IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2016-01-02

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frinnstwow, facebook has renamed their thingy to "free basics"02:39
frinnstdont we have that trademarked? :D02:39
frinnstMAKES NO FUN02:39
tired890finally found the conky setting I needed! its "pad_percents 2"02:44
tired890this is to prevent text jumping around when going from single to double digits (ie cpu load going from 4 to 20%)02:44
tired890was driving me crahyzey!02:44
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j_vdid you get X working?05:40
Ghoost_r00tI messed things up. I removed zlib. now every command is facing missing.05:40
Ghoost_r00tany solution.05:40
Ghoost_r00tj_v: nope. and i did one worst.05:40
Ghoost_r00tback in livecd again.05:40
j_vdid you try to reinstall zlib?05:40
Ghoost_r00tevery command comeswith zlib library error. even aria205:41
j_vyou could boot the crux install cd, mount the installation drive at /mnt, then pkgadd zlib:05:43
Romsterpkgadd zlib#...05:46
Romstereither off the built package or loop mount the iso and from that.05:46
Ghoost_r00tRomster: j_v anyway to do this in livecd ubuntu?05:46
Romstermay not even need to reboot to do that05:47
Romsterpkgadd is staticly compiled so it should pkgadd even without zlib installed05:47
Ghoost_r00tRomster: where could i get the latest zlib package not the src one?05:48
Ghoost_r00tI mean the latest available in ports05:48
Ghoost_r00tnot dev ....05:48
Romsteryou might already have it compiled in /usr/ports/zlib/05:49
Romsterlocate zlib#1.2.8-2.pkg.tar.xz05:49
Romsteric an upload it but it's also on the crux iso you can loopmount the iso file or mount the cd of crux05:50
Romster(without rebooting)05:50
Ghoost_r00tRomster: I don't have it05:50
Romsterwill it compile , cd /usr/ports/core/zlib05:50
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Romsterremoving core ports is a bad idea in most cases05:52
Ghoost_r00tRomster: plz upload that package. if it is not too much trouble. I don't have it on local drive right now.05:53
RomsterGhoost_r00t, if all else fails boot up the crux disc, mount root, and pkgadd -r /mnt/ zlib...05:54
Ghoost_r00tRomster: I was reading about why I get Xorg connection refused.05:54
Ghoost_r00tand the material was suggesting installing zlib again05:54
Romsteri can upload it if you can still download it.05:54
Romsterprt-get update -fr zlib05:54
Ghoost_r00tIn livecd yse.05:54
Romsterwould of done that.05:55
Ghoost_r00tRomster: Yes I understand that now05:55
Romstermay need to change %23 to #05:57
Romster# is a illegal char on urls05:57
Ghoost_r00twith -r I get missing option05:59
Ghoost_r00tpkgadd -r zlib#....05:59
Romster-r is the root of crux.05:59
Romsterif you boot the cd and mount root at /mnt05:59
Romsterpkgadd -r /mnt zlib#1.2.8-2.pkg.tar.xz06:00
Romsterumount /mnt06:00
Ghoost_r00tRomster: It did worked thanks06:00
Romstercrux even if oyu break it isn't that hard to repair.06:00
Ghoost_r00tnow I would go about solving connection refused06:00
Ghoost_r00tin Xorg06:00
Romstercheck your /var/log/Xorg.log for possible clues06:01
Romstercheck with revdep too and check rejmerge hasn't got any configs wating to be updated06:01
Romsterprt-get readme xorg-server06:02
Romsteras well06:02
Romsterprt-get deptree xorg06:03
Romstermake sure you haven't missed installing anything.06:03
Ghoost_r00tdeptree saysall [i]06:05
Romsterthat means they are all installed06:06
Ghoost_r00tI know.06:07
Ghoost_r00tand merge files was about grub206:07
Ghoost_r00tlet me reboot back into crux and see if I could do anything06:07
Romsterdmesg might even tell you something06:10
Ghoost_r00tdo you see something there?06:14
Ghoost_r00tmaybe drm is mixing and tweaking things it shouldn't06:15
Ghoost_r00tD Lock06:15
Romsterok so you got nvidia loaded06:18
Romsterwhat's in your xorg.conf file?06:18
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j_vi didn't realize that the pkgutils on the iso were statically linked. very cool. very good to know.06:56
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Romsteryeah they are even on the system too07:15
Romsterso is revdep07:15
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Romsterit's to be ableto fix a really broken system07:16
