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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: gettext: updated to 0.19.700:01
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: gettext: fixed footprint00:11
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j_vtilman: that looks to be correct. haven't coded anything except for linux or meant to be portable, but looking at the code in pwait.c from both netbsd and freebsd seems to confirm that.01:00
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Romstersad days01:16
dinxRomster, why are my fonts so ugly ;-(01:18
dinxRomster, yea - although didnt know much about him01:18
Romsterhaven't you installed the "fonts"01:18
dinxRomster, I spend my day looking at macbook so when I get home and look at my laptop im just like ugh01:19
dinxI been reading into infinality01:19
dinxI used to get better font rendering when I used to have gnome installed. I have played around with .fonts.conf Xresources etc and just cant get them right ;(01:20
dinxAnd now its snowing :(01:20
Romsterit's like 24C here01:21
Romsterprt-get depinst xorg-font-alias xorg-font-bh-ttf xorg-font-bitstream-vera xorg-font-dejavu-ttf xorg-font-inconsolata-dz xorg-font-larabie-coolvetica-ttf xorg-font-ttf-vlgothic xorg-font-util01:23
Romstershould be enough to get nice fonts dinx01:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
Romsterugh again01:28
Romsterflash needs to die :/01:28
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brian|lfshello all03:06
brian|lfsdid the weirdness with the KDE repo get resolved03:07
jaegergitweb isn't sorted yet but otherwise it should be working, I think03:29
brian|lfsso do I need to repoint my kde4 on my machine to the new url?03:31
brian|lfsit didn't error03:31
brian|lfswow firefox mirror sucks right now03:34
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sickboyHey there, justbfinised installing crux but for some reason ifconfig -a. Only shows lo and sit003:40
jaegerdid you add the proper driver for the interface that's missing to your kernel config?03:40
sickboyI forgot to compile the driver for it the first time, so i followd all the steps again so it should be working03:41
sickboyThe module i need is e1000e i think, is there a way to see if it's being loaded?03:42
jaegerlsmod will show you what's currently loaded03:42
jaegerif it's not in that list, try "modprobe e1000e"03:42
sickboyI got no error or aanything so it's not being loaded..03:43
jaegerno error from what, modprobe? or lsmod?03:44
sickboyAnd lsmod doesnt show it either03:45
jaegerdoes it show up in the "lsmod" output after the modprobe command?03:45
jaegercan you pastebin the output of "lspci -k" and your kernel config file?03:46
sickboyI'd have to copy it by hand.03:47
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jaegernot if you used the install media or another live media03:47
jaegeryou can paste to with curl from the command line, for example03:47
sickboyI'll just try recompiling once more and if that dorsnt work i'll reboot into my live iso and pastebin it.03:48
sickboyFor good luck03:48
jaegerdo you use lilo?03:48
sickboyI do03:48
brian|lfsits called wgetpasebin03:48
jaegermake sure to re-run lilo after a new kernel build, too03:48
jaegerif you're not already03:48
sickboyAh ok, i have not been03:48
jaegerthat may be all you need, then03:49
jaegerrun lilo, reboot, check then :)03:49
sickboyDo i ned to re copy the bzImage and system map after i recompile?03:49
brian|lfsif you didn't you would yes03:49
sickboyOk, just making sure03:49
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brian|lfsnew kde folder is working jasper can't say why the old one didn't give errors03:59
brian|lfsjaeger, sorry lol04:00
jaegerboth kde and kde4 rsync modules exist currently so that's probably why it didn't complain04:01
brian|lfsdoes someone have the newest firefox built already this download is taking forever04:01
jaegerromster probably does. If not I can build it pretty quickly04:01
sickboyBlog: just pinged, feels good man.04:01
brian|lfswhere would romster have it stored at?04:01
sickboyThanks guys04:01
brian|lfsjust waring you sickboy CRUX 3.2 is get better but we still have lots of bugs04:02
sickboyOh that's fine, i just tried my hand at lfs so i'm ready for anything04:03
sickboyNote: not ready for anything04:03
Romsterbrian|lfs, i got it already04:03
Romsterbookmark that url04:04
Romsteri even back ported them for crux 3.1 too04:04
Romsterand if something isn't there just ask04:04
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brian|lfscool got it04:06
brian|lfsah maybe I should of waited its just as fucking slow04:07
Romsterbleah i need ot move my shit04:07
Romsterit's fast in that country04:07
Romsteri gotta go nwo bbl04:08
brian|lfsok ttyl bookmakred you this time04:08
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alancioI'm having trouble with git04:17
alanciolooks like permissions problems04:18
jaegeralancio: how about now?04:19
alancioI don't know, can you run the git-to-rsync script without a push?04:20
alanciobecause the push went through04:20
jaegeryeah, sec04:20
brian|lfsI found it and its installed04:22
brian|lfskde is updating now lol04:23
