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Redmond_dashHello. I installed nvidia and now forget won't work.00:12
Redmond_dashIt says screen not found00:12
Redmond_dashAnd unable to connect to x, connection refused00:13
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feuteRamona_dash: whenever i get that error i try: chmod u+s /usr/bin/Xorg00:24
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feuteor sometimes i forget to set nouveau as module or disable it in kernel options00:25
Ramona_dashAre you sure?00:25
feutecould be00:26
brian|lfsusually wrong driver when it does that00:31
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Romsterbrian|lfs, no, i just fixed a tablet screen on a transformer book, fixed a iphone 6, served customers while i man the shop all alone, finally get lunch half an hour later than usual, got 4 more phones todo, a pc build, and to recap a motherboard that is easier than to find a new board to run there obsolete software that uses many serial interfaces on a old OS.02:04
Romsterand i could of read what you were going to say if you just ask, don't ask to ask about it, now i have to wait for you to reply to tell me what you wanted to ask.02:05
RomsterRamona_dash did you gl-select use nvidia ?02:06
Romsteralso run nvidia-xconfig02:08
Ramona_dashRomster, two times02:09
Romsterdid you use the kernel off the iso to start with?02:09
Pro90I just installed crux and on reboot I get a kernel panic that ends with end trace02:09
Romsterif nto you might be missing kms or something else...02:09
feutehmm, i didn't know about gl-select, i think i'm missing that02:10
Romsteralso look at /var/log/Xorg.log02:11
RomsterPro90, that happens if your misisng filesystem support partition support or disk controller as compiled in [*]02:12
Romsteralso happens if you don't setup grub/lilo correctly or /etc/fstab02:13
Romsterfor root /02:13
Romsteror missing devtmpfs02:16
Romsterin kernel02:16
Romsterbut that should be on by default now.02:16
brian|lfshey Romster was just wondering what happened with cppunit when you built it02:29
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Worksterbrian|lfs, it built for 3.2 didn't check it for 3.1 and i could have if you mentioned cppunit earlier.02:56
Worksteri'll ceck on it after work02:56
brian|lfsoh sorry02:59
brian|lfswas farting around on second life earlier then was afk for awhile03:00
brian|lfsI read your busy day Romster didn't know anyone fixed motherboards anymore03:04
Workstercaps and laptop boards i've done power sockets soldering.03:16
brian|lfsok laptop makes more sense03:20
brian|lfsunless its a POS laptop03:20
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Ramona_dashNo clue04:09
Ramona_dashBut at the end of error in commandline says bad display name in remove command04:10
Ramona_dashReally wired04:10
Ramona_dashAnd still no x04:10
Remmona_dashAny ideas04:15
Remmona_dashIf I add my-hostname to /etc/hosts then only that line of error will go away.04:41
Remmona_dashBut I can't get X up04:41
Remmona_dashAnyone here :-B04:44
jaegerpastebin your xorg log somewhere?04:44
rmullRemmona_dash: You installed nvidia and now X doesn't work? Are you able to rmmod and modprobe nvidia?04:46
rmullDid you do gl-select use xorg; gl-select use nvidia?04:46
Remmona_dashrmull. Yes it is the gist of it. I can't get X to work04:50
Remmona_dashAnd what am I suppose to do with rmmod?04:51
Remmona_dashrmmod nvidia?04:51
Remmona_dashModule nvidia in use04:54
j_vRemmona_dash, are you certain that kms was not enabled during boot? to the best of my knowledge, it can't be turned off with out a reboot05:02
Remmona_dashI don't know05:02
j_vdid nouveau load when you booted?05:03
Remmona_dashBut after reboot I get this extra line05:03
j_vextra line of what?05:04
Remmona_dashClosing log can't open shared object05:04
Remmona_dashIn commandline05:04
Remmona_dashWhen I do starts05:04
jaegercould that be
jaegerDo you have xorg-xcb-util-cursor installed?05:05
Remmona_dashNo sir it is exactly what I see in my screen05:05
jaegerI suspect that "Closing log file." overwrote a useful error messages05:06
jaegerbecause it looks that way. Not sure what else would explain that05:06
jaegerAlso not sure if it's related.05:07
jaegerJust something to check, maybe05:07
Remmona_dashjaeger, I value your opinion so would you suggest a #prt-get sysup#05:14
jaegerI'd suggest you upload your xorg log somewhere so we can take a look at it05:14
jaegerunless you already have and I missed the link05:14
