IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2015-12-30

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Linux-noobhey there, i'm having a bit of trouble with alsa, when i open alsamixer it's saying this device does not have any controls, lspci -k says that it's using snd_hda_intel00:28
groovy2shoesLinux-noob, try making a file /etc/modprobe.d/snd-hda-intel.conf and putting the line: options snd-hda-intel model=auto00:31
teK_also check that you are in the audio group..00:32
groovy2shoesthat too00:32
Linux-noobAlright i'm in the audio group, i'll restart now and see if the other thing worked.00:36
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linux-noob_Didn't help :c, still no change00:41
brian|lfsgot memtest86 running00:41
brian|lfsno clue why they have it so hard to write to a flash drive what tars00:41
tired890crux 3.2 iso has memtest.. why didn't u just boot off it00:42
brian|lfsah shit thats write forgot about that lol00:43
linux-noob_Is there a possibility that i didn't enable something in the kernel?00:43
brian|lfsah never ran a test of 32gb of ram in my life00:43
jaegerIt's not bad, just boring00:44
brian|lfsI have a feeling my ram is fine00:46
brian|lfsmaybe CPU nneeds new thermal grease or I just have really strange luck00:46
brian|lfsHHow much ram you all use after boot on CRUX I seem around 96MB00:48
Romstermplayer-vaapi-36265.tar.xz is  up on as well00:53
brian|lfsyou have any luck with the KDE package last night romster00:53
brian|lfsdon't recall what it was right now00:54
Romsternope i tried --std this and that and nothing seems to allow those // comments00:57
Romstermaybe it's -pedantic itself causing that00:57
Romsteris there even a -no-pedantic00:57
Romsteri don't see it00:57
brian|lfsno clue lol00:58
brian|lfswonder how it worked for alan00:58
brian|lfscan't think it did00:58
Romsterolder gcc version00:58
brian|lfsI was compiling on CRUX 3.100:59
Romsteri'm doing it on 3.200:59
brian|lfsit seems to error different spots every time for me00:59
brian|lfsI didn't really examine his PKBbuild files but I don't think hes using the latest 4x I could be wrong01:01
Romsteri'm gonna try patching it01:01
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tired890where can one read about the changelog (as in major/architectural changes) in crux 3.2 ?01:04
tired890the official changelog looks like a prt-get sysup doable.. but from various discussions here on irc I gathered there are fundamental changes, are those published somewhere?01:05
Romsterin the git tree i guess tired89001:07
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brian|lfsI noticed 3.0 didn't come with GCC according to that site lol01:23
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brian|lfswow got bad ram it failed01:30
Romsterturn it off pull the ram out clean it with some normal a4 paper watching you don't hit any small resistors just above the contacts. and reinsert01:31
Romsterdirty ram connections can do it too.01:31
Romsteralso you can test with 1 ram module at a time01:31
Romsterand different slots.01:31
Romstersometimes the memory controller or dirty socket is to blame01:32
brian|lfsgood point01:32
Romsteri use crc contact cleaner for sockets.01:32
tired890you might want to clean it with a pencil erasier01:32
Romsteror that i use paper01:32
Romstereither dry or with alcohol/acetone01:33
brian|lfsI've heard of pencil eraser01:33
Romstercontact cleaner is pretty much acetone01:33
tired890if you have a vaccum machine put it over the ram slots (careful tho)01:33
Romsteri've heard of that too but never tired that01:33
brian|lfsI've never tried the eraser before01:34
tired890ram could be bad also or bios settings messed up01:34
Romsteri'd be careful doing that (static buildup)01:34
j_vvacuum can generate static, i prefer to stear away from that01:34
brian|lfsyou know its funny always had problems with AMD back in the day01:34
Romsterreset SPD memory settings01:34
Romsteri never did01:34
