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Worksteryoutube-dl is always outdated00:58
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WildefyrI recommend using pip for youtube-dl01:34
brian|lfsQuestion wtf computer case would hold a 400mm radiator01:38
jaegerno idea here01:49
jaegerlikely any case that big is too big for my tastes, heh01:50
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tatohey guys02:15
tatohas anyone here gotten the broadcom-wl driver to work with crux?02:16
tatoi can't for some reason02:16
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tatohelp plox02:20
koritato: just wait, someone will respond02:22
jaegerI've not used it myself02:32
jaegerDo you have an error message or something?02:36
tatoyeah im recompiling my kernel right now tho02:37
tatowill post it when i can02:37
jaeger <-- might be helpful, not sure02:38
tatohah got that open right now02:39
tatoi think you need to disable some modules from the kernel before compilation02:39
tatowould that make sense?02:39
tatoim new to this02:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gst-plugins-bad-compat: patch for libvpx02:40
jaegerI don't think it's likely but it could be possible, I suppose02:41
tatoseems like its about done02:41
tatoill tell you if it works02:41
tatonow lilo won't boot02:44
Worksteryou have to copy and bzImage as vmlinuz then run lilo02:45
Worksterboot off the cd again mount setup-helper02:46
tatocore no shuch file or directory ....02:47
Worksteryou hadn't run "ports -u" yet?02:48
Worksterbut that shouldn't show up for this02:48
tatoim in the live cd right now02:48
tatoi had a working installation02:48
Worksterthen mount root to /mnt02:49
tatobut i changed the kernel and now lilo won't boot02:49
tatoi did02:49
Workstersetup-chroot-helper or what ever it's named02:49
tatoaight im in02:49
jaegersetup-chroot, setup-helper is its own thing :)02:49
Worksterthen you can go back to your kernel/lilo to fix it  up02:49
tatoso do i have to run lilo again?02:49
Worksterafter every kernel change or lilo.conf change yes02:50
tatooh ok02:50
tatoi didn't know that02:50
Worksterthen you can exit umount reboot02:50
Worksteri used to lock myself out of lilo too.02:50
tatoi started installing it yesterday02:51
tatowell fuck02:52
tatoit still doesn't work02:52
Worksterfew small gotchas but once you know about them it's easy to fix or avoid02:52
Worksterwifi no go?02:53
tatolilo no go02:53
Worksterwas it working before?02:54
Worksterhard disk controller and filesystem built in? and not as module?02:54
jaegerare you getting a lilo error or what?02:54
tatoit just doesn't boot02:54
jaegerdoesn't boot how?02:54
jaegerblank screen?02:54
tatoafter the ...............02:54
tatoLILO running CRUX02:55
tatoor whatever it says02:55
tatoyeah i just changed the kernel slightly02:55
jaegervery odd, not sure what would cause that one02:57
jaegerdo you have your old config to fall back?02:57
jaegerwould be interesting to see a diff of the two configs02:57
tatolet me see02:57
jaegerIf not, you could even use the ISO kernel and initramfs as a temporary measure02:58
jaegerthough that's not really better than booting the ISO and fixing it02:58
tatoi diffed them02:59
tatoand the only difference are the wifi drivers02:59
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jaegermaybe do a make mrproper, then rebuild it? (saving your config, of course)02:59
jaegernot sure how but maybe the image file got borked or something went wrong during build02:59
tatohmm maybe03:00
tatoin general setup03:01
tatodo you have to enable Kernel .config support?03:02
jaegerI always do, it can be handy03:02
tatocool cool03:03
jaegerI guess that wasn't really an answer; it's not required03:16
tatostill useful03:17
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Workster look at /var/log/lastlog perhaps03:33
Workstercrux 3.2 is easier to get working than 3.1 was for the kernel .config :/03:34
Worksterdid you start with the kernel config off the iso tato ? that should have most things already.03:35
Worksternot the one that runs the initramfs itself.03:35
Worksterand lspci -k03:36
tatoim able to boot it now but the wl still doesn't work03:36
Worksterfirmware for it installed?03:37
tatoit hangs when i modprobe it03:38
tatoi love my life!03:40
Worksterfound it?03:41
tatoit works!03:41
tatoit detects my wireless card now03:41
Worksterquick document it on :)03:41
Worksteryou'll thank yourself later when you forget next time03:42
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tatois there a git package?03:44
tatofor crux i mean03:44
tatoto install git03:45
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jaegeryep, it's called git03:46
