IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2015-12-23

trohrtWorkster: I see. Thanks!00:00
Worksterbut it's not forced to install binary non-free mostly skype and nvidia binary blob among a few others00:00
groovy2shoesokay, I've rebuilt my docbook catalog and I'm still getting this same error with upgrading dbus00:00
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Worksterbut someone here said they are working on a FSF crux fork00:00
Worksterwhy would anyone care about FSF00:01
brian|lfswhats FSF?00:01
groovy2shoesFree Software Foundation00:01
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brian|lfsoh duh I'm tired lol00:02
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brian|lfsI didn't realize I don't have all the 64 bit gstreamer plugins install so trying that now  Workster00:02
j_vjaeger: i tried your docbook Pkgfile, built fine, output matched your paste, but gtk-doc still fails to build with it. i wanted gtk-doc for building of gimp docs00:09
jaegerhrmm, sorry to hear it. No idea what's up with that, docbook is terrible shit00:09
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brian|lfswell audio seems to be working just not pulse but apparently I don't have USB audio in my kernel lol00:26
groovy2shoesalright I got dbus to update... docbook-xsl's post-install creates a /etc/xml/catalog so I merged /etc/xml/docbook-xml into that and it worked00:37
groovy2shoesall this XML stuff seems like arcane magic to me...00:37
j_vjaeger: i don't even want to get to know well enough to figure out the failure, just wanted to find a way get local copies of gimp docs in different formats. no big deal. my port makes it work and hasn't broken anything else so far.00:38
jaegertotally fair. Far be it from me to tell anyone their doing docbook wrong :D00:38
jaegeraussies are rubbing off on me00:39
groovy2shoes"xsltproc looks for the catalog specified in XML_CATALOG_FILES. If that is not specified, it uses /etc/xml/catalog."00:46
jaegerI probably merged the two in a post-install script originally or something. It's been months since I last had to think about it. Only looked at the port again today due to this conversation00:47
groovy2shoesit really is a nightmare lol... one more reason to hate XML00:48
brian|lfshmm pulseaudio just not work on crux?00:49
jaegerworks fine for me00:49
jaegerthough the opt version is out of date00:51
brian|lfsmaybe everything compiled with it disabled then lol00:51
jaegerPossibly, and it's likely that you'd need to rebuild some apps or libs that support it to find it after you installed00:52
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brian|lfsquestion is why would half the packages inn crux have it disabled lol01:04
jaegerprobably because it's far more likely a crux user would NOT have it installed than would01:05
brian|lfswhat do people use on crux just a vconsole01:05
jaegerI don't see the correlation here01:07
tired890jaeger, what in your opinion is the most efficent way to share files between a qemu host its guest ?01:09
tired890after installing 3.2 I plan to keep my box as minimalistic as possible01:09
jaegerI usually use samba for linux->windows, rsync/ssh for linux->linux01:09
tired890previously I was using smb to share with a windows guest (ie simply key in the ip in explorer window) but don't want to install smbd if I don't have to01:10
nogagplzyou could be ultra lazy and just use winscp in the windows guest01:10
tired890I was thinking something in the lines of setting up a share dir once and be done with it.. as I need to do some web dev on the windows guest01:12
tired890cheers for suggestions gents.. looks llke depinst smbd again01:12
groovy2shoescan anyone recommend a good graphical audio mixer?  preferrably one that has a systray icon and doesn't involve installing KDE01:13
tired890groovy2shoes, alsamixer doesn't have a GUI only terminal interface but works beautifully !01:13
groovy2shoesyeah, that's what I've been using01:14
groovy2shoesit's okay, I guess... maybe I'll just add an awesome widget that launches it when I click it01:14
jaegersearch around, maybe there's a good one already made somewhere01:15