brian|lfsso then I've sued Intel for years then I went cheap route bought AMD01:34
Romsterif bios hasn't got an option i just remove all ram power up let it beep at ya power down insert ram01:35
Romstersued intel eh :D how much :D01:35
brian|lfsI would hope it does its AMD01:35
tired890latest in intel drama: skylake cpu bend under certain coolers:
brian|lfsnot sued01:35
Romsterouch tired89001:35
brian|lfsI heard about that01:36
tired890thats for a company that makes a gazillion dollars every year01:36
Romsterthat's fucked :/01:36
brian|lfsI have a 5960X01:36
tired890they wanted to save 0.0001 USD per cpu by making the cpu chip thinner..01:36
Romsteri'm waiting on what amd does with there new line in 201601:36
Romsteri'd rather pay a bit more for one that wont bend01:37
tired890both of us buddy01:37
tired890zen here I come baby!01:37
brian|lfsthey are open souring their GPU s01:37
Romstereverything's zen01:37
brian|lfsIntel will make them change the motherboards or someshit01:38
Romstertheme song for launch day :P01:39
tired890I heard am4 motherboards could be out as soon as march 201601:39
brian|lfshuh video blocked in my country lol01:39
Romsterah shit...01:39
RomsterBush - Everything Zen01:39
tired890I wouldn't go for first gen tho..01:39
Romsteri hate that shit youtube does01:39
brian|lfsI didn't sleep last night not pulling ram and all that crap tonight lol01:40
brian|lfshey at least when stuff was failing it was consistent for me lol01:41
brian|lfslike Firefox on CRUX 3.201:41
brian|lfsand that DAM kde package01:41
tired890are you using stock bios settings for ram?01:41
tired890then its defaulting at 1333Mhz ?01:42
brian|lfsit says 1200 in memtest01:42
brian|lfsI have DDR3 and dan FX-8350\01:42
tired890so your ram was one kit right? ie all 32gb came in one box (factory tested to work in harmony) ?01:43
tired890the 8350 can do 1866 only if two slots are populated01:43
tired890if all 4 ram slots are populated then it can only do 160001:43
brian|lfsok its PC-12800 ram running at 800mhz01:44
tired890what is the exact model ?01:44
tired890and make01:44
brian|lfsthat don't sound right but don't know ram01:44
brian|lfsof the ram or CPU01:44
jaegerthat's how it works, it's right01:45
tired890800 for a single module01:45
brian|lfsgod will look on newegg see what I bought lol01:45
jaegerDDR == double data rate01:45
tired890dual channel = 800*2 = 160001:45
brian|lfscomputer is heavy to pull out to grab ram01:45
brian|lfshas like 8 hard drives in it01:45
jaegerspeed is irrelevant in this case and you're not going to notice the delta outside of synthetic benchmarks anyway... but bad ram is bad ram01:46
tired890I was going to suggest to manually key in the values as specified by factory01:47
brian|lfswhy do all these sites have the I"m not a bot crap01:47
brian|lfsI'm legally blind01:47
tired890SPD is not always correct (like in my case)01:47
jaegerthat's *extremely* unlikely to have any affect on a memtest, though01:50
brian|lfswow been that long since I ordered the ram01:50
brian|lfsprobably easier to just order new ram at that price01:51
tired890thats a good kit01:51
tired890should come with lifetime warranty too01:51
tired890but you said you had 3201:52
tired890this is a 2x4 kit, so even if you have two of these you'd have 16GB ram max01:52
jaegerI'd recommend something without the ridiculous fins but that's personal preference01:52
brian|lfsya I have 2 of those kits one would of been bought in 2009 and other in 201201:53
brian|lfsso am I wasting my time with the SPD01:54
brian|lfsand rerunning memtest01:54
jaegermaybe, maybe not. If it's set wrong, feel free to fix it...  but your ram is bad, that won't solve the problem :)01:54
tired890I'd reset bios to stock changing nothing but sata controllers to ahci mode01:55
brian|lfsthats some old dam ram should I be buying anything faster01:55
tired890and then run tests.. if failed then yes most likely hw issues01:55
jaegerDDR3-1600 is still current for DDR3 chipsets, nothing wrong with it01:55