jaegercheck out prt-get and the 'prt-get depinst' command03:46
tatocool cool thanks03:46
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remmona_dashI have a serious problem and that's keyboard and mouse won't work under X07:33
remmona_dashI even startx -- -nolisten tcp vt1 but still no mouse no keyboard07:34
remmona_dash is an xorg log07:35
remmona_dashAnd it is the xorg.conf
Romster$ zgrep EVDEV /proc/config.gz07:49
Romsterxorg-xf86-input-evdev should be installed with prt-get depinst xorg07:50
Romsterprt-get readme xorg-server07:50
Romsterhas some info on input/video drivers that need rebuilding on new xorg-server updates07:50
Romsterremmona_dash, ^07:54
remmona_dashYes CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV=y08:01
remmona_dashEvdev is installed too08:01
Romsterdid you recently sysup? and seen xorg-server upgrade?08:03
Romsterif yes and i'd do this anyways, prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst --regex '^xorg-xf86-(input|video)|^mesa3d')08:04
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frinnstoh flash is soooo awesome10:37
john_cephalopodaThe player or the content creation tool or something different?10:44
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remmona_dashcould someone give me the command that wasgiven to me earlier regarding prt-get(regex) mesa3d....?13:02
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remmona_dashhello sorry for the leaving16:39
remmona_dashstill X problem here! and still waiting to here from people here anything that they might think is helpful.16:41
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remmona_dashIs xorg being build with useful support19:52
remmona_dashI mean xorg-server19:52
john_cephalopoda"useful support"?19:53
john_cephalopodaSupport for what exactly?19:54
john_cephalopodaBtw, you asked something earlier, regarding prt-get(regex) mesa3d... - you can find it in the logs at
remmona_dashuseful support john_cephalopoda20:02
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john_cephalopodaYou mean, if documentation is delivered together with the xorg-server installation?20:03
remmona_dashNo for xorg to find my keyboard20:05
remmona_dash3 day in tty20:05
remmona_dashNo mouse or keyboards20:06
remmona_dashIn xorg20:06
remmona_dash3 days20:06
remmona_dashis crux without udev support20:14
remmona_dashjohn_cephalopoda, udev support. Xorg-server package20:15
john_cephalopodaI think there is udev.20:16
john_cephalopodaI can't tell you which package brings it but I got it installed.20:19
remmona_dashHow to start its daemon?20:21
jaegerremmona_dash: if you can't get evdev to work, maybe adding Option "AllowEmptyInput" "false" to the ServerFlags section will help. Though I still think you should not use any xorg.conf file20:21
jaegerIt starts automatically during boot20:21
remmona_dashHow could I check if it actually starts20:21
jaegeryou can see it in the process list20:22
remmona_dashMy xorg should be filled with udev stuDr but it ain't20:22
remmona_dashUdev stuff20:23
remmona_dashjaeger stop? ^^20:28
jaegerstop what?20:30
remmona_dashjaeger in top or htop?20:35
remmona_dashAnd what is its name. The process I mean20:35
frinnstudevd is started by the rc script during boot20:36
frinnsthave you tried starting x without a xorg.conf ?20:37
frinnstiirc someone suggested that a few days ago20:37
remmona_dashIt worked20:38
frinnstwhat did?20:38
remmona_dashI did type udevd and backgrounded it20:38
remmona_dashThen typed startx20:39
remmona_dashNow mouse and keyboard are working20:39
frinnstif udevd doesnt run on boot then you have other major problems20:39
remmona_dashfrinnst, what major problems20:40
jaegerudevd is started for you, you DO NOT need to start it20:42
jaegercheck /etc/rc.local if you want to see exactly where20:43
jaegerer, sorry. /etc/rc20:43
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remmona_dashfrinnst come on. I came this far20:54
remmona_dashACTION asks frinnst to explain20:57
jaegeryou can clearly see "/sbin/start_udev" in that file20:57
remmona_dashSo where is the issue20:57
remmona_dashThere was a place I added syslogd and net....  There20:58
jaegerWhich issue are we talking about now? You jump around a lot20:58
jaegerThe first thing I would recommend you do is reboot and see if udevd is running after the reboot. It is by default.20:59
jaegerIf it's NOT, you have some other problem.20:59
remmona_dashJump around what. Udev. And no it doesn't20:59
remmona_dashIf it wanted to, it would have done it already21:00
remmona_dashI have rebooted slot these past 3 days21:00
jaegerDid you actually check your process list for udevd before starting it?21:01
