipe on04:02
brian|lfssomeone told me to do j6 because it runs faster for them04:02
tired890you should've told em cool story bruh04:03
tired890unless throttling is an issue, then yes04:03
brian|lfsI guess that would make sense if your trying to watch porn at the sametime lol04:03
tired890crux helps you get rid of bad habits by needing many steps to enable HW acceleration ;)04:04
brian|lfsI think it was Romster that told me thhat04:05
brian|lfsfirefox failed again04:05
brian|lfstook much longer04:05
Worksterrecompile firefox with -O104:05
brian|lfsyou mean -j 1 or O104:06
WorksterCFLAGS+=' -O1'04:07
Worksteras -)2 has a crazy bug in gcc 5.x04:07
brian|lfsthats whhat I thhought04:07
Worksterthat firefox and wine keep hitting04:07
jaegerdoes that bug actually prevent firefox from building? It doesn't with wine, just breaks runtime04:08
brian|lfsstrange wine builds fine for me04:08
jaegerYes, it builds fine.04:09
tired890did you tinker with any BIOS settings? I undervolted my CPU and thought all was running ok until I tried mprime and found it throwing various errors (calculations not matching and whatnot), note the system was running fine..04:09
tired890so if you "overclocked" or anything like that go to stock and try again04:10
Worksteractually never mind frinnst has set it to -Os04:10
brian|lfsanyone running GCC 5.3 besides me?04:12
brian|lfsI know Romster04:12
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brian|lfsI'm trying firefox in my docker image04:15
brian|lfsbut take some times seems everything is downloading slow and I was missing lots of deps04:15
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Workster uploading firefox#43.0-1.pkg.tar.xz04:17
Worksterthat's how i built that in a docker image.04:17
Worksterjust wget that ^ and pkgadd -u ...04:18
brian|lfsoh ok lol04:18
xeirrrWorkster: Do you have qt4 binaries for 3.2?04:18
brian|lfsthat's what I figured when I saw the package name04:18
jaegeryou should test your RAM, though, and perhaps dust/clean the heatsink and fan04:19
jaegermaybe even reapply thermal compound04:19
Worksterprobably i'll upload that after04:19
brian|lfsI've never had memtest fail on any machine does it pop up with a red screen or something if it fails04:30
jaegerYou'll see a lot of spam in the window with failed addresses if it does04:31
Worksterit'll show up red and say what memory range is bad04:31
jaegermost of the time if you get through an entire pass without errors you're fine04:31
brian|lfsthat's kind of what I figured04:31
brian|lfsI'm installing CRUX 3.104:43
brian|lfssee if I can get something working I can see04:44
Worksterxeirrr, uploading now. bear in mind i also have 4.8.6 and 4.8.7 the later is not in opt/qt4 yet.04:56
Worksterthe later has qtwebkit support.04:57
xeirrrWorkster: thanks :05:00
Worksterit'll show up when it's finished uploading05:07
brian|lfsyes I spent like 3 or 4 days with Romster05:20
brian|lfsit drove us nuts05:20
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brian|lfsquestion why doesn't firefox has gstreamer and gst-pluginns as deps06:28
xeirrrWorkster: you around? Does gst-plugins-bad-compat build for you? mine doesn't. It failed because it wants to provide for some old libvpx compatibility. Whether i rebuild libvpx or not, it failed anyway. So i drop it for old libvpx support: sed -i -e '29,31d' ext/vp8/gstvp8utils.h  . Is this ok?07:14
brian|lfsI'll try it on my dock07:15
brian|lfsmight be a feel bit of deps07:16
xeirrrit is07:17
brian|lfsI was pulling my head earlier turn out I somehow grabbed thhe source code to mesa for windows07:17
brian|lfsI"m installingn CRUX 3.1 and updated my system and they have pulled 10.6.9 from the web07:18
brian|lfsno wonder my downloads sucks07:21
brian|lfsmy docker has romsters server in them07:21
Romsteri'll look at it when  get to it07:22
Romsterthat server is on 100mbit but i can't seem to get any decent speed off it.07:23
Romsterwhere are you geolocation brian|lfs07:23
brian|lfsWashington DC07:23
Romsterand what speeds do you get07:23
brian|lfsI have 75/7507:23
brian|lfsjust your server sucks07:23
brian|lfsfrom here at least07:23
Romsteri ahev told yang this he keeps saying it's australias telstra07:23