brian|lfsoh ok01:55
jaegeryou can buy faster if you want it and your motherboard supports it but again, no benefit to daily usage scenarios01:56
brian|lfsstill very little DDR4 chipsets01:56
brian|lfsnewest intel chip is DDR401:56
jaegercan support both DDR4 and DDR3, actually01:56
jaegerdepends on the motherboard manufacturer01:56
brian|lfsoh ok01:57
brian|lfsso same as the CHIP I have01:57
tired890and keep in mind, manufacturers sell "kits" more expensive than individual modules bought separately because the whole kit is tested to work correctly01:57
tired890you might think you have the same ram but from one revision to the next the factory could change the memory chips used01:57
brian|lfs$42 bucks for 16GB kit is dirt cheap01:57
jaegermine has DDR4 but there are plenty that can do DDR3 and some that do both01:57
brian|lfswhat you have for a CPU jaeger01:58
brian|lfsfor your DDR4 system01:58
jaegerin this machine, i7-6700k01:58
jaegerwith a Z170 chipset01:58
brian|lfsok so you got the new CPU01:58
jaegerone of them, yes01:58
brian|lfshopefully stock heatsink01:59
jaegerthe skylake-K CPUs don't come with a stock HSF01:59
Romsteri want a quad channel ram mobo and ram kit01:59
brian|lfsdid you get a bios update to over clock the shit out of it01:59
jaeger <-- I use this01:59
tired890Romster, good things come to those who wait ;)02:00
Romsteri've been waiting for ages and more waiting.02:00
brian|lfsthahts very similar to what I have02:00
brian|lfsfor a cpu cooler on my AMD02:01
tired890I wouldn't move my tower with that thing in it, if I had a skylake cpu jaeger02:01
brian|lfson the 5960X water cooled02:01
jaegerI don't need to move it often02:01
jaegeryeah, I saw it02:01
brian|lfsI saw it on slasdot a month ago02:02
jaegerI don't believe it's much of an issue, myself, heh02:02
j_vundervolt can cause issues with ram. if the mobo has overclock ability, should be able to check/adjust that, too.02:02
tired890Romster, not much longer now:
jaegermaybe AMD can be competitive in CPU space again02:03
Romsteri bloody hope so02:03
Romsterthey been lagging terribly.02:03
tired890I will buy  the new stuff regardless.. heck if they put current gen excavator cores in an 8 core fx chip I'd get one02:03
jaegerjust nothing that's worth it now, considering the TDPs02:04
Romstertoo high?02:06
Romstermu phenom is 140 watt02:06
jaegeryeah, they're terrible02:06
Romsterand i got a 200 watt capacity cpu cooler on it02:06
Romsterand artic silver paste i went a little over board02:07
tired890with ondemand cpu governer power consumption is negligible02:08
Romsteryeah i do that too02:09
jaegerI use powersave most of the time02:09
tired890when the day comes.. first thing I'll do is change pkgmk.conf from bdver2 to znver1 and then prt-get update -fr `prt-get listinst` haha02:10
tired890for stress testing purposes :)02:10
Romsterthat's my cpu cooler no longer made02:10
tired890I get this.. no longer made, pic no longer available too02:11
jaegereven the picture is no longer made02:11
RomsterArctic Cooling Freeze Xtreme, Revision 2 CPU Cooler  AC-XTRM-V202:11
Romsterbah it loads for me.02:11
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Romsteryou only see half of it the other side has the same heatsink and 4 heat pipes02:13
Romsterand a fan is wedged in the middle02:13
tired890load temps?02:13
tired890not bad02:14
Romsteri have my mobo bios set to quiet mode02:14
Romsterso it's higher02:14
Romsterbut it wont rise much from that02:14
Romsterif i had the fan flat out i'd be down to the 37C or so02:14
Romsteri don't see much point it's well under 80C as it is and quiet02:15
tired890I have resistors in my connections  to slow down rpms02:15
Romstermy mobo has smart speed control02:15
Romsterif i were to use resistors i'd go with a temperature dependent resistor fan control.02:15
brian|lfsram test running again02:16
brian|lfsreset the bios02:16
