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alancioteK_: did you see my email about the kde repository?00:29
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Romsteralancio, what is happening with kde thesedays?00:36
Romsterand also hi00:36
Romsteri haven't setup that chat yet so many things going on00:36
alanciohi Romster01:19
alancioI want to create branches to reflect mayor KDE versions01:19
alancioso I created a new branch called "kde4"01:19
alancioif I clone the repository using SSH, I can see the new branch and all my commits01:20
alanciobut if I clone using git, I don't see anything01:20
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j_vteK_, got your mail. I changed the line on the fakeroot port. Should I do the same with other ports which I just modified someone else's port?03:25
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j_vqemu-2.5.0 depends on libcacard external lib; was included in qemu sources until 2.5.0. I've slapped together port for libcacard; it will be in my repo momentarily.05:04
brian|lfsmobileWhy not plasma 5?05:06
Romsteralancio, how do you differate between crux 3.1 3.2 and later 3.3 ?05:09
Romsterso you gonna do kde4 and kde5?05:09
Romsteryou have to add the new ref upstream then git push that branch.05:10
Romsteri guess your on crux 3.2 now alancio05:11
alanciobut how come I can see the new branch when I clone via ssh, but not git?05:11
Romsterwhy don't you start a new clean git repo for kde5 and stick to either master or 3.2 branch on each ?05:12
Romstergit is a different protocol to ssh but there both from the same git tree.05:12
alanciothat would be another approach, yes05:13
Romstergit is some kind of http/rsync/delta combo while ssh just tunnels that all over ssh05:13
alancioRomster, try it yourself05:13
Romsterit's the same git repository05:13
Romstereither way05:13
Romsterok then i'll take a look and clone it05:13
Romsteri don't manage the git trees but i know enough to work with git05:14
Romster i don't even see kde4 there05:14
alancioI didn't remove it05:15
alanciogit clone ssh://
Romstergit clone git:// kde4-test05:16
alancioand: git clone git://
Romsteri just did that05:16
alancioclone via ssh too, then run: git branch -rv05:16
Romsterthey both match for me (as it should)05:19
Romsterif you want a new branch you need to add that to remotes with05:20
Romstergit branch kde4 origin/kde405:20
Romstergit checkout kde405:20
Romstergit push05:20
Romsterbut personally i'd think making a kde5.git and updating kde4.git with a 3.2 branch05:21
alanciodo you see the kde4 branch in both?05:21
Romsteryour git branches are seriously behind (3.0) from crux 3.205:21
Romsteri don't see kde4 at all in either05:22
Romsteryou need to add that branch like i said above then push it.05:23
alancioI already did, in fact I see it when I clone with ssh05:23
Romsteri don't see my paste.05:24
Romsterorigin/3.0 so old...05:24
alancioit has been updated since 3.005:25
Romsteryou never even made a 3.1 branch all this time, and now 3.205:25
Romsteryou just kept using 3.005:25
Romsterwhich is not consistent with other git repos05:26
brian|lfsmobileWow Alan on a phone so can't rabbit your name.05:26
brian|lfsmobileBut from what I see you need kde4 for the applications at least still05:27
alancioI know, I proposed using the kde version numbers instead of crux version numbers05:27
alanciobecause it makes more sense05:27
Romsteralancio, you should talk to teK_ or jue or frinnst about adding kde5.git and seeing why kde4.git isn't on cgit.05:28
brian|lfsmobileNo it don't make sense you being on 3.005:28
brian|lfsmobileSo your saying t u at kde4 only works on crux 3.005:29
Romsterif that's how you want to do it alancio, but what happens if say i want to keep using crux 3.1 a while longer (which i am) and try to use kde4 it may fail with changes that are only used in crux 3.2 and not in crux 3.105:29
Romsterjust an example05:29
Romsteryou do it how ever you want it to work, i can only offer an opinion.05:30
brian|lfsmobileI had to make a bunch of fixes to get KDE to build.05:30
brian|lfsmobileAnd was a few things I had no luck with.05:31
alancioRomster, I know, however, I can't maintain several KDE versions for several CRUX releases05:32
