IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2015-12-31

Romsterbrian|lfs, i'm recompiling qt4-32 with -D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI00:34
Romsteri thoguht setting --std=C++11 would be enough but nope.00:34
RomsterAlthough the changes were made for C++11 conformance, the choice of ABI to use is independent of the -std option used to compile your code, i.e. for a given GCC build the default value of the _GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI macro is the same for all dialects. This ensures that the -std does not change the ABI, so that it is straightforward to link C++03 and C++11 code together.00:34
Romstercrux 3.1 used C11 so i tried C++11 with gcc 5.3 didn't i... fail.00:35
Romsterevil_shibe, crux 32 bit
evil_shibethx Romster00:39
evil_shibeRomster: where are you from?00:40
tierd982strange news..00:48
Romsterit's 37C here today too :P00:49
Romsterfrinnst, posted a similar link for him earlier tierd982 ^00:50
Romsteronyl 42 :/00:50
evil_shibei think he's killed by crux developer00:52
Romstertasteless joke00:53
Romsterkeep that up and don't expect help from me.00:53
evil_shibeyes, due to jelaous of community00:54
Romsteri've been reading your texts.00:54
Romsteri'm not jelilous i just hate fuckwit trolls00:54
evil_shibebtw. next time i don't want your "help" lol00:57
Romstercalling people idiot when they are trying to help you...00:57
Romsterfine with me00:57
evil_shibei wanted true help, not bullshit00:58
Romsterpeople make mistakes, even i make mistakes he noticed it after posting.01:01
tierd982using crux you are already getting his help, Romster maintains many ports.. most of the guys who help here are the people behind crux. I sense you are a youngster, just chill BRO01:01
Romsterthat's the beauty of having more than 1 person able to read and help.01:01
Romsterall i can say is i treat people how they treat others. Karma what comes around goes around.01:02
Romsterif it aren't' from me it'll be from someone else. and you never know when.01:02
Romsterwe help each other out here we don't want insults.01:03
evil_shibeok. so i dont must use crux if romster are supporter and he don't want help me and i don't want he's help01:03
Romsterand yes i do a large part of ports/packages here.01:03
Romster'dont must use crux' makes no sense.01:04
Romsteri don't want to help those that are being toxic to the community. so be nice and i'll help and you'll find others will not want to help you if your mean and nasty.01:05
*** arcetera has quit IRC01:05
Romsternot just from me but everyone here.01:05
Romsteri've said my part now i'm doing more productive things.01:06
evil_shibeso make your own distro and use it alone, you are funny01:10 org and com :P01:15
Romsterbit hard with one person but i am working on reviving it.01:15
Romstercome again?01:15
*** arcetera has joined #crux01:16
evil_shibeok, but do not decide who using NOT YOUR crux linux or not01:19
*** Romster has quit IRC01:23
*** Romster has joined #crux01:23
Romsteri don't care, if it's good they will come. people have there own choice. and i'm just using it as a testing ground to try out new ideas.01:25
Romsterand has nothing to do with crux01:25
Romsterbrian|lfs, wget{,-32}#4.8.7-1.pkg.tar.xz ; pkgadd -u qt4#4.8.7-1.pkg.tar.xz ; pkgadd -u qt4-32#4.8.7-1.pkg.tar.xz then see if skype works for you.01:25
Romstersyncing atm give it a few minutes, you'll knwo when it's done when qt4-32#4.8.7-1.pkg.tar.xz is up.01:25
groovy2shoesis there a reason why prt-get doesn't automatically run pre- and post-install scripts? (or does it and I'm an idiot?)01:27
tierd982groovy2shoes, by default it doesn't.. if you use a non-official repo and one puts a nasty script in there?01:27
*** Romster has quit IRC01:28
*** Romster has joined #crux01:28
groovy2shoesit would be nice if it reported that there are scripts for the port the way it does for READMEs01:28
Romsteri don't care, if it's good they will come. people have there own choice. and i'm just using it as a testing ground to try out new ideas.01:29
