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mahmutobhey guys00:16
mahmutobcan we use libre kernel in crux?00:16
rmullYou can use whatever kernel you want00:18
mahmutobbut crux uses kernel from offically?isntit00:28
rmullYou are not required to use that kernel, but yes, it's a vanilla kernel00:30
mahmutobsome linux geeks say that is free kernel00:32
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mahmutoband protests kernels in kernel.org00:33
mahmutobthey say that kernels have blobs00:34
mahmutobbinary blobs00:34
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brian|lfsmahmutob, how many computers you have man?04:43
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brian|lfsanother dam deps for skype04:57
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mahmutovi have 205:13
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brian|lfshey man05:23
brian|lfsso whats this kernel you talk about05:26
brian|lfsis same process to compile as a linux kernel from kernel.org05:26
mahmutovprocess is same to compile05:27
mahmutovbut sources are different05:27
mahmutovsome linux geeks say's kernel sources contain binary blobs05:28
brian|lfsdon't know about that one05:29
mahmutovalso libre kernel doesnt contain non-free sources05:29
mahmutovread first sentence05:30
brian|lfsdon't think I have any non free drivers compiled in my kernel05:30
mahmutovLinux, the kernel developed and distributed by Linus Torvalds et a ....05:30
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brian|lfswow Romster can't stay connected05:46
Romsterpower went out05:55
Romsterlonger than the ups could sustain05:55
Romsteri put in the generator as the restore time said 19:00 and it's now only 16:55 but they got it back on already.05:56
Romsterall over the place05:56
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brian|lfswhat caused it06:14
mahmutovmount: iso/efiboot: mount failed: Unknown error -106:18
mahmutovit occurs when i command make iso06:18
Romsterlightning or over hot or over loaded from too many air conditioners06:19
Romsterwho knows stuff gets stressed out in 40C heat06:19
Romster lots of lightning strikes06:21
brian|lfsyou a weather man for living06:24
mahmutov/usr/bin/grub-mkimage -c iso/grub-early.cfg -o iso/EFI/bootx64.efi -O x86_64-efi -p "" iso9660 normal search search_fs_file06:28
brian|lfsyou still making your ISO?06:30
mahmutovi am at now finish06:30
brian|lfsyou put any back door sin it06:31
mahmutovat last section,efi error occurs06:31
mahmutovno back door :)06:31
brian|lfswhat error06:34
brian|lfssorry I asked06:41
brian|lfsSkype works that was weird a first for me running it from twm06:42
brian|lfsit had no borders running from TWM06:42
Romsteron crux 3.1 or 3.2?06:42
Romsteri have it running here on 3.106:43
Romsterand i now it's got a fuckton of dependencies06:43
brian|lfsof course no sound weird creative card don't seem to work in linux06:44
Romsterdrivers in kernel06:44
brian|lfsyes but broken don't output anything06:44
Romsteryou sure your mixer is not muted?06:44
Romsteryou're in the audio group?06:44
Romsterelse you can't write to audio device06:45
brian|lfsoh not in my kernel right now meant in the past06:45
brian|lfsI just meant the driver is in the linux kernel06:45
Romsteras a module?06:45
Romsterbecause i've had issues building it in [*]06:46
Romsteralsa works best with [M] modules for sound.06:46
brian|lfs03:00.0 Audio device: Creative Labs SB Recon3D (rev 01)06:46
Romsterunless they fixed that issue06:46
brian|lfsdon't think thats its real name some newer card I got on my 7K 5960X beast06:47
Romster/usr/sbin/lsof +D /dev/snd06:47
brian|lfs-bash: /usr/sbin/lsof: No such file or directory06:47
brian|lfsmaybe because I don't have it compiled inn my kernel not sure06:47
Romsteryou'll need to install lsof06:48
brian|lfsanyhow so after I realized it sucked ass on linux I put my xfi in my main machine and the card incompatible card inn my test machine06:48
brian|lfsah ok after kde bombs out06:48
