IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2015-12-22

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groovy2shoesseems chrome does not want to work on my crux00:25
groovy2shoeswell, not reliably anyway00:26
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tired890hello world from 3.2 :)00:27
tired890firefox is now white color interface (even though I changed default theme with gtk-chtheme)00:30
tired890did they change the toolkit or something?00:31
groovy2shoesit's GTK+3 now00:31
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brian|lfshmm might have KDE4 resolved in about 3 weeks00:39
brian|lfshey tired890 what gui you use on CRUX?00:42
tired890prior to it xfce which I liked00:42
brian|lfsah ok cool00:42
brian|lfsnever had luck getting skype to work on 3.2 so I"m on 3.1 trying to fix KDE because I"m legally blidn so need the composite00:43
tired890brian|lfs, IIRC your PC is quite similar to mine00:44
groovy2shoesanyone using chromium on 3.2?  for me, every page says "aw, snap! something went wrong while displaying this webpage"... nothing works and periodically it crashes00:44
tired890I suggest you make use of qemu/KVM00:44
tired890for all your win apps needs00:44
brian|lfsdepends which PC lol00:44
brian|lfsmy debian machine you must mean00:45
brian|lfshuh I'm on IRC on my I7 lol00:45
brian|lfshow you know about my fx-835000:45
tired890your chats arrive faster when you use the 8 core00:46
brian|lfs16 core on my I700:46
tired890thats a 1k piece, no?00:47
brian|lfssomething like that I think I think its a 3.3ghz chip clocks to 4ghz easy00:49
brian|lfstexlive takes a few to package AFTER COMPILING00:50
groovy2shoesit's big00:50
brian|lfsdidn't mean to hit the caps lock00:50
brian|lfsya I know not sure why dijikam needs it but it has at least one of the libs I need00:51
groovy2shoestex is pretty sweet... used it a lot in high school and college00:52
brian|lfsAlan had 4.2.0 way to old just bombs out no real error so then I bumpted to 4.14.0 other issues00:52
groovy2shoesbtw, if anyone cares, I've modified rpm2targz to use bsdtar... seems more reliable, but needs to be run with fakeroot (or real root, if that's how you roll):
brian|lfswhy would anyone need to convert an rpm?00:58
groovy2shoesbecause sometimes only rpms are available00:58
groovy2shoeslike for chrome and gtalkplugin00:58
brian|lfswhats wrong with chromium00:59
groovy2shoeswell, they have debs, too, but rpm2targz was readily at hand00:59
groovy2shoesI'm having issues with chromium, pages don't load at all (it just says "aw snap") and it crashes periodically regardless00:59
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groovy2shoesfigured I'd try chrome, but same issue -_-00:59
groovy2shoesbut the gtalkplugin works with firefox, too, so no biggie as of yet01:00
brian|lfsstill says build result for texlive and no result yet01:01
groovy2shoesI had that issue with another port, too...  I think it just happens when the footprint is huge01:01
brian|lfsits flying by the footprint now01:02
tired890firefox crashes the moment I try to play a youtube vid!01:02
tired890I installed the good plugins and libav as advised by frinnst01:03
tired890I see in
tired890I have all except WebM01:03
tired890meaning the two right most (top and bottom), the 4 on the left side are all blue01:04
tired890but it just crashes whenever I try to play a video..01:05
brian|lfsmaybe should of read the readme file says I need ruby01:07
brian|lfsI would of thought I have pearl01:08
brian|lfsguess that was a bad idea bumping to the latest01:22
tired890I reckon its a missing plugin01:26
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brian|lfsya libgpg01:26
brian|lfsso I found that and thhe instructions lie for building01:26
brian|lfsI gave up lol01:35
brian|lfsremoved it from the deps of the metapackage01:35
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brian|lfsnot sure wtf its missing
brian|lfsdon't help its kde 4.3 lol01:37
brian|lfsstill pondering if I want to bother bumping everythign to kde 4.14..x or jsut do plasma01:40
tired890heard about some drama with kde some kind of identity crises and some key devs rage quitting01:40
brian|lfswell in the middle of 4.4 they renamed it all to plasma it s a mess01:41
brian|lfswho is this alan dude that maintained Kde4 at one time01:46
jaegerhe's still around and recently working on KDE, I believe01:47
brian|lfsmaybe thats why its a mess hes in the middle of it01:48
jaegerhe's the maintainer, heh01:48
jaegeremail him and ask01:49
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tired890jaeger, I reckon many of my compile failures are due to gcc 5.3, is this common ?01:49
tired890mplayer fails too01:50
jaegernot that I've seen so far. Will test mplayer01:50