jaeger$ pgrep -lf udev21:01
jaeger50 udevd21:01
jaegerThat's a crux system and I have NOT started udev manually21:01
Wildefyrjust looking at my /etc/rc now, is it supposed to be using #!/bin/bash ?21:15
remmona_dashjaeger 2540 udevd and yes I started it not the system21:16
jaegerremmona_dash: then something else is wrong. You don't need to start udevd by default. I don't know how to make that any more clear21:17
jaegerDo you see any errors on the console when you boot the system?21:17
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remmona_dash-rwxr-xr-x 1 root 2577 Nov 17 02:56 /etc/rc21:31
remmona_dashThis is the rd file people in my etc dir21:31
remmona_dashAnd I understand that it shouldn't be started by me21:32
remmona_dashI ask why it isn't started by the system21:32
remmona_dashfrinnst, jaeger21:32
remmona_dashWhere should I look for the cause21:33
jaegerAnd I asked you if you get any errors on screen while booting21:33
jaegerThat is where I would start21:33
frinnstFirefox can't find the server at doesn't resolve for me21:52
frinnstremmona_dash: sorry I cant spend all my free time waiting for you to ask your questions or respond to mine21:57
frinnstfrankly I have better things to do21:57
frinnstfeel free to ask your questions and ask for help, just dont expect me to magically answer everything immediately21:58
remmona_dashfrinnst, thanks anyhow you did help22:07
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Ghost_r00thello people. WHAT'S UP!22:16
Ghost_r00tyajl/yajl_gen.h: No such file or directory22:16
Worksterprt-get fsearch yajl_gen.h22:19
Worksteror you might need to google what port provides that22:19
Ghost_r00tjaeger: happy to be here HeYo back22:19
jaegerthere are a few yajl ports on the portdb22:21
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Ghost_r00tyes I found that out22:23
Worksteri miss :/ that had a nice duplicate list that showed versions22:26
Ghost_r00tin the middest of 2011 it was i think the upstearm change the network naming conventions. wlan0 became wlp[X]S[Y] en[X] instead of eth0.22:26
Ghost_r00tbut in this new install of the crux 3.2 I see I have wlan0 again why ist that?22:26
groovy2shoesreally?  CRUX 3.2 is the first time I've seen wlp*22:28
groovy2shoesfrankly, I don't like it :p22:28
groovy2shoeseth0 and wlan0 were easy to remember22:28
remmona_dashIf you did think of something plz share22:30
remmona_dashOh sorry I didn't see that22:30
jaegerIt depends on the type of interface; some get renamed, some don't. No, I have no idea why it's not 100%22:32
jaegerYou can disable it if you don't like it or name an interface something specific if you like22:32
remmona_dashfrinnst, sorry it was out of the view section of screen.
tilmanfrinnst: so they created the incident ID by rolling their face over the keyboard in frustration?22:43
Ghost_r00twhere is the download link for firefox-prebuild (64bit) binary in firefox site?22:46
frinnstwell I wouldnt blame them.. seems like a rough week(s)22:47
WorksterGhost_r00t, i can do one better, built packages23:01
Ghost_r00tWorkster: really nice23:02
frinnstanybody know anything about speakers?23:08
frinnst"JBL Arena 180" good stuff? or shit?23:09
jaegerno idea on those.23:09
frinnstdown to 2990SEK from 599023:10
frinnstscrew it. they must be better than my speakers from 199023:10
jaegerremmona_dash: [    2.681030] udevd[1466]: could not create /run/udev: Read-only file system <-- maybe that's part of the problem23:11
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jaegerfrinnst: I still use some infinity ss2002 speakers from ~1995 :)23:12
frinnstmine are from my very first stereo system23:12
remmona_dashthere is a ro at the end of linux line in grub. Is that it.23:13
remmona_dashBut the file system should get remounted23:13
jaegerwhich filesystem do you use?23:19
jaegerext2/3/4 deal with the "ro" option fine, some others don't always23:19
frinnst <- I just found my speakers in a museum..23:19
jaegercan you also pastebin your grub.cfg and /etc/fstab?23:20
remmona_dashYup it takes a minute23:22
jaegerDid you try the "AllowEmptyInput" option for xorg.conf?23:27
jaeger(unrelated to udev)23:27
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tatoi can ping my router23:34
tatobut not google23:34
tatowhy is?23:34
tatosetup wpa_supplicant23:35
tatoran dhcpcd23:35
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jaegerwhen you say "google" what does that mean? something else?23:53
jaegertry pinging one of their public dns IPs like
tatotried bot23:54
tatoi have to go eat23:54
Wildefyrtato : what's in /etc/resolv.conf?23:54

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