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j_vin /etc/rc.shutdown, what is the purpose of the R_SERVICES[] array? does it enable admin defined shutdown scripts not included in the SERVICES[] array from /etc/rc.conf?13:12
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: flex: add patch for FS#128413:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: stunnel: update to 5.2913:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lvm2: update to 2.02.13913:21
juej_v: no, but to stop the services in reversed order13:23
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to version 2016010813:27
j_vjue: thanks. makes sense, too. i should have seen that the first loop was reversing the order.13:31
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frinnst :)16:54
ileachhu..blast from the past :D well they didn't get very far ;-)17:17
tilmanit even runs q3 \o/17:21
ileachseems that was the main requirement for 1999 ;-)17:23
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tilmanthough i didn't know that mandrake was around in 99 yet17:24
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ileachhmm ..never used it seem to mention it 9817:38
ileachthen base  on RH 5.1 :-)17:40
Wildefyrbunch of old timers you guys are :p17:41
ileachtime flies :-(17:44
tired890birth of skynet?
groovy2shoesI'm getting a mac mini this weekend so that I have an OS X machine to run builds/tests... thinking about putting pkgsrc on there... I wonder how it compares to macports or homebrew17:54
tired890lol mac pro copied:
groovy2shoeswhat's up with this trend for gaming rigs to have such weird cases?17:57
tired890I sense an impending patent trolls flood.. all break loose17:57
tired890don't blame the manufacturers, blame the consumers that pay for these17:58
tired890for example look at this:
tired8901500 USD for a cpu ?17:58
tired890an "enthusiast" cpu..17:59
jaegerthe -e cpus have always been high17:59
tired890but that is just plain silly17:59
jaegerpeople will pay for it17:59
tired890thats the problem17:59
groovy2shoesI haven't spent >$1000 on a rig in nearly a decade17:59
groovy2shoesthe current state of laptops makes me pretty sad, too18:00
groovy2shoeshard to find something upgradeable, or something with an optical drive anymore18:00
groovy2shoesand small numbers of USB ports abound18:00
tilmanthe only used i have for optical drives is to rip and write CDs, but i'm probably weird18:01
groovy2shoesI mean, that's what I use them for18:01
groovy2shoesnot sure what else you'd use them for, besides maybe watching DVDs18:01
jaegerI still use one for movie conversion but I don't need it in a laptop18:01
tilmanjust get an external drive then18:02
groovy2shoeswhat I'm *really* sick of is everyone copying Apple18:02
tired890ACTION claps for groovy2shoes 18:02
jaegera little competition is good18:02
groovy2shoesApple decides you don't need optical media anymore, *everyone* decides you don't need optical media anymore18:02
groovy2shoesApple decides to use chiclet keyboards, *everyone* decides to use chiclet keyboards18:02
groovy2shoesit's grown old18:02
jaegerhave you considered that maybe optical media is just on a natural decline? :)18:03
groovy2shoessure it is18:03
tired890apple sells 16GB models, and charges ridicolous premiums for 64GB models.. but when you look at prices of flash media in market you realize whats going on18:03
groovy2shoesbut you can still go to the store and buy blu-rays18:03
jaegercertainly. but they're far more for movies/tv these days than data storage, it seems18:03
tilmanin my case it happened that i couldn't attach my IDE optical drive to my new mainboard because IDE is dead ;p18:03
tilmannot because of anything apple18:04
tired890I don't have an optical drive too.. I bought a caddy for the lappy and replaced the CD drive for another hdd18:04
tired890its the locked down model that many companies are pursing.. this model is being pushed by apple18:05
groovy2shoesalso sick of that18:06
tired890I kept my trusty nokia n9 till it died.. and a family member passed me an old iphone 4s.. to my horror I discovered I can't send files via bluetooth, nor can I drag-drop mp3s from my desktop. I can't use the "64 GB" for storing my documents for example..18:07
tilmangroovy2shoes: hope you're getting a new mac mini then instead of a new one ;p18:07
tired890just this whole thing feels like I'm renting a device from apple.. I don't own it18:07
groovy2shoestilman, I'm getting one that's a couple years old from a friend18:07
jaegerso use something else, you're not tied to it18:07
joacimmore like steam et al destroyed the need for optical media18:07
