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tatoWildefyr: nameserver
Wildefyrtry namerserver
jaegeralso, does your default route look correct?00:14
jaegerwhat's the output from 'ip route show' ?00:16
tatodefaul via dev lo00:17
tatodefault via dev wlp2s0 metric 20200:17
jaegerso you have two default routes00:18
jaegerthat never works well00:18
tato192. dev wlp2s0 proto kernel scope link src
frinnstand lo has the lowest metric.. good luck routing that anywhere00:18
tatothat's the last line00:18
jaegerhow did that happen? :D00:18
tatohow should i fix it?00:18
tatowhat happened?00:18
jaegerremove the extra default route00:18
jaegerthe one using lo00:18
tato... how?00:19
tatosuch a n00n00:19
jaegertry ip route del default via lo00:20
tatoaight did it00:21
tatostill doesn't work00:24
Wildefyrtato : did you change /etc/resolv.conf to just have 'nameserver' in it?00:33
Wildefyrhmm I'm outta ideas00:34
Wildefyrwireless config is a bitch00:34
WildefyrI just use connman :D00:34
tatosure is00:34
jaegerif you can ping your router the wireless config part is done00:34
tatoyea but00:35
tatoy  no work00:35
jaegerDo you only have 2 entries in the route table now? one for your subnet and one for the default route?00:36
jaegersomething like:00:36
jaegerdefault via dev enp11s0  metric 20200:36
jaeger192.168.10.0/24 dev enp11s0  proto kernel  scope link  src  metric 20200:36
tatooh wait wtf00:36
tatonow i only have default via dev lo00:36
jaegerdeleted the other one, I guess. try another "ip route del default", then readd it with "ip route add default via <your gateway ip>"00:37
frinnst.. or just reboot00:38
jaegerassuming that however it got set up that way doesn't happen again after reboot :D00:38
RomsterACTION swats frinnst for suggesting to reboot01:29
Romsteryou been around windows too much man01:29
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tatohow did you guys get the wifi to work?03:29
brian|lfsjust picked up a 6700k 32gb of ram asus 390 and whater cooling03:34
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brian|lfsoh ya and a motherboard03:35
tatohave you been able to get wifi working with crux?03:35
brian|lfsdon't have wifi on my desktop03:35
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jaegerIt works just like wired for the most part, just have to add wpa_supplicant into the mix03:41
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remmona_dashHi again05:15
remmona_dashFor database05:16
remmona_dashThe ro is the grub standard05:18
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Ghost_r00tthis is what I am talking about. jaeger look wlp... en ....07:40
Ghost_r00tit is upstream and in all linux distro that doesn't write the new udev rules mine appeared that way07:41
Ghost_r00tbut in crux 3.2 it iis back to wlan007:41
Ghost_r00tnot that i am nagging or anything but just a question in back of my mind07:42
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Ghost_r00tthanks for binary packages10:19
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Romsterno problem10:28
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rmullFinally back from vacation, first good cup of coffee in a long time :)12:45
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nwehello, have someone got this error while compile grub2-beta2...
jaegeronly on systems with ZFS installed, I haven't investigated it yet15:24
jaegerIf you know of a fix or patch feel free to send it my way and I'll check it out :)15:32
jaegerIt's possible there's a fix in git, too, I haven't checked yet15:37
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nwenope I dont have any fix for it :/15:46
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Wildefyrwhat does /dev/shm do by default?15:52
Wildefyrgoogle-chrome says it needs the permissions to be 1777, I set them and on reboot they are reverted15:53
xeirrrprimarily shared memory15:54
frinnstiirc an entry in fstab for shm is commented out by default15:55
frinnstremove the comment and enjoy15:55
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Wildefyrhmm I think I deleted it because I didn't know what it was for at the time16:00
Wildefyrgot an example?16:00
tilmanshould be in /usr/ports/core/filesystem16:10
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Ghost_r00tWhere could I investigate for that network devices naming convention (change) in crux 3.2?18:45
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frinnstthey should rename that to unPredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/18:50
frinnstif you remove a pcie card its quite possible your nic will get a new name18:51
frinnst(or add a new one)18:51
frinnstI prefer to set mine in stone by the mac address18:51
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jaegerthere's nothing unpredictable about that if you change your pci enumeration :D18:59
jaegerthough a case could be made that it's annoying when pci enumeration changes due to adding or removing devices19:00
Ghost_r00tNo I want to know why suddenly it changed. from 3 years or so ago my wireless and wired interfaces was in new scheme wlp5s0 enoXXXX and .... but suddently in this install they are all change back to old wlan0 eth0 ...19:11
Ghost_r00tcould It be due to enabling a kernel option? if yes which one?19:11
Ghost_r00tI was happy with wlp5s0 .....19:12
Ghost_r00tand i read this naming scheme is better as the older one had some problems.19:12
Wildefyryeah I think it is an option somewhere ...19:15
WildefyrI remember reading about it19:15
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jaegerno idea there, sorry20:35
tilmananyone using their joystick in x11 to generate/fake keypresses? i tried xf86-input-joystick, but i cannot get it to _not_ make my mouse unusable20:42
jaegernot I20:42
WildefyrI don't own a joystick, heh20:42
tilmanme neither, but i hooked up an ancient footswitch to my ancient soundcard's gameport20:43
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