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Worksteryeah but it still does not fix the -O2 level optimisation bugs00:04
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brian|lfsall ouch my back00:30
brian|lfsI thought the chiropractor would help guess it will take time00:31
groovy2shoesjaeger, any plans for an i686 edition of 3.2?00:53
jaegerAt some point, sure. I've already done most of the work, actually, but firefox was giving trouble.00:53
jaegeralso that evil_shibe dude annoyed the hell out of me so I put it on the back burner00:54
groovy2shoesI'm relatively new to Crux, but I've got an old Celeron that I'd love to run it on... I was wondering earlier how much work it would be to get an i686 build going myself, but again, new :)00:55
groovy2shoesif there's anything I could do to help, I'd love to have the learning opportunity00:55
jaegerJust depends on how much work you want to put into it, hehe. The github repo is already updated (though there's a new gcc version now) but it does take some learning to get used to the ISO build system if you've not done it. Plus you need a running system (doesn't have to be crux) to do the build00:56
groovy2shoesI'm running Slackware-current on this machine at the moment (Crux in a VM)... I don't have a ton of free time, but I do have some00:57
jaegerI've already got the environment set up for it so I wouldn't recommend spending a lot of time unless you really want to. I'll do some builds soon and see if I can figure out what firefox wants00:58
jaegerThere is a 3.1 i686 ISO available if you feel impatient but of course it's not quite the same :)00:59
groovy2shoesyup, I've got that on a CD already :D00:59
groovy2shoesit's actually what prompted me to ask about 3.200:59
jaegerok, fair enough00:59
groovy2shoesagain, if there's something I can do to help, let me know... otherwise thanks a bunch, you've got a user :)01:00
jaegerAppreciate the offer. I don't think there's anything right now but thanks for checking01:00
groovy2shoescan anyone recommend free/cheap hosting for a port repository?01:03
Wildefyrdigital ocean?01:03
jaegergithub would be my recommendation01:03
Wildefyr$5 a month01:03
Wildefyrbut yeah you can just use git for ports01:03
groovy2shoesah cool01:03
jaegeror httpup if you prefer. if you want to use rsync you'll need something like DO01:03
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brian|lfsdocker script pretty useless unless you have a kernel compiled already lol01:06
brian|lfsjust discovered that was going to add the options to my kernel for docker now01:06
groovy2shoescan I stick an httpup repository on github?  or do the port utilities support git directly?01:06
brian|lfsbut it looked at the kernel on the live iso instead01:06
jaegergroovy2shoes: both are options01:06
groovy2shoescool, thanks again01:07
brian|lfsI haven't used Slackware in years01:08
brian|lfsmaybe 8.x was the last one I used01:08
groovy2shoesI installed it last week after years of using OS X... I didn't realize just how much I'd missed Linux :D01:11
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Romstergroovy2shoes, afaik isn't the celerons 64bit capable?01:25
groovy2shoesRomster, this one is rather old, and it's i68601:25
Romsterrelaly early then. them cellerons don't have much oomph to them so expect long compiles.01:26
Romsterkernel compile on a p3 took a day01:27
Romsterif you have the disk space i'd recommend setting up ccache. it'll be a little slower on first builds but later builds with same gcc version will be faster.01:29
groovy2shoescool, thanks for the tip01:30
Romsterexport PATH="/usr/lib/ccache/:$PATH"01:31
Romsterexport CCACHE_DIR="/var/cache/ccache"01:31
Romsterexport CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK="%compiler% -dumpversion; crux"01:31
Romsterand add that to /etc/profile01:31
Romsteri need to update the wiki on that.01:31
Romsterthe last line prevents stale cache between many different builds of gcc and crux releases. (i share everything with the same database)01:32
Romsteri'll edit the wiki later with this info too.01:33
Romsteron my lunch break atm01:33
Romsteroh and i use about 15GB on average out of my 20GB assigned to ccache.01:34
Romsterfor about 800 ports on 2 flavors of crux 3.1 and 3.201:35
groovy2shoesnot too bad, then01:35
Romsteryou'll likely not even cross the 10GB mark unless you are a heavy user01:37
Romstercrux setup takes time and learning, but i find the reward is worth it.01:38
