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Worksterhmm prologic isn't here might explain why i can't load the irc logs for #crux and #crux-devel00:13
xeirrrWorkster: last time i ask prologic about that, it seems that is dns issue. Changing dns to google public one solves.00:16
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RooseveltFirst time building MAME arcade emulator. Didn't realize how long it takes to two hours on my phenom00:50
tired890just googled this and it seems to run on loads of HW, including xbox and ios/arm..etc00:53
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tired890jaeger, do you have iris pro?00:54
RooseveltAMD Phenom(tm) II X2 521 Processor00:54
tired890I hear good things about it00:54
jaegerNope, just HD 4600 (haswell) and HD 530 (skylake)00:57
tired890thats apu class performance..00:58
tired890oh wait, thats a $400 piece lol01:02
tired890HBM APUs ftw01:02
tired890still impressive though.. competition is good01:03
jaegerintel's been improving their GPUs by leaps and bounds for the last few years but they're still a long way away from the good discrete cards01:03
brian|lfswe shall how it runs after I install CRUX 3.201:05
tired890I reckon they anticipate dramatic programming paradigm shifts change with HSA being pushed further and further01:05
tired890nvidia recently bought over the lead HSA architect from AMD01:06
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tatoso i downloaded the firefox binary because my compiled one didn't work01:26
tatoall the letters are squares01:27
tired890open prefs01:28
tired890content > advanced01:29
tired890allow pages to choose own fonts, is it ticked?01:29
tatonevermind i need to install xorg fonts first lol01:29
tatothis is my first crux install01:29
tired890kernel 4.4 is out !01:32
tired890jaeger , there is a new feature that might be of interest to you or anyone using qemu/kvm: virtio virgl (needs qemu 2.5)..01:34
tired890will test and report later01:34
jaegerI'm almost ready to give up on my vfio gpu passthrough setup, can't make audio not suck for anything01:37
jaegerif I use the onboard sound card it crackles and slows down badly. If I use an external USB audio device, it works for a while but quits working randomly01:38
jaegereverything else works great, just the damn audio won't01:39
tired890I passthrough the hdmi in the gpu01:41
tired890and my monitor has tiny speakers01:41
tired890so its native to the guest01:42
jaegersadly the monitors on my vfio machine have no HDMI inputs01:42
jaegerI have one extra monitor with HDMI but no speakers, heh01:42
tired890mobos have separate controllers for usb2 and 3, do you pass through an entire controller ?01:42
tired890I found this to be most reliable (I passed through my usb3 controller)01:43
jaegeryeah, same results both ways, actually01:43
jaegerwhether I use an entire controller or just one port01:43
jaegerand whether it's onboard or a discrete pci-e card01:43
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: libdrm-32: 2.4.65 -> 2.4.6605:22
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: sqlite3-32: 3.9.2 -> 3.10.005:22
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brian|lfs hey Romster you there man06:25
brian|lfsor jaeger it seems crux iso don't have the killer network card built inn the kernel06:28
xeirrryou can adjust06:48
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brian|lfswell ya but I like to install over ssh07:02
brian|lfsbecause I"m legally blinnd07:02
brian|lfsHmm prt-get don't work on debian lol07:06
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frinnst"killer" network card?09:07
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retardfrinnst: it's a new intel card10:35
xeirrrretard: maybe firmware is needed10:36
retardoh, it's not intel10:37
tired890yea its a Q.Atheros10:37
tired890the "gaming" stuff is just marketing gimmick10:37
tired890afaik it does some qos in software10:38
tired890oh wait, upon googling the card it seems to have some stuff in HW10:40
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tired890to spin down my mechanical hdd, I put this in rc.local12:08
tired890hdparm -S 255 /dev/sdb12:08
tired890is this ideal or is there a better way to do this? hdparm won't accept values higher than 25512:08
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nwedvs på mitt WAN interface :P14:01
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nweoj :)14:33
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frinnstholy hell systemd is stupid15:21
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frinnsthow hard should it be to start a fucking service?15:22
frinnstgranted it's user error on my part15:22
frinnstbut still15:22
frinnst"systemctl restart rh-nginx18-nginx"15:23
frinnstits easier to just type "reboot"15:23
pidsleyanyone know what's up with the crux irc log server? I have had problems with it since Jan 1, and today it's down15:27
frinnstACTION pokes prologic 15:28
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prologicbugger again?16:21
prologicACTION restarts the web frontend16:21
prologicpidsley, frinnst back p16:22
prologicback up16:22
prologicI'll have to investigate this; the backend keeps dying for some reason16:23
prologicthe web ui that is (that displays the logs)16:23
tired890web server crashes? nginx ftw16:23
prologicyeah I might swap it out for ngnix actually16:24
prologicI think the logger itself is fine thank goodness :)16:24
pidsleyprologic: thank you17:47
pidsleyi read the web logs because i'd rather not leave a machine logged into irc all the time17:47
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prologicpidsley: sure nps :)18:49
prologicglad it's useful to you :)18:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: harfbuzz: updated to 1.1.321:40
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john_cephalopodaWell, my SSHD died. :P22:11
john_cephalopodaIf the old HDD I got makes an error while updating and everything goes wrong, I'll install crux on it.22:12
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frinnsthaha awesome23:53
jaegerthat's kinda amazing23:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: ffmpeg: 2.8.3 -> 2.8.423:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: harfbuzz-icu: 1.1.2 -> 1.1.323:57
frinnstjust goes to show that nobody knows what the fuck they are doing23:57

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