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frinnstlovely weather:
j_vi'm getting cert expired for according to error message, it expired just ~2 hours ago08:10
frinnstyeah I think tek is working on it08:11
frinnstletsencrypt ftw08:12
j_vahhh, i probably need to add that root cert, then08:15
frinnstnah. letsencrypt is already signed by some other root cert08:20
frinnst - works, right?08:20
j_vnice, yep08:22
j_vok, cool... must be the site cert needs to regenerated?08:23 doesnt use letsencrypt yet08:23
j_vsince pkill comes from procps in core, is there anything wrong with using pkill in an rc script?09:00
j_vhmmm, maybe i should be using start-stop-daemon instead anyways09:02
frinnstssd is awesome09:13
Romsterloads site, go away -_-09:15
Romsterit's not even html.09:15
frinnstwhy bother :-)09:16
Romsterlazy :)09:30
nogagplzI'll show you laz09:36
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Romster All of our data is GONE! LinusTechTips13:26
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frinnstyeah 3 raid5 volumes then *striped* in windows13:38
Wildefyrlove how they're saving it with fucking ubuntu :D13:52
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jaegerJust goes to show how important backups are once again14:12
jaegerI know he said he was trying to do one but they should have had that in place much earlier, I think14:12
frinnstI like how the 3 raid controllers were so closely placed. those heatsinks were probably pretty toasty14:21
jaegerrackmount cases usually have pretty good linear airflow, I bet they weren't bad with the case closed14:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: postgresql: 9.4.5 -> 9.5.014:39
tierd982lol overdramatized vid I'm leaning towards thinking the whole thing is an act14:45
tired890I wonder how much that company with the "custom" tools charged them..15:00
jaegertired890: watch a few of their other videos, they seem pretty genuine most of the time. and a bit silly15:01
tired890I reckon with the mention alone in the vid that company received tenfold whatever they intended to charge.. 600k views15:01
jaegeryeah, they'd come out ahead even if they did it for free, LMG has a lot of exposure15:02
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Wildefyryeah overall you end up wondering why they don15:46
Wildefyrt use rsync15:46
Wildefyrat least15:46
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sisel4Wildefyr: it depends on config...19:42
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Wildefyrwell the default is no right?19:47
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groovy2shoesWildefyr, right20:15
WildefyrI think a while loop is the answer to my issue..20:17
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] dhcpcd: updated to
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