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jaegera sysup shouldn't hurt anything but may not help at all, depends on the real problem05:16
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jaegerif you're not sure how or where, one easy way is: curl -F 'sprunge=<-' < /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:23
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Remmona_dashCould you please upload your /etc/profile for me to check it with mine05:31
jaegerIt isn't modified. Did you upload your log?05:32
Remmona_dashTrying to chroot to it. I had no reliable access inside. Even my back and forward arrows wasn't working there and just produced some symbols each time I used them. In my normal user with wheel group enabled I had to say /sbin/ifconfig or it didn't work. The same with reboot and most commands05:36
jaegerby default /sbin and /usr/sbin aren't in the PATH. You can change /etc/profile to put them in if you like05:37
jaeger(for non-root users)05:38
jaegerAs for your arrows not working, was TERM set to something odd?05:38
Remmona_dashNo it is the why I ask for someone's /etc/profile and even bashrc for comparison05:45
jaeger <-- /etc/profile modified so that /sbin and /usr/sbin are in the path for all users. .bashrc doesn't exist by default05:48
j_valso, .bashrc is only sourced if the shell is not a login shell05:48
jaegergoing to sleep, will look tomorrow if you don't get it sorted. good night05:55
Remmona_dashGood night06:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] chromium: updated to 47.0.2526.10609:24
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Ghost_r00tI am trying to build weechat from joacim repo and I get **faral error: ncursesw/term.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated"12:31
frinnstlooks like weechat needs a patch12:39
Ghost_r00tfrinnst: how should the patch look like?13:01
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frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/weechat#1.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.13:55
frinnstlike this:
frinnstand this is what the Pkgfile would look like:
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Ghost_r00tfrinnst: thanks man. It worked14:59
Ghost_r00tfrinnst: in weechat channel they said i have to install the dev package which has the headers. I didn't get what they actually saying though15:00
Ghost_r00tfrinnst: really \@/15:00
frinnstwell if you run a distribution like debian you would need to do that15:01
frinnstor redhat/fedora/whatever15:01
Ghost_r00tfrinnst: the package ou need for compile for example kernel on ubuntu. that's what they were talking about. Oh!15:02
frinnstsince crux builds everyhing from source we dont strip out any headers or "devel" stuff15:03
frinnstdebian/rhel doesnt even include a compiler with the standard install, so you need a lot of devel packages15:03
Ghost_r00tfrinnst:  I see.15:04
mahmutovhey frinst15:04
mahmutovso crux's packages also includes devels?15:05
mahmutove.g in a binary distro two type package has x.pkg and x-devel.pkg15:06
mahmutovin crux x.pkg.tar.xz=base+devel   isnt it?15:06
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frinnstThe following fatal alert was generated: 40. The internal error state is 1205.15:08
frinnstwindows servers are soooo fun to work with15:08
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Ghost_r00tfrinnst:  they say that ncursesw is different from ncurses. do we have ncursesw package. i can't see it15:13
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frinnstncursesw is utf8 aware and included in the ncurses port15:20
frinnstiirc we dont install any non utf8 libs at all these days15:20
frinnstln -s $PKG/usr/lib/
frinnstperhaps we need a term.h symlink too15:23
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Remmona_dashI am trying to get my X up but no luck15:25
Remmona_dashI use nvidia and the error parts of xorg log file are as follows15:28
Remmona_dashWW open acpi failed /var/run/acpid.socket no such file or directory15:29
juefrinnst: FWIW, joacim's weechat port builds for me without modifications15:29
koriI'm going to check if our 1.3 port builds15:30
Remmona_dashII load module th15:31
Remmona_dashModule ramdac already built-in15:31
Remmona_dashEE nvidia failed to initialize the nvidia Kernel module15:32
rmullRemmona_dash: Any problems if you rmmod nvidia; modprobe nvidia?15:33
Remmona_dashSee the kernel logfile15:33
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Remmona_dashFirst command says it is not loaded the second one15:34