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brian|lfsthats not what you acted like last night lol01:43
brian|lfsshould of went with gut instinct and booted another iso the efibootmgr works lon lol01:44
brian|lfsall well taking a nap then I'll resolve it01:44
Romsterjsut added it now.01:48
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brian|lfsyay a wiki04:56
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brian|lfshmm bit lost kernel just hangs with a blank screen loading kernel linux-4.1.3...06:07
brian|lfshey you there tilman?06:27
brian|lfshey jaeger you around man?07:30
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: smplayer: updated version 15.9.0 -> 15.11.0, changed man path12:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: smtube: updated version 15.9.0 -> 15.11.012:17
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rmullgrub2 0-day
rmullExploit: press backspace 28 times when asked for username16:03
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joacimi'm confused17:22
joacimwhy are people talking about symlinks for /usr/man?17:23
frinnstbecause they are silly17:33
joacimgood to know that I'm normal then17:45
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mahmutobhi guys18:40
john_cephalopodaHi mahmutob18:41
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john_cephalopodaDistrowatch site says: "CRUX is a lightweight, i686-optimised Linux distribution targeted at experienced Linux users."19:54
mahmutobis it old info.isnt it?20:00
john_cephalopodaYeah, crux is x86_64 now iirc20:01
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mahmutobin iso.git bootstrap procudure is same to lfs?20:10
mahmutobstage1-stage2 ...20:10
mahmutobin Makefile.20:12
jaegerIt's not quite the same20:14
jaegerIn the ISO bootstrap process, stage0 is building the packages on the host system, stage1 then rebuilds the packages with the packages from stage0, stage2 does the same with stage1 packages20:14
mahmutobwhy we cant create iso from stage0.20:20
mahmutobstage1 is why necessary?20:20
mahmutobi dont understand the order..20:22
mahmutobshortly we can creates packages for crux base on host.then pkgadd base packages to a rootfs and chroot it.20:24
mahmutobisnt it?20:24
z3bradoes anyone has a precompiled webkit-gtk2 ?20:44
jaegerNot I20:45
jaegermahmutob: sorry, I don't understand your question20:46
mahmutob stage0 is building the packages on the host system20:47
mahmutobso we have crux packages int it?20:47
mahmutobisnt it?20:47
mahmutobafter why we recompile same sources to produce same packages?20:48
jaegerevery stage builds all the packages that go on the ISO20:48
jaegerTo ensure there are no inconsistencies in the toolchain or built packages20:49
jaegerSame reason that toolchain builds compile gcc/glibc multiple times20:49
jaegeror even why gcc itself builds multiple times20:49
mahmutobstage2 makes same things to ensure inconsistencies20:51
jaegerquite the opposite, actually20:51
mahmutobstage2 what makes?or why necessary?20:52
jaegerIt does the same thing as stage1 but uses the packages that stage1 built20:52
jaegermultiple what?20:54
mahmutobso multiple times we are compiling same packages?20:54
jaegeryes. 3 times total20:54
mahmutobjaeger much thanks i understand very well at now20:54
mahmutobi love crux because using it teaches me more things about linux... :)20:55
jaegerIt's definitely good for learning20:58
mahmutobhey jaeger what are diffrences bsd ports and crux ports?21:00
jaegerI don't know BSD ports well, sorry21:01
z3brathe recipes21:01
mahmutobcan we use bsd ports in crux21:01
mahmutobah ok..21:01
tilmanshort answer: no21:01
z3brayou can use netbsd's pkg_something21:01
mahmutobor can we convert?21:01
jaegeryou could convert them but not without modification, I'm sure21:01
tilmanpkgsrc was ported to crux iirc21:02
teK____pkgsrc works with linux in general (iirc)21:02
z3bradamn webkit-gtk2 require more than 4Gb of ram...21:02
teK____what's up, old slacker21:02
tilmanthis is probably also what zebra was thinking of21:02
tilmanwhat's with the underscores?21:02
tilmantrying to impress anyone?21:02
jaegerz3bra: I can try to build it if you're having trouble21:02
z3braI created a 1gb swafile21:03
z3braI'll see how it goes21:03
teK____tilman: no, freenode just sucks21:03
teK____I stoppped caring, I suggest you do the same21:03
tilmanthis isn't the season to stop caring21:03
tilmanyuletide and stuff21:04