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brian|lfsI always prefered pavucontrol but we don't have that01:15
nogagplzisn't pavucontrol only for pulseaudio though01:16
jaegerI can share a pavucontrol port if you want it01:16
brian|lfsbut thats the beauty of pulse I have one stream going one one another a different direction01:16
brian|lfsthat would be cool do you have paprefs also01:17
groovy2shoesQasTools looks nice01:17
brian|lfsI"m rolling my eyes01:17
brian|lfsI need gst-plugins-good for 32 bit probably along with pulseaudio I would thinnk could be wrong01:18
jaegerlibcanberra can be found in the MATE repo01:18
brian|lfscool thanks01:20
brian|lfswhy don't many people use pulseaudio on crux i wonder I can't be theh only one that uses speakersa nnd a headset at the sametime01:22
brian|lfsI"m assuming Jasper does01:23
nogagplzit's funny, plain old alsa worked just fine for me when I was using a headset and speakers at the same time, pulse always gave me no end of shit with the headset01:24
jaegersometimes dmix works fine. sometimes it doesn't01:24
nogagplzyea, take a win where you can get it01:25
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brian|lfswell I"m surprised that for skype gst-plugins-good isn't built as 32 bit01:26
brian|lfshey xeirrr01:26
xeirrrhi brian|lfs01:28
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Worksterif your trying to get sound in skype there is a README to get around pulseaudio02:12
Worksterprt-get readme skype02:12
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Workster/usr/bin/skype is now a wrapper script to default topulseaudio-3202:33
Worksterelse it will run with apulse-32.02:33
Workster pulseaudio-32 is not in compat-32 at this stage.02:33
Worksterallin prt-get readme skype02:33
Worksterall in*02:33
Worksterso what else needs other 32 bit gstreamer plugins exactly?02:33
Worksterbrian|lfs, ^02:34
Worksterprt-get depinst skype apulse-3202:34
Worksterit'll just work with alsa then02:35
Worksterand don't tell me it still don't work on crux 3.1 as i use apulse-32 with it just fine.02:35
Worksteras for qt4-32 in crux 3.2 it probably needs02:37
WorksterCXXFLAGS+=' -std=c++11'02:37
Worksterbefore ./configure02:37
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Workstercurrent qt4 qt4-32 also needs CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash \ or bump the version to get qtwebkit02:39
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brian|lfshey Romster or Workster just woke up saw your message about skype07:37
brian|lfsFirestorm/ Second Life07:38
Romsterah ok and there all 32bit07:43
Romsternot long ago got home07:43
Romsterdo they have source builds or is it binary only?07:44
brian|lfsplugins source07:46
brian|lfsfirestorm and second life are binary tarballs07:46
Romsterand why are they 32bit07:46
Romsterin this day and age07:46
brian|lfsdon't ask me lol07:46
brian|lfsask them I can showyou the link07:47
Romsteri'm just looking at
brian|lfsya looks like I need thse 64-bitgstreamer0.10-ffmpeg:i386gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio:i386gstreamer0.10-plugins-base:i38607:48
Romsterso the -compat ones07:48
Romsterin 32bits07:48
brian|lfsfrom what I see the pulseaudio one comes with good07:48
Romstercan you run without pulseaudio?07:48
Romsteri can't see why it can't use alsa directly07:49
brian|lfsprogram opens07:49
Romsterlike an option for alsa07:49
brian|lfsand voice seems to work not sure about in world music07:49
brian|lfsI need to crate a normal user on my other box lol07:49
Romsterand if it didn't you can do software dmix if hardware dmix is missing07:50
brian|lfson my crux box07:50
brian|lfsand without thhat shut music won't work I don't think07:53
Romsterthis iwll take a bit of time i can strip off most of the libs from the gst-plugins-07:53
brian|lfsyour telling me07:53
Romsterwine was bad enough and skype07:53
brian|lfsabout the skype did you try your sugestionnf or QT07:54
Romsterjaeger, and i went though all that.07:54
Romsteri arn't on 3.2 yet07:54
brian|lfsso did it work07:54
brian|lfsI know my skype just has virtual devices lol07:54
brian|lfson 3.107:54
Romsteri'm not gonna budge (to crux 3.2) until i've fixed or submitted ports for broken builds.07:55