groovy2shoestilman, I don't plan to use it full-time, just for builds and testing... want to make sure my software works on OS X18:07
joacimno need for hatin on apple for bullshit reasons18:07
groovy2shoesjoacim, I'm just a grumpy old man :p18:08
joacimif people really needed the optical drive, they'd buy external ones or simply not buy a macintosh microcomputer18:08
Wildefyroptical drives were gonna die out anyway regardless of what apple did18:08
groovy2shoesjoacim, I don't care what Apple does, per se, I care that everyone else is busy copying them all the time18:08
joacimthe internal flash media on iphones are a bit faster than SD cards as well18:09
jaegerWhy wouldn't others take advantage of strategies that work well and make them money? Copying or no, that's a fact of business18:09
joacimi see no reason for spending more than a couple of thousand for a phone anyways =)18:09
joacimnot now that i have this shitty android phone (nexus 5)18:09
groovy2shoesjaeger, or they could be busy "innovating" the way Apple is18:09
joacimworks well enough, no need to replace it any time soon18:09
tired890use what? android? I currently use jolla ( a company started by ex-nokia employees, I have all my freedoms back I can use it in anyway I like and it has a full linux terminal. But wait, the whole world uses andriod or apple, by using anything else I isolate myself cause I don't have access to many apps. so simple to dismiss and say use something else when people themselves are in control but they hand it over willingly to these companies18:10
tilmancouple of thousand NOK or couple of thousand USD?18:10
joacimNOK =)18:10
joacimi guess i should've included that part =)18:10
joacim2500 Norwegian Krone equals18:10
joacim281.93 US Dollar18:10
jaegerIf you think apple's the only one innovating, I'd say you're being close-minded, sounds like. Sure, there are things that get copied but it's not like apple's the only new thing18:10
groovy2shoesmy last phone was $60 USD (it's a Microsoft phone, but it works well and was super cheap)18:11
groovy2shoesjaeger, yeah, I suppose you're right18:11
groovy2shoesjaeger, I'm just grumpy about the state of the market and looking for someone to blame18:11
jaegerMaybe, but I'm being more grumpy than I should be, perhaps. We're all entitled to our opinions18:11
joacimbet you're still mad at apple for dropping the floppy drive =)18:11
joacimtho that serial port was too early. those are convenient18:12
tired890one thing apple did right was push for html518:12
joacimyou never know when you need to work with microcontrollers18:12
tired890seemed like a personal goal for jobs18:12
joacimand those shitty usb dongles are no good18:12
groovy2shoesI actually was a little upset when I first lost my floppy drive, but I got over it... I'm sure I'll get over the optical media as well18:12
jaegerI didn't miss floppies at all. So annoying, failing all the time18:13
tilmanjoacim: huh, the ftdi ones seem to work very well usually?18:13
tilmanftdi-based i mean18:13
groovy2shoesI had a lot of data on floppies... still do, actually, but they're sitting around collecting dust now18:13
jaegerI installed os/2 warp from like 60 floppies once, that was more than enough18:13
joacimi dont know, always had bad luck, tho i've only bought cheap ebay ones18:13
frinnstmonkey island 2! 11 dd floppies!18:13
ileachlast time I use a floppy was  for Os/218:13
joacimcan just use the internal header on my modern LGA1150 motherboard anyways18:14
joacimnot many knows that motherboards still have headers for such things18:14
tilmanfrinnst: "insert disk 32" (or something)18:14
jaegersome do, many don't18:14
joacimlast years solar eclipse, i told a girl she could use floppies instead of those specialised glasses18:15
frinnstI still have backups of my amiga express bbs user database18:15
joacimshe's 19 or something. she had no idea what i was talking about18:15
frinnstand ncomm (terminal dialer stuff) database with all bbs numbers and my login/pw18:15
tired890joacim, can you really? lol18:15
joacimdunno. people used floppies during the 90s solar eclipses =)18:15
joacimcomputer magazines used to talk about that18:16
joacimback when they still came iwth floppies =)18:16
ileachuh another flashback ;-)18:16
tired890I remember installing windows on PCs that couldn't boot off CDs.. 7 floopies IIRC18:16
joacimoh yeah.guy at work gave me an old thinkpad today18:17
joacimno optical drive18:17
tired890T40 ?18:17
joacimhas a floppy drive and what i think is a monochrome display18:17
tired890anything older isn't usable, IMHO18:17
ileach15 OS/2 2.1  floppy .. :-(18:17
joacimt40 would have an optical drive i think18:17