mahmutobis it usefful for you z3bra21:05
teK____tilman: yeah but about virtual thingies like under scores after a nickname21:07
tilmanit's bugging me21:07
tilman/nick tek please21:07
teK____wont work21:07
groovy2shoesI took a stab at writing some ports... any feedback is welcome:
teK____prtverify from prt-utils gives automated feedback21:12
groovy2shoescouldn't find an official list of dependencies on awesome's site, so I used the arch package's deps as a reference21:13
groovy2shoesin particular, I'm not sure it actually used doxygen for anything, so I can probably try removing it21:13
groovy2shoesteK____, neat!  thanks21:13
teK____welcome. doxygen should be a compile time optional dep. for documentation21:14
groovy2shoesyeah, I think it is... and I don't think it even tries to use it if ldoc isn't installed21:14
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groovy2shoesI know for a fact it used asciidoc and docbook to generate the manpages, though... I know this because I had to debug it and write a little patch for the makefile -_-21:15
tilmanprtverify should whine about the user/group in .footprint21:16
tilmangroovy2shoes: in general, you should build ports via fakeroot21:17
tilmanno risk of accidentally modifying your system by _building_ stuff, and you get proper permissions21:17
groovy2shoeshmm... I vaguely recall the wiki mentioning that, now that you mention it21:17
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frinnst____hi tilman21:27
frinnst____sorry im late to the party21:27
jaegerz3bra: what kind of CPU are you using?21:28
jaegerI have a webkit-gtk2 built for core-avx221:28
jaegerwill build an x86-64 one, shouldn't take long21:33
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jaegerz3bra: if you need it21:49
brian|lfshey jaeger21:50
brian|lfsI have a grub menu in my UEFI but the kernel just says loading ... and nothign dispalys just a ahrd lock21:50
jaegerIs it hard locked or has it booted without video? Can you ping it or ssh into it after?21:51
brian|lfsis a hard lock can't reboot it21:51
brian|lfsits like grub can't read the kernel or something becasue if I change my device letter for root it doesn't say no kernel image21:52
brian|lfsit just does the samething21:52
brian|lfsand its the same kernel coonfig I used on CRUX 3.2 and same kernel version21:53
brian|lfssame computer also21:53
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jaegerI haven't run into that one, very odd21:55
brian|lfsya it is lol21:56
brian|lfsabout to boot CRUX 3.1 iso21:56
brian|lfsand look at it again21:56
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brian|lfshow did you get around your grub issues21:59
brian|lfsI used my old UEFI partition initially then when stuff went south with my weird issue I was able to reformat it with fat32 from a crux 3.2 iso22:00
jaegerI don't really have grub issues, heh22:02
jaegerDid you make your own config or use grub-mkconfig?22:02
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brian|lfsits my own I made on 3.2 and copied it to a flash drive22:03
brian|lfsbefore I reformatted22:03
brian|lfsI used make menuconfig and picked all my options22:04
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brian|lfsdid you have to reinstall grub after getting dosfstools tow ork?22:11
deus_exIs anyone else having issues with FF and yt html5 not working?22:11
jaegerbrian|lfs: does it fail to boot if you use the auto-generated config, too?22:16
jaegerYou would need to reinstall grub if you formatted the ESP22:16
deus_exwith e10s enabled and ~20 tabs, ff is using around 330Mb of RAM.what kind of sorcery is this?22:17
brian|lfsok I did reinstall grub22:17
jaeger(not the package but the actual EFI executable in the ESP)22:18
brian|lfsyes that would make sense22:18
jaegerpedja: just give it time, it'll leak the rest of your RAM eventually :D22:18
brian|lfsand I miss understood your question earlier I used grub-mkconfig22:19
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brian|lfsits weird because it should give a kernel panic or something and be like dude wrong root device22:21
jaegeryeah. Much harder to troubleshoot when it does nothing visible22:21
brian|lfsand no logs22:21
brian|lfsI was correct installing grub2-efi correct22:22
brian|lfskernel config
brian|lfsgoing to try reboot installing my uefi entry again was more specific this time with my coomand22:26
jaegerwhat command did you use?22:26