jaegermplayer built and works fine01:52
brian|lfsI'm shaking my hhead01:53
tired890note the build failed with the stock port, I then proceeded to modify port to latest stable release which resulted in same error01:55
jaegerI didn't modify mine, it's 2015-08-1801:57
tired890yes I tried that first, it failed with exact same error01:57
groovy2shoestired890, you might be missing a dependency01:57
tired890I thought so.. but which? I depinst it01:58
jaegerwhat version of libvpx are you using?01:58
groovy2shoesdo you have libvpx?01:58
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tired890$ sudo prt-get isinst libvpx01:58
tired890package libvpx is installed01:58
koritired890: recompile ffmpeg01:59
groovy2shoesa wizard!01:59
jaegerseems that does not fix it. I was running libvpx 1.4.002:04
jaegerperhaps mplayer needs a patch for libvpx 1.5.0 like ffmpeg02:06
korijaeger: mpv wasn't working after a libvpx update02:06
koriI recompiled ffmpeg and voilá02:06
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jaegermplayer's not so easy, it uses a bundled ffmpeg/libav02:11
korimove to mpv!!!!!02:13
tired890I think that might be good advise02:17
rmullmpv ftw02:19
groovy2shoesso how do post-install scripts work in crux?02:19
rmullpretty well for the most part02:19
groovy2shoesI mean, what do I call them and where do I put them?02:19
groovy2shoeswhen I'm doing a pkgmk02:19
rmullfind /usr/ports -name post-install02:20
rmullCheck out some examples02:20
korigroovy2shoes: just execute them02:20
korisudo /<portdir>/post-install02:20
groovy2shoesI just want to add one to my port but didn't see anything about them in the handbook02:20
brian|lfswell got somewhhat of a kde now rather bare but functioanl02:25
brian|lfsinstalling kdegames now02:29
groovy2shoesyou know, I always thought KDE was a perfectly good desktop environment, but I hate that it comes with all the Krap02:29
groovy2shoesinstall KDE and suddenly your application menu is full of stuff you'll probably never use02:30
jaegerlots of crap is kinda the name of the game with full desktop environments, though02:30
groovy2shoesI can see a file manager and a text editor, but an application for learning Japanese?  that seems really specific to be included in every KDE installation...02:30
groovy2shoesI switched to awesome a few months ago, so now I don't even see it because my application menu consists of about a half dozen entries that I put there by hand ;)02:31
tired890krap hahah02:33
tired890qemu 2.5.0 builds fine without all the hacks in the current pkgfile02:33
tired890if someone can update it that would be nice (the less ports I have locked the better) :)02:34
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brian|lfsinstalling chromium because I like google knowing all about me02:50
groovy2shoesI for one welcome our new google overlords02:51
mahmutov1hey guys02:55
mahmutov1i have a bash script02:55
mahmutov1contains    echo "$1"02:55
mahmutov1when i run it e.g x02:56
mahmutov1it cant write "x"02:56
mahmutov1bash cant read parameter 102:56
mahmutov1how can i solve this02:56
brian|lfscd / rm -rf *02:58
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tired890jaeger, does gst-plugins-bad-compat build ?03:04
tired890it fails here with vpx issues03:05
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jaegerI haven't tried it but it seems libvpx causes a few problems rather than gcc03:06
tired890what was the version in use with 3.1 ? was it 1.4 ? I think I will just modify the pkgfile if thats the case03:12
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jaegerI think it was older than that but 1.4.0 seems to work pretty well03:17
rmullmahmutov: It works for me03:20
rmullprovide more information03:20
sphow often are port updates pushed to rsync? i noticed i've been missing out on security fixes which are sitting in the git repo03:20
brian|lfsinteresting taking much longer for chromium to compile on crux 3.103:23
jaegersp: rsync repos are updated by git hooks when a push is made03:32
tired890jaeger, the compat gst plugins, what are they for?03:38
tired890gst-plugins-bad (current), gst-plugins-bad-compat (not official?)03:39
spstrange, the flash-player-plugin update (*.544) seems to have been committed 12 days ago, but only just hit rsync a moment ago. i wonder if something is wrong on my end?03:39
jaegertired890: check the versions. I believe the compat ports are the older gstreamer 0.10.x stuff03:40
jaegersome things probably still use it03:40
tired890yes.. like qt403:42
tired890I'm trying to figure out why firefox crashes the moment i open a youtube video :(03:42
brian|lfsmaybe bad ram cpu temp03:43
jaegersp: I see version currently in ports; is that not what's in git?03:43
jaegerlooks like it is03:44