rmullThe module must be loaded (modprobe) for X to use it properly15:35
rmullAlso remember that you need to rebuild nvidia whenever you update your kernel15:35
rmullAnd whenever you rebuild nvidia you need to do gl-select use xorg; gl-select use nvidia15:35
Remmona_dashModprobe FATAL module nvidia not found in directory /lib/modules/4.3.0-pf115:35
rmullTry running 'depmod' and then try the modprobe again15:36
frinnstjue: interesting15:36
Remmona_dashI am using nvidia-sl and 4.3 kernel15:40
rmullI use nvidia with 4.4. I don't know about the differences between -sl and regular nvidia, but with regular nvidia, you need to run depmod after building it in order to make it accessible by modprobe15:44
rmullSo: prt-get -fr update nvidia-sl; rmmod nvidia; gl-select use xorg; depmod; modprobe nvidia; gl-select use nvidia15:45
juefrinnst: indeed, now I see why it works for me: for test purpose I've removed /usr/include/ncursesw, which we added for FS#667, here, if I add it again the port breaks to build ...15:45
juelooks like the symlink hurts more than it helps ;)15:46
rmullRemmona_dash: Run those commands as root. Make sure your user is in the video group, then run 'startx' as your user15:47
rmullRe-paste any error logs15:47
Remmona_dashrmull, what kernel options should I have inside the kernel15:50
rmullWhat makes you think this is a kernel problem? Are you able to load the module?15:50
Remmona_dashI REINSTALL the nvidia-sl and dI'd does command15:50
rmullAny errors during those commands?15:51
Remmona_dashNow it freezes or I don't have video on my screen past (==) Using system config directory "/usr/share/X11/xorg.config.d"15:53
Remmona_dashAnd no error with those commands15:53
Remmona_dashAnd the user is part of video audio cdrom and users group15:54
Remmona_dashAny help15:54
jaegerRemmona_dash: also note that you need to rebuild nvidia every time you upgrade your kernel, if you haven't already done that15:55
rmullWhat freezes? Do you have the xserver text on your screen, or a black screen, or what?15:55
jaegerAh, looks like you did this time. but keep that in mind, you'll need to do it every time in the future15:55
rmullWhat about if you run "X -configure" as root15:56
Remmona_dashIt seems guys that I don't have screen video past that line after starts15:57
Remmona_dashBecause I use i315:57
rmullYou have an .xinitrc that launches your window manager?15:58
Remmona_dashAnd I did a blind stern open and then typed sudoku reboot and my system rebooted15:58
rmullI don't know what those words mean15:58
rmullCan you test with something other than i3 to verify whether X is working?15:59
Remmona_dashBecause I3 window manager is keyboard driven. Although my screen didn't show anything except that line15:59
Remmona_dashI blindly typed the keybinding for a new xterm, and then typed sudo reboot. And the system rebooted16:00
Remmona_dashAnd rmull I did nvidia-xconfigure16:01
Remmona_dashDid you understand what happened?16:01
rmullIsn't nvidia-xconfigure a graphical configuration utility?16:01
rmullMeaning it shouldn't work on a commandline?16:02
Remmona_dashNo. Nvidia-xconfig16:05
Remmona_dashTo generate xorg.conf file16:06
rmullI've never had to use that for my nvidia driver16:06
Remmona_dashSo help me with arrow keys16:07
rmullWhat arrow keys16:07
Remmona_dashIn normal user when I press them. In tty I mean16:08
Remmona_dashIt just print some symbols16:08
Remmona_dashBut in root account they work16:08
rmullI don't have that problem. Maybe some misconfiguration on your end?16:09
rmullKeyboard issue with numlock or similar?16:09
Remmona_dashIt works fine when I log or su to "root" account16:10
tierd891had the same issue16:11
tierd891also if you use some fancy "gaming" keyboard, make sure FW is loaded16:11
tierd891dmesg | grep -i firmware16:12
tierd891^ you'll see errors related to missing fw16:12
tierd891if not mistaken I solved mine by switching shell16:14
Remmona_dashIt seem that the useradd command won't creat user with bash commandline16:15
Remmona_dashNow how to change my shell in my useraccount16:15
tierd891yups, but if you wish to continue using zsh or whatever it can be resolved (third result in  google link above)16:16
Remmona_dashIt is chsh I think16:16
tierd891chsh /bin/bash remmona16:16
tierd891ops missing -s16:19
Remmona_dashAny help on me not having video output after starts16:20
tierd891sorry all my sys have radeons, so I'd say buy AMD :P16:21
