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Romstersystemd 226 breaks docker containers03:15
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tierd982lol the other day on april fools or something where they said they'll fork the kernel.. they got quite the reaction haha03:22
Romsterfor sure03:23
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Ghost_r00tafter compiling kernel. the bzImage file size is 007:34
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j_vGhost_r00t, i've never had that happen.08:25
Ghost_r00tj_v, hi08:31
Ghost_r00tj_v, and I had it this morning08:32
j_vwas that for crux install?08:32
Ghost_r00tj_v, yup.why? is it crux related?08:39
j_vi wouldn't think so, just trying to get something to work with to get ideas what could have caused it08:40
Ghost_r00tj_v, the same here. I am on the ledge08:40
Ghost_r00tto go bunkers and make clean08:40
j_vis it a hard disk install?08:41
Ghost_r00tj_v, it is08:41
Ghost_r00tj_v, do you want the.config file?08:41
j_vi wonder if there could be issues with the disk08:42
Ghost_r00tj_v, the disk?08:42
Ghost_r00thow would I check that?08:42
j_vwell, it'08:42
j_vvery weird that the bzimage would be empty08:42
Ghost_r00tj_v, I didn't notice until grub2_efi told me premature end of file08:43
j_vyou checked the kernel source directory for empty bzimage, not just /boot, to verify, i am assuming08:45
Ghost_r00tj_v, the bzimage is 008:45
Ghost_r00tnot the/boot/vmlinuz08:46
Ghost_r00twell it is to but the problem is from the bzImage08:46
j_vok, just checking, is weird problem... wondering if the chroot to the installation root got entered correctly... you use setup-chroot for chrooting the mounted root before compiling?08:49
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Ghost_r00tj_v, gentoo chroot install from ubuntu trusty tahr. which is systemd08:51
Ghost_r00tchroot /mnt/crux /usr/bin/env -i TERM=$TERM /bin/bash08:52
Ghost_r00tand also source /etc/profile08:52
j_vare we still talking crux here? i see gentoo and ubuntu (no familiar with 'tahr'). not sure what systemd has to do with it. maybe i'm not the best one to try to help08:56
Ghost_r00tj_v,  no I say the chroot metod is that.09:05
Ghost_r00tand I use ubuntu "trusty tahr" version as livecd to boot my system and then chroot to crux like that09:05
Ghost_r00tthe ubuntu trusty tahr version is the start point where ubuntu changed to systemd.09:06
j_vah, ok, i haven't messed with debian or ubuntu for a few years, so i wasn't familiar with the term09:07
j_vi notice that you don't mention dev, devpts, shm, stuff like that, as far as the chroot environment; are those getting mounted for the chroot?09:09
j_voh, wait, skip the devpts and shm, but /sys and /proc, though09:10
Ghost_r00t-o bin /proc09:11
Ghost_r00t--rbind /dev and /sys09:11
j_vyeah, so that stuff probably isn't causing it. just grasping at straws.09:11
Ghost_r00tj_v, could it be me not checking a config option inside the kernel to cause this09:12
Ghost_r00tbut i don't think so09:12
j_vi really doubt it, i would expect something more basic... i mean, it did compile, right? unless there is something in the environment to make one of the final bzimage make commands to silently fail09:14
j_valso, did you install all of the core packages?09:15
Ghost_r00twhat core packages? j_v,  what should i do to clean the kernel directory and start again. but i would copy the .config file somewhere else and then copy it back inside after the procedure. and do make oldconfig09:16
Ghost_r00tis it possible?09:16
j_voh, yeah, you can compile the kernel anywhere. just as you say. that would be reasonable.09:18
Ghost_r00tj_v, no. could I clean the kernel tree/directory? what command?09:18
j_vcp .config ../config ; make mrproper ; cp ../config .config ; make oldconfig09:18
j_vthen: make all09:19
j_vor just make09:19
Ghost_r00tanother question. I have a .xz file containing 20 or so patches or more.09:20
Ghost_r00tI want to apply them at once to the kernel directory. how?09:20
Wildefyrmake clean should do the trick09:20
j_vthe README in the top kernel directory describes a script called patch-kernel that's in the scripts subdirectory of the kernel source09:22
Ghost_r00tj_v, ok really useful09:23
j_vWildefyr, you are right; my habit is the use mrproper when ever something seems wrong or if i'm making big changes. i use clean if just adding a module or a tweak or two09:25
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frinnst You recently snatched Hell.on.Wheels.S04.720p.HDTV.x264-SceneHD and did not reach a 1.0 ratio on the torrent.11:58
frinnstGrafX has just requested a reseed and we would love it if you could start seeding the torrent again.11:58
frinnst"oops" :>11:58
frinnstgood series though11:58
Wildefyrooh private tracker? :<12:17
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joacimfrinnst: I think what you did there is illegal12:28
joacimreported to the proper officials12:28
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tired890frinnst, what client do you use?20:47
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