Romsteror not risk breaking those tools on a sysup07:16
j_vmaybe i'll install a minimal busybox in bin static for emergencies, too07:18
j_vdone that before, but forgot about it07:18
Romsterthere should be a busybox.static file07:18
j_vRomster, i submitted FS#1279, along with patch... it's for docbook-xml07:23
Romsteri see that07:23
j_vit's not the only way; could also add the dep for unzip07:24
Romsterlike the bsdtar way better07:24
j_vyeah, seemed better to me.07:24
j_vi'm in the process of reverifying the deps on all my ports, and ran into along the way07:26
Romsterwith my docker image? or jsut using a chroot or vm or some thing else07:28
Romsteralso romster/pkg-clean07:28
j_vstill using vm. i still haven't gotten to know docker, but i really need to check out that pkg-clean. will do so now.07:30
Romsterwell pkg-clean with a VM will help still.07:34
j_vyes, just installed it; was reading the script... looks good. will definitely add that to my base master image07:36
Romsteri need to do some small changes to it but its functional07:38
Romsterother ones i use are pkg-url pkg-not check-32-versions07:39
j_vnice feature for pkg-clean would be to have a config file that listed ports to keep even though not core07:39
Romsterit has that now.07:40
j_vah, cool.07:40
Romsteror did i remove that when i extracted that function out of chroot07:41
Romsterchroot-serup i used to use that setup a clean chroot and had that pkg-clean option in it.07:41
Romsteri decided to make it, it's own tool.07:41
j_vlooks like it's still geared toward chroot, but should be pretty straight forward to adjust07:42
Romsteryeah i didn't keep it, i'll add a conf to it.07:42
Romsterand not hard code stuff and list them in the conf file instead.07:42
j_vstill, nice way to go. that kind of tool really helps with the repetitive stuff07:43
Romsteri also keep pkg-utils in my docker image but i remove elfutils as revdep needs it but it's staticly compiled and i don't want to dirty the dependency tree with elfutils.07:43
Romsterwhich is also why i changed ccache to use internal libs and not system libs.07:44
j_vi took a good look at your docker gist, definitely interested, just have to get to it07:45
Romsteryeah pkg-clean is a little rough around the edges.07:45
Romsterit also needs i think $$ for the temp log so no one can make an attack on that file.07:46
Romsterrandom name07:46
j_visn't any rougher than some of the scripts i use that never are seen by anyone but me07:46
j_vtmplog=$(mktemp -t log.XXXXXX)07:46
Romsterno messier than this one i bet
Romsterpretty sure bash has a built in i can do that with.07:51
j_vfor the color stuff, you mean?07:52
j_vor for the old file, new file stuff?07:52
Romster"tmplog=/tmp/$(basename $0).$$.tmp"07:53
Romstertmplog="/tmp/$(basename $0).$$.tmp"07:53
Romsteri should do that in pkg-clean07:53
Romsteri know of the security risk but i didn't think much of it for disposable container use.07:54
Romsterah except it don't work in docker...?07:55
j_vshould be ok, i would think, especially if your not in an environment where there's other users logged into the same system07:55
Romsterkeeps the same number, perhaps i am missing something in /dev in my container07:55
Romstereh i'll just use mktemp08:00
Romsterand move that safety check to the conf too08:01
Romster(showed a friend he ran it on his host system) -_-08:01
Romsterluckily stopped it before it removed everything lol.08:02
Romsterhasn't Ghoost_r00t sorted out X yet?08:03
j_vnot sure, pinged out little while ago i think08:04
Romsterand reconnected but the ident says he isn't on crux08:08
j_vin that pre-install, seems like you could convert the array function stuff to use actual arrays. but i haven't really taken it all in, so i would need to see how those variables are formed08:09
j_valso, i do most of my shell scripting targeting straight '/bin/sh', so i'm not as well versed on bashes array capabilities as i'd like08:11
j_vi played around implementing array / fake array stuff for /bin/sh; it's pretty ugly, but works.08:12
j_vin pkg-clean, instead of using REQUIRED=(`ls --color=never ... | xargs`), what about using something like REQUIRED=$(echo /usr/ports/core/* | sed -e 's/COPYING//;s/COPYRIGHT//')08:18