Romsterwhat speed do you download at off it?07:24
brian|lfslike 150KB tops07:24
brian|lfsit goes all over the place07:24
Romstercrap that's about what i get07:24
Romsterthought it was just me07:24
brian|lfsok now that I look I get more like 100 tops07:25
Romsteri'll talk to the admin about it07:25
Romstershould be getting at elast 10mb/s07:25
brian|lfsya its got to bet capped at 100kb07:25
brian|lfswhere are you located Romster07:26
Romsteri'm in australia the server isn't07:27
brian|lfsfigured it wasn't near you07:28
Romsteri asked my admin that runs it.07:28
brian|lfsis it as slow uploading07:29
Romsterwell i don't know because i can only upload at 70kb/s07:30
Romstershitie adsl2+ speeds07:30
brian|lfswe don't' have dsl 2+ in the usa07:32
brian|lfsso take it you all didn't put uefi support in crux 3.1?07:33
brian|lfsor at least the kernel doesn't have the modules07:33
Romsterthat came ou tin 3.207:33
Romsterout in*07:33
brian|lfsweell I'll have to reboot to install my bootloader thehn07:34
Romsteri think the problem is gcc 5 is shit07:34
brian|lfsit is firefox ended up compiling07:34
Romsterthey broke the ABI on gcc 5 and that's broken skype.07:34
brian|lfseven though it was pointing to hardware07:34
Romsteri got firefox to compile on crux 3.207:34
Romsterit's running it that is crap. unless you don't use -O207:35
brian|lfswoudln't for me I really need to reseat my heat sink and chheck my ram07:35
nwegood morning guys!07:36
nwehow are you today?07:36
brian|lfswonder if we should just port the old GCC to crux 3.207:36
nwenice to hear.. what are you doing this morning? :)07:36
brian|lfsfunny thing is LFS is using 5x GCC07:36
Romsteri was thinking of moving to crux 3.2 but using the older gcc07:37
Romsteri'm still on crux 3.107:37
Romsterand who said that firefox didn't list gst-plugins-base07:37
brian|lfsat least have it for apps like skype problem solved07:37
Romsterprt-get info firefox07:37
Romstersomeone needs glasses07:37
brian|lfsstrange so does sysup not pull deps then07:37
brian|lfsThat's funny romster07:38
brian|lfswhen I sysuped on 3.1 it never put gstreamer in07:38
Romsterit's because if you got it installed already it wont be a depinst07:38
Romsterprt-get deptree firefox07:38
Romsterlookf or missing [ ]07:39
Romstermissing the [i]07:39
brian|lfsthat makes sense07:39
brian|lfsit was upgrading from a fresh install07:39
Romsterbut the iso upgrades by installing those two.07:39
Romsterwhen you do the upgrade the normal way07:39
Romsterfrom 3.1 to 3.207:39
brian|lfsooh I'm just installing 3.107:40
Romsterit however missed removing zip and tcp_wrappers out of core07:40
brian|lfsgoing to be daring yse kernel 4.4 rc507:40
Romster3.1 doesn't have that on firefox.07:40
Romsterwhich is why i was using romster/firefox-gst07:40
brian|lfsI should be able to install to EFI if I boot another ISO and chhroot correct?07:41
Romsterbut that's out of date now...07:41
Romsteri might be confused didn't crux 3.1 firefox introduce gst-plugins-base... pretty sure it did07:41
Romsterso much shit goes on ic an't keep track of it07:41
brian|lfsno clue got them bothh installed07:42
Romsterlook in the firefox Pkgfile for gstreamer07:42
Romsterin the mozconfig section07:42
Romsterac_add_options --enable-gstreamer=1.007:43
Romsterit is enabled for 3.107:43
brian|lfsDepends on: nss, libidl, gtk, python, alsa-lib, xorg-libxt, yasm, mesa3d, gst-plugins-base07:43
brian|lfsyup it is07:43
Romsterand i've just started to compile gstreamer stuff 1.6.207:44
brian|lfsI still have stuff going inn my docker deps and more deps lol07:44
Romsteratm i got 10 docker images07:45
brian|lfshere we go plugins finally07:45
Romsterdo you finally see why i go crazy now lol07:45
Romsterwork + all the ports and breakage now in gcc...07:46
brian|lfsdid some dipshhit thinnk we don't need ABI support anymore07:46
Romsterthey decided to change it in gcc5.x07:47
Romsterand optimize it more drastically i haven't read the changlog but they ended up breaking stuff in the process07:47
Romsterwork and other tings prevented me from upgrading to crux 3.2 early.07:48
Romsteri'm usually on it before it's released.07:48
brian|lfsthat would explain a lot of bugs releasing with no one on it07:49