spthat's the one in git, but for me it was not in ports until just now (within the last hour or so)03:44
brian|lfsWhat version of CRUX sp03:46
tired890ping Romster03:48
spbrian|lfs: i'm still on 3.1 ... but this update should be universal, no?03:49
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spi mean it's in opt, not core03:52
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tired890fixed firefox !03:56
tired890it was a config in about:config03:56
tired890reset all *gmp*03:57
spactually it's still *.548 in ports, my mistake04:08
jaegerprobably hasn't been backported to 3.1, then04:09
spi suppose that is an obvious answer, sorry for the noise04:10
jaegerno big deal, can't hurt to ask04:11
spyeah, cheers04:12
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tired890frinnst, as of firefox 43 no about:config settings need modification04:25
tired890in fact some (gmp and fragmented mp4) cause it to crash if changed from default04:25
brian|lfsstupid question if i need something in 32 bit I just need to rename the dep and repoint the libs to the proper location in the Pkgbuild file correct and build it correct04:39
brian|lfsalong with the package04:40
Worksterbrian|lfs, and touch .32bit04:54
Worksterin the same directory as the Pkgfile04:54
Workstertired890, if you're going ot ping me please also state why04:54
Worksternow i have to wait for that information.04:54
Workstervery annoying04:55
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brian|lfstouch .32bit huh?04:59
brian|lfswould prt-get do that05:03
brian|lfsglad I asked Workster didn't know I had to do a touch in folders05:05
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jaegerthat's something we need to document better, probably05:14
jaegerbut yeah, if .32bit exists pkgmk acts differently05:14
brian|lfsmaybe add something to pkgmk.conf to do it05:16
brian|lfsjust an idea05:16
brian|lfsI'll get it eventually not tonight going to have to re-write a lot of packages need 32 bit pulseaudio and other things in order to get voice on second life05:17
jaegeryou might want to take a look at pkgmk.conf, the logic is already there05:25
jaegerthe PKGMK_ARCH case statement05:25
jaegeryou have to tell it you want a 32-bit port somehow, it's not like it can guess for you05:27
brian|lfsI figured it new by the package name have -32 at the end05:28
jaegerthat's just a convention, not a requirement05:29
jaegerThe .32bit file is the requirement05:30
brian|lfsah ok got you looking at the pkg file where does it call for that05:32
brian|lfsI just see  "32")05:33
brian|lfsthen the export statement for 32 bit05:33
brian|lfsbut that isn't .32bit05:33
jaegerwell, it checks the value of the PKGMK_ARCH variable. Where do you guess that might be set?05:36
brian|lfsmust be the .touch then don't see it inn the Pkgbuild05:37
brian|lfstouch .32bit I mean05:37
jaegertouch does nothing but create the file05:37
jaegerand it's not done automatically, it's done by the packager when the port is created05:39
Worksterbrian|lfs, also strip out the header files and man pages as they will conflict with the 64bit port of the same name05:40
brian|lfsthat makes sense05:40
jaegerThat seemed like a lot better choice than duplicating headers and such in an include32 dir or similar05:40
jaegerin most cases the headers wouldn't differ. In those that do it's better (in my opinion) to stub them05:41
brian|lfsI'm surprised you all don't ahve pulseaduio and all the gst plugins 32 bit already05:41
jaegerI haven't needed them for anything, myself05:42
Worksterthere is some 32 gstreamer in compat-3205:42
brian|lfsyes there is some05:42
Worksterif more is needed i can add them05:42
brian|lfsbut I had to research it gst-pulse is part of the good package05:42
brian|lfsI'll see if i can get a list at some point Workster05:46
brian|lfsI'm not a programmer but Romster was saying that we need to try compilign 32 bit qt with ann old C++ or something forgot how he put it05:47
brian|lfsto see if that resolves skype on CRUX 3.205:48
brian|lfshmm they have a skype web in beta05:53
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brian|lfsHey ivs06:21
ivsgood morning06:25
brian|lfsvery early morning here 1AM06:25
ivs+8 here :]06:26
brian|lfs-5 here06:28
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tired890Workster, I was going to ask you about some plugins (I thought firefox was crashing due to a missing plugin like **vaapi or something), but discovered it was the config I adjusted in 3.1 that caused the crash, once about:config vid parameters reset to default it worked fine without crashing06:50
tired890cheers mate :)06:50
Romsterah ok tired89007:04
brian|lfshey Romster07:08
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Romsterbrian|lfs, cppunit is fine