Romsterjaeger tested wine seems ok with gcc 5.307:55
Romsternot sure on firefox frinnst is firefox ok now without forcing -Os  on gcc 5.3?07:55
Romsteror even your beta firefox 4407:55
brian|lfsok skype on wine?07:56
Romsternever tried that07:56
brian|lfsoh ok was wondering where wine came up07:57
Romsteri've done steam on wine07:57
Romsterwine uses a ton of 32bit libs as well07:57
Romsterto support win32 PEs07:57
Romstersome emulators wine skype use 32bits07:57
brian|lfsoh by the way there is a web based skype nnow07:58
brian|lfsfound it yesturday by mistake07:58
Romsteryou watch it'll only work in edge browser07:59
brian|lfsno it openeed lol07:59
Romstertoo much todo -_- i wanna rest08:04
brian|lfsgood night man08:07
Romsterwhen i get bored i'll extend my pre-processing Pkgfiles to cover that08:08
brian|lfsno rushh man08:19
brian|lfsI'll be out of town for both xmas and new years08:19
Romsteri think most will be afk09:53
frinnstRomster: no, still crashy09:56
xeirrrfrinnst: firefox?09:59
frinnstyes, with -O209:59
frinnstso we force -Os in the Pkgfile as a workaround for now10:00
frinnstI havent had time to dig into it yet10:00
Romstercan we narrow down what -O2 enables that causes this?10:00
frinnstIf anybody is bored and wants to do the legwork with mozillas bugzilla - feel free10:00
frinnstI might have some time during the holidays10:01
Romsteri dunno what i'll be doing10:02
Romsteri'll be glad to rest10:03
Romsterlast few weeks busy busy busy10:03
tired890what kind of work do you do?10:03
Romsterall over xmas frenzy10:03
frinnstyeah same. feels like there are more fun things to do during the holidays than hunt firefox bugs :-)10:03
tired890I was under the impression you were still a student in your late teens10:04
tired890I think I might be confusing you with someone else10:04
frinnstteenage romster! :D10:04
Romsterit tech, photocopier tech, iphone repairs10:04
Romsterhahaha god no10:04
tired890Romster the multitasker handyman10:04
Romsterlate 30s here.10:04
frinnst35 here10:04
Romsteri even replaced capacitors on a motherboard the other day too10:05
Romsterand a few days ago i even replaced a broken pin on a amd processor for a customer.10:05
Romsteri took pictures10:05
frinnstooh, post10:05
tired890I hear Zen will still be using pins (no LGA)10:06
Romsterit wasn't hard hot air gun and tweezers and a little bit of solder.10:06
frinnstbut wouldnt it be cheaper for the customer to just buy a new cpu? amds arent that expensive10:06
Romsteryeah but this is a AM2 or AM3 one with 6 cores10:06
Romsterit wasn't really a low end cpu10:07
frinnstah. how the fuck do you manage to break a pin anyways? was it during installation?10:07
Romsterbut customer was dumb and i dunno how broke a pin off10:07
frinnstgotcha :)10:07
tired8904/6 cores is am3, must've been phenom10:07
Romsteri dunno he just brought in a cpu and asked if i could, i looked it up ah youtube... ok then, if i had spare pins. he brings in a althon64 so i pinch a pin off that10:08
Romsteryeah it was a phenom something10:08
tired890frinnst, I saw someone who was trying to clean a CPU fan, they "unplugged" the fan from the CPU (wihout removing securing mechanisim)10:08
tired890all pins were bent and it was beyond repair10:08
Romsterthat was backwards ugh10:09
tired890and since this was family I had to offer my 960T for free (which was unlockable to 6 cores) :(10:09
frinnstI actually damaged a bunch of capacitors when I installed a cooler once. Long time ago though. The motherboard worked for about ~10 minutes before it died10:09
frinnstreplaced the capacitors and all was well again10:09
Romsteri've never done that but i've replaced capacitors that have asploed10:11
Romsteror bulging10:11
tired890as in bloat up and start leaking?10:11
frinnstno, the cooler actually cut into the sides of the capacitors10:12
frinnst <- sharp edges10:13
tired890at this point I'd rather replace whole mobo. Many times I saw systems that were not very stable and used to blame software, but it was hardware. Heck, my undervolted cpu was causing compile errors (with errors that don't seem related to any HW probs).. and I was googling and looking for missing deps or libs whatnot, only to discover later the math the CPU was returning was wrong! not wrong enough to cause system crashes, but wrong enough to screw a10:13
