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tierd891hey gents03:17
tierd891any of you have exp with nginx? when I transfer big files (eg 2GB+) they get corrupt for some reason.. transfer via HTTP03:17
tierd891its a web interface and there is a simple 'get file' functionality.. when videos are transfered this way half the movie is ok..  the second half is not the file gets corrupted03:18
tierd891when getting the file with rsync its not corrupt..03:18
tierd891so I figure its some option in nginx config that I need to adjust or something.. disabled gzip and all stuff that might be relevant.. no good03:19
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groovy2shoestierd891, an nginx channel would be a better place to ask04:04
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Ghost_r00tI have a problem. no video after grub11:07
Ghost_r00tI use EFI with GPT partition table.11:07
Ghost_r00tIt seems that new X and kernel change some stuff in there and you have to use EFI video driver and vesa won't work.11:08
Ghost_r00tI use simpleFB in kernel but I can't get passed it11:08
frinnstif X wont run after you change kernel you need to reinstall the nvidia driver11:16
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Ghost_r00tfrinnst: it is not that. I don't know about it either. when I select the crux from grub menu11:59
Ghost_r00tit says booting crux and finish.11:59
Ghost_r00tnothing else.11:59
Ghost_r00tBooting Crux 3.2 ...11:59
Ghost_r00tit is the only thing on my screen for as long as it is on11:59
sisel4Ghost_r00t: what GPU do you have and have you tried "nomodeset" parameter?12:03
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Ghost_r00tit is nvidia on GPT_UFI system12:11
Ghost_r00tand no I didn't12:11
Ghost_r00tsisel4: ^12:12
sisel4Ghost_r00t: press 'e' in grub menu and append "nomodeset" as kernel parameter12:14
Ghost_r00tsisel4: no it is not it. grub_gop grub_uga if I say it right are present it the grub.cfg12:14
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Ghost_r00tsisel4: it is not the no modeset error. it is no error it is just no screen output after grub12:15
sisel4Ghost_r00t: I've had similar problem when i was trying to use radeon module without binary blobs :v12:18
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Wildefyroh he left ...12:47
Wildefyrhe doesnt have a framebuffer installed12:47
Wildefyror rather compiled12:47
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sisel4Wildefyr: if he want to use dri drivers he have to disable all fbdev drivers...12:52
sisel4Look at gentoo's wiki12:53
sisel4> Be warned that enabling efifb support in kernel (CONFIG_FB_EFI=y) causes intermittent problems with the initialization of the nvidia drivers.12:53
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Wildefyrthe nvidia drivers are X only13:21
Wildefyrunless he was using nouveua13:21
Wildefyrbut yeah I have no idea13:22
WildefyrI don't have an uefi mobo13:22
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sisel4Wildefyr: yes, but they are conflicts with fb drivers13:48
jaegerefifb and nvidia coexist without trouble, despite that14:45
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nweis it someone else that have problem to compile grub2 and using zfs?17:34
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frinnstcompile grub? no18:56
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evil_shibefrinnst: its buggy. you heard about 28 backspace backdoot?22:03
groovy2shoesevil_shibe, I think there's already an updated package to take care of that22:10
evil_shibei know. but i never trust grub now. i installed lilo22:12
evil_shibei think NSA put this backdoor22:12
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frinnstevil_shibe: read this:
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frinnstdid you actually rely on a bootloader password?22:28
evil_shibei think NSA payed some cash for put this backdoor....22:36
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groovy2shoesI highly doubt that22:55
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frinnstand if they did.. they really wasted their money23:49
evil_shibensa have big amount of money...23:49
frinnstits one of the least useful exploits ever. if you have physical access you could just bypass it with a usb stick or whatever23:50
evil_shibe90% of backdoors are controlled by nsa23:50
frinnstyes im sure bypassing a boot menu on a kiosk would be very useful23:52
frinnstdid you read the lwn article?23:52

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