brian|lfsabout to go take a nap don't want to start world war 3 I don't think the AMD boards are built as good as Intel I could be wrong just experience02:18
Romstereh i'm happy with this gigabyte board02:19
tired890if memtest fails again then remove all ram modules except for one, run test02:19
brian|lfsI've had them before have all ASUS right now for whatever reason02:19
tired890if it passes, add another module..02:19
tired890and so on until it fails and you find the offending module02:20
brian|lfsthat all makes sense02:20
jaegeror just test 1 at a time02:20
Romstersome times it's a timing issue and each ram module on there own will be fine02:20
Romsterbut yeah test 1 at a time02:20
brian|lfshaven't had ram act up in ages02:20
Romstercould be a bad cap on the mobo too02:21
Romsterfor the Vram supply02:21
tired890Romster, thats what I said.. this is why its always recommended to buy "kits" as opposed to individual models from same "model" and then add them all up02:21
Romsteri always buy in kits02:21
tired890good lad02:22
brian|lfsI do also02:22
tired890but the link you posted suggets otherwise..02:22
brian|lfssuppose all 4 sticks are bad lol02:22
Romsteri doubt it02:23
brian|lfssame here02:24
Romsterit's usually just the 102:24
brian|lfsvery time consuming with 32GB of ram02:25
Romsterno matter what options i do i don't get past kipi-plugins02:25
brian|lfsmaybe you have bad ram also02:25
brian|lfsyou failing around 95%?02:25
Romsterpfft please... i can get past other stuff.02:25
Romsterit's the comments in the C file.02:26
Romsteri'm just gonna rip out the comments but i can't be arsed todo that right now02:26
Romstergcc is getting more strict02:26
brian|lfsany nvidia people in here02:27
Romsterwork/src/digikam-4.14.0/bootstrap.local:      -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-pedantic -Werror=return-type" \02:27
Romsterwork/src/digikam-4.14.0/bootstrap.local:      -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS="-pedantic -Werror=return-type" \02:27
Romsterdidn't even fix it02:27
Romsteras i removed them 2 lines02:27
Romsterpedantic should be renamed to parranoid02:28
brian|lfsHave 2 nvidia cards and now that I installed the  driver from Nvidia I can't get my card to past to my kvm virtual machinne02:28
Romsterwell i had 2 nvidia cards in this pc at one point but not now02:28
brian|lfsis there a way to tell the module o the driver to ignore  a card02:29
Romsterthey are both the same nvidia driver?02:29
brian|lfsdon't think they are got a titiazn z and a 77002:29
brian|lfstitian z02:29
Romstereww that will be a problem02:29
jaegerare you using vfio or pci stub?02:29
jaeger(use vfio)02:30
Romsterbeen ages since i had to configure nvidia02:30
brian|lfswould need to check my grub I forget02:30
jaegercheck it, because if that part isn't set up right you won't get further02:30
brian|lfsok looks like pci_stubs02:32
jaegerif you're using kernel version 4.1+ change it to vfio02:32
jaegervfio-pci.ids=10de:13c2,10de:0fbb,1b73:1100 <-- this is mine, for example02:32
jaeger01:00.0 0300: 10de:13c2 (rev a1)02:33
jaeger01:00.1 0403: 10de:0fbb (rev a1)02:33
brian|lfsthat's easy to change and regenerate my initrd image02:33
brian|lfsare reboot02:33
brian|lfsonly like one app I use on windows right now at home lol02:34
jaegerI use mine for gaming :)02:34
brian|lfsram hasn't failed yet its on 64 bit patterns02:35
brian|lfsit failed on 32 bit patterns before02:35
brian|lfswhich was after 6402:36
brian|lfswhich 64 was after 8 bit02:36
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fengshaunWhat init system is crux using? And where do I look to get more details about it? I can't find anything on crux wiki :(05:44
jaegersysvinit is used. no idea if it has any useful homepage these days, though05:47
fengshaunI'm wondering if it's even possible to get *bsd init on linux :S05:52
jaegerprobably... but how much effort?05:53
fengshaunprobably too much05:53
fengshaunwould've been nice, though05:53
fengshaunoh well05:53