Romsterand has nothing to do with crux01:29
Romsterbrian|lfs, wget{,-32}#4.8.7-1.pkg.tar.xz ; pkgadd -u qt4#4.8.7-1.pkg.tar.xz ; pkgadd -u qt4-32#4.8.7-1.pkg.tar.xz then see if skype works for you.01:29
Romstersyncing atm give it a few minutes, you'll knwo when it's done when qt4-32#4.8.7-1.pkg.tar.xz is up.01:29
tierd982you could do prt-get ls <prtname> to see files01:29
Romsterof course my net had to drop twice.01:29
tierd982IIRC, ports with scripts also show so in the summary, something like: (pre: ok)01:29
Romsterand crux gets improved by helpful suggestions01:29
tierd982something along those lines, you know a script was executed..01:30
groovy2shoestierd982, I know, it's just a mild annoyance to me to have to do that for every port, including dependencies01:30
Romsterwhen they get executed they do tierd98201:30
Romsterwhy not just enable it in prt-get.conf01:30
Romsterif you trust the repos you use.01:30
tired890I have it enabled01:30
tired890I only use official repos01:30
Romsteri meant groovy2shoes01:30
groovy2shoesI pretty much only use contrib and the official repos, so I guess I'll go ahead and enable it01:30
tired890yes I was reassuring Romster ;)01:31
tired890yup, I have that setup exactly groovy2shoes01:31
groovy2shoesthanks guys, was just curious really01:31
Romsteryeah it's really only a issue with other personal repos trust. but i have not seen it ever happen.01:31
Romstermaybe we need a better way to define what repos that is enabled on by default.01:31
Romsterand have it explicitly set it for personal repos?01:32
groovy2shoesthat'd be cool01:32
groovy2shoesyou mean, on by default for official repos, off by default for personal ones?01:32
tired890enabling it in prt-get.conf will only run scripts for official repos01:33
Romstercorrect groovy2shoes01:33
tired890one would have to enable another option (preferrably in CAPS) that states: run_unsafe_untrusted_scripts_from_thrid_party: NO (default no)01:33
groovy2shoesalso, a way to set it for individual repos would be cool01:33
groovy2shoeslike, my repo is personal, and I trust it, but maybe not other personal repos01:34
Romsterwell i was thinking of changing the option so it'll list repos to trust and do something like =core,opt,xorg,compat-3201:34
groovy2shoessounds perfect01:34
Romsterif those want to trust contrib also can add it to that list and any other trusted repos01:34
Romsteri'll look into that01:34
tired890yes, nice and elegant01:34
Romsteri'd never have thought of that one.01:35
*** xeirrr has joined #crux01:40
j_vselective script enabling sounds like a good idea...01:41
j_vi know prt-get notifies when pre/post_install scripts are run, but i can't remember if it notifies if they aren't run but exist01:42
Romsteri don't think it does but i always enable that runscripts option from the beginning01:46
groovy2shoesj_v, I don't think it does. It just notifies about READMEs.01:46
j_vwould be another nice feature, especially if it didn't bloat the code too much01:47
j_vi'll look at it when i'm done cleaning up / updating my ports01:48
Romsterj_v, are you using my docker image for that?01:48
j_vRomster, no, haven't messed with docker yet.01:49
RomsterVM chroot?01:49
j_vi usually use qemu01:49
Romsterit's nice but it's over kill for linux01:51
Romsterat least you could use romster/pkg-clean to remove ports between each depisnt foo01:51
j_vmight do some looking at docker this weekend. i need to get introduced to it anyways...01:51
Romsterbut even that only works for some things, you'd need to use revdep to be sure no missing deps are missing in that too.01:52
Romsterbit of a setup but once docker is running it's only a handful of commands to use01:52
j_vok, nice, looks like i've got more home work :-) but sounds like it will be worth the time01:53
Romsterqemu is better suited to non-linux OS01:53
j_vthanks for the pointers01:53
Romsterit's faster too spin up even 10 images.01:53