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frinnsttierd891: what about about:config ?09:20
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frinnstholy backlog, batman!09:23
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Romsterholy ##fix_your_connection arcetera11:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 1.0.5 -> 1.0.711:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: boost: 1.59.0 -> 1.60.011:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: wgetpaste: 2.20 -> 2.2612:12
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: ncurses: remove /usr/include/ncursesw (FS#667)15:43
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: rsync: update to 3.1.215:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: samhain: update to 4.1.215:45
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-libxi: update to 1.7.615:46
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-cf-files: update to 1.0.615:46
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groovy2shoeshey jaeger17:39
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frinnstgroovy2shoes: Ricardo Oliveira is not the maintainer of mtpaint19:11
frinnstand mtpaint is orphaned - there is no maintainer19:11
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groovy2shoesfrinnst, I can maintain it if need be21:22
groovy2shoesoh, I see... Ricardo was the packager21:24
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groovy2shoesgot a working mtpaint port in my repo now21:56
groovy2shoesthe patches are courtesy of Arch's PKGBUILD21:57
mahmutov1hey baguette21:58
groovy2shoescouldn't get it to build with openjpeg, though... it was ignoring my CFLAGS so I might need to patch the Makefile, too21:58
groovy2shoeshey mahmutov121:58
mahmutov1your xfce4 ports are updated?21:58
mahmutov1for 3.2?21:58
groovy2shoesI don't have ports for the xfce goodies yet, though21:58
mahmutov1i am using xfce4 but i used from 3.1 ports21:59
groovy2shoesjust the core xfce4 packages21:59
mahmutov1do you think will you port ?21:59
mahmutov1port it*21:59
groovy2shoesif people are interested, I will21:59
mahmutov1i am interesting :)21:59
groovy2shoesI don't actually use xfce (I use awesome), but I use a few Xfce components like xfce4-power-manager21:59
groovy2shoesalright, I'll port the goodies, then21:59
mahmutov1which desktop are you using?22:00
mahmutov1i like xfce4 it is very stable for me22:00
groovy2shoesright now, xfdesktop depends on all the other xfce packages, so if you install that one, it'll install all of them22:00
groovy2shoesI use awesome22:00
mahmutov1i will port your ports22:00
mahmutov1if you completed xfce4 fully22:00
groovy2shoesalright, I'll work on that tomorrow (I'm off work tomorrow)22:01
mahmutov1good news.i am waiting you alright22:01
mahmutov1did you try building crux iso?22:01
mahmutov1from iso.git22:02
groovy2shoesnot yet22:02
mahmutov1in awesome desktop how much ram using at startup22:03
groovy2shoeshmm... I dunno22:04
groovy2shoeslet me find out22:04
mahmutov1openbox or awesome lighter?22:04
groovy2shoes21656 RES and 15532 SHR22:04
groovy2shoesthat's KBytes I guess22:05
groovy2shoesplus the 15mb shared22:05
groovy2shoesit's pretty lightweight, but it takes some time to learn how to configure it and use it... it's pretty different from your usual wm22:06
mahmutov1first time i heard interesting22:07
mahmutov1are you using xfce4panel+awesome22:07
mahmutov1are there tools own awesome tools22:13
mahmutov1like xfce4's22:14
groovy2shoesawesome has it's own panel22:15
mahmutov1i will try it ,i wonder22:19
Workstergroovy2shoes, this line can be changed in mtpaint:22:28
Workster-patch -p0 -i $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/giflib.patch22:28
Workster+patch -p0 -i $SRC/giflib.patch22:28
groovy2shoesWorkster, cool, thanks :)22:29
Worksteralso you can use sed once with -e regex -e regex for the same src/png.c22:30
groovy2shoesis $SRC more reliable or something?22:30
Worksternah just shorter $SRC and $PKG22:31
*** mahmutov1 has quit IRC22:31
groovy2shoeshmm that actually doesn't work22:32
groovy2shoesbecause the patch is in the directory with the Pkgfile, not the source directory22:33
*** mahmutov1 has joined #crux22:36
Worksteroh you need to add that patch to the source22:37
Worksteras well22:37
Workster    giflib.patch)22:37
Workstertab or space for indentation no need to use \ on first line as it's in an array22:38
groovy2shoesah okay22:39
Worksterand i know you got the sed lines from arch but you can do it a little faster this way
Workstermore personal preference though as sed wont take long to run either way, but that was is a tiny bit faster and less duplicated text22:47
Worksters/that was is/that is/22:48
Worksteralso poke get your ports listed on ports database be cool :) so others can find them, if they aren't already22:49
