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tired890still 2015 in greenland..02:18
tired890in many places actually :P02:19
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tired890anyone in house not in 2016 yet?03:31
j_vyep, still got bout 1 1/2 hrs yet. how bout you?03:35
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tired890into 2016..03:37
tired890nothing changed tho.. same old03:38
j_vdamn, seems like that every new year03:39
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tired890yea I never figured whats the big deal03:46
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j_vi still maintain a bunch of sbo packages05:07
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asieyoutube-dl needs an update to work with youtube10:32
asie20151231 works fine10:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: pulseaudio: updated footprint10:41
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XikuukyCan someone help me with some networking issues.10:53
XikuukyI can't get the kernel to recognize my Ethernet and wireless.10:55
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xeirrrXikuuky: please paste the output of lspci11:25
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retardasie: i just put it in /opt/bin/ and update with sudo youtube-dl -U12:45
Wildefyror use pip12:46
tired890pip ?12:46
tired890Description:  A tool for installing and managing Python packages12:47
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XikuukyHey guys!15:46
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Wildefyrbuh bye!16:19
retardtired890: amazing16:47
Wildefyranyone else been having issues with firefox Dialog boxes17:29
Wildefyrwhen it clicks a download link for a material it launches the box but it doesn't respond17:29
Wildefyrthankfully it doesn't crash the browser17:29
j_vWildefyr, i was having issues when i first installed 3.2, but the updated port has a fix that makes it work for me17:41
j_vit builds with -Os instead of -O2 optimization17:42
Wildefyrwell it's not that issue17:49
WildefyrI'll try another rebuild17:49
frinnststart firefox in a terminal window and you'll probably get some debug info17:50
frinnstsigh.. 92 unread emails in my inbox. I dread opening it17:51
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Ghost_r00tI use GPT_EFI 64bit system with NVC1 type nvidia video card at PCI slot. The X would go up and with it the window manager but I cant see anything of x on my screen20:01
Ghost_r00tthe log file of x org:
frinnstThe destination URL that seemed to produce a 404 Page Not Found error is:
frinnsthaha wat?20:18
groovy2shoeswhatever happened to mahmutov?20:22
groovy2shoesI wrote a bunch of Xfce ports for them, then they disappeared20:23
j_vdocbook-xml missing unzip dep20:23
j_vdep wouldn't be necessary of bsdtar was used instead of unzip in the unpack_sources() function included in the Pkgfile20:27
j_vs/of bsdtar/if bsdtar/20:27
frinnstunzip used to live in core so probably just an oversight20:30
groovy2shoesbsdtar has quickly become one of my favorite tools20:31
j_vmakes sense. just reporting. i could create a patch easily enough, if it helps.20:31
j_vwhich would be preferred, the unzip dep or adjust lines with unzip in Pkgfile to use bsdtar?20:33
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groovy2shoesmy vote is for bsdtar20:34
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Ghost_r00tfrinnst: I don't know why wgetpaste do this and nc 9999 returns with the "use nc" on the terminal. any idea how to paste the log file?20:39
Ghost_r00tI have no X here.20:40
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frinnstjust use the default wgetpaste20:45
frinnstseems very incomplete and truncated20:46
frinnst[   795.133] (==) Using system config directory "/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d"20:46
frinnst[   795.151] (==) ServerLayout "Layo20:46
frinnstand nothing after that20:46
jaegerprologic: spl/zfs seem to be stable20:47
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Ghost_r00tfrinnst: the termbin?20:48
prologicjaeger: I believe I'm using some git hash actually; but thanks I'll try to upgrade soon :)20:49
Ghost_r00tfrinnst: and others
Ghost_r00tfrinnst: is it working?20:49
frinnstbut cant see any obvious errors20:50
jaegerprologic: this is on a crux 3.1 machine, I haven't checked what's in 3.2 contrib... so if you already updated it don't worry20:51
