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xeirrrjaeger: hi. How is mate 1.12 test going?01:00
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jaegerxeirrr: it's working well for me; I don't know if Chris has had time to test it yet01:17
jaegeryou can use the ports at if you don't want to wait01:18
xeirrrjaeger: ok. kind of my mistake. I only mastered your mate repo some days ago. and saw it's same with dustries master, so I didn't furthur check. Now i find there are six branches and 1.12 has alreay there...01:25
jaegerit's a little messy, hehe01:25
jaegerSince I'm not in charge of the main repo I just let him know when I have some stuff to test... he seems pretty busy, though01:26
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xeirrrjaeger: ok05:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: networkmanager: 1.0.4 -> 1.0.10, implemented workaround prt-get's post-install limitation, updated man dir07:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: xterm: updated to 32210:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: swig: updated to 3.0.810:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: xterm: fixed mandir installation10:21
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nebgis it difficult to compile bumblebee ?13:46
nebgwhere can i learn to compile programs ?13:46
frinnst maybe?13:49
frinnstif you just want to compile some project like bumblebee - check our their documentation. it should have details13:50
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] iptables: update to 1.6.016:34
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: iproute2: bump release to force rebuild for iptables 1.616:34
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: findutils: update to 4.6.016:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dar: update to 2.5.316:36
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remmona_dashMy mouse and keyboard wont work inside X16:48
remmona_dashKeyboard works in tty though16:48
remmona_dashThe driver for keyboard is kbd and mouse is mouse in xorg.conf16:49
tilmanuse evdev16:49
tilmannot xorg-xf86-input-mouse or -kbd or whatever16:50
tilmanevdev does it all on linux16:50
remmona_dashI even Chang to evdev and nothing16:50
remmona_dashWhy kbd and mouse the default won't work tilman16:50
Wildefyrmaybe try xorg-xf86-input-libinput16:52
frinnstremmona_dash: maybe look at the log for xorg?16:53
frinnstjust blindly guessing is pretty pointless16:53
frinnstbtw, evdev requires a kernel module to work16:53
frinnstyou can post the log with wgetpaste: wgetpaste /var/log/Xorg.0.log (probably)16:54
remmona_dashfrinnst, what module:-(17:08
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remmona_dashfrinnst, it is built-in17:34
frinnstso paste some logs then17:35
remmona_dashFirst what kernel modules are needed by usb keyboards and mouse17:36
remmona_dashWildefyr, what does that do17:37
Wildefyrprovides a library for input devices17:39
Wildefyrbut follow frinnst suggestion17:39
frinnstWildefyr: please dont confuse him/her any more :)17:39
Wildefyrfrinnst : I try not to17:39
remmona_dashand archforum there was a solution17:40
frinnstremmona_dash: if you have evdev enabled in the kernel and xorg-xf86-input-evdev installed an it still doesnt work17:40
frinnstplease paste the log someplace17:40
frinnstotherwise we are just waisting our time17:40
remmona_dashRemoving tmpfs from fstab. I don't have tempfs but others like devpts and shm.   I am trying but it is hard from tty to paste anything out17:42
Wildefyrcommand | curl -sLT- p.iotek.org17:42
frinnstuse wgetpaste and give us the link17:42
frinnst17:54 <@frinnst> you can post the log with wgetpaste: wgetpaste /var/log/Xorg.0.log (probably)17:43
frinnst(EE) evdev: Mouse0: Unable to open evdev device "/dev/psaux".17:50
frinnst(EE) evdev: Keyboard0: No device specified.17:51
frinnstwhat does your config look like?17:51
frinnstseems something is bit wierd somewhere17:51
remmona_dashGeneral nvidia-xconfig generated17:52
frinnsti dont use nvidia so I dont know what it generates17:52
frinnstplease paste it someplace17:52
frinnstremove this: Option         "Device" "/dev/psaux"18:00
remmona_dashThanks to Wildfyer18:00
frinnsthell, remove all inputdevice sections18:00
frinnstthey will be automagically detected and just work (tm)18:00
remmona_dashfrinnst not to go on your nerve but what does psaux do18:01
frinnstits an old interface that you are not supposed to use with evdev18:01
Wildefyrnvidia-xconfig is super outofdate18:01
Wildefyryou don't need to make a xorg.conf anymore18:02
frinnstyeah I dont think you need a custom config at all anymore, even with nvidia18:02
WildefyrI got a couple of files in xorg.conf.d to work buttons on my mouse work and to chose the display driver on X launch but thats it18:02
frinnstyeah same here more or less18:03
frinnstOption "xkblayout" "se"18:03
frinnstand similar mouse sensitivity options18:03
remmona_dashfrinnst didn't work18:19
remmona_dashThe log is the same minus the /dev lines18:20
remmona_dashStill evedev unloaded18:20
remmona_dashNo help18:25
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remmona_dashfrinnst ?18:42
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remmona_dashSo anything that I have to check19:25
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deep42thoughtWhat happened to the irc logs? they end at 2016-01-0120:06
remmona_dashSo I am here hanging20:20
Wildefyrmaybe try and research the problem20:21
Wildefyrwe aren't paid to help you with your software20:21
Wildefyrunless you want to pay me20:21
Wildefyrin that case20:21
jaegerpastebin the xorg log if you can20:22
jaegernm, found the link, I missed it at first20:31
jaegerIs that gist current or have you changed things since then?20:32
jaegerI'd also recommend trying it without any xorg.conf20:33
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remmona_dashjaeger, no it is current20:50
remmona_dashJust remove all the sections except screen20:51
jaegeryou need ps2 mouse support in your kernel for /dev/psaux to be created... with that said, trying without a config is a better choice, most of the time x can figure it out20:51
remmona_dashWithout it I get screen not found20:51
remmona_dashMy mouse is usb20:51
jaegerthen don't use psaux :)20:52
remmona_dashAnd I disable any and all ps2 and pata options20:52
remmona_dashjeager look at the error log when I switched and used evdev20:54
jaegeryou still specified /dev/psaux as a mouse device, which unsurprisingly didn't exist20:57
remmona_dashOr replace20:57
jaegerremove that entire section. or indeed the entire file20:58
jaegerpastebin the log output from when you run it with no xorg.conf20:58
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remmona_dashScreen not found21:02
jaegerok, try this:21:02
jaegeras root, run "Xorg -configure", then edit the file it creates and remove ALL sections except for device, then install that as xorg.conf21:03
remmona_dashJeager no screen found on that too21:04
jaegerpaste the log file?21:05
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john_cephalopodacontrib/youtube-dl is outdated.22:47
john_cephalopodaLatest version is 2016.01.0122:47
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brian|lfshey all home from NYC23:56

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