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j_vfengshaun: were you looking for pure bsd init or just very simple init?06:36
frinnstyay, polish spam. how informative06:57
xeirrrtexlive source is 1.8g....seriously?06:58
frinnstevil_shibe: in my inbox06:59
evil_shibei'm from polamd. i can translate07:00
frinnstSprzedajesz swoje produkty w Polsce ?07:02
evil_shibeits english school via skype07:02
frinnstFirma E-PALETY.COM zajmuje sie kompleksowa obsluga firm w zakresie transportu07:02
frinnstpaczek oraz palet w obrocie krajowym jak i miedzynarodowym.07:02
evil_shibe^ you sell you prodicts in poland?07:02
frinnstetc etc07:02
frinnsthehe no07:02
frinnstsilly fuckers07:03
evil_shibei translaed youy spam lol07:03
evil_shibei spammed ~10 years ago too07:03
evil_shibeiq tests07:03
evil_shibeand I earned 400 euro daily07:03
brian|lfsI only know English lol07:03
evil_shibeits very nice amount in poland07:04
evil_shibelike monthly earnings normal people at this times07:04
brian|lfsso his skype is borked or what is his problem.07:04
brian|lfsram failed again07:04
fengshaunj_v, as close as I can get. I've just fallen in love with freebsd's init and ports over the past few weeks07:05
frinnstthats our main init script07:10
fengshaunfrinnst, thanks07:51
xeirrrevil_shibe: how about the temperature in poland? Is that cold as -30C in winter?07:52
tired890who here plays tank games on thier VMs running under crux ?07:55
tired890ping me we plat07:55
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Romsterfengshaun, there is finit and runit you could use either of them if you wished08:38
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brian|lfsit will be an interesting conversation eventually when Plasma requires systemd eventually08:47
Romsterwhat uses plasma kde?08:48
brian|lfsthen again Funtoo has latest gnome they found a way around to get around not using systemd08:48
brian|lfsPlasma is what kde 5 is called08:48
brian|lfsI heard they want to require systemd eventually08:49
Romsterwhy not just call it kde508:49
brian|lfsask them I heard they are a mess right now in kde land08:49
Romsteri wanna shoot the bugger that invented systemd -_-08:49
brian|lfsdevs running away and stuff08:49
brian|lfsWhat's wrong with systemd08:49
Romstersurely you know what is wrong with it.08:50
brian|lfsCRUX seems to be one of them few that boots as fast as systemd if not faster08:50
Romsteri'm not about to rant again about it being forced onto everyone08:51
brian|lfsok the forcing it on people is bullshit08:51
Romsterit breaks the principal rule of unix one tool one job08:51
brian|lfsI don't agree with them adding a bootloader to it08:52
Romsterlook up linus's thoughts on systemd08:52
brian|lfsI will at somepoint hopeing to leave work to hours early today08:52
Romsteri have better things todo tan aruge about it.08:52
brian|lfsneed to pack going to NYC for new years08:52
brian|lfsagree there08:52
brian|lfsneed to get some sleep08:53
brian|lfsI was looking 32gb kits of ram are pricey08:53
Romsterlong story short they said they'll support building udev on it's own... then they go haha fuck you08:53
brian|lfsthat's true08:53
Romsternot when you get to ddr4 32 and 64gb kits are the norm then08:53
Romsteri'm still on ddr208:54
Romsterand i only have 8GB ram to get to 16 ouch fuck that08:54
brian|lfsmight be better to just get a new board and chip08:54
Romsterand yeah and wait for zen or get a i708:54
Romsteror go for a xeon08:54
brian|lfsddr2 that pricey08:54
Romsterwhen you goto 16GB ram it is08:55
brian|lfsoh different chipsets so different prices how much ram your board support08:55
Romster16GB is it's max08:56
Romster4GB ddr2 sticks08:56
Romsteri got 4 x 2GB ddr2 800mhz sticks now of gamer low latency ram08:56
brian|lfsah ok08:56
Romster7-7-7-12 or something iirc08:56
brian|lfsI haven't had DDR2 since 2009 lol08:57
Romsteri don't wanna upgrade to a half baked system i'd rather wait08:57
Romsterfor zen to ever be good or go with intel08:57
Romstersocket 2011 or 115108:58
brian|lfsI have X99 chipset08:58