alanciothe best I can do is create a 3.1 tag05:32
Romsterthen it's best to jsut use master of kde4.git and make a kde5.git05:32
alancioanybody that wants to stay with 3.1 will have to stick with that05:32
Romsteryeahm that'll be sufficient. for a 3.1 tag05:33
alanciobrian|lfsmobile: I have in fact already fixed and checked every single port of kde405:33
Romsterif you had kde.git you could do a kde4 and kde5 branch but since it's called kde4.git you may as well use master in kde4.git and make a new kde5.git05:34
alanciobut they are not visible in git yet, patience05:34
alanciothat is why I asked to rename kde4.git to kde.git05:34
alanciothen the branches would be: kde3 kde4 and kde505:34
Romsterthat way the git descriptions can be correct for each05:34
Romsterah ok can do that too.05:34
brian|lfsmobileOK what version of crux did you test on alan?05:35
Romsterit'l require you to edit your .git/config to reflect the change.05:35
brian|lfsmobileHmmmm how recent05:35
alancioRomster, could this be a permissions issue?05:35
alancioI am now convinced of that05:35
alanciokde4.git/refs/heads/kde4 is read-only05:36
alanciosame for kde4.git/info/refs and kde4.git/objects/info/packs05:36
Romsterso ask teK_ or someone to rename it and add the other branches05:36
brian|lfsmobileIt's romsters  fault05:37
Romsteri also recommend building kde ports in a in a container like docker or a VM05:37
Romsterwhat are you on about brian|lfsmobile ?05:37
brian|lfsmobileI'm joking man05:38
Romsterbrian|lfsmobile, you make no sense at the best of times.....05:38
brian|lfsmobileBut on my edge +05:38
alancioperhaps he had too much eggnog05:38
brian|lfsmobileI was joking I was saying that its your fault that the premisses are messed up and get for Alan05:39
Romsterdon't say anything unless it's helpful and informative.05:39
Romsterand i have no access to even touch that brian|lfsmobile05:39
brian|lfsmobileBut anyways Alan when what when did you actually text to Katie Parts how long ago05:39
Romstersilly joke05:39
brian|lfsmobileKDE ports05:40
brian|lfsmobiler I'll stop being silly05:40
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Romsterand i am building ports for crux 3.1 and 3.2 currently for some things.05:40
Romsteri put in the damn effort.05:40
brian|lfsmobileYes I know you do05:40
brian|lfsmobileAlan are you still there05:41
brian|lfsmobileI'm definitely going to try your suggestions for Skype I haven't got a chance to try it05:42
alancioI am, but I have no idea of what you are talking about05:43
alancioRomster: it was a permissions problem05:43
alanciotry to clone again, via git05:43
brian|lfsmobileI was asking when did you test kde4 ports05:43
brian|lfsmobileHow long ago05:43 has been having many permissions problems. i've never had a single permission problem with gitolite...05:44
alanciobrian|lfsmobile: last tuesday05:44
brian|lfsmobileRight after I compiled lol05:45
Romsterdo you build them in a clean VM/docker/container for every single port?05:45
alancioI have a VM with a clean ISO install for 3.205:45
alancioI create a snapshot, then do a sysup05:45
alancioanother snapshot, then do a depinst of kde4-full-meta05:45
brian|lfsmobileI'm not at home right now Alan but it was one of the graphics programs kept failing to compile I'm not recalling the name right now and there were some packages I had to bump down at lower version to get another package to compile05:45
Romsterok so as of now i should be able to depinst any port in kde4 and not get a missing footprint file or missing dependencies right?05:46
alanciobrian|lfsmobile: feel free to email me if you think there is a real problem with a port05:46
brian|lfsmobileI will try and 3.2 because I was compiling on 3.1 Alan it doesn't make sense to worry about old versions of Crocs to me really05:47
alancioRomster, that is what I hope, but the number of possible combinations make footprint missmatches a possibility05:47
alanciobut yes, please email me any problem that you find05:47
alancioI know you use docker, so that should make it fast05:47
alancioif you have some script to automate the testing, I would appreciate it a lot05:48
Romsterwell missing files should /never/ happen, new files are handled with PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW=05:48