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Remmona_dashWhy don't I have video output after startx?16:31
tired890then close it and see log file16:33
tired890cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE16:33
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rmullRemmona_dash: So you're using zsh?16:34
tired890if there are no errors then it must be things like wrong screen section or something in the x config file16:34
rmullI always use X -configure to generate a working xorg.conf16:35
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Remmona_dashrmull, no the default sh wasn't bash16:35
Remmona_dashNow I changed it16:36
Remmona_dashI created my user with userid command but I thought the default value is bash. But it is not16:37
rmulluserid command?16:38
rmulluseradd maybe?16:38
Remmona_dashI tested with evilwm and I have no screen output after startx but the x actually comes up and starts the wm16:39
Remmona_dashBut I don't have any video of it16:39
Remmona_dashrmull, useradd16:39
tired890<tired890> cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE16:40
Remmona_dashNo ee16:41
tired890its case sensitive16:41
tired890if still nothing change to WW16:41
tired890rename the x config file you created16:42
tired890and start x without a config file16:42
tired890do you have any display output now?16:42
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Remmona_dashtired890 ^^17:02
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tired890so you renamed the xorg.conf file right?17:17
tired890possible: [   633.503] (WW) NVIDIA(0): Unable to get display device for DPI computation.17:18
tired890matter of fact, leaving everything as default might be ill advise as this is the proprietary driver17:21
tired890can't help you there mate.. goodluck17:22
j_vLooking at that Xorg log, notice that there are no screen / monitor infos at all... that does not look right17:26
j_vwould be help to see the xorg.conf being used for that17:28
tired890for recent xorg versions there should be no xorg config file, if certain settings need to be changed from default then only the relevant section is to be added under17:33
tired890eg 20-radeon.conf in my case.. this is why I asked him to flush all and startx, should've displayed something then (assuming when he launches x he also executes a WM)17:34
j_vunderstood, but the point is, need to see what ever confs are behind that log, because it is plain that the server is not setting up the sceens/monitors at all17:36
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j_vlines 632.803 show that settings are from conf file17:42
Remmona_dashSo where's the problem17:43
j_vit doesn't say which one in the log file, though i'm certain you are right about the location of the conf files17:44
j_vso, what files are in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d so we can narrow down what to look at?17:45
j_vmine is empty, but i'm using nouveau17:47
j_vRemmona_dash, what is output of: ls -l /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d17:49
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j_valso the log file says it is using /etc/X11/xorg.conf and /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d17:51
joacimI've been lazy about my Weechat package17:51
j_vRemmona_dash, how about /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ ?17:52
j_vand could you pastebin /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?17:53
j_vlog file says it is being used17:53
j_vjoacim, what is wrong with your Weechat package? I'm using your port and works well for me.17:55
Remmona_dashjoacim, won't it work with frinnst patch?17:56
Remmona_dashIt built here17:56
j_vbut then I manually added the symlink for /usr/include/ncursesw/term.h shortly after installing 3.217:59
j_vis the /usr/include/ncursesw/ deprecated upstream?18:00
joacimRemmona_dash: i'll probably just include that his patch18:00
joacimor maybe use sed since it is just one line that needs to change anyways18:01
j_vmaybe ncurses port needs --disable-lib-suffixes ?18:03
j_vthen other ports won't find libncursesw.* etc, etc and then go looking for /usr/include/ncursesw/* ?18:04
j_v* won't go looking18:05
joacimwell i could just inclde the patch and make it easy for myself, but you know.not invented here18:06
jueweechat builds just fine if we remove include/ncursesw, I've added that hack for 3.2 because of
j_vi think the main reason packages are trying to include the wide headers is because of the wide libs and ncusresw/curses.h18:09