brian|lfsisn't that like socket 2011 or someshit08:58
brian|lfsfor intel board obviously machine with bad ram is on the amd side08:59
nogagplzRomster: zen for windows and gpu passthrough?09:00
brian|lfsWhat's zen new AMD chip coming soon09:01
Romsternew amd cpu09:01
brian|lfswell hopefully my board is fine just a bad stick of ram09:01
brian|lfswe shall see latter today hopefully when I yank them and test on e stick at a time.09:02
Romsterso many ways to work with docker, trying to find a elegant solution to manage 300 or so images.09:03
brian|lfsyou have been way to busy to try building all that gstreamer crap for 32 bit I"m guessing09:06
brian|lfswell good night man09:08
frinnst"trying to find a elegant solution to manage 300 or so images" - good luck! :)09:37
frinnstwhy do you need so many images?09:37
tired890backing up iphone/android collection?09:38
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Ghost_r00twhat does this kernel panic means?]11:30
frinnstthat it was unable to mount the root fs (3rd line)11:30
frinnsteither missing support for the filesystem on / or you have misconfigured your bootloader11:30
Ghost_r00tfrinnst, why? it is on the ext411:30
Ghost_r00tmy /boot is on /sda311:31
frinnstor you might be missing the driver for your block device (sata/scsi/ide)11:31
Ghost_r00tmy / is on sda811:31
Ghost_r00twhich one does the root refer to?11:31
Ghost_r00tit is data11:31
Ghost_r00tfrinnst, how would you suggest me troubleshooting?11:32
frinnstmake sure you have configured your kernel correctly as well as the bootloader11:38
frinnstyou can run "lspci -k" from the install iso to see what kernel drivers are needed for your hardware11:39
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groovy2shoeshow do I set my timezone to UTC?14:28
groovy2shoesseems like my clock is always wrong every time I switch back and forth to Windows14:29
nogagplzthere's a registry setting you change to force windows to work with utc14:30
groovy2shoesI've put "TIMEZONE=UTC" in /etc/rc.conf, but it looks like it's still using EST14:30
groovy2shoesI think Windows is already using UTC14:30
nogagplzdon't trust it14:30
groovy2shoeswell, I set my clock to the correct time in Windows, and I'm 5 hours behind on CRUX14:31
nogagplz give this a try and see if it stops changing your clock14:31
groovy2shoesalright, thanks14:32
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groovy2shoesso if my hardware clock is set to a different timezone than I'm actually in, can I configure that somehow? (hwclock is UTC, localtime is EST)16:02
tilmanthat's fine :)16:05
jaegerhwclock --systohc --localtime16:05
jaegerthough yeah, it's ok16:05
tilmanwait, hang on16:06
groovy2shoescool, thanks16:06
tilmanhaaaaang on16:06
tilmani think jaeger's line would make hwclock store time in EST as well16:06
jaegeryes. which I think was the point, though maybe I'm wrong16:06
groovy2shoesI think it's already stored in EST, cuz Windows16:06
jaegerwindows changes the hwclock to localtime anyway16:06
tilmanah, i missed the part where you dual-boot into windows16:07
groovy2shoesbut it's being displayed incorrectly unless I set my timezone to UTC16:07
jaegerso if you want to avoid fucking with it every reboot, use local time on both sides16:07
tilmanin that case you really want local time in the hw clock16:07
tilmansorry :)16:07
groovy2shoesnp :)16:07
groovy2shoesbetter safe than sorry ;)16:07
groovy2shoesjaeger, do I need to stick that line in an init script or something?16:08
jaegerNot really. You only need to set it once.16:12
groovy2shoesthis is driving me nuts:
jaegerI'd still recommend using ntp or similar to keep it synced but the local vs. UTC thing is a one-time16:12
groovy2shoeshwclock shows the correct time, date does not (and as a consequence, my systray clock doesn't either)16:13
frinnstI rarely boot windows, but when I do i bitchslap my rtc when i reboot to crux again16:14
frinnstat least I think I do.. i might have changed windows to use utc16:15