tired890monochrome? that must be collectible by now18:17
joacimhave a Pentium III desktop here. It is very useable i think18:18
joacimquick enough for the websites that matters18:18
joacimthinking a T20 series thinkpad could be useable too18:18
tired890I meant in terms of battery life etc.. no matter how well built things wear out due to the elements18:18
joacimcan refurbish those i think18:18
joacimbut current computers are better when it comes to batterylife anyways18:19
joacimnot many computers had 8+ hours on the battery 10 years ago18:19
ileachhmm.. yes on car batteries ;-)18:20
tired890what about caps and such.. I have had motherboards that look fine and seem to work fine but have random errors because the caps and other electricals get out of their rated specs18:21
tired890if refurbishing includes those it'd be like new18:21
tired890this is a common sight on odler systems (harder to see on laptops due to smaller sizes):
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tatoso guys18:26
tatoim trying to pkgmk connman18:26
tatobut it says openconnect binary not found18:26
tatohas anyone run into this problem?18:26
WildefyrI have it packaged in repos18:26
groovy2shoesjaeger, this could help with the docbook-xml and docbook-xsl packages (and probably other packages that need to update the XML catalog):
Wildefyryou need openconnect and vpnc minimum18:27
Wildefyrit won't compile without those two18:27
tatooh and are these packaged or do i need to install them separately18:27
Wildefyrthey're packaged if you clone 6c3718:27
Wildefyrsorry crux-ports repo18:28
tatothats where im trying to build it from18:28
Wildefyrconnman itself is in crux-ports-git18:28
tatooh ok18:28
ileachprt-get depinst connman18:29
tatohow do you add a folder to the ports collection?18:31
Wildefyrput it in /etc/prt-get.conf18:31
tierd891and in /etc/ports/<new_rep>  ?18:33
Wildefyroh that too18:33
tatooh fuck openvpn binary not found18:35
tierd891last OT for today. who can spot the irony:
tierd891tato: prt-get depinst openvpn18:35
tatoits not in the ports..18:36
tierd891its in contrib18:36
tatothats why18:36
tatoi hadn't enabled contrib18:36
tierd891cd /etc/ports/; mv contrib.rsync.inactive contrib.rsync18:37
Wildefyrtierd891 : top kek18:37
tierd891and enable it in /etc/prt-get.conf18:37
tatoyay installed successfully18:44
tierd891I know that feeling :)18:45
tatonow i just need to learn how to use this18:45
tatosorry guys18:48
tatosystem_bus_socket: no such file or directory18:48
Wildefyryou need to make sure dbus is running cleanly18:49
Wildefyrthere should be a service file in /etc/rc.d/18:49
Wildefyrso sudo /etc/rc.d/dbus start should start it with no issues18:49
tatooh ok18:49
tatolet me se18:49
tatothe name net.connman was not provided by any .service files18:50
tatocrux is hard man18:50
tierd891.service? I smell systemd18:50
tatothats a connman error18:51
Wildefyrhave you started /etc/rc.d/connmand ?18:51
tatoyup still says that18:51
tierd891ps | grep -i connman18:52
tierd891ps -a | grep -i connman18:52
tierd891are you installing this to manage your network interface?18:52
tatooh aparently not18:52
tatobut connmand is not running apparently18:53
tierd891you don't need it.. I can walk you through setting up your connection without it18:53
tierd891are you using wired or wireless?18:53
tatoplease! right now im using my phone as a hotspot through usb18:53
tatobut i want to use wireless yes18:54
tierd891prt-get depinst wpa_supplicant18:54
tatobut wait18:55
tatoi tried connecting with wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd and for some reason it stops working18:55
tatoafter like 8 packets18:55
tierd891no worries lets just try18:56
tierd891whats the name of your interface? I will adjust my script and post it18:56
tierd891ifconfig -a18:56
tierd891hold on18:56
tierd891adjusted to your interface so its ready18:59
tierd891but before you invoke it we need to put your wifi SSID and password into /etc/wpa.conf18:59
tatowow thank you so much and yeah i already have that18:59
tierd891so first copy the content in the paste above to /etc/rc.d/wifi19:00
tierd891and remember, you need to generate the password with wpa_passphrase19:00
tierd891you don't just write it in wpa.conf in plaintext19:00
tierd891wpa_passphrase tatos_wifi Tatospassword > /etc/wpa.conf19:01
tierd891after running command above, open /etc/wpa.conf19:02
tierd891at the very top before any line, put this:19:02
tatono interfaces have a carrier19:08
tatoshit fam19:08
tierd891just wait for a while19:09
tierd891like 30 seconds19:09
tierd891once associated with SSID you should get a lease19:09