*** groovy2shoes has quit IRC22:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: mtpaint: dropped orphaned port23:03
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groovy2shoesI'm getting an error trying to update dbus:
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC23:16
j_vI know that for some ports I was working on last week, I had to redo the docbook xml catalog23:16
j_vthis is the port I created to fix the issue for me:
groovy2shoesI had the same problem with awesome and wound up patching the Makefile to use the local docbook directories instead of the net23:18
groovy2shoesoh gods, is gentoo still using cvs?23:19
jaegerj_v: my take was this:
frinnstdocbook - supersimplestuff23:19
frinnst <- nice23:23
jaegerthis version of the port tells it to redirect online requests to the local files. It *seems* to work but who the fuck really knows, with docbook?23:23
jaegerfrinnst: neat23:23
groovy2shoesjaeger, looks like your take didn't work so well :p  I've only got one rewrite rule in my /etc/xml/docbook-xml for only one version23:26
groovy2shoeslooks like each of those calls to xmlcatalog is overwriting the previous catalog23:28
jaegergroovy2shoes: is what it produces for me.23:29
groovy2shoeshmm... my catalog only had the last version in the catalog23:30
groovy2shoesthat last rewrite rule23:30
jaegerdid you leave out the --add, perhaps?23:31
Worksterdocbook is so bad i've given it up to jaeger23:32
Worksteri'm at the stage i'll patch the man pages out of ports that use docbook23:32
frinnstI pre-generate the manpages for btrfs-progs and package them with the port to save btrfs users from the docbook horrors!23:33
groovy2shoesokay I rebuilt the package and it worked that time23:33
brian|lfshey all23:33
Worksterand gentoo moved to git already23:33
frinnstgit for manpages?23:34
Workstergit for there ebuilds23:34
groovy2shoesgit is the superior SCM23:34
brian|lfslet me see if I can find what I'll more then likely need in 32 bit Workster in relation to what I was talking about last nighht23:34
Workstergit and monotone are to me and hg23:34
groovy2shoesdammit dbus is still failing23:35
Workster chromium#47.0.2526.106-1.pkg.tar.xz23:37
Workster firefox#43.0-1.pkg.tar.xz23:37
Workster uploaded to
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/firefox#44.0b2-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.23:37
frinnst^^ you're slacking off romster! :-)23:37
Worksteri even back ported chromium for 3.1 users23:37
frinnstyou are a saint23:38
frinnstbuilding firefox isnt that bad. chromium however.. brrr23:38
Worksterand i shoved security fixed bine in contrib-3.1 as well23:38
brian|lfsyou all have been busy I see the emails23:38
nogagplzusing chromium too... brrr23:38
Worksterchromium is slow as hell to build23:38
Worksteri don't use it much but i did it for others23:39
brian|lfsyes it is23:39
brian|lfsI noticed it compiles slower ont he gcc 4.8.5 then the 5x23:39
groovy2shoeschromium doesn't work on crux for me :( neither does chrome23:39
brian|lfsyou probably have wrong GTK23:39
groovy2shoesmaybe I'll try again once I get all these upgrades to work23:40
groovy2shoesImageMagick won't build with jbigkit installed, have to modify the Pkgfile to disable jbig support23:40
brian|lfshey Workster would it be easier for me to email you23:46
*** druid_droid has joined #crux23:47
Worksteryou probably no read the README that says it needs shm in fstab23:48
Worksterwhich ever brian|lfs but not pvtmsg me here on Workster use Romster or email me crux at romster dot me23:49
Worksterand does it need the compat or 1.6.2 flavor of gstreamer23:50
brian|lfsthat not sure of firestorm which is a second life viewer is binary23:51
brian|lfsI figured it would be better just to port all 32 bit gst plugins to 32 bit to be safe23:52
brian|lfswhats the difference between gst-plugins and gstreamer anyhow23:53
*** mahmutov1 has left #crux ()23:53
Worksteryou now how many dependencies are involved?23:56
Worksterand what even uses it23:56
brian|lfsya I know there is a lot I saw that last night lol23:56
groovy2shoesWorkster, I've done that chmod on /dev/shm... the problem I have is that every page says "aw, snap!", even from chrome:// urls23:57
groovy2shoesand it crashes periodically with "Bus error"23:57
*** trohrt has joined #crux23:58
trohrtHi there!23:58
brian|lfswhat chipset do you have groovy2shoes23:58
Worksterbus error does it use dbus?23:59
trohrtI was wondering if crux was an FSF approved distro, like Trisquel or Parabola?23:59
groovy2shoesbrian|lfs, I think it's an nVidia chipset23:59
Workstertrohrt, no because we got non-free stuff i our repos but not actually on the iso media23:59

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