j_vsorry, forget... it's just style.08:19
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Romsteri was trying to avid bashishms when i wrote that.08:28
j_vyeah, and in mine, it ends up with the dirname left in it, so mine was flawed08:29
Romsteractually i now need to account for that too.08:29
Romsterfind /usr/ports/core -type d08:29
Romsterand a depth of 108:29
Romsteryeah i always forget it's -maxdepth08:30
Romsterand i tried todo --maxdepth just then -_-08:30
j_vfind has so many opts it's hard for me to using effectively without the man page08:31
Romsterfind /usr/ports/core -maxdepth 1 -type d -exec basename {} \; |xargs08:33
Romstermust be easier way than that08:33
Romsterbe an easier*08:33
j_vnot bad08:33
Romsteror just use that.08:33
Romsterand back then we had x86_64 and multilib flavours08:35
j_vmight need mindepth too08:35
Romsteri need to clean that up08:35
j_votherwise get the core directory also08:35
j_vbtw, $() in place of `` is concidered portable, AFAIK. was there a reason to put the backticks inside parens (subshell)08:37
Romsteri just thought `1` was easier to see inside an array08:38
Romsterthan doing ($( ))08:38
Romsteri can change it08:38
j_voh, sorry, the () is for array, i'm used to using it as subshell in /bin/sh08:39
j_vbut is see now, your usage makes sense now08:39
Romsterwell since i got /usr/ports/core in there woulnd't mindepth be redundant?08:39
Romsteras it's got to be in there.08:39
Romster$() is subshell () is array08:39
j_v$() = ``08:40
j_vin sh () is subshell08:40
j_vbut for bash must matter if is used in variable assignment08:40
j_vthen must be array08:41
Romsternot when you assign to an variable08:41
Romsterfoo=() is a array08:41
Romster() is a subshell $() and `` is also.08:41
Romster() only works in a function afaik08:41
Romsteri could be wrong.08:41
j_vi'm weird... i use bash every day but script primarily in sh08:41
Romsterwell you shoulnd't rely on bash unless you use #!/bin/bash as your shebang line08:42
Romsterelse it wont be portable08:42
Romster3.2 uses dash for sh08:42
Romstercrux 3.208:42
j_vthat's argument i lost with slackware people, i script targeting dash... they use bashisms alot in their #!/bin/sh shebangs08:43
j_vso i tend to forget bashes stuff like arrays, cause i'm always scripting for dash08:45
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Ghoost_r00tcould you guys find any error in here
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j_vtwo things i see that could be issue: on lines 583-7 the uvesafb (probably isn't issue, but could be), and line 603... drm loading (long before nvidia seems to load, so wonder if that is sign that kernel modesetting is being started)09:05
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Ghoost_r00tj_v: so any solution then?09:07
j_vkms and nvidia proprietary drive do not work together, so perhaps use kernel command line append of 'nomodeset i915.modeset=0 nouveau.modest=0' to be sure that kms isn't getting started09:08
Ghoost_r00tj_v: just add that line to grub linux line? at the end?09:09
j_vjust a sec, i haven't used grub in long while, mostly use lilo, i'll check the semantics09:10
Ghoost_r00tj_v: very much thanks.09:13
j_vare you using grub or grub2?09:15
Ghoost_r00tgrub2 efi09:17
Romsteri doubt anyone would be using grub1 anymore09:18
j_vyeah, i haven't messed with grub since i used debian, 3-4 years09:18
j_vtrying the look up the configuration stuff, but back when i used it there were multiple files in (i think) /etc/grub.d and there was a GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX and a (i think) GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT09:23
Ghoost_r00tyes they are grub 109:24
Ghoost_r00tor not09:24
Ghoost_r00tI will sort this myself thanks09:24
tired_laptopGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash <your other options here>"09:25
Romsteri can offer a .config that works if that's any help, i'd just disable them in the kernel if i were you.09:25
Romsterunless you plan on using those later on09:25
j_vgrub package doesn't have manpages? wtf09:26
j_vgrub's documentation has always been less than desirable, but hell, nothing?09:27