Romsterwell the core devs were on it. i'm not a core dev07:49
brian|lfsif we added the old GCC to 3.2 would half the system hhhav eto be rebuilt for skype07:49
Romsterpretty much07:49
Romsteri'm wondering if you tired that C11 on qt4-32?07:50
Romsterthan the newer C14 that g++ defaults too.07:50
brian|lfs-- Packages where install failed07:50
Romsterfor the c++ language07:50
Romsterfucking compat too grr07:50
Romsterwine hasn't moved to 1.x yet07:50
brian|lfsbase compiled fine07:50
Romsterand other crap is lagging to move to 1.x gstreamer07:51
Romsterhave to patch legacy code.07:51
Romsterlibvpx changed symbools in a minor release them fucktards07:51
brian|lfsso what option would I have to throw at qt4 for C1107:51
RomsterAPI breakage is a MAJOR number change.07:52
Romsternot a MINOR07:52
Romsterlibvpx 1.3 -> 1.507:52
brian|lfsI vaguely remember this conversation07:52
Romsterit'll need patching07:53
brian|lfsthink other people chimed in and said throw it in a docker07:53
Romsterfor skype07:53
brian|lfsand someone gave me a link to slackware thing07:53
Romsteri said that07:53
brian|lfsfor skype07:53
brian|lfsthat would be a prick to pass the audio07:53
Romsterit just works on 3.1 though07:53
Romsteri dunno how the audio works though docker07:54
Romsterand i refuse to use pulseaudio07:54
brian|lfsyou would have to pass it I had a thing on doing that07:54
brian|lfsits a pain just to get X apps to open07:54
brian|lfsnevermind audio07:54
Romsterone good thing my nose is not running like a tap today, yesterday was ugh.07:55
Romsteryou just set a DISPLAY no?07:55
Romsterand it talkes to the hosts X1107:55
brian|lfssomething like thaht07:55
brian|lfsI had it open the other day in a docker image07:56
brian|lfsbe interesting to  make a distro that uses all dockers for every app07:56
Romsterwth ok gtk wont build in docker hmm07:56
Romsterfailed to load "./apple-red.png": Couldn't recognize the image file format for file './apple-red.png'07:57
RomsterMakefile:1014: recipe for target 'test-inline-pixbufs.h' failed07:57
brian|lfswhich gtk07:57
brian|lfsmine upgraded thart earlier today no issue07:58
xeirrrRomster: gcc -O2 breaks xmms207:58
brian|lfsdam keyboard07:58
Romsterlet me guess that's got the wrong ABI... rebuilds opt/gdk-pixbuf07:58
Romsterxmms2 as well now that's 3 ports...07:58
brian|lfsdidn't know anyone used xmms2 anymore08:00
Romsteri use clementine xine-ui and mpv08:00
brian|lfsvlc baby08:01
Romsterlast time i looked at vlc codebase i puked08:01
brian|lfsthat library broke on me lol08:01
Romsterand that was a very long time ago08:01
Romsterok rebuilding gdk-pixbuf fixed gkt208:02
brian|lfsabout to go to bed but eventually will build a kernel and reboot probably do xfce4 and compiz08:04
brian|lfsprobably don't dare with KDE4 that thing is so broken08:04
Romsteri need to talk to alan about that08:04
brian|lfsWhats the difference between you and a core dev that statement sounds like a core dev08:05
Romsteri package like 500 ports in total.08:05
Romsteri test stuff and i've been going though the kde repo in a docker container too.08:06
brian|lfsI forgot what I got stuck on last08:06
Romsteri take on crap i don't need todo that benefits crux *shrugs*08:06
brian|lfsyou have more patience08:07
brian|lfsthen me08:07
Romsteri even forked xorg when it went stale then got it merged back in to xorg.git08:07
Romsteri just do shit :D08:07
tired890useful ****08:07
brian|lfsI really think we need to just make a new iso with the old gcc08:07
brian|lfsor just add the old as a port08:08
tired890so Romster, I still haven't upgraded to 3.2.. I gather from all the compile drama here I should hold the horses then?08:08
Romsteri helped with the new revdep tool.08:09
Romsterbecause the old one was too slow.08:09
Romsteri just take on stuff...08:09
brian|lfshaven't tried the old but the new is quick08:09
Romsterbut lately i've been sitting back more. and letting my ports vegetate :/08:09
brian|lfswasn't trying to piss you off mann just asked a question08:09
Romsterold was like 8 minutes or more... compared to 2 minutes 31 seconds to new08:10
Romsteri'm not pissed at you dude08:10
brian|lfsdidn't think so just upset08:10
Romstermaybe, no one stopping anyone making a iso with the older gcc.08:11