*** |narcos| has quit IRC01:53
Romsterthe bigest part of docker is setting the backend storage.01:53
Romsteri'm using lvm so docker defaulted to loop mounted file for lvm use... i changed my setup to use direct-lvm01:54
Romsterwith a thin-provison logical volume01:54
*** dinx has joined #crux01:55
Romsterthere is other backends for btrfs and some other overlayfs01:55
brian|lfsso far 2 out of 4 sticks of ram came back with errors and I used different slots01:55
brian|lfstestingg 3 stick now01:55
j_vbeen away from lvm for a while... used it a lot when i ran debian years ago. meant to set it up on top of my raid 1 arrays, but never got around to it01:55
Romstersee if it's the memory controller bank 0 bank 1 they are in pairs01:56
brian|lfsah ok01:56
Romsterwell you can do raid 1 LVs now j_v01:56
Romsteri was doing mdadm -> pv01:56
Romsterbut now i just do disk -> pv for each disk and setup a raid1 LV01:57
brian|lfsonne stick was in the slot closest to the CPU and second and thhe third most distance fromt he CPU so not sure01:57
Romsterand use raid0 LV striped over 4 disks for ccache use01:57
Romsterbrian|lfs, usually you get two different coloured slots like red and yello01:57
brian|lfsso first and third one be one pair 2 and fourth the others01:58
Romstersome cases it's like 0 1 0 101:58
Romsterfor the two banks01:58
brian|lfsI've tried one stick in both01:58
Romsterthan 0 0 1 101:58
brian|lfsmine are first and third slot one pair 2 and fourth the other01:59
Romsterworks in 128 bit dual channel mode with a matched pair of modules.01:59
j_vwhat about memory bank voltage, have you checked that?01:59
Romsterj_v, for my thin-p for lvm storage if you want to use lvm2
brian|lfsI can double check what would normal be02:00
Romster1.5  or 1.35 volt iirc the SPD usually tells the mobo what to run at.02:00
brian|lfsok sounds right I don't look at that stuff anymore lol02:01
Romsterand most ram now is either dual voltage compatible.02:01
brian|lfsI'll check after this ram check02:01
j_vRomster, nice! thanks02:01
Romsterreset memory settings in BIOS02:01
brian|lfsI reset the whole bios last night02:02
Romsterj_v, docker info02:04
Romsteri could of done with a smaller metadata LV for my thin-p02:04
Romsteri can resize it if need be (if docker doesn't have a fit)02:04
brian|lfsI might wait on the zen if i have a bad board02:04
Romsterwell actaulyl shouldn't because lvm is handling it here.02:05
brian|lfsskylake expensive02:05
brian|lfsthen again I dropped a good amount of money on a raid card lol02:06
Romstermoving from dmadm to pure lvm raid1 LVs is a pain but i've migrated that now.02:06
brian|lfsyou should encrypt your whole box02:06
Romsteralso if you got many disks j_v you can setup swap instead of raid1 LV swap you can make many single LV's on each PV and have swap act like raid0 by doing this in fstab02:06
brian|lfsmy whole main machine is encrypted except my boot partition02:06
RomsterUUID="4623057c-ac37-4aab-88ae-3ff3b3375a1b"swapswapdefaults,pri=00      002:07
RomsterUUID="51a6091c-155d-49c5-9b9e-3b7fe2e613ef"swapswapdefaults,pri=00      002:07
Romsteri have 5 small swap LVs02:07
Romstereh only need to encrypt if you got sensitive info...02:07
Romsterand/or other people have physical access to the machine02:08
j_vi bet, the migration is what i'm thinking bout, got a lot of data to move around before i get to clear my raid drives before i can start the setup02:08
Romsterit's easy todo LUKS on a LV02:08
brian|lfsbut every thing is sensitive now lol02:08
evil_shibeRomster: why you dont give me answer on PM?02:08
brian|lfsyes it is booting another story unless you just encrypt your home02:09
Romsterj_v, i got myself some 6TB disks to do the migration and made sure i had a full in sync LV raid1 before destroying my mdadm raid102:09
brian|lfsI only have 4TB drives sad face02:09
Romsterbecause i wasn't looking that far down on my channel list evil_shibe and it's courteous to ask me here if you can talk in private.02:10
brian|lfsToshiba this time.02:10