brian|lfsmobileL & I would definitely use that 3.2 docker05:48
Romsteri can roll a script for that alancio, i do it semi-automatic now with a few commands.05:48
brian|lfsmobileAlan grrrr dam phone05:48
Romsteri need to update that for gcc 4.3 too.05:49
alanciothat is something we should put in the website, for everybody to use05:49
Romsteri'll do that and push a new one to dockerhub05:49
alancioI also have a script to create perl ports from cpan05:49
brian|lfsmobileEllen question does your que te have support for pulse audio built in?05:49
alancioit handles dependencies, optional dependencies, etc.05:50
Romsterprologic, has the official one but it's old and out of date.05:50
Romsteralancio, that would be neat to have.05:50
alanciook, I'll polish and share it soon05:50
Romsteri'll work on more docker automation05:51
brian|lfsmobileDoes KDE have pulse audio as dependencies or optional05:51
Romsterand run over kde4 ports with it.05:51
alanciogreat, thanks!05:51
Romsterpulseaudio is in opt brian|lfsmobile05:51
alancioit is optional05:52
Romsteri'm sure if you install it kde4 can use it05:52
alancioexcept for the pulseaudio mixer plasmoid05:52
brian|lfsmobileYes I know but do the KDE ports have it enabled.05:52
tierd982I thought no one used pulseaudio anymore..05:52
alanciobrian|lfsmobile: they will take advantage of pulseaudio if installed beforehand05:52
Romsterubuntu does not sure of others05:52
brian|lfsmobileOkay so you're saying it's not expressively disabled05:53
alanciothe only thing I disable explicitly are things that break the build05:54
brian|lfsmobileThat makes sense05:54
alanciofor example, subversion is disabled right now in kdesdk-kioslaves05:54
jaegerRomster: I spent quite some time fixing the permissions issues in the git repos but kde wasn't one of them05:55
jaegerthose issues haven't happened in quite a while05:55
Romsteri haven't seen them jaeger but i don't see kde4.git in cgit05:55
Romsterbut i can clone it just fine.05:55
Romsterook first up i'll sysup make a few small changes and push a new docker container to that same url
Romsterelse doing a sysup is too painful for every new container made.05:57
Romster(i also noticed we forgot to remove tcp_wrappers and zip from the iso setup)05:58
brian|lfsmobileAgree lol05:58
brian|lfsmobileI've done it05:58
Romsterand not enable my romster repo by default... too slow over httpup i need to get rsync set for my ports tree.05:59
brian|lfsmobileYes your report is slow06:00
brian|lfsmobileTo sync06:00
alanciohow do I change the default branch in the server?06:00
Romsteri dont knwo why is slow it's fast in the country of the server around 8mb/s but outside it drops to ~150kb/s06:01
Romsterit's not the data centers or servers fault.06:01
Romsterslow tu au and usa and other places.06:01
Romsteri haven't had time to test the speed to every country yet06:02
Romsterit's reliable enough for source files and packages that are hard to find or long to build.06:02
jaegerRomster: not sure what you mean about cgit, it's listed in gitweb06:03
Romsternot listed here06:03
jaegerI see it.06:03
Romsteri don't06:04
alancioI didn't see it before, but now I do06:04
Romsteri even did a search /kde just to make sure i am not blind06:04
jaegerWell, it's there.06:04
Romstershift+f5 now shows it06:04
Romstermy cache was stale but you must of just fixed that.06:04
jaegerI haven't changed anything, guess alan did06:05
Romsterelse i would of seen it before.06:05
alanciodon't look at me06:05
alancioI was also wondering06:05
jaegerI'm going to set it up the same way as the other repos now06:05
Romsterok that seems sensible.06:06
alanciowhat do you mean?06:06
brian|lfsmobileI see it06:06
jaegersame permissions.06:06
alancioah ok, I already did a chmod though06:06
Romsterjaeger, could you rename it to kde.git also and change the description to reflect it's not just kde406:06
jaegerthere's already kde.git06:06
alancioyes, I didn't do that, that must be empty06:07
alancioah no, it is an old copy of kde4.git, but I didn't do it06:08
jaegerLooks like it's from 2.506:08
Romsterjeepers that's going back06:08
brian|lfsmobile2.5 lol06:09
jaegerhas 2.2 through 2.5 branches06:09
jaegeralancio: do you want me to move it out of the way?06:09
brian|lfsmobileThey had git back the:-)n?06:09