juebut a quick check shows that pinentry-* builds without it so I tend to remove the additional include-dir18:09
juej_v: agreed18:11
j_vi could set up a fresh vm, test out the theory, see if every can work with --disable-lib-suffixes patch18:12
jueIMO we should remove the symlink resp. the whole directory /usr/include/ncursesw18:17
j_vyes, but the existence of the wide libs may also invoke configure scripts looking for the include dir, or least i seem to remember such last time i looked at the issue18:18
joacimadded frinnst's fix. dont know if that sed line is a good idea or not. guess I'll find out =)18:19
juewell, weechat builds just fine without the dir ;)18:19
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joacimit is alrady removed from the ncurses port?18:20
jueno, not yet18:20
joacimi can remove that line later then =)18:20
*** j_v has quit IRC18:21
juefair enough ;)18:22
*** j_v has joined #crux18:23
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jaegerRemmona_dash: I'd recommend trying X with all of those sections removed except for the "18:36
jaegerDevice" section18:36
jaegerin other words, try an xorg.conf that contains only lines 39-44 of that paste18:42
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tired_laptopfinally got around to upgrading my desktop21:41
tired_laptopjust did a fresh install of 3.2 and now sysup to current ports21:42
tired_laptopgcc 5.3 is taking ages21:42
tired_laptopI'm curious about the state of people who keep using 3.1, will their ports get updated? or once the official 3.2 was released ports there were frozen?21:43
j_vdoes anyone have a port for tigervnc?21:57
jaegerWe update ports that have security issues for a while after a new release but it won't be forever. And there's no strict policy on how long that happens21:59
jaegerThat reminds me, I should backport the grub2 updates22:08
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groovy2shoespeople need to stop using sourceforge22:30
groovy2shoesthe UI is awful and the mirrors are painfully slow22:30
tired_laptopI heard about some "hostile takeovers" on some popular projects as well (by SF admins)22:31
groovy2shoesyeah, I heard some hearsay about that but I don't know if it's true22:31
groovy2shoesnot that I can't believe it, but I don't really want to ;)22:32
groovy2shoesand I haven't done the fact-checking22:32
tired_laptopdenial? :P22:32
groovy2shoesa buddy of mine was so mad that he's had sf blacklisted in his hosts file for quite some time now22:33
brian|lfshello all22:36
*** tired_laptop has quit IRC22:38
brian|lfsmy goodness KDE4 a mess lol22:39
brian|lfsbeen fixing like every other package lol22:40
brian|lfsstuck on soprano now22:40
brian|lfsnot quite sure what its missing22:40
brian|lfs brb subway didn't agree withh me22:41
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC22:42
brian|lfsoh ya who was the one that didn't put a url for the patch for doxygon22:44
brian|lfsI was able to find the patch but still that was quite humerus22:45
*** nogagplz has joined #crux22:45
brian|lfsanyone still around?23:11
j_vok, got a tigervnc port now (client only)23:15
groovy2shoesI'm having an issue with rpm2targz... anyone here an rpm2targz expert?23:15
brian|lfswhat version you have23:16
brian|lfsthink you need the latest for it to work23:16
groovy2shoes1.0.4-1... is there a newer version?23:16
groovy2shoesthis is the error I get:23:17
groovy2shoesgzip: stdin: unexpected end of file \n cpio: premature end of archive23:17
groovy2shoesbut only on this one particular file, which installed fine with Slackware's version of rpm2targz23:18
groovy2shoesmy guess is that rpmoffset is calculating the offset of the actual archive incorrectly, but I don't even know how to test that23:19
groovy2shoesactually, looks like rpmoffset isn't returning anything at all...23:21
*** Remmona_dash has quit IRC23:28
brian|lfsI might be thinking of plain RPM23:32
*** mahmutov1 has quit IRC23:35
groovy2shoesman, the rpm package format is insane23:37
*** mahmutov1 has joined #crux23:37
groovy2shoesI'll stick with my tarballs, thanks ;)23:37
brian|lfsI agree lol23:37
brian|lfshmm so much for optional dep it ended up being required23:38
jaegerbsdtar can probably extract RPMs too if you need another option23:38
groovy2shoesI love when that happens23:38
brian|lfsI fixed sorpano jasper ended up not being java23:40
brian|lfsbut doesn't hurt having java installed23:40
groovy2shoesjaeger, indeed it can :) thanks!23:42
*** xeirrr has joined #crux23:45

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