Romster<evil_shibe> you must support crux for me FOR FREE like idiot hue hue02:10
Romster<evil_shibe> you work FOR FREE and FOR me, understand it, idiot02:10
brian|lfsfor my drives02:10
Romsteryour the idiot evil_shibe02:10
groovy2shoeswhat the fuck is wrong with you evil_shibe?02:10
j_vRomster, when i get back to work, I will probably take a similar route... for now, money too tight.02:11
evil_shibeall ok02:11
Romsternot all ok i gave my recommendation for evil_shibe to be banned from here, again.02:11
groovy2shoesI second that recommendation02:12
groovy2shoeswe don't need that shit around here02:12
groovy2shoesno not lol02:12
evil_shibebecause i say true?02:12
Romsterand i'm not an idiot for using my time on crux, it's my hobby.02:12
brian|lfswhy you laughing they are talking about banning you02:12
Romsteroh btw evil_shibe i talk to freenode staff and they know me so don't get on my bad side.02:13
evil_shibebut you do it also for people who you dony like (eg. me). its fair you think?02:13
Romsteri do it for anyone that runs it02:13
groovy2shoesevil_shibe, if Romster doesn't like you, I think he's got a very good reason02:13
brian|lfsisn't that part of open source02:13
brian|lfsanyone can use it regardless if you like them or not.02:14
Romsterbrian|lfs, raid cards are ok since you can move it to a new mobo02:14
brian|lfsyes I know I meant there expensive02:15
Romsterbut jsut watch out for dead raid card propriety format can't access data, situations.02:15
brian|lfsso far this stick seems good02:15
brian|lfsso maybe I just got 2 or 3 bad sticks02:15
Romster2 or 3 usually it's only 1 that's bad.02:16
brian|lfswell 2 failed02:16
Romsterperhaps you should power it off and re-seat the cpu in the socket. as the memory controller is on the cpu.02:16
Romsterthose same 2 sicks fail if you put 1 each in bank 0 and 1?02:17
Romsterto run in single channel?02:17
Romsterthen there dead... and your down to half your ram.02:17
brian|lfswell still testing 3 and 4 sticks02:17
brian|lfswe shall see02:18
Romsterso you can't test skype yet?02:18
Romsteryou did see my built packages ^02:18
brian|lfsno crux was on that box02:18
brian|lfsinstructions yes packages no02:18
Romsterdarn i am keen if that fixed the problem02:18
brian|lfssaved your instructions02:19
brian|lfsI'm smarter then evil_shibe02:19
groovy2shoesI think most people are02:19
Romsterno doubt02:19
brian|lfsevil_shibe, you running ubuntu02:20
evil_shibeno, gentoo, but thinking on crux02:20
Romsterstick to gentoo02:21
brian|lfsyou all steal my wallet and keys02:21
brian|lfsdon't recall taking them out of my pants when I took a nap02:21
Romsteri hate sleeping on them02:22
evil_shibebrian|lfs: ?02:22
brian|lfsI did find them on my bed I left them there when I was picking up my pants off thhe floor lol02:28
Romsteras long as nothing is missing lol02:31
*** Faym has quit IRC02:31
brian|lfshope not door was locked02:32
brian|lfsand I was inside02:32
Romsterthat doesn't stop some people02:33
*** Faym has joined #crux02:35
brian|lfsI'm on the 6th floor02:35
brian|lfsok got one good stick so far lol02:52
*** fengshaun has quit IRC03:31
*** fengshaun has joined #crux03:32
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*** ________mavric has joined #crux03:48
nebgwhy when i boot with a live cd of mint, ubuntu, mageia or other userfriendly distros... they already have all drivers installed ? what they do from a kernel perspective  ? they take a kernel which has all drivers loaded as modules ?03:52
nogagplzit's probably just they build all the modules and udev loads them as appropriate03:58
j_valso, they probably use initramfs images by default, having hooks to update the initramfs images when the kernels are installed/updated.04:01
nebgwhat does it matter initramfs ?04:01
nebgwhat's that ?04:01
j_vit can load drivers that aren't built into the kernel04:02
j_vi've got some stuff for building initramfs images, but i haven't touched it for a while, so it's probably in need of tlc04:04