Romsterit probbly got imported from svn06:09
Romsterages ago we used svn iirc06:10
jaegerand cvs before that06:10
Romsterand we would use a hidden dot file to mark it for inclusion for contrib06:10
alanciojaeger: yes please06:10
alancioand please update the website too06:10
Romsteri don't think i was ever here for the cvs days06:10
jaegerupdate the website how?06:11
alancioI guess update the sqlite db?06:11
jaegeryou mean portdb?06:11
jaegerok, moved kde.git06:11
Romsterthe description as kde.git will end up with kde3 kde4 kde5 branches06:11
Romsterdoes anyone even use kde3 anymore?06:12
jaegeralancio: what is the proper url?06:12
brian|lfsmobileHey KDE 3 was stable06:12
jaegerso are you pushing a new kde.git?06:13
alancioI was working on KDE3 for a while, the Trinity project06:13
jaegerAlso, I don't think the portdb understands git urls06:13
alanciojaeger, sorry, on sec please06:14
jaegercurrently it's rsync I believe06:15
alanciook, I guess it should be
alanciothat is awkward, the branch goes before the repo06:16
brian|lfsmobileYes it seems it06:17
alanciobtw, are we making backups of the server?06:17
jaegerSo are you saying there should be a "kde" branch in the "kde4" git repo?06:18
alanciothe opposite: a kde4 branch in the kde repo06:18
jaegerthere is no longer a kde repo06:18
alancionot yet, but there will be one when we mv kde4.git to kde.git :)06:19
jaegerAh, that part was missing06:19
alanciofeel free06:19
brian|lfsmobileHmm I'm connected here on IPc606:22
jaegerok, it's moved but not showing up in gitweb now for some reason06:26
brian|lfsmobileMaybe replication06:28
brian|lfsmobileNot sure hitting the sack I head home today.06:28
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alancioI think only sepen and tek can do that06:29
alancio-rw-rw-r-- 1 crux webtools 217088 Dec 28 07:07 /home/crux/public_html/local/portdb.db06:30
jaegerI can change it but trying to fix the repo first06:30
alanciowhat has to be changed? I thought it was a simple mv06:31
jaegerIt's moved and you can check it out via ssh fine06:32
jaegergitweb doesn't see it06:32
jaegergit:// works too06:33
alancioecho "update collections set url = '' where collid = 6;" | sqlite /home/crux/public_html/local/portdb.db06:33
jaegerThat will be overwritten06:33
jaegerAnd isn't the issue06:33
jaegergitweb has no connection to the portdb06:33
alanciolooks like it has to be changed in /home/crux/public_html/gitweb06:35
alancioin gitweb.cgi06:35
jaegerthe default heads code isn't used anymore as far as I know06:36
alancioline 35406:36
jaegeryou'll notice they're all old versions there06:36
alanciolooks like it gets it from /home/crux/scm/ports/kde.git/HEAD06:40
alanciowhich is not updated, should I change it manually or using some git kung-fu?06:40
jaegeryou want it to be "kde4"?06:41
jaegerdon't edit the sqlite file directly, I updated the cacher06:47
jaegerit'll get added next time it runs06:47
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jaegerI think everything is in place except for gitweb displaying it, too tired to figure that out right now. If someone else doesn't beat me to it I'll look again tomorrow.06:48
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alanciogreat, thanks a lot! :)06:51
Romsterok so a tag for crux 3.1 too alancio ?06:51
alancioyes, of course06:52
alanciothe problem is, I don't have a 3.1 to test it with now06:53
alancioso give me some time while I work on that06:53
alancioor if someone else can test, and recommend which commit to tag, that would be great06:53
alanciootherwise it will come in a few days06:56
Romsterwell i got a docker 3.1 image that you can run it in07:05
Romsteri should move to crux 3.2 soon after i've solved skype and other problems07:07
frinnsteew skype07:08
Romsteri know some do need it though07:08
frinnstfriends dont let friends skype! :)07:08
Romsteri'd say the same about windows you use at work frinnst07:08
frinnstyeah its horrible07:09
Romsteralancio, so will work ?07:09
Romsterfor the rsync files07:09
Romsterso i can mirror the source files on crux.ster.zone07:09
Romsterthat needs fixing also07:13
alancioyes, jaeger said it will be fixed automatically by some cron job07:13