Romstermore frustrated at the state of linux and the world :D08:11
brian|lfsor we all go harass GCC onn irc08:11
tired890what happened with linux (and the world) ?08:11
Romstershould be doing that too. actually what is going on in there gcc mailing list... need to look at that.08:11
brian|lfsworld is going to shit08:12
brian|lfsLinux just a big bump with GCC 5x08:12
Romsterso many things just not going right.08:13
xeirrrRomster: cflags and cxxflags set to -O1 don't fix xmms208:13
brian|lfsdid you rebuild gdk-pixbuf08:14
brian|lfsyou know we should install the copycat crux iso to see what they did to fix stuff08:15
Romsterxeirrr, really?08:16
Romsteri never even looked into cruxex08:16
xeirrrRomster: yes, everytime it just fail on different step08:18
Romstertried with -J108:18
Romsterif it's a race on compile08:18
Romsterstopping at different sports of the compile s\would suggest that the parallel Makefile is not set right to handle that many make jobs.08:19
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xeirrrRomster: how? I didn't use parallel compile, I didn't change anything in pkgmk.conf08:21
Romsterdid you ever set MAKEFLAGS ?08:21
Romsterthen you're probably on 1 make job then?08:22
Romsteryou don't se amke2 make3 make4 etc?08:22
Romstersee make2*08:22
brian|lfswell good night all08:22
Romsterthen what i suggested does not apply to you08:22
Romsteri was gonna say adding -j1 to that make line.08:23
Romsterg'night brian|lfs08:23
brian|lfswhy would you not set any flags08:23
Romsterbeats me08:24
brian|lfsI didn't set them inn my docker because I didn't think I was going to start testingg in it08:25
Romsterwell if you are using my docker image you'll be using all you cores08:25
Romsterexport MAKEFLAGS="-j$(/usr/bin/getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN)"08:25
brian|lfshhmm checking08:25
brian|lfsseemed ass slow for using all my cores08:26
Romsterwhat port some are hard coded to -j108:27
Romstersome just don't speed up in parallel much too08:27
Romsteri'd check with htop08:28
Romsteri gotta feed the dogs then i'll commit gstreamer 1.6.208:31
xeirrrxmms2 in our repo is too old, and maintainer rotwang left. what should i do?08:32
*** rauz has quit IRC08:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gstreamer: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.208:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gst-plugins-base: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.208:51
*** mahmutov has joined #crux08:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gst-plugins-good: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.208:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gst-plugins-bad: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.208:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gst-plugins-ugly: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.208:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gst-python: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.208:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gst-libav: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.208:56
xeirrrRomster: can you update xmms209:02
Romsterthat's a rotwang port. not mine.09:03
Romsterand is unmaintained09:04
Romsterbump it to what version?09:05
Romstersourceforge is at 0.8 still09:07
xeirrrRomster: nah, ok. Arch uses 0.8+commits number09:07
Romsterwhy hasn't xmms2 realsed a newer archive. and i see that.09:08
Romster4 years old...09:10
Romstertoo much effort for a port i don't use sorry. if you want to pick up that port in contrib, you can apply too.09:10
xeirrrat least can you fix with gcc5?09:12
*** gb00s has joined #crux09:15
*** xeirrr has quit IRC09:28
*** xeirrr has joined #crux09:32
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*** mahmutov has joined #crux09:35
mahmutovhi everbody09:58
*** ivs has joined #crux10:06
*** arcetera has joined #crux10:48
*** ryu0 has quit IRC11:41
*** ryu0 has joined #crux11:41
*** Kruppt has joined #crux11:56
frinnsttired890: there is nothing wrong with crux 3.2 - what you see on irc is 99.99% user error sadly12:50
mahmutov3.2 SUPER..12:50
tired890frinnst, got it. I kinda had that feeling!12:51
tired890will be upgrading soon..12:51