frinnstdont have much experience with the nvidia drivers since I run the free amd/ati drivers20:51
tilmanyou are sooo cool ;)20:51
frinnstI KNOW RIGHT?!20:51
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frinnst <- good luck debugging that20:52
frinnst <- i want this20:53
frinnstIf you answered 'No' then you probably were a mistake. But that's alright, you're a grown(-ish?) adult now! Make up for lost time with this amazing car city sweater. Tell your friends and let them trace Hot-wheels all over you. Ever needed a better first date idea?20:53
frinnstI never had that mat :(20:53
tilmanif i could reproduce that abort _and_ cared the tiniest bit about the program i'd help20:55
tilmanbut it's skype20:55
tilmani don't think skype deserves our/my support in 201620:55
frinnstfriends dont let friends use skype20:55
tired890what about friends that have friends who use skype?20:55
tired890or whatsapp sigh20:56
frinnstintroduce them to alternatives20:56
tilmani hear the Signal app is a great alternative to whatsapp20:56
Ghost_r00tguys any brilliant idea. I really need me X after a 3 days.20:57
frinnstI used to use signal on my android before I started using aosp20:57
tired890I'd have to study group dynamics to be successful at "introducing" any alternatives. Problem is most people are indifferent.. hey u know skype was bought and resold twice for technical reasons? namely encryption. it was a peer to peer network with supernodes, now its a centralized ...<what are u talking about man skype is great>20:57
frinnstsignal depends on googles frameworks :(20:58
frinnstGhost_r00t: what does your xorg.conf look like?20:59
j_vGhost_r00t: look at the stuff about the ACPI on 100 and after. perhaps install/enable acpid20:59
tilmanGhost_r00t: the last log you pasted seems to be incomplete as well?20:59
frinnstj_v: you get that on all systems without acpid installed20:59
Ghost_r00twhat about this new IRC thingy that is like torrent and support video and voice calls20:59
Ghost_r00tit has an android app too21:00
tired890what irc thingie21:00
j_vnotice that there are no outputs being detected/defined in the log21:00
Ghost_r00tthe log on gist????????????21:00
tilmanfrinnst: i don't use it myself, but i think the author/designer knows what he's doing21:00
tilman(weak and dangerous argument, i know)21:01
Ghost_r00tTOX is the name21:01
frinnstj_v: sorry, I meant the acpi warning on line 50.. not sure if nvidia requires acpid further down21:01
Ghost_r00tI worked with it and it did voice call fine21:01
Ghost_r00tj_v: is the log complete?21:02
j_vfrinnst, no problem21:02
frinnst[ 795.957] (II) Indirect GLX disabled. is the last line21:02
Ghost_r00ttilman: any ideas. look at the end of the file21:02
Ghost_r00tthe last start of the X is with a new vanilla kernel21:03
Ghost_r00twith no pf-patches21:03
j_vGhost_r00t, well, there should all kinds of lines about modelines and stuff for the outputs21:03
tilmanthere are no errors in the gist21:03
Ghost_r00tSo why I have no video21:04
j_vperhaps the nvidia proprietary server needs acpid to detect the outputs?21:04
j_vwell, if no outputs are found/defined them no ouput to see, that's my guess21:05
tired890there is one whatsapp alterenative that I found interesting21:05
tired890unfortunately the site seems down (taken down?), here is a snapshot:
j_vGhost_r00t: if we could see your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and files under /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ then maybe could help more21:06
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tired890would be great if there was a standard way through which one could upgrade one's bios using linux22:02
tired890at least this wont be a concern for long now that most uefi mbs have built in flashers22:04
tired890heck some have browsers heh22:04
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tilmanfrinnst: apparently there's a version of Signal for android that doesn't use those apis?
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tired890would be nice if I could use a PS4 as my pc22:24
tired890always fancied running exotics as daily driver22:24
tired890doesn't get more exotic than a PS4 haha.. cant find much info besides that video however22:25
frinnsttilman: yeah I saw that a day or so ago. havent looked into it yet22:29
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