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Romsteralancio, does kde4 need to be above contrib and/or opt?08:15
Romsterin prt-get.conf08:15
Romsterprtdir lines08:15
Romsternevermind i just added prtdir lines above to be sure in the docker container08:23
Romsteruploading updated image
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alancioRomster: it should be before opt and contrib09:03
tsaopalancio: I read from the logs you want to port kde509:04
tsaopif it helps, have a look at my git repository:09:04
alanciothanks, I'll take a look09:04
tsaopI already ported the base desktop plus some kdeedu / kdeutils stuff09:04
tsaopnote that I'm not very familiar with the ports system, so probably some stuff will need fixing09:05
alanciosure, no problem ;)09:05
alanciowe should run an xmpp server in crux.nu09:07
alancioI'll just leave that idea here for someone to read09:07
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Romsterbefore opt that feels like doing the wrong thing :/ edits again10:08
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: mesa3d-32: 11.0.7 -> 11.0.813:44
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: xorg-libxi-32: 1.7.5 -> 1.7.613:44
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torisoHey everyone, I have crux 3.2 installed not with the official iso, the last unstable release, all good, but I'm wondering where is the xfce port, I'm on dwm right now14:35
mahmutov1you can use it i used it and it worked properly on 3.214:38
torisook, why it's not on
torisoty mahmutov114:39
mahmutov1maybe it will be14:39
mahmutov1devs know...14:39
torisook good14:40
torisomahmutov1, what WM are you using?14:40
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arceteraif I install libressl from 6c37 should I remove openssl17:13
arceterayou know what fuck it i'm going in blind17:13
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j_varcetera, I think the two conflict, but pkgadd won't let one pkg overwrite files from another, unless you force it.18:14
teK_j_v: cacard is not a hard dependcy, as far as I can see19:26
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j_vteK_: yeah, you're right, can be disabled with --disable-smartcard. when i built the package without that, somehow libcacard is still getting linked in even though it wasn't on my system..  i even checked the binaries with readelf -d, and sure enough libcacard was listed as NEEDED even though it wasn't present at build time.19:41
j_vmust have linked with gcc's -W,l--unresolved-symbols=ignore-in-object-files or something similar19:49
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vlkywayHello! I am curious as to the tmpfs mounted at /run (by mdev?). Does it make a tmpfs in /tmp and shm in /dev/shm unecessary?20:15
vlkywayI happen to have three tmpfs' mounted now. Two of them explicitly from fstab.20:16
frinnstudev mounts /run iirc20:23
frinnstand it does not "replace" /tmp or /dev/shm20:24
j_vthe dir /run is mounted by /sbin/start_udev that is called from /etc/rc. an old but relavent discussion:
j_vi'm needing the functionality of bsd's pwait(1) utility. does anyone know of a linux port for this? just asking, before I got to the trouble of porting it for myself.20:31
j_v has pwait20:41
j_vdamn, extrace/pwait requires root or cap_net_admin20:52
vlkywaydnotify on /proc ?20:57
vlkyway(Im in no way very knowledgable on this)20:58
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vlkywaypwait.c uses kqueue. But could it not be easily ported to epoll? :D21:04
j_vvlkyway: epoll, poll, or select... i'm in process of looking at NetBSD's pwait.c, it uses kevent()... guessing that is NetBSD's equivalent to kqueue21:08
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j_vvlkyway: yeah, good idea21:14
j_vbut i will probably port bsd's pwait to use epoll anyways (i see now that netbsd pwait is pulled from freebsd originally)21:20
vlkywayI am curious to ask why you would rather use epoll?21:28
vlkywayI am just for the hell of it implementing one with inotify now ^^21:28
tilmanj_v: iirc the kevent() syscall is part of the kqueue api21:30
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vlkywayI gave up on my implementation halfway through after opening a bottle of Gl├╝hwine22:39
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