j_valso, it was based on building the initramfs tools using musl libc, so it requires a musl cross toolchain also04:06
jaegerthe crux iso uses a simple initramfs for what that's worth04:08
j_voh, yeah, i did look at that once, though i didn't look closely. the iso works well, so it must do it's job well enough.04:09
jaegerIt's just not a very featureful one. Meant for just that job, kinda :)04:10
j_vthat's the way to do it, though, i think. i see the crux one uses the gen_init_cpio... that's the way i went, too. simplies the cpio image emensely04:12
*** arcetera has quit IRC04:14
brian|lfsI like dracut over here04:30
brian|lfsthe one Debian uses seems good04:31
j_vjaeger, that's a nice bit where the initramfs's init runs 'busybox install -s /bin' at start of script04:32
jaegerthanks :)04:32
j_vwish i'd thought of that, creating initramfs.lst would have been a lot easier04:33
jaegerI'm pretty happy with the current state of it, it took a lot of iterations04:35
j_vbrian|lfs, never tried dracut and i try to avoid debian... there packaging (esp build system) give me heart burn04:35
j_vjaeger, goes to show, kiss works04:35
brian|lfsnever had a problem with Jessie more stable then Winblows04:35
j_vbrian|lfs, don't get me wrong... i just meant as trying to develop packages for debian; it gave me headaches04:36
jaegerI had to build a few debs at $job-1, it was a bit of a learning curve but worked fine when I had it set up04:37
jaegeractually I still build a dspam deb for one of my mail servers04:37
jaegerbut that rarely gets updated04:37
j_vyeah, they seem have there system pretty stable, but for home stuff i like to be able to tweak without losing more hair than necessary04:38
j_vdamn, something broke my icedtea7 port... i think my gcj-jdk port may have been broken when i updated it to match gcc-5.3.004:41
j_vmy icedtea7 build uses gcj-jdk for bootstrap04:42
*** arcetera has joined #crux04:53
*** vlnx has quit IRC04:57
*** xeirrr has joined #crux04:57
brian|lfsgrr my power and rest buttons part of the control board died on my case lol05:05
*** xeirrr has quit IRC05:07
*** xeirrr has joined #crux05:08
j_vi gave up on the idea of porting bsd's pwd to linux. there just isn't good support for doing it: inotify doesn't work on /proc, ptrace and netlink/taskstats only work for root by default (CAP_SYS_PTRACE and CAP_NET_ADMIN)05:10
j_vbrian|lfs, is that the same case that houses the board with the ram you've been testing?05:22
brian|lfsdouble checked I didn't unplug any wires by mistake lol05:25
jaegerperhaps there's a larger electrical issue or your motherboard is dying05:25
brian|lfsits a Coolmaster Cosomos 205:25
brian|lfswen I first got the thing I had to get a new controller board05:25
brian|lfsfor the case05:25
brian|lfsthe led fans wouldn't turnn on05:25
jaegercoworker at $job-1 has one of those... huge case if I remember right05:26
brian|lfsyup holds 10 drives05:26
jaegerhe always thought I was weird for liking small and simple cases :D05:26
*** xeirrr has quit IRC05:26
brian|lfssmall cases are nice if your not using a lot of drives05:26
jaegeryeah, I barely need any drives these days05:27
jaegermy main box has a single SSD in it05:27
jaegerthis box has 2 SSDs in it05:27
jaegerno spinning rust in either one05:27
brian|lfsI did find a good deal on the skylake05:27
brian|lfswe have this store microcenter they undercut everyone on combo deals05:27
jaegeryeah, microcenter is great. I stopped by one while I was in Dallas to get my i7-4790k earlier in the year05:28
jaegerNone in my state but I was there to visit friends anyway05:29
brian|lfsthats Haswell correct?05:29
jaegerhaswell refresh (devil's canyon)05:29
brian|lfsthey need to come up with a better naming convention Intel05:30
brian|lfsits very annoying its just a bunch of numbers05:30
brian|lfsand letters05:30
jaegerIt does make sense if you learn which series is which05:30
jaegerfor example, i3, i5, and i7-4xxx are haswell series05:30
jaegeri3/i5/i7-3xxx ivy bridge05:31
brian|lfsok my chip is 5960x and its a Haswell05:31
