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brian|lfswhat a name retard what did I miss when I was afk00:51
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xeirrrjaeger: anything wrong with the updated 3.2 iso before dec 15? you uploaded a new one, so i am a liitle bit worried before i used your former 3.2 updated-iso02:50
jaegerA new one is built and automatically updated weekly now02:51
jaegerIt was not a result of a problem, for what that's worth02:51
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brian|lfsyou just need another script to put it on the crux page04:28
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brian|lfsholly crap never had that many entries on any of my computers in the bios
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brian|lfsI still need to check my ram gcc failed to compile05:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libsrtp: switched to linephone's fork07:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: pulseaudio: fixed dependencies, updated man path, updated footprint, keep startup script07:23
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mahmutovhey brian08:46
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mahmutovhi guys11:41
mahmutovin gcc pkgfile i saw a option11:41
mahmutovis it important crux or other word?11:41
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pitilloSpecify a string that identifies your package. You may wish to include a build number or build date. This version string will be included in the output of gcc --version. This suffix does not replace the default version string, only the ‘GCC’ part.11:51
mahmutovif i will change it so i doesnt break anything isnt it?11:54
pitillomahmutov: I doubt you'll break anything, it's just used to show information as help shows11:56
mahmutovah ok.thanks11:56
mahmutovcan we use it for other packages?11:57
pitillocheck configure --help and you'll see configure options for other sources... may be it's there, may be not...11:58
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mahmutovhey guys14:12
mahmutovanybody tried to create a iso from
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mahmutovwhat are the make ordering?14:30
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brian|lfs|mobileYaya on my phone15:10
brian|lfs|mobileAt work15:10
mahmutovhi brian15:17
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brian|lfs|mobileHey no working on my CRUX at work lol15:49
brian|lfs|mobileHow is your ISO coming?15:49
mahmutovwhy not workıng?15:50
brian|lfs|mobileNear Christmas not much going on15:56
frinnstmahmutov: "make help"16:07
frinnstthen: less Makefile16:07
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brian|lfs|mobileWow my dream CPU 18 core Xeon processor 45 megs of cash16:29
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jaegerand dwarf fortress will still make it crawl after a while :D16:35
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groovy2shoeshi, all... is there something special I need to configure to get X working? it seemed to work out of the box in qemu, but now on the bare metal, I can't get the X server to start19:00
groovy2shoes"Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration"19:00
groovy2shoes"open: /dev/dri/card0: no such file or directory"19:04
groovy2shoeshmm... looks like my kernel doesn't have KMS... gonna recompile that and see if it helps19:14
jaegerwhat kind of gpu?19:18
groovy2shoeshuzzah, that worked19:20
groovy2shoesI've got an integrated i915 and a dedicated nvidia19:20
groovy2shoesshit, now my mouse doesn't work19:20
groovy2shoespretty new to building the kernel, so I'm missing a lot of drivers I need19:23
jaegerIt's good practice :)19:23
groovy2shoesyeah, I don't mind, really19:23
groovy2shoesjust a learning experience :)19:23
groovy2shoesI really like how simple CRUX is19:32
groovy2shoesno magic19:32
groovy2shoesit's what I like about Slackware as well19:33
groovy2shoesalso, no systemd, as dumb as that may sound19:33
kAPANGAcrux is awesome19:36
groovy2shoesI agree19:36
groovy2shoesI can't believe I waited so long to try it out, to be honest19:36
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groovy2shoesI always liked the BSD-style init scripts and ports19:37
kAPANGAI just discovered it a few weeks ago, after a long time with BSD and even longer with Solaris19:37
jaegergroovy2shoes: 3.2 i686 is uploaded now, though not extensively tested19:38
groovy2shoeskAPANGA: I discovered it many years ago (in an interview with Judd Vinet in a linux magazine), but never bothered trying it out until a few days ago19:39
groovy2shoesjaeger: awesome! I'll give it a whirl this weekend19:39
groovy2shoesjaeger: thanks a bunch :)19:40
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groovy2shoesis there a way to loop over files in a Pkgfile? I'm getting strange behavior when I try to do "for i in *bz2", as if it's looping over '*.bz2' as a literal rather than expanding it22:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] grub2: updated to version 2.02-beta2 and patched for CVE-2015-837022:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] grub2-efi: updated to version 2.02-beta2 and patched for CVE-2015-837022:03
groovy2shoesalso, is there a way for prt-get to preserve the work directory when the build fails so I can try to investigate?22:04
groovy2shoesgot my "loop" to work22:07
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groovy2shoesah, -kw22:17
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mahmutobhi everbody22:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gdk-pixbuf: updated to 2.32.322:50
groovy2shoeshi mahmutob23:00
mahmutobis anybody tried to create a iso from iso.git23:01
frinnstobviously, yes23:03
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mahmutobi read Makefile23:04
mahmutobbut first what should i make23:04
frinnst"make help"23:04
mahmutobthanks groovy i am looking to order23:06
mahmutobit is kernel,bootstrap,iso23:06
mahmutobthis document is for 3.0 but it should same for 3.2 isnt it?23:07
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frinnsthave you actually tried any of the commands?23:07
mahmutobi triied make all23:07
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mahmutobbut i saw some ports not compiled such firefox23:08
frinnstlook at the logs and find what went wrong23:08
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brian|lfshello brian|lfs|mobile23:28
mahmutobhell o23:29
brian|lfshow is your iso coming23:30
mahmutobi created kernel 4.3.2,compiled all ports,23:31
brian|lfswhat you mean by all ports there are over 500 ports23:31
mahmutobat now i will command "make iso"  but i am checking some errors23:31
mahmutobpackages.opt and xorg there are defined in the files23:32
mahmutobnot all23:32
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mahmutobhey jaeger23:35
mahmutobsorry my misunderstanding but i think stage1 and stage2 makes same things in bootstrap procedure23:38
mahmutobisnt it?23:38
frinnstim pretty sure he has explained it to you a couple of times23:44
frinnstall stages build the same packages if thats what you are asking about23:45
mahmutobok why we are chrooting double times23:51
mahmutobstage1 makes all-chroot stage2- also makes all-chroot23:53
mahmutobi tried this procedure after making stage1 then stage2 tooks 10 seconds.nothing changed23:53
mahmutobhey frinst here is firefox error:
mahmutobcan you look?23:56
mahmutobalso this link is broken23:57
mahmutobin dosfstools ports23:57
mahmutobcan you update this23:58
frinnstdont recognize the firefox error23:59

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