tired890I mean clean-installing of course :)12:51
frinnstbrian|lfs: fyi: crux flyspray is not a support forum12:51
xeirrrfrinnst: Does xmms2 build for you on 3.2 ?12:53
frinnstI dont know, dont use it12:53
frinnstlet me fire up a vm12:53
frinnstxeirrr: i assume it fails for you? can you pastebin the errors perhaps?12:58
xeirrrfrinnst: yes failed for me.12:59
xeirrryou compiled without problem?12:59
frinnstbuilding in a clean vm, still installing the deps :-)12:59
xeirrrok tell me your result later :)13:00
frinnstseems to build fine - but lots of footprint errors13:01
frinnstthe port is orphaned too, so nobody is maintaining it :(13:02
ryu0frinnst: aren't footprints of packages going to vary due to each building system having different packages installed?13:02
xeirrrfrinnst: yes. rotwang left13:03
mahmutovare you using vm to clean build?13:03
frinnstryu0: yes to some extent. but MISSING is an error, NEW is more of a warning13:03
mahmutovi am using docker?it produces same result?13:03
frinnstthese missing files are due to the port not containing all the dependencies13:04
frinnstmahmutov: yes13:04
mahmutovwhich is speed?13:04
mahmutovfor compiling?13:04
frinnstdocker probably13:05
mahmutovgood :)13:05
mahmutovif i maintain a port i put it my local port.can i pull request to
mahmutovi saw some problems with gnumeric so i maintained ports.13:06
frinnstyou can offer patches, sure13:06
*** deep42thought has joined #crux13:07
frinnstI dont see a gnumeric port though13:07
frinnstonly in 3rd party repos13:07
mahmutovbdfy-falcony exists?13:08
mahmutovare there 3rd?13:08
mahmutov is the difference contrib repo between 3rd repos13:09
frinnst"DISCLAIMER: the ports not belonging to the core, opt and xorg collections are provided by contributors; there is no guarantee or support by the CRUX team. "13:11
deep42thoughtHi, has anyone successfully built sane in a fakeroot-environment? On my machine, it fails because it tries to modify /root/.texlive2015, which it is not allowed to (
deep42thoughtI remember, I had this issue before. And I think my last "workaround" was to build as regular root :-/13:14
mahmutovhey frinst can i have a port account in
mahmutove.g others bdfy,falcony...13:15
mahmutovi want to put my ports to crux.nu13:15
deep42thoughtmahmutov: Which contributer has his ports on
mahmutovi mean if a man search ports he will show my ports in crux.nu13:17
mahmutovlike you13:17
mahmutovnot directlly in crux.nu13:18
mahmutovi mean referencing....13:18
mahmutovcan it be?13:18
deep42thoughthave a look there:
mahmutovoh thanks :)13:19
mahmutovi think i will collect my ports in a github,13:20
mahmutovso i will send you portgithub page13:21
xeirrrfrinnst: xmms randomly failed on different steps everytime i built it.13:27
xeirrrthe log is so long13:27
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*** ivs has joined #crux13:39
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux13:42
*** blueness_ has quit IRC13:49
*** blueness_ has joined #crux13:49
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frinnstxeirrr: strange. if its random you could try with -j1 in your makeflags (easiest to modify the port - make -j1"14:13
xeirrrfrinnst: i did try ./waf build -j114:16
xeirrrbut failed14:17
xeirrrNow i am changing export CFLAGS=" -O1 -Wno-all -w"14:19
xeirrrif this faills, i'll gave up14:20
xeirrrI gave up14:22
*** ivs has quit IRC14:39
*** xeirrr has quit IRC14:49
*** ivs has joined #crux14:51
mahmutovhey guys i want to recompile gcc version 5.3.should i update all versions of gcc depends.(e.g libmpc)15:05
*** myztic has joined #crux15:07
myzticis crux using systemd?15:07
myzticsorry, my mistake15:07
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC15:38
*** deep42thought has quit IRC15:38
mahmutovhey guys how can i reset docker compilitaion enviroment.16:06
mahmutovi want to back at start.16:06
*** tierd891 has joined #crux16:18
*** arduo has joined #crux16:21
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*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux18:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: st: removed conflicting terminfo files, FS#123418:32