tired890round many small things10:13
tired890wow that was a wall of text10:14
frinnstthat cooler actually ruined another motherboard too. you see the white/clear plastic thingies on the bottom?10:14
tired890those were part of a mobo one day weren't they?10:14
frinnstthose go behind the motherboard to prevent shortouts when you screw the cooler in place10:15
frinnstbut those things rotate when you tighten it up so it actually peeled of a surface mounted component on the underside of the motherboard10:15
tired890 this cooler came with what cpu? doesn't look aftermarket.. not stock either, looks like some cheap home hacked apparatus haha10:17
frinnstthat cooler looked huge when i bought it. Its actually smaller than intels stock coolers these days. sad times we live in10:17
frinnstno, it was aftermarket10:17
frinnstathlon 1.4ghz cpu - before they started calling them XP10:17
Romsterman just confused myself with twitter and tubler10:17
Romsterstupid names10:18
tired890classic piece10:18
tired890I think in a few years you could offer that as a retro piece10:19
tired890could pull some bucks10:20
frinnstI've either sold it or thrown it out already10:20
tired890do any of you have exotic cooling? custom water loops etc ?10:20
tired890I have normal fans and even disabled turbo core, but those with water setups tell me with a good pump its literally silent10:21
frinnstnope. I stopped ricing my computer when I was in my 20s :)10:22
frinnstI had one of those corsair h80 or whatever they are called. worked just fine for a while10:22
tired890then pump died?10:23
frinnstthen it started making noises and I bought a proper heatsink instead10:23
tired890good call10:23
tired890at least with heatsinks if the fan fails the case airflow will (passively?) cool the CPU10:23
frinnstan earlier version of this: with just one fan10:24
frinnstits more or less completely silent10:24
frinnstnice nature, romster10:25
tired890driven over?10:26
Romsteri should upload more of my stuff.10:26
Romsterna you wont believe it and i did fix that one too10:27
frinnstI have some nature at my work too:
Romstertwo people at a stone top table... one on each end.10:27
tired890indeed, must be a real delight living in a coastal city10:28
Romsterone moves and the top tilts phone falls off and stone top hits it10:28
Romsterit hit the side where the battery is10:28
frinnstguy in question:
tired890frinnst, I'm hesitant to click, is that SFW ?10:28
frinnstheh yes10:28
Romsteri salvaged the circuit board out of it and put it in a new case.10:28
tired890lol you deserve a certificate from apple if that phone was resurrected (as in data etc not only certain parts)10:29
Romster did fix it10:30
RomsterI did*10:30
frinnst <- this used to be my daily routine before we got offices above ground10:30
Romstercamera and stuff was fine new case and battery ans screen and back cover10:30
frinnstfilmed with a shitty camera so the picture is not very good10:30
Romsteryeah i live at the coast i got great scenery10:31
tired890aww I was hoping there were tracks and that small thing (mini hand powered train?) that you can ride in those tunnels10:32
frinnstnah, our bunker is too small for that10:33
tired890Romster, very lucky indeed. Only people who live there for long enough then move realize the value of such environments10:33
tired890what is this facility?10:34
tired890mine/power generation/etc ?10:34
tired890reminds me of the pirate bay :P10:35
tired890their documentary showed their servers in some kind of mountain datacenter10:35
frinnstyeah, Pionen in stockholm10:35
frinnstbigger but they dont own It. they just lease that bunker10:35
Romstertired890, i guess some don't know what they got until it's gone.10:36
Romsteri was beginning to think frinnst would always be underground type of guy10:36
frinnstnah, just look at my glorious view these days!:
tired890not bad10:43
tired890but to be honest (subjective of cos), for me nothing beats a sea breeze10:43
Romsterthat was a WTH10:44
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Romstercustomer made a mess of the socket.... but look what i found that the manufacture did to the battery pack10:45