jaegerIf hwclock is correct you can go the otherway with hwclock... hwclock --hctosys I think16:17
jaegeror you could set the system clock with rdate or ntpdate and sync it back to hwclock16:17
groovy2shoesjaeger, I tried that at first, but it didn't work... re-symlinked /etc/localtime and tried again, then it worked :)  thanks16:17
groovy2shoesnow I'm happy16:19
groovy2shoesI'd be even happier if I could get Chromium or Chrome to work :p  filed a bug with Google, still waiting on it16:19
jaegerHave you tried compiling them with -O1 or -Os instead of -O2? (just a guess, I've not tried it myself)16:40
jaegerwell, I guess that only applies to chromium16:45
*** sjohauk has joined #crux16:56
groovy2shoesI've tried everything :/17:12
groovy2shoestried to not strip symbols and compile in Debug mode hoping to get a meaningful stack trace, but I get nothing but "<unknown>"17:13
groovy2shoesprobably a problem in a library17:13
jaegercould be17:16
*** BitPuffin|osx has joined #crux17:20
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tilmangroovy2shoes: the info about what time the hw clock stores is written to /etc/adjtime iirc. that's why you only need to run that command once17:44
groovy2shoestilman, good to know, thanks :)17:50
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pedjaquite a few awesome talks at 32C3.18:11
*** dinx has joined #crux18:29
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tilmanopinions on the perl jam talk(s)?18:54
tilmanwondering if i'm alone with my opinion :]18:54
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frinnst :(20:08
*** quasinoxen has joined #crux20:42
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pedjatilman: I haven't watched that one, perl is just not interesting to me :)21:18
pedjaCAGE talk was...disturbing...21:19
pedjaand 3d printing on the Moon was just plain awesome.21:23
pedjait looks like elegant solution for kvm/qemu/libvirt networking21:27
pedjaI know, I know, real men use shell scripts for kvm.21:27
*** Kruppt has quit IRC21:30
pedjalibvirt is  much more flexible than full fledged gui like virt-manager.not much of a surprise there.21:31
jaegerI probably would have used it but I didn't feel like porting its deps at the time21:31
pedjajaeger: I packaged it, when I clean up the repo, and see if it works on clean 3.2, I'll post it somewhere.21:32
jaegerI'll have to figure out how to set up the various command line options in the XML, I guess :)21:33
pedjaI use virt-manager, for now, for that, but there is also virt-install cli, which will generate xml files.21:37
jaegerI've used virt-manager under fedora a little bit, it seemed fine... just had to add some other stuff manually and I don't remember the syntax now21:37
jaegerit's all over the vfio-users ML archive, though, I'm sure21:38
jaegeror on AW's blog21:38
pedjalibguestfs has some nice tools for building vms from templates.21:45
pedjahaven't played with it much.21:45
pedjaconverting win vm from vmware to kvm should be interesting.21:46
brian|lfsI think it can be done21:47
pedjabrian|lfs: It can be done, key thing is removing vmware tools and small registry change.21:48
pedjaif it horribly breaks, I think I can mount vmdk and salvage the data, at least.21:50
pedjanot that it matters much, there is nothing really valuable there, I am doing it as an exercise, to get to knoe the tools/procedure.21:52
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evil_shibecrux 32 bit download - where?23:19
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC23:22
j_vthe '32 bit' fell right out as i read it23:43
evil_shibeso learn how to read23:44
j_vblow me23:46
tierd982dont poison our friendly atmosphere with your evil, evil_shibe. Best to change your attitude in life followed by changing your nickname23:49
j_vwell, i can try to get smarter, but not likely23:52
evil_shibeits my nickname from 2013 when i been main dogecoin scammer23:52

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