brian|lfswere did they come up with that05:31
jaegerit's haswell-e05:31
jaegerthe enthusiast stuff is always a bit out of wack05:31
brian|lfsah ok latter version05:32
brian|lfswishh I hhad 4k to drop to get the 16 core Xeon lol05:32
brian|lfsI'm quite sure theh controller board in my case is fed up05:33
jaegerheh, would be a total waste for my workloads05:33
jaegerentertaining, though05:33
brian|lfsbut I could have a dieing motherboard also05:33
brian|lfsI've always been a power hungry person05:33
brian|lfswonder if they have a Cosmos 3 yet and maybe the controller boards work05:34
j_vyou could test the ps, that could be going on you05:39
*** ivs has quit IRC05:42
j_vthat's trippy05:49
*** tilman_ has joined #crux05:55
brian|lfsya and would be to small of a desk for me lol05:55
brian|lfsand to expensive05:55
j_vlooks like it's well made, but yee gods, i can't fathom that price for a case on stilts06:00
*** vlnx has joined #crux06:00
brian|lfsand if you do sli one one of your computers06:00
j_vneed some sleep. good night.06:07
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC06:52
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*** dinx has quit IRC08:46
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*** irclogger_do has joined #crux09:26
*** dinx has joined #crux10:48
*** aliov has joined #crux10:55
aliovAnbody manages to run Skype on crux 3.2? I have compiled all its dependencies+qt 32 wit webkit.10:56
aliovBut Skype crashes/aborts immediately.10:56
*** deus_ex has joined #crux11:00
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux11:00
*** aliov has quit IRC11:32
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*** xeirrr has joined #crux11:46
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*** xor29ah has joined #crux11:49
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*** xeirrr has joined #crux11:50
tired890happy new year gents :)11:56
xeirrrstill have 4 hours left :)11:57
*** ivs has joined #crux12:00
tilmanfailoverflow is porting/has ported linux to the ps4 apparently: (lightning talk from c3)12:09
evil_shibei think debian father are killed by jelaous crux devs :D12:10
tilmanevil_shibe: stop your shittalking12:15
evil_shibelol i'm joking :D12:18
tilmango yell at your government instead12:20
evil_shibe? :/12:21
tilmanaren't you polish?12:21
evil_shibeyes i'm.why you ask?12:23
tilmanbecause the new polish government appears to be fucking up your state12:24
evil_shibei'm not in politics12:24
*** rauz has quit IRC12:28
evil_shibetilman: where are you from?12:28
*** rauz has joined #crux12:29
*** dougiel has joined #crux12:32
*** invalid has joined #crux12:32
*** invalid has quit IRC12:32
*** dougiel has quit IRC12:32
evil_shibei hate germans12:32
evil_shibeon II world war germanpigs raped polish woman12:33
evil_shibehitler servants12:33
*** rauz has quit IRC12:34
*** BitPuffin|osx has quit IRC12:39
*** rauz has joined #crux12:42
Wildefyrhey all, got a question to ask: I'm getting 'illegal hardware instruction' or just 'illegal instruction' when trying to compile some programs or starting other programs like firefox12:48
Wildefyrobviously looks like a compiler error but updating gcc and recompiling the system still results in that error cropping up all over the place12:49
Wildefyrand I need it fixed or else I'm gonna have to move the laptop off crux because I actually need it in the new year..12:49
tilmanverify your C(XX)FLAGS in /etc/pkgmk.conf12:50
*** xeirrr has quit IRC12:50
tilmanif i were you i'd run the faulting programs in a debugger and figure out what instruction it is that yields SIGILL12:51
Wildefyrusing? gdb?12:59
Wildefyrmy C(XX)FLAGS is just '-02 -march=native'13:00
frinnst-02 ?13:03
frinnstits -O213:03
frinnstdid you compile gcc yourself on this machine?13:12
Wildefyrand I've also tried a gcc I have built on another system13:12
frinnstif you built the toolchain on another machine with -march=native it will probably not run on your current machine13:13