tired890I don't get it what did they do ?10:46
Romsterlook at the red and blue wire on the circuit board the first pic10:46
Romsteranyone care for a fire?10:47
tired890this pic: ?10:48
tired890the two wires are (almost) touching ?10:48
Romsterby the manufacture10:49
Romsteri cut the heatshrink to see why it wasn't working and you see in the 3rd pic i had ot fix a broken tag on the battery it rubbed though the battery plastic and shorted out and melted open10:50
Romsterit was all kinds of wrong10:50
tired890yes hard to find quality goods these days..10:50
tired890heck braun shavers were german made a few years back.. but now.. all outsourced squeaky plasticy junk10:51
tired890oh man thing I miss most is finnish made nokias.. nostalgic days indeed10:52
tired890I still keep some10:52
Romsterhard to find any quality that wont also burn down your house.10:55
tired890I blame globalization10:55
Romsterwho in there right mind solders that shit on a battery bank10:55
tired890underpaid workers with nets installed in the  factory so they won't commit suicide10:56
Romstersounds like apple10:56
Wildefyrsounds like foxconn who does work for more than just apple10:57
tired890I heard foxconn makes a handful of dollars per piece sold, apple on the other hand..10:58
Romsteron wonder they work them to madness10:59
Romsteri've seen worse though11:02
Romsterthat was just one item11:02
gwurr3Romster i ordered this
gwurr34 of them, actually11:04
gwurr3one of them had a hole where the tap obviously stripped through the aluminum11:04
gwurr3completely unusable11:04
gwurr3also each of the 4 had holes in different locations11:05
Romsterthat is weird...11:05
gwurr3plus the holes were not tapped at a perfect 90 degree angle11:05
gwurr3so someone in china is making these with a hand drill...11:05
Romsterand not even using a jig11:05
gwurr3yep. it's so sad11:06
Romsterthat is terrible11:06
gwurr3i'm afraid to even use these with 120psi11:08
gwurr3it might explode lol11:08
Romsterfixed that recently too11:12
gwurr3oh forgot to mention that the box came with free aluminum shavings ;) no evidence of cutting oil being used, either11:12
gwurr3nice how much was the screen?11:13
Romsteri'd of returned them all and told them they suck11:13
gwurr3yeah i didn't want to bother shipping back to china11:13
Romstereh i don't remeber off the top of my head around the $250 mark11:13
gwurr3plus i feel bad for whoever is making them11:14
gwurr3some sweatshop, probably11:14
Romsteryeah, hmm i'll get around to adding more to tumblr11:15
gwurr3i should start logging my repairs like that11:16
Romsterwhat do you repair?11:17
gwurr3everything ;) mostly music gear, some laptops, etc11:18
gwurr3also cars11:18
Romsterah i am pro at audio11:18
gwurr3i love me some tube amps11:18
Romstercars i just do some basics11:18
Romsterchanged the water pump and radiator battery etc11:18
gwurr3nice i just did a water pump last week11:19
gwurr3what car?11:19
Romsteroh just a run of the mill VN commodoere wagon11:19
Romsterith sports exhorst and dark tinted windows and heavy duty lowered coils11:20
Romsterand HID headlights11:20
Romsteroh sports steering wheel too.11:20
Romsterthe rest is stock11:20
Romsternah v6 3.8 litre11:22
gwurr3we have the Pontiac G8 version over here11:22
Romsterdual fuel LPG and petrol11:22
gwurr3is the holden 3.8 v6 the same as our buick 3800 we have over here?11:23
Romsterbuilt like a tank drives like a tank gets up to speed in no time.11:23
Romsterit's actually a modified buick engine11:23
Romsterfor Australian conditions11:23
Romsterwe don't get so cold but boy we get hot11:23
gwurr3ah sweet, i usually talk shit on GM stuff but that 3.8 is a tough engine11:23
gwurr3they had a supercharged version in the riverias over here11:24
Romsterthose engines will rev and rev and leave everone else at the traffic lights :D11:24
gwurr3yeah they do :)11:24
gwurr3had a buick LeSabre with one in it11:24
gwurr3i'm glad they didn't use the chevy v6 in the holden stuff11:25
gwurr3the one that's just a chevy 350 with two holes chopped off11:26
gwurr3pontiac, buick, and oldsmobile were always the "better" GM divisions than chevy11:27