*** ivs has quit IRC18:35
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC18:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: mpv: updated to 0.10.018:42
*** ivs has joined #crux18:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: detox: dropped orphaned port18:52
*** asie has joined #crux18:53
*** mahmutob has joined #crux18:53
*** kAPANGA has joined #crux18:58
mahmutobhi guys18:58
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC19:04
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux19:05
tilman"mpv: updated to 0.10.0" ; 0.14.0 was just released19:12
tilmannot sure why you'd go to 0.10.0 now19:12
frinnstscrew you, someone gave me a patch for 0.10. it was better than the version that was in contrib! :)19:13
tilmanand i hope the answer isn't in the commit message19:13
frinnstbtw you still have commit access you lazy bastard19:13
tilmannice fucking domain name19:13
tilmani need someone who knows about electronics19:13
tilmanrmull: you around?19:13
rmulltilman: Hello19:18
tilmando i want a stripboard with or without a layer of copper?19:19
tilman(i'm dumb ;p)19:19
rmullA stripboard like one of those prototyping perf boards?19:22
tilmani think so19:23
rmullI don't think you want a layer of copper... how would that even work? All the holes would be connected19:23
tilmanthe ones where you explicitly make the contacts you want, not the ones where you scratch off stuff to disconnect parts19:23
rmullYeah, those are usually just like plated holes, and you run jumpers to make connections19:24
rmullSome have buses that you can cut with an xacto knife19:25
rmullCan you link me to what you're looking at?19:25
*** ivs has quit IRC19:25
tilmanit's a german site and the pictures suck19:25
*** ivs has joined #crux19:26
tilmanafaict the copper doesn't connect the holes, it may just be to get a better soldering joint19:26
rmullYes, that's usually the case. The hole is plated and there is an annular ring of copper around each hole19:26
rmullBut "layer" usually refers to one of the layers of a PCB, so a layer of copper makes me think of a layer on which there was a copper pour - a large area of copper either on an internal layer (like in a 4-layer board) or on an external layer (for a 2-layer board)19:28
rmullIn either case, it will make prototyping difficult, so I don't think it makes sense19:28
tilmanyeah, i _think_ i worded that poorly19:28
jaegerwouldn't a breadboard be better for testing/prototyping? better than buying/printing PCBs until you have something made19:29
jaegerI'm no expert, though, could be wrong19:29
rmullIt's different19:29
jaegerI know it's different but isn't the point of it to be easy to design?19:30
rmullA breadboard is just for temporary stuff. The perfboard is much more secure and better when trying to prototype a system that you plan on moving around19:30
tilmani'm just about to leave breadboard land19:30
jaegeronce you have your design you can put it on a real PCB19:30
jaegerAh, ok19:30
rmullAnd you can cut perfboard into the shape that works best for you19:30
tilmani think a proper pcb is overkill for me/what i might do19:30
tilmanPerfboard differs from stripboard in that each pad on perfboard is isolated. Stripboard is made with rows of copper conductors that form default connections, which are broken into isolated segments as required by scraping through the copper.19:31
tilmanso i want a perfboard that has the little copper rings19:31
rmullthose are the buses I mentioned19:31
*** ivs has quit IRC19:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: mpv: updated to 0.14.019:33
rmullYou can find hybrid boards with sections of just holes and sections of buses, which are what I like19:34
rmullBecause then you can have convenient power rails19:34
mahmutobanybody use docker to compiling?19:34
mahmutobi am compiling a package after how can i back starting position of docker19:35
tilmani think i'll go for the basic perfboard for now and maybe upgrade to something else when i decide i need something better ;p19:35
*** ivs has joined #crux19:47
rmulltilman: What are you making?19:50
tilmani built a crappy alarm that plays vorbis files off an sd card using a cortex m319:52
tilmanyes, it was a deliberate choice :]19:52
frinnstcan you not build one of these?