frinnstit depends on what cpu you have in both13:13
frinnst"-march=native" is not portable13:13
Wildefyrthey're both intel processors but not the same archecture13:14
frinnsta pastebin of the full error would be useful13:14
evil_shibei think pastebin stole data...13:21
Wildefyrthat sentence makes no sense13:22
frinnstyou just seem like a troll evil_shibe13:22
frinnstwe usually try to keep a friendly attitude around here. if you find that too hard to live with maybe you should just leave13:23
evil_shibei think you like ass-lickers only13:25
frinnstanyways.. happy new year13:26
frinnststrange fellow13:29
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tilman"you have germanpig genes" this fucker15:47
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joacimpoland is mostly germanic too. he must hate himself16:01
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nullspoonHey all. I'm new to Crux. Thought I'd give it a try on my venture into the source-based world. I have a question about prt-get dependencies.16:38
nullspoonI tried installing tmux today and got a missing dependency error for libevent. Just want to check before I try to submit a bug (??).16:39
nullspoonAnd/or receive any direction about how to get a dependency added to a port for prt-get.16:40
joacimit is listed as a dependency here16:40
joacimis it installed?16:41
Wildefyrso install libevent nullspoon ?16:41
joacimprt-get depinst tmux should pull in all dependencies before installing tmux16:41
nullspoonnew command for me16:42
Wildefyrprt-get [tab] shows the commands16:42
nullspoonOhh. Whole different issue than I though.16:43
nullspoonMy bad.16:43
nullspoonprt-get is getting a 404 on downloading libevent16:43
nullspoonI'm guessing this is a pebkac16:43
frinnstseems libevent is hosted on sourceforge16:43
frinnstif you try again it will probably work :-)16:44
frinnstor you can add PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=( to your pkgmk.conf16:44
nullspoonmuch happier now16:45
nullspoonI think you guys may have created a monster. So far I'm really liking Crux. Seems so far to be the most 'unixy' distro out there. Super modular.16:47
nullspoonEven your ports manager is in multiple pieces. I love it.16:47
frinnstprt-get is just a frontend for pkgmk, pkgadd, pkgrm16:48
Wildefyryeah learn those commands first16:49
Wildefyrthen you will appreciate prt-get alot more16:49
nullspoonI'm working on it. I think (though I may be wrong since I'm still new to this) that I'm going to have to write my own pkgfiles. Wanna install a few ports that don't appear to be present.16:50
frinnsthave you searched through ?16:51
frinnstyou can also use the cli tool portdbc to search16:51
nullspoonSee, there it is. The ports I wanted. Told you I'm new.  :)16:52
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frinnstand if you find a port you need in a 3rd party repo but dont want to add the whole repo you can "subscribe" to that port with opt/mpup16:52
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j_vmpup is nice16:53
nullspoonHmmm. I think I might have to wipe out my gentoo instances in favor of crux now.16:53
nullspoonAt the very least for my home server here.16:53
nullspoonJust curious, is there any way to override the version in the pkgfile? I figure I'll ask before going to make my own.17:03
jaegeryou can overlay ports similar to gentoo, just add a dir with your own version and list it first in prt-get.conf17:05
nullspoonah, okay17:07
jaegerif you're happy with the version that's already in a port, you can lock it with prt-get instead17:07
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tired890do any of you ever use "-O3" ?20:35
tired890in most documentation I come across it states this optimization level casues problems and increases binary size and hence memory usage and doesn't necessarily increase execution time?!20:35
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jaegerI never do, haven't tried21:20
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