gwurr3i think holden was always closer to pontiac and buick, right?11:27
gwurr3you guys had an awesome Chrysler division back in the day, too11:29
Romstersadly gone now11:29
gwurr3with the hemi 6 and all11:29
Romsterthat was good11:30
Romsternow holdens arn't even made in australia11:30
Romsterwatch as the quality goes to crap11:30
gwurr3aussie fords still made down there in AU?11:30
Romsteri think so11:32
Romsterbut ya either a holden or ford man11:32
Romsterit's like a race your either one or the other11:33
gwurr3yeah i hear ya11:33
gwurr3btw i'm doing a v8 swap in a mazda RX711:34
gwurr3thinking a ford 351W11:34
Romsteri know that engine11:35
gwurr3i think you guys had the 351C, too11:35
gwurr3in the old falcons11:35
Romsterit's like the 350 only it's ford11:36
gwurr3yeah they're pretty tough11:36
Romsterand the fords are a inline than a v11:36
gwurr3the 351W is a v811:36
Romsteroh is11:36
gwurr3maybe you're thinking of the ford 300 inline 611:36
gwurr3the truck motor11:37
Romstermight have been11:51
Romsteri'm not that up on ford11:51
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Wildefyrruby-doc 404'd again13:47
Wildefyris there no better source?13:47
*** asie has quit IRC13:48
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mahmutovhey guys i chrooted and i want to compile kernel but this error occurs:13:58
mahmutov==> Stripping binaries and libraries ...14:00
mahmutovSegmentation fault (core dumped)14:00
*** dxlr8r has joined #crux14:19
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jueWildefyr: they changed the file layout on the server, will fix the port14:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: ruby-doc: fix source URL14:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: fuse: project moved from sourceforge to github, move man-pages14:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sshfs-fuse: project moved from sourceforge to github, move man-pages14:40
j_vmore projects moving away from sourceforge... not necessarily a bad thing14:44
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Wildefyrthanks jue15:00
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-input-libinput: update to 0.16.015:01
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: libinput: update to 1.1.415:06
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mahmutov1hey guys i chrooted to chroot enviroment and when i want to compile a source this error occurs:18:32
mahmutov1==> Stripping binaries and libraries ...18:32
mahmutov1Segmentation fault (core dumped)18:32
mahmutov1any help?18:32
frinnstcan anybody recommend a mediaplayer for windows?18:46
frinnstvlc? some mplayer variant?18:47
groovy2shoesI use VLC when I'm on windows18:47
frinnstmedia player classic perhaps?18:47
groovy2shoeshaven't used that in ages18:47
groovy2shoesI like VLC because it supports practically every video format18:48
frinnsti've never really liked vlc for some reason18:48
groovy2shoesdoes mpv work on windows?18:48
frinnstits for my nephew18:49
tilmanfrinnst: get him a crux CD instead?18:50
jaegervlc is my preference as well for windows18:50
jaegermahmutov1: there's nothing useful there to troubleshoot18:51
frinnsttilman: can you run league of legends in crux?18:51
frinnstthats pretty much all he cares about18:51
tilmanheh, i don't know18:51
mahmutov1hey jaeger what about this?18:52
mahmutov1what deals it18:52
jaegerhow would I know? There's no useful output there18:52
frinnstit deals drugs18:52
mahmutov1look at this18:54
groovy2shoesmahmutov1, what command did you run?18:55
mahmutov1when i want to compile somthing in chroot this occurs18:55
groovy2shoesyou're compiling the kernel, right?18:55
groovy2shoeswhat command did you run?18:55
mahmutov1i am compiling this configuration18:57
groovy2shoesthe hell is linux-libre?18:57
groovy2shoesGPL isn't free enough for someone?18:57
frinnstlinux stripped from binary blobs18:58
mahmutov1not actually18:58
mahmutov1i tried other source but same error18:58
mahmutov1it deals with memory?18:58
mahmutov1end of the compiling when stripping binaries this error occurs18:58
j_vwhat arch is the system and what arch is the chroot... do they match?18:59