frinnstid pay good money for it19:56
tilmanin that url, is the value of t in seconds?19:57
frinnstyeah, think so19:57
tilmansilly question, what else. the video is only 7 minutes :/19:57
tilmanholy crap19:58
tilmanthe stuff that mickey pulls in that trailer are so dangerous19:58
tilmandon't try this at home!19:58
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux19:59
tilmanfrinnst: 5:0020:02
mahmutobanybody uses crux docker?20:24
jaegerI do not20:26
mahmutobwhere are you compiling and testing your packages?20:27
jaegerVM, usually20:28
jaegervmware, virtualbox, qemu20:28
mahmutobare you restarting each packages to reset enviroment20:29
jaegerrestarting packages?20:29
tilmanrestarting the VM before every new build20:29
jaegersnapshots for that20:29
jaegertest a build, revert the snapshot. etc.20:30
mahmutobhow can you fetch or compiled packages from vm?20:30
jaegerjust like you would from any other machine20:31
mahmutobhow do you do sharing?20:31
retard.. sharing?20:32
mahmutobif we created a package in qemu how can i fetch from vm to my host20:32
tilmanretard: share files between the vm and host i assume20:32
tilmanyou could ssh from the vm to the host if you're brave20:33
tilman(that even works with the most basic networking provided by qemu)20:33
retardfeeling brave? hmm?20:33
mahmutobcan you share a example exports file.?20:34
retardyou get one for free with nfs-utils20:35
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC20:35
mahmutobso did you set up a nfs server_20:37
retardthat is what /etc/exports is generally for, yes20:38
retardyou could also rsync, scp, sshfs20:38
retardor just dd files into netcat20:39
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC20:49
frinnstjoy, critical vuln in bind21:20
*** groovy2shoes has joined #crux21:21
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux22:03
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*** kori has quit IRC22:32
mahmutobhey devs22:32
mahmutoba question?22:32
mahmutobhow are you making new crux version from lfs?22:33
mahmutobe.g new gcc version updates 5.4 so how are you making base crux with 5.422:35
Workstermahmutov> hey guys how can i reset docker compilitaion enviroment. <- either install romster/pkg-clean and run that or, exit the docker image and docker rm <name> of the image and start again.22:36
mahmutoboh workster much thanks i looking that :) because i am using docker my machines22:39
mahmutobi connected my dockers to my central server so packages collecting on the server...22:39
mahmutobi will use pkg-clean so my dockers wont stop..22:40
mahmutobwhat about making new crux version from lfs?22:42
mahmutobe.g new gcc version updates 5.4 so how can we making base crux with 5.422:43
john_cephalopodamahmutob: You can try editing /usr/ports/core/gcc/Pkgfile - but that's not trivial.22:45
john_cephalopodaAlso, what do you need gcc 5.4 for?22:45
john_cephalopodaDoes some program not compile with 5.2?22:46
*** sudobaal has quit IRC22:49
mahmutobno i am asking for making updated distro22:51
mahmutobso we can produce updated distro from updated sources22:53
mahmutobor it isnt necessary for updated distro.22:54
mahmutobi see in lfs pass1 pass2 like...22:54
mahmutobin crux that things exists?22:54
mahmutobe.g they produce 5.3gcc after they are building base with 5.3gcc22:56
mahmutobi am asking to understand.what are diffrences building lfs and building crux?22:57
*** pejman has quit IRC23:01
*** myztic has quit IRC23:02
john_cephalopodamahmutob: LFS (Linux From Scratch) is a guide for making your own Linux distribution.23:06
john_cephalopodaIt isn't really something that you just use but something you start from to make your own things.23:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: [notify] bind: updated to 9.9.8-P2.23:07
teK____thanks again23:07
john_cephalopodateK____: What's for?23:07