Romstergrub2-efi doesn't :/09:28
j_vnot in grub2 main package either. too bad elilo is abandoned and lilo is heading that way too. i need to give syslinux another shot.09:29
j_vused to use extlinux for building minimal boot images. syslinux was advancing with efi support pretty good last i checked09:31
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xikuukyHey can someone help me with setting up wifi?09:47
xikuukyThis command doesn't work: wpa_supplicant -D nl80211,wext -i wlan0 -c <(wpa_passphrase <SSID> <PASS>)09:47
xikuukyI replaced SSID and PASS respectivly09:47
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xeirrrI use wpa_cli09:53
Romsterdoes your wifi cared require firmware?09:55
Romsterin contrib/linux-firmware09:55
tired_laptophe left..09:56
Romsteroh god damn it09:56
Romsteri am editing pkg-clean09:56
j_vi am messing with it, too, just to see if it works the same with out using array09:57
tired_laptop^ I modified that page09:58
tired_laptopdec 201409:58
tired_laptopalready a year with crux09:58
tired_laptoptime does fly indeed..09:58
Romsterj_v, well so far i made tmp file secure with mktemp removed old code, and i'm working on the the conf file10:04
j_vcool. was just playing with a simple 'while read -r LINE; do ... ; done < /etc/pkg-clean.keep' bit to see how it might play out10:05
j_vreplacing the elipses with REQUIRED=(${REQUIRED[@] $LINE), i guess10:07
Romsteri should make a man page for it too.10:07
Romsteri probably could do it all in memory than a file to be honest but i just did it that way10:08
j_vthat sed bit on the clean_file is pretty straight forward; otherwize you have to figure out removing array indices10:09
j_vcould do it in awk, though, and combine it with the pkginfo -i line10:10
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Romsteryeah that doing arrays without using the array function is an interesting one.10:11
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j_vi took a different path with it, but yours looks more reliable. my method required the fake array to be a space separated string variable and fake_array had to be passed unquoted to the fake array functions10:12
j_vso the count function just return $#10:13
Romsteri don't know what i was thinking then, i just stayed up late and wrote shell.10:14
j_voh, i looked back over mine just a little while ago, and the headaches seemed to be looming just thinking about it10:15
Romsteroh i spent countless hours and coffee on it for that and it seems to be reliable.10:15
j_vyeah, very cool. i tried some ideas i found on the web, at various shell howto's and such, none of the seemed to work as explained.10:16
j_vor not at all.10:17
Romsterlol maybe i need to turn mine into an example then.10:17
Romsterit's more complicated than that entire script needed to be.10:18
Romsterand that readline and percentage part was inspired by cmake10:19
Romsteri was bored i wanted to make it do that.10:19
j_vone thing with that is i would exchange the 'cat ... | ' before the while, to a ' < ... ' after the done10:20
j_vredirect straight from the file instead of using another executable, but that's how i learned to do it, doesn't make it the only way.10:22
j_vamounts to the same effect, though, so 6 or half dozen10:24
j_vbash has nice redirect from command that bourne doesn't have though... < <(...)10:25
j_vbut pipe output of command into for/while loop amounts to same thing, i guess10:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: openntpd: 3.9p1 -> 5.7p410:40
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Romsterhaha i just destroyed that docker image...10:52
Romsterno more core ports :P10:53
Ghoost_r00tone qustion hee. or CRUX 3.2 grub (the one in ports the efi one) hasn't all the option enabled in compile. YES? like gfx or grub payload?10:54
Ghoost_r00thas it?10:54
Romsterno idea sorry10:56
Romsterlook in the Pkgfile10:56
tired_laptopGhoost_r00t, any reason you are not using lilo (ie any prob in booting legacy mode) ?11:08
tired_laptopAFAIK people who require efi need either to boot off very big drives (2tb+) or use secure boot..11:12
tired_laptop"secure boot" is also questionable since rootkits can be put in place and be undetectable by OS heh11:13