groovy2shoesthat looks like an Arch Linux build script... are you trying to run that on CRUX?18:59
mahmutov1actually i am in clfs chrrot enviroment18:59
j_vclfs? ok, but what arch?19:00
j_vand what is the build target?19:00
mahmutov1x86_64 too19:01
j_vwhy clfs and not plain lfs/19:01
j_vclfs build system is old/buggy19:01
j_vlfs is much more up to date19:02
frinnstand why the fuck are you asking us for support?19:02
j_vsorry, i shouldn't encourage him19:02
mahmutov1lfs doesnt support multilib19:02
j_vjust install crux and build lfs from there19:02
j_vclfs is blind alley right now, the way i see it19:04
*** feute has quit IRC19:05
mahmutov1i am using it for multilib19:07
mahmutov1so i created with lfs-blfs but pure 64bit19:08
mahmutov1i tried crux' iso.git last section an error occured about making iso19:08
groovy2shoeswhy not use the official crux iso?19:11
mahmutov1i am already installed 3.219:11
groovy2shoesso use that19:11
mahmutov1iwant to make crux with updated  sources19:11
mahmutov1gcc 5.3 kernel 4.319:12
groovy2shoesthere's an updated iso there19:12
mahmutov1i see i but it includes gcc 5.219:12
mahmutov1if he doesnt change last iso19:13
groovy2shoeswell, wait a few days, then... afaik it's updated regularly19:13
j_vgroovy2shoes advice makes most sense to me...19:13
mahmutov1also i want to learn making iso from stratch19:14
mahmutov1so i am doing  it19:14
j_vpart of that learning is learning how to trouble shoot19:14
j_van not running on irc as root would be a good idea also19:15
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tired890are there better ways to share files among linux hosts than NFS shares? (I mean mounted shared dir, not individual transfers as in rsync)21:20
*** mahmutov1 has joined #crux21:20
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tired890I'm not talking about VMs.. just two physical machines that need constant exchange of small files..21:22
*** maldoror has joined #crux21:24
dbrookeI tend to use sshfs for user or transient shares and NFS for persistent shares, but what is 'better'?21:26
tired890NFS.. dont fix it if it aint broken I guess21:40
tired890sshfs would be more secure I imagine but since this is in a LAN it shouldn't matteer21:41
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frinnstif you need even modest performance that is22:19
jaegerunless you need really fast performance for millions of tiny files, then use iscsi or ATAoE or something22:20
jaegernfs is probably the best bet in most cases.22:20
groovy2shoesI used to work from EMC, so I know all these words!22:21
frinnstmore flexible too. but yeah, iscsi has its uses22:21
jaegerI had to use iscsi for an XNAT server at $job-1, NFS couldn't keep up. That's the only case I've ever needed it, though.22:21
frinnsti lost my "love" for iscsi when a netapp engineer managed to shut down our entire san once22:22
groovy2shoesI wrote an internal tool for measuring nfs and iscsi performance... that was fun... we found out that a lot of our customers were just saying "fuck it" and moving from block to nfs22:22
frinnsttook ages to bring it back up again22:22
frinnstI also learned that you cant believe vendors22:23
tired890cheers gents22:24
tired890nfs it is22:24
*** maldoror has quit IRC22:24
jaegernfs is also a better choice for multiple clients. iscsi's not quite as happy with that, though it can still be done22:32
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arceteraSo uh23:07
arceteraMy computer suddenly won't boot from my HDD23:08
arceteraI can chroot in from the CRUX install media but the computer says no boot device23:08
arceteraI have grub2-efi23:08
arceteraThis just suddenly happened after a reboot23:09
arceteraAll files are fine23:09
arceteraIt worked fine, rebooted, kernel panic23:12
arceteraRebooted again, suddenly tons of error messages23:12
arceteraRebooted again, no boot device found23:12
arceteraPerhaps the ESP?23:12
sisel4arcetera: i think that you dont have boot entries in nvram23:15
sisel4arcetera: or you're booting using legacy mode...23:17
arceteraFixed it23:17
sisel4arcetera: what was wrong?23:18
arceteraFormatted ESP and installed GRUB again23:18
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