teK____updates ISOs?23:08
teK____from the same guy  who rolled the official 3.2, btw23:08
teK____(that is, jaeger)23:08
john_cephalopodaYeah, jaeger is listed in the dev section of :P23:08
teK____prominently ;)23:10
mahmutobso crux gitweb has iso.git.23:11
mahmutobthis is a method to build crux from stratch?23:11
teK____it (in)directly depends on a current checkout of {core,opt,xorg}23:11
frinnstwhy would you want to?23:11
frinnstthat would build you the install image23:11
jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: is just a landing place for my junk to make it easier to find (like it says)23:12
john_cephalopodaHmm, the  Logos, Artwork and CD Cover sections of the crux site could be a bit more ordered.23:12
frinnstmahmutob: you probably want to rebuild your installed system. you can do that with "prt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinst)"23:12
mahmutobi am looking codes to make a updated my crux23:13
john_cephalopodaIt's just a folder currently, in which everything is.23:13
teK____that's us, all rough rugged and raw ;23:13
*** pejman has joined #crux23:13
*** pejman has quit IRC23:13
*** pejman has joined #crux23:13
john_cephalopodaIt would be nice to have thumbnails and stuff, also the resolution is a bit... outdated :P23:14
teK____we are very open to newly created wiki pages23:15
john_cephalopoda1600x1200 on the best one.23:16
mahmutobalso why crux devs arent producing live isos such as xfce4_crux mate_crux23:16
teK____because it's (even more) work. Feel free to contribute23:17
mahmutobi created my live crux two days ago23:18
mahmutobi didnt see a live crux after cruxex :)23:18
*** myztic has joined #crux23:18
teK____you are welcome to post a link to our ML23:18
teK____if people like it, I can offer to host it at my master mirror23:18
jaegerI don't see a point to it, myself, but anyone's free to make their own23:19
john_cephalopodaThe official crux iso is more or less a live crux ;)23:20
mahmutobyeb i created a code automatic produces live iso from my installed system23:20
mahmutobi used dracut because it is very modular initramfs23:21
mahmutobif i want transfer my crux to other comp. i can use my live iso ;)23:22
john_cephalopodaDracut produces large initramfs.23:23
john_cephalopodaYou can make much smaller ones with other tools that use busybox instead of your own system.23:23
mahmutobbut dracut has useful modules23:24
mahmutobit is not problem large initramfs my inintramfs is 10mb23:25
mahmutobalso in official crux iso you cant install new packages to mounted rootfs23:27
mahmutobmy live iso has 16gb free space23:28
mahmutobso you can install-build programs on it..23:29
*** BitPuffin|osx has joined #crux23:29
mahmutobanyway i will put code to my github so you can try..23:29
mahmutobwe can discuss on it.benefits,bugs..23:30
*** |narcos| has joined #crux23:32
mahmutobalso i want to make a crux iso for diskless systems23:38
frinnstwhat, ramdisk?23:39
mahmutobno it reboots from a server23:40
mahmutobLinux clients booted through PXE/NFSROOT23:41
mahmutoblike that23:41
mahmutobLinux clients booted through PXE/NFSROOT23:41
mahmutobi know thinstation based crux.23:42
mahmutobbut he made some modificitions off course23:44
mahmutobcrux is like ancestor of many things :) isnt it?23:45
mahmutobi love crux for this reason.23:46
john_cephalopodaSomebody posted a new version of revdep yesterday, that is faster and has other improvements. Anybody got the link?23:52
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: gcc: updated to 5.3.023:55
john_cephalopodavlc footprint mismatch.23:56
mahmutob[core.git/3.2]: gcc: updated to 5.3.0   it is a good news :)23:56
john_cephalopodaA lot of stuff "missing", seems that a few directory locations moved.23:56
*** myztic has left #crux ()23:57

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