brian|lfsshould be interesting I'm on CRUX 3.1 lol04:23
jaegeralancio: also the next portdb update should run in about 1.5 hours04:23
alancioah ok, I suspected it also ran automatically04:23
jaegerit runs once per day at 0700 CET04:23
alanciobrian|lfs: let me know if it fails, I am testing just that04:24
brian|lfsso far so good04:27
brian|lfsall of kdde I had installed updated fine alan04:39
alanciogood to know, thanks04:39
brian|lfsinstalling the rest of kde4-meta-full nnow04:42
alancioI had trouble building doxygen with 3.104:42
brian|lfsI fixed doxygenn forget how04:43
brian|lfsmaybe updated it04:43
brian|lfsto a newer version04:43
brian|lfswhat version you trying to compile04:44
brian|lfslooks like I installed 1.8.1004:44
alancioI just built the one in 3.2, which has a patch04:45
brian|lfsah ok04:45
brian|lfsso maybe that needs to be added to 3.104:45
brian|lfsor doxygon updated04:46
alanciowell yes, but is there any reason to stay with 3.1?04:46
brian|lfsoh ya wait I think thats what I did but had to fix the url for the patch04:46
brian|lfsit said the url was invalidd04:46
brian|lfsfor the patch04:47
alanciothe patch is included in the port04:47
brian|lfsah and I only copied the package file04:48
alancioanyway, why are you staying with 3.1?04:48
brian|lfsjust the GCC 5 bugs but it seems like most of those went away after I installed 3.104:48
alanciommm I didn't notice any bugs04:49
brian|lfsjust programs failing to compile04:49
alancioah that is because it is stricter04:50
alancioanyway, time to move to 3.2 ;)04:50
brian|lfsoh ya other thing was qt webkit issues and skype04:51
brian|lfsbut romster gave me a possible fix04:51
alancioI have noticed that recently the scrollbars and widgets look like crap in Firefox04:52
alanciobut I just thought it was Mozilla messing up a good browser (again)04:53
jaegerthey changed to gtk304:53
alanciooh, that explains it04:53
alancioI have noticed gtk3 apps tend to have problems with missing icons04:54
alanciomaybe I'm missing a port04:54
alanciolike gnome-icon-theme?04:55
brian|lfsdigikam failed alancio05:00
brian|lfsno real error05:01
brian|lfsoh my local copy nno wonder05:01
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brian|lfsah stil failed05:02
brian|lfsoh need libsqlite205:03
brian|lfswe don't have sqlite205:06
alancioit says its optional05:09
alancioanyway, I'll check it later, thanks05:09
brian|lfsya I realized that05:10
brian|lfsok alancio I have a new openncv installed 3.0.005:18
brian|lfsI try installing the 2.4.9 and it fails to compile05:18
brian|lfssomething to do with testes05:19
alanciocan you post the new output?05:24
alancioI'll take a look after lunch05:25
brian|lfsouch alancio it don't like compile optimization05:49
brian|lfsI disabled all my optimization and it compiled05:50
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alancioah good06:01
brian|lfsstrange need to reseat my cpu and check my ram06:02
alanciobecause of the failed compile? I don't think so06:03
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Romster opencv#2.4.9-1.pkg.tar.xz06:10
Romsteri was too fast06:11
Romsterbuilt in
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brian|lfsah I got it to compile romster06:21
brian|lfshow about kipi-plugins#06:21
brian|lfshow about kipi-plugins06:21
brian|lfsit keeps failing on me06:22
brian|lfs   num_to_alloc = 1; // After all that talk, this was set to 1 anyways...06:24
brian|lfshuh lol06:24
brian|lfslove that message inn the compile someone was bored06:28
Romsterchecking for beer in fridge... missing06:32
brian|lfsdid it compile for you06:40
Romsterno it died on docbook06:40
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/docbook-xml#4.5-3.pkg.tar.xz'.06:40
RomsterPkgfile: line 24: unzip: command not found06:40
Romsterupto ruby now06:41
brian|lfsah ok06:42
Romsteralancio, your kde4 docbook-xml needs unzip as a dependency06:42
alancioits in core06:43
Romsternot in 3.206:43
Romsterit got moved to opt06:43
alancioah I see06:43
Romstersince pkgmk don't need it anymore as libarchive does that06:43
Romsterzip unzip is in opt06:43
Romstergperf got moved to core06:44
Romstertcp_wrappers got dropped06:44
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brian|lfsno clue Romster06:56
brian|lfsit fails at 97% for me06:56
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Romstergobject-introspection just built06:59
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brian|lfswow lots of deps07:00
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brian|lfshey Romster about to go to sleep man just leave me a private message on how that package goes I guess07:11
Romster=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:07:19
RomsterMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/jiv07:19
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/jasper#1.900.1-2.pkg.tar.xz' failed.07:19
Romsterprt-get: error while install07:19
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Romsterjaeger, mate/js185 needs zip added to dependencies07:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mailx: update to 14.8.608:37
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Romsterphonon#4.8.3-2.pkg.tar.xz footprint mismatch10:13
Romsterwasn't updated for new version10:13