Romsteryou can sneak that in as kde is compiling06:49
Romsteras log as it's not at installing stage it'll not lock the database06:49
brian|lfscommand gave nothing back now06:49
Romsteras root or under sudo06:49
brian|lfsas root06:49
Romsterit'll list what ever is using the sound device. so nothing has it open.06:50
Romsterdid you try running /usr/sbin/alsaconf06:51
brian|lfswell problem because I didn't compile the driver inn my kernel lol06:51
Romsterfrom alsa-tools06:51
Romsterlspci -k06:51
Romsteris handy then you can search in the kernel by /06:52
Romstersame as you would with vim for searching06:52
brian|lfs03:00.0 Audio device: Creative Labs SB Recon3D (rev 01)06:52
brian|lfs        Subsystem: Creative Labs SB Recon3D06:52
brian|lfs        Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel06:52
brian|lfs        Kernel modules: snd_hda_intel06:52
brian|lfsthat won't work lol06:52
brian|lfseven if I had alsa tools installed06:53
Romstersnd_hda_intel is common...06:53
brian|lfsya I know for a creative card don't think so06:53
Romsteri've had sb16s work06:53
Romsterand a sb256 live06:53
jaegernot with snd-hda-intel06:53
Romsterno with the right driver...06:54
Romsterintel is the shitty on board sound card06:54
brian|lfswish people remembered deps for thhigns06:54
jaegerwhich are mostly made by realtek these days and not very shitty anymore06:54
Romsterwhy is it using that driver?06:54
brian|lfsand why are 64 libs going to /lib06:55
jaegeryou probably need the ca0132 driver for the recon3d06:55
jaegerbecause that's where they belong06:55
Romstereh this one is okish but it has no hardware dmix06:55
brian|lfsok so then why 32 bit compiles looking in 64 bit lib folder06:55
Romsterbecause we use lib for 64bit and lib32 for 32bit libs on a multilib system06:56
jaegerusually that happens if the port isn't prepared correctly or a dep is missing or something06:56
Romsterso if 32bit ever finally dies....06:56
Romsterwhich i doubt it because of wine needs 32bit for 32bit PEs unless all PEs are 64bit only.06:56
Romsterand no other software like skype needs 32 bit anymore...06:56
brian|lfsI thought we fixed doxygen06:56
Romsteroh how did you go with docbook jaeger ?06:57
brian|lfsoh wait did we make a patch I forget doxygen fails due to flex being to new06:58
brian|lfsah ok we updated doxygen on 3.206:59
brian|lfsto 1.8.1006:59
brian|lfsjaeger, see my message the other day gut CRUX to install and boot on my raid card again07:06
brian|lfsmust be been something corrupt and zeroing the drive cleaned it07:06
brian|lfsanyone recall what was wrong with cppunit07:10
jaegerthat doesn't make sense but congrats, glad you got it working07:14
jaegerRomster: I haven't looked at it again yet, been sick and busy with work07:15
brian|lfsany ideas?07:15
Romsterthere is no rush, was just curious.07:24
Romsterhope you get well jaeger and work eases up07:24
brian|lfsI'm drawing a blank I know we had this issue can you look at my compile log Romster07:26
Romsteri've had windows bork at a disk until i zeroed it then it would format.07:29
Romsterbut raid cards should be able to deal with random gibberish on a hard disk.07:29
brian|lfswill I want from one raid card to a new07:29
brian|lfsI meant about the  cppunit07:30
Romsterunless it used almost identical metadata07:30
Romsterand it confused it07:30
Romsteronly a wild guess07:30
Romstercppunit is missing a header file or a link flag.07:31
Romstergrep -r dlsym /usr/include/07:31
Romsteror it's configure script is crap and doesn't detect a dependency is missing07:32
brian|lfsposting on pastebin07:33
brian|lfsfeel like we had this issue like a week or two ago07:34
Romster/usr/include/ltdl.h has them functions and that is part of libtool07:34
Romsterand libtool is a core port and should already be installed07:34
brian|lfsyes it is07:35
Romsteris this a clean install of 3.1 ?07:36
Romsteror did you go over the top of something else07:36
brian|lfsclean install but we had the issue with cppunit on 3.207:36
Romsterthat --as-needed might be messing it up on the linker flag i dunno07:36
