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brian|lfshey arcetera any luck man?00:01
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groovy2shoesdoes anybody know if it's possible to launch a second X session in an X window? and if so, how?00:54
groovy2shoes(I ask because in Google Hangouts I have the option of either sharing both of my screens, or one particular window, but not any option to share just one screen)00:55
groovy2shoes(so if anybody has a solution to that problem, I'm all ears)00:55
sisel4groovy2shoes: maybe xephyr?00:55
groovy2shoessisel4, that looks perfect!  thank you :)00:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to 38.5.0. Fixes various security issues.01:20
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Wildefyrwhen is gst-plugins-base getting removed for firefox?14:56
Wildefyror is it still required?14:56
frinnstnext release15:00
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arceterais there a way to list packages that were formerly installed as dependencies, but the original pacakges have been uninstalled?15:04
arceteraI'm trying to slim down my system15:04
Wildefyroh like removing orphans15:05
arceteraprt-get listorphans lists a lot of things15:05
arceterawhich are obviously needed15:05
Wildefyryeah I don't think there's a better way15:05
Wildefyrbut they would be in there15:05
arceteraprt-get listorphans lists sysvinit15:05
arceteraI don't think I should remove that15:06
arceteraand make, linux-firmware, man-pages, prt-get itself, pkgutils...15:06
arceteraa lot of things which are in core/15:06
arceteraanyway, I need to sysup15:07
arceteraoh god no15:09
arceterait's downloading boost15:09
Wildefyryeah I know what you want ... pacman does much better at resolving deps15:09
arceterathat's one of the gripes i have with the crux pkg manager15:10
Wildefyrwell its not a pkg manager...15:11
arceterawell yeah, prt-get is a wrapper15:11
arceteraan Official Wrapper15:12
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arceteranew boost update breaks ncmpcpp15:34
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Wildefyrncmpcpp has been broken for me ages15:37
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groovy2shoeswould it be a good idea to provide binaries for some of these larger packages? (ones that take forever to compile)19:36
jaegerarcetera: I use a leafports script for that19:50
groovy2shoesoh cool, thanks joacim19:51
joacimwhatever you can think of, chances are romster already has something like that laying around19:56
groovy2shoesnew and improved rpm2pkg now detects the RPM's package name and automatically converts it into a suitable, properly-formatted CRUX package name:
groovy2shoesuseful for rpm's like google's where the package name within the rpm is different from the filename and actually contains version information20:06
groovy2shoese.g.: google-chrome-stable_current_x86_64.rpm => google-chrome-stable#47.0.2526.106-1.pkg.tar.gz20:06
groovy2shoesuh oh20:07
groovy2shoesthere's a bug in there20:07
groovy2shoesit works, but it really shouldn't lol20:07
groovy2shoeswell, it should20:08
groovy2shoesI but I don't like it20:08
groovy2shoesthere, all fixed20:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: firefox: updated to 43.0.220:54
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arceterancmpcpp is broken with the latest boost22:03
arceterais this a problem with upstream?22:03
arceterathe port in 6c37/ was using an old version, i'm updating it now22:06
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