tierd891it says forked to background after complaining about carrier right?19:10
tatobut now it says timed out19:10
tatoit worked19:13
tatobut the same thing happened19:13
tierd891what happened?19:13
tatostopped working after 8 packets19:13
tierd891dmesg | tail -n2019:13
tierd891paste here: http://paste.lisp.org19:14
tierd891also see /var/log/messages19:16
tierd891you should see your lease there etc19:16
tierd891what happens immediately before connection drop?19:17
tatoonly relevant thing i see in dmesg is wpa_supplicant used greatest stack depth19:17
tatoand log/messages doesnt really say anything relevant19:18
tierd891are you sure no info is there? upon successful association you should see stuff like "successfully associated with ...."19:20
tatoima try again19:21
tatoit keeps timing out19:23
tierd891anyways, open /etc/rc.d/wifi again, in the start command (line 17) add: -f /var/log/supplicant.log19:23
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tierd891try again after the edit, we'll have a log file then19:24
tatothere's not -f option for wpa_supplicant19:24
tierd891ouch it needs to be recompiled19:24
tierd891from the man page: (This is only available if wpa_supplicant was built with the CONFIG_DEBUG_FILE option.)19:25
tatooh shit19:25
tierd891open /usr/ports/opt/wpa_supplicant/Pkgfile19:27
tierd891you will see lines 17 and 18 some options19:28
tierd891between these two lines add:19:28
tierd891save the file, then: prt-get update -fr wpa_supplicant19:28
tierd891so now the -f option should be available19:32
tierd891try again and check the log file19:33
tatoconnection completed19:34
tierd891do you have a good signal where you are19:35
tierd891also check your router/AP has wifi mode set to WPA2 only19:36
tierd891AES encryption19:36
tatoyea i have good connection19:36
tatoit always fails after 8 packets19:36
tierd891no log msg no nothing just drops ?19:38
tatoseems like19:38
tierd891and the same hardware works fine in other distros ? if so then sorry this is byond my knowledge..19:39
tatoi was using netctl on arch19:39
tierd891try this19:41
tierd891in the /etc/rc.d/wifi script19:41
tierd891just before the -f option19:41
tierd891put -dd19:42
tierd891this will increase logging level19:42
tierd891perhaps we'll have a better clue19:42
groovy2shoesif you have wpa_supplicant.conf configured, /etc/rc.d/net should just work19:44
groovy2shoesdhcpcd has hooks for wpa_supplicant19:44
tatoit works but then it stops working after a while19:47
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korihello z3bra20:17
Wildefyrwhat u doing over here z3bra20:24
koriWildefyr: well he does use CRUX and he was here before we were20:27
koriso yeah20:27
WildefyrI was being somewhat sarcastic bro20:28
korican't tell over text, sorry breh20:28
frinnst .. ouch20:36
tierd891there's a .rehab domian? wow..20:37
frinnstthese days there is a tld for everything20:37
frinnst :)20:42
tierd891someone should register all domains with their ending20:43
tierd891ie, rehab.rehab20:43
tierd891might be worth some cash someday20:43
frinnstjaeger has and I have already20:43
tierd891I believe some are restricted however no? ie you need to show you're actually operating a rehab facility to get a rehab domain20:44
tierd891not sure how that worked out with emacs haha20:44
frinnstdepends on the registrar I guess. doubt anybody cares unless someone challenges the domain20:44 "those who like the color red"20:44
tilmanlol what?20:44
tierd891there's .black also haha20:45
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dbrookeevening, I was trying to report a bug but flyspray seems to be struggling20:54
frinnstthe intel footprint thing?20:58
dbrookeit was slow when I started but then never came back when I submitted the task21:00
frinnsthuh strange. anyways seems it was submitted ok:
dbrookethat doen't open for me, so seems like it must be a problem at this end then, but other sites respond OK21:02
jaegerworks here too, just a bit slow21:03
dbrookeusing firefox, the submission page is stuck at "Waiting for" and the link frinnst listed is stuck at "Read" so rather odd21:06
dbrookerestarted ff and OK now21:07
dbrookemaybe there were some stale connections and ff hit a per-site connection limit or something21:09
frinnstor it could just be that firefox sucks21:09
frinnstalong with all other browsers21:09
dbrookewell, yeah, some of the more lightweight ones often seem to have something missing or don't work on some sites I use21:10
frinnstindeed. they all suck. but in different ways21:11
dbrookethat pretty much sums up most software 8-)21:13
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