brian|lfsgrub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi /dev/sda22:26
brian|lfsread it online on a funtoo form22:27
jaegerthat's a bit of an odd one22:27
jaegerit should just require "grub-install /boot/efi"22:27
brian|lfsya it is22:27
jaegeryou could always try a manual efibootmgr invocation if that doesn't work22:28
jaegerYour kernel config and grub config look alright but the fstab is a little odd... do you have more than one ESP? It's usually not on sdd if you've installed anything else with UEFI22:29
brian|lfswell thats the order my drives come up22:31
brian|lfssda ends up being a 2TB drive that I have backup of stuff on22:32
brian|lfsother then the drive letters is it correct22:32
brian|lfsI had all UUIDs before and had the same error22:33
brian|lfsor lack of error rather22:33
brian|lfsI definitely would prefer to run CRUX 3.1 for now due to all the bugs22:34
jaegerIt would be more useful to fix the bugs to which you keep aluding than to run an old version22:34
brian|lfsabout to in a bit just install 3.2 real quick and compile my kernel and see if I have the same result something is wacky22:34
brian|lfsI agree22:34
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Worksteri'm just not upgrading my main machine until i've solved allthe issues with broken ports i deem necessary to my use22:35
brian|lfsthats why my main machine still has debian22:35
frinnstcowards :)22:36
brian|lfsI was trying to install CRUX 3.1 to see if my ports I would be using work in 3.1 even22:36
brian|lfsseeing  I didn't have a 3.1 to go back to22:36
frinnstdebian is probably a better bet than running crux 3.1.. wonder how many security updates we have missed to backport22:37
brian|lfsright now I would say Jessie is the most solid22:38
brian|lfsout of major distros22:38
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brian|lfshey jaeger did you have the error about efivars missing?22:46
*** user__ has joined #crux22:47
jaegerThe module wasn't loaded by default in 3.1, maybe? I don't remember. Is efivars loaded?22:48
brian|lfsya its not compiled in 3.1 so did it just not affect you writing to eFI22:49
brian|lfsno it won't load for me efivars22:50
brian|lfsat least not on 3.122:51
jaegerit's available in 3.1, just maybe not already loaded22:55
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jaeger;a=blob;f=kernel/linux-4.0.6.config;h=d1c664a8a9f29264262d2a76520073c90888f2c4;hb=refs/heads/3.1 <-- you can see the kernel config here if you're curious22:55
brian|lfsok if its available modprobe doesn't load it22:55
jaegerbefore chrooting?22:56
brian|lfshuhh I"m confused the iso I have has kernel 3.12 on it22:56
brian|lfsis there a newer 3.1 iso22:56
jaegerIt was enabled as a module in 3.12 as well22:59
mahmutobi changed my pkgmk_compression gz to xz.will it be any problems?22:59
brian|lfsstrange it don't load if you modprobe it even22:59
brian|lfsshouldn't be no23:00
brian|lfsoh pkgmk23:00
jaegerI used efi with 3.1 and kernel 3.12, too. You're running into some really weird stuff23:00
brian|lfswhere do I get the newer 3.1 iso from23:00
brian|lfsok cool thanks23:02
brian|lfsI don't expect that to make a difference but who knows23:02
brian|lfsvery weird stuff23:03
brian|lfsdoes the latest have dosfstools even jaeger23:04
jaegerI don't recall... but if it doesn't, just install it in the chroot23:05
brian|lfscan I format in chroot23:07
brian|lfswell should be able to as long as the partition isn't mounted23:07
brian|lfsbe back latter taking care of dry cleaners and othher thhigns23:07
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mahmutobhey jaeger23:10
mahmutobi am building a crux iso using iso.git23:10
mahmutobi set kernel 4.3.223:11
mahmutobi put updated ports.23:11
jaegerThat's more or less how the updated ISOs are done23:21
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pedjaI just love when someone, as a cheap network appliance, recommends 800 euro Supermicro-based one...23:42
*** crash_ has quit IRC23:42
pedjaI hate being poor(ish) (having no budget for toys/gadgets)23:44
frinnstall the fun stuff have lots of fans usually. I dont have a good place to put stuff like that23:47
retardhow about a nice soundproof rack enclosure23:49
*** crash_ has joined #crux23:49
frinnstI dont have space for a 19" rack :)23:50
retardwhat about a tiny little 8U acousti orion23:51
frinnstthat could actually work as a sofa table :D23:52

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