brian|lfsgood point07:37
Romsterdid you try 1 13.2 one in contrib is old07:37
Romsterfor 3.107:37
brian|lfsno not yet good point07:39
brian|lfshey what you have for your flags again07:39
brian|lfsin pkgmk.conf07:39
Romsteri'll try building it on 3.1 and 3.207:40
Romstermade 2 clean docker containers07:41
brian|lfsok cool07:41
Romsteronce they sysup07:46
Romsteri need to make newer images07:46
brian|lfsand cppunit is in opt not contrib07:56
Romsteroh is too07:58
brian|lfsOnly in opt on 3.107:58
Romsterwhen you have to look after dogs and i got one on my lap now... it's easily to get distracted and think it's somewhere else07:58
brian|lfsI'm about to go to bed need to do stuff this weekend get my place clean before I heard up north for th holiday xmas eve07:59
brian|lfsbut just leave me a message or whatever about the cppunit07:59
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mahmutovanybody help10:07
mahmutovi commanded "make iso"10:07
mahmutovthis occurs....10:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: mksh: update to R52, move man-page11:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sane: disable rebuild of man-pages if latex is installed (FS#1272)11:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dosfstools: update to 3.0.28, new URL12:03
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mahmutovanybody any help?i am last section...12:42
mahmutovs/i am/i am on12:43
j_vmahmutov, have you verified that the loop module is loaded?13:13
mahmutovlet me look13:14
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mahmutovi tried modprobe loop13:14
mahmutovthen i commanded lsmod | grep loop13:15
mahmutovreslt empty13:15
mahmutovi am on 3.2 docker13:15
j_vah, i have no experience with docker13:15
j_vi might be grasping at straws even to guess, but i would suggest getting a look at the kernel config to see if loop module is even built for your kernel13:18
mahmutovkernel has loop module.13:22
mahmutovand loop module already loaded with kernel-in13:25
j_vcould be a docker / container config issue, but, like i said, i have no experience with it. been meaning mess with it. just haven't had time to explore it.13:28
j_vs/\(meaning\) \(mess\)/\1 to \2/13:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: postgresql: add post-install script14:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: postgresql: adjust mandir14:27
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brian|lfshey mahmutov are you god you keep writing I command.21:08
brian|lfscan you command tat cppunit compiles for me please21:09
dbrookecppunit is a dependency of a port I did a week or so back and I don't recall having any problem (tested a prt-get depinst of my port in a clean 3.2 container)21:15
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mahmutobhi everbody21:23
groovy2shoeshi mahmutob21:37
groovy2shoeswhy is haskell such a pain in the ass to package?21:40
groovy2shoesbuilding haskell-platform requires haskell-platform -_-21:40
groovy2shoesthe haskell-platform binaries install in /usr/local/haskell -_-21:40
groovy2shoesso, what do we do when the maintainer of a contrib port is unreachable at the address listed in the Pkgfile?21:57
frinnstwhich port?21:58
frinnstand who is the maintainer?21:58
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j_vgroovy2shoes: has instructions for bootstrapping haskell without binary haskell22:22
groovy2shoesj_v, ghc itself is fairly easy, it's when you get to cabal that things start getting complicated22:24
groovy2shoesfrinnst, mtpaint, Ricardo Oliveira22:24
groovy2shoesback in a few22:32
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frinnstthats not the maintainer22:35
frinnstalso the maintainer is inactive and the port is orphaned22:35
frinnstI can remove it if it makes you feel better22:35
brian|lfsI"m not recalling what it was either dbrooke and I"m on CRUX 3.1 makes it more challangeing23:11
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