tired_laptopnewer is not always better :)11:13
Ghoost_r00thow to add this res to grub.cfg (by hand)   Mode 0x0361: 1280x800 (+5120), 24 bits11:37
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XikuukyI need help with wpa_supplicant12:05
Ghoost_r00tXikuuky: what help mate.12:16
Ghoost_r00tXikuuky: wireless setup. WPA2 PSK what?12:16
XikuukyGhoost_r00t: WPA2 PSK12:17
Ghoost_r00tXikuuky: make a file in /etc called wpa_supplicant.conf12:18
XikuukyI have one12:19
Ghoost_r00t/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf put your config on it12:19
Ghoost_r00tthen in command line (maybe need root privil) do12:19
Ghoost_r00twpa_supplicant -D n80211 -i <your_wireless_card:ie:wlan0_or_wlp5s0> -c /etc/wpa_suplicant.conf -B12:20
XikuukyThank you ^_^12:20
XikuukyI'll try that12:20
Ghoost_r00tif you got the successful in command line then12:21
Ghoost_r00tdhcpcd wlan012:21
Ghoost_r00tthen ping crux.nu12:21
Ghoost_r00tif it didn't worked "killall wpa_supplicant dhcpcd"12:22
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Ghoost_r00tand do12:22
Ghoost_r00twpa_supplicant -D n80211 -i <your_wireless_card:ie:wlan0_or_wlp5s0> -c /etc/wpa_suplicant.conf -ddd12:22
FlibberTGibbethi, new to crux. how do i create the initramfs please?12:22
Ghoost_r00tand view the log on your terminal. it will give you some clue as to what is going wrong12:22
XikuukyGhoost_r00t: It said unsupported driver12:23
XikuukyDo I need to recompile the kernel?12:23
XikuukyAnd if I do what am I changing?12:23
Ghoost_r00tXikuuky: wext12:24
Xikuuky-D wext?12:24
Ghoost_r00tchange -D nl80211 or -D wext or -D bsd12:25
FlibberTGibbetactually, do i need one if i'm booting to an ext4 fs and the kernel understands ext4 anyway?12:25
Ghoost_r00tcheck which one. or just remove it12:25
XikuukyGhoost_r00t: I used the -D wext and it worked but when I dchpcd is it said ctrl-interface not defined12:27
XikuukyWhat should I set it to?12:27
Ghoost_r00tFlibberTGibbet: is your /var or /etc or seprate partition?12:27
XikuukyI don't even know what it means?12:27
FlibberTGibbetGhoost_r00t: no, all-in-one except for the swap12:28
Ghoost_r00tXikuuky: dhcpcd wlan0 or whatever12:28
Ghoost_r00tFlibberTGibbet: leave the hassle. you don't need one12:28
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XikuukyNow it times out when waiting for the carrier12:29
Ghoost_r00tFlibberTGibbet: you use initramfs for when one of those important directories are on seprate file-systems or block devices and ramfs would load needed tools early in boot stage to support mounting them. because all of linux internals are there12:30
Ghoost_r00tXikuuky: do you have static-ip?12:30
XikuukyI don't think so.12:31
Ghoost_r00tfirst kill them both and run wpa_supplicant without -B and with -ddd12:31
Ghoost_r00tand check if you could connect to AP12:31
Ghoost_r00tbrb after 5min.12:31
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XikuukyGhoost_r00t: I don't think I did12:33
*** FlibberTGibbet has joined #crux12:35
Ghoost_r00tXikuuky: give me your wpa config file and the log in your terminal with wpa_supplicant -ddd12:43
XikuukyCan I take a photo of it Ghoost_r00t?12:45
Ghoost_r00tXikuuky: do that12:46
Ghoost_r00tbut put it on 1336.cf12:46
XikuukyI am just gonna paste it here12:51
Ghoost_r00tGhoost_r00t: I am going down for a bit ...12:51
Ghoost_r00tXikuuky: ^^12:52
XikuukySorry I have to type these line for line12:53
Ghoost_r00tXikuuky: cat /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf | nc 999912:54
Ghoost_r00tand post the link12:54
XikuukyI don't have nc12:55
Ghoost_r00tinstall wgetpaste then12:55
Ghoost_r00toh sorry12:56
Ghoost_r00tmy bad12:56
Ghoost_r00tchange nc to netcat12:56
Ghoost_r00tor doesn't work?12:56
Ghoost_r00t brb12:57
XikuukyI don't have netcat but I'm installing it12:57
Ghoost_r00tnot that soon though12:57
XikuukyI might not be here12:57
Ghoost_r00tbut I you could /query me and paste your lines there12:57
XikuukyI'll do that12:57
frinnstnc 10101 works too13:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: valgrind: 3.10.1 -> 3.11.020:39
teK_thx jaeger20:39
jaegerthanks for the updates20:39
teK_da nicht für20:40
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