Romsterplus it's using /lib64 than just /lib10:14
Romsterkdelibs missing a heap of files too.10:36
Romsteri'll end up making a diff of all this...10:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: ant: 1.9.4 -> 1.9.6 FS#127511:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.8 -> 1.9.011:06
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frinnstwrong #'11:29
frinnstalso wrong window :D11:30
Romsteryeah hehe11:31
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frinnstdarwin awards:
frinnsthow can windows fuck up ntp this bad?12:25
frinnstThe time service has stopped advertising as a time source because the local clock is not synchronized.12:25
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frinnstyeah bitches!! finally got myself a proper soldering station13:28
frinnstweller ftw13:28
tilmanpics or it didn't happen13:34
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tilmanwhy not take a picture of the soldering station instead of the box13:49
tilman(i'm looking up the model right now)13:50
tilmandoesn't look too impressive for the price imho. but i'm no expert :)13:51
frinnstfuck off, its a lot better than what I had before!13:53
*** ivs has joined #crux13:54
DaViruzws81, good choice!13:54
frinnstnow I need to find a project :)13:54
DaViruzi need to finish  few. perhaps you could take a few off my hands13:55
frinnstsure, mail them over :>13:55
frinnst(i've pined for one of these since i left school in '99) :)13:56
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nogagplzwill you take a picture of the actual station? :P14:00
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jaegerRomster: I'll take a look at it today14:36
frinnstbetter pictures than my phone can take :)15:10
tilmanisn't it rather lame that it only comes with a lame sponge instead of a ball of gold-plated ... stuff?15:29
frinnstwhy? sponges are awesome. You can buy a kit of that metal mesh-stuff if you prefer :)16:09
frinnstalso the sponges generate the epic smell only beaten by lead based solder!16:10
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joacimfrinnst: i'll send you my slot 1 and slot a motherboards for a recap17:58
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DaViruzi don't mind fixing old obsolete stuff, but even i draw the line at slot motherboards.. :)18:51
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j_vi've upgraded my firefox-43.0.3, built without the -Os work around. what are some usage scenarios to test if the issue is fixed in this version?20:33
frinnstload and click "Login"20:34
frinnstfor their freemail service thingy20:34
frinnstyou dont need to fill anything in, just click the button20:34
frinnstalso browsing and closing twitter pages seems to crash it20:34
j_vah, well, didn't even need to click button... crash. not yet, i guess.20:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mplayer: 2015-08-18 -> 2015-12-2922:12
frinnstcurl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found22:29
frinnst=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.22:29
evil_shibelol. amateur devs ;/22:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libfm: dropped unmaintained port22:37
evil_shibeany pro dev here?22:43
tilmanevil_shibe: wanna fight me bro?22:45
evil_shibewhat kind of fight/22:50
evil_shibeand i'm not your "bro"22:51
tired890its an expression, bro22:51
tired890why are you being evil22:52
tired890oh wait :P22:52
teK_frinnst: shitty internet over heve :D22:53
teK_but wait :}22:53
teK_btw tired890 I am still using some mplayer from 2013 on a specific laptop because it makes real use of vaapi resulting in 12% CPU usage vs. 36% in current mplayer or mpv22:54
tired890teK_, interesting. You mean system-installed libs as opposed to built-in?22:56
tired890AFAIK mpv uses built-in HW accel libs right?22:56
teK_no there was a fork of mplayer making use of the vaapi22:56
tired890I see22:57
teK_mpv --vo vaapi does not help either, btw22:57
tired890thanks for tip. might come in handy for my dual core22:57
teK_the git repo is down, unfortunately22:59
teK_it used to live at
teK_I have the binary package, if you are interested23:00
teK_(i.e. I lost the sources, too)23:00
teK_ seems to work23:01
teK_it may need some patching, though23:02
tired890this is the 2013 build ?23:02
tired890what patching?23:02
evil_shibei think its  backdoored23:02
tired890we don't have evil mentalities here, all bros ;)23:02
tired890downloaded it for safekeeping teK_23:03
teK_libvpx-1.5.0 causes the build to fail, you  may need;a=commitdiff_plain;h=6540fe04a3f9a11ba7084a49b3ee5fa2fc5b32ab23:04
tired890I'm watching a movie on mpv (with smplayer frontend) using vdpau, 1% cpu total system use (with xchat, firefox and assorted system tools running)23:04
tired890teK_, downloaded that too, cheers23:05
tired890won't be installing them now.. just kept in my storage for one day maybe23:05
teK_vdpau results in 65% CPU ;)23:06
teK_this is on a intel i915 chip. I never bother figuring things out for vdpau here23:07
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tilmanevil_shibe: the correct answer would have been "i'm not your friend, palooka" ;)23:38
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