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remmona_dashhello fine people of crux community05:54
remmona_dashI investigated the problem and as one of you pointed out05:54
remmona_dashthe /dev/sda8 which is the / file system is Read-Only while udev tries to create socket05:55
remmona_dashso udev will remains inactive. just afew line after that in dmesg/boot massages the sda8 remounted as R/W05:56
remmona_dashso why? because there is an "ro" at the end of linux line in grub2.05:56
remmona_dashI asked around and that is normal as I undestand. but What is the workaround here?05:57
remmona_dashand special hello to frinnst how I nagged last time a bit much.05:57
remmona_dashACTION waits for the answer05:58
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remmona_dashanyone alive here or noboady wants to answer me?07:57
frinnstlook at /etc/rc starting at line 2308:00
frinnstyou dont have "/sbin/udevd --daemon" running when your system has finished booting?08:01
remmona_dashfrinnst: do you have access to those link from 3 days ago?08:06
remmona_dashwhen udev wants to start (create socket) the / filesystem still is in readonly mount so it errors and it can't start.08:07
frinnstoh, then you are missing devtmpfs support in your kernel08:19
frinnst -> Device Drivers -> Generic Driver Options ->  [*] Maintain a devtmpfs filesystem to mount at /dev08:21
frinnstthis is pre-selected in the crux kernelconfig by default, so you must have deselected it08:21
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: iproute2: update to 4.4.009:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nano: update to 2.5.109:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: Revert "harfbuzz: updated to 1.1.3"09:12
j_vI've got a small server box running on a drive about that size09:24
frinnstyeah my rpi2 uses a microsd :)09:27
j_v;) for that server, it's got a 1.6G for / and i think the /var is 2 or 3G... i haven't even fired up my rpi2. been too busy with other stuff.09:32
j_vwhat dist are you using on your rpi2?09:32
j_vnice. is the image available? i'm definitely interested.09:36
j_vwould like that on mine09:36
j_vah, silly me... crux-arm09:38
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j_vfrinnst, will the default ABI in the crux-arm toolchain work for the rpi2?09:57
frinnstthere are 3.2-rc's available. I did a build for the rpi2 - feel free to test it10:01
frinnstits just the root-fs - no complete image with kernel10:02
j_vvery cool10:05
j_vbig thanks10:05
frinnstnp, let us know if there are any issues. my rpi2 build was not done optimally but it should be ok10:06
j_vok, great. will probably start on it later today.10:08
j_vi'm trying to finish up my lxc crux template and setup for unprivileged containers10:09
j_vthe template generates working crux based container, just need to get networking working10:10
remmona_dashremmona_dash: is that what you're talking about?10:22
remmona_dashthey are enabled10:22
frinnstremmona_dash: do you have any other kernels on the disk? Im wondering if you are booting the wrong kernel or something10:22
frinnstOtherwise im not sure what to tell you.. it "should" work. it works for everybody else..10:23
remmona_dashfrinnst: No; i don't.10:23
remmona_dash# Crux linux10:23
remmona_dash# /etc/fstab: static file system information10:23
remmona_dash# <file system>        <dir>     <type>    <options>                        <dump> <pass>10:24
remmona_dash/dev/sda8              /         ext4      defaults                         0      110:24
remmona_dash/dev/sda3              /boot     vfat      noauto,noatime                   0      210:24
remmona_dash/dev/sda4              swap      swap      defaults                         0      010:24
remmona_dash#/dev/cdrom            /cdrom    iso9660   ro,user,noauto,unhide            0      010:24
remmona_dash#/dev/dvd              /dvd      udf       ro,user,noauto,unhide            0      010:24
remmona_dash#/dev/floppy/0         /floppy   vfat      user,noauto,unhide               0      010:24
remmona_dashdevpts                 /dev/pts  devpts    noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620  0      010:24
remmona_dashtmp                   /tmp      tmpfs     defaults                          0      010:24
remmona_dashshm                   /dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults                          0      010:24
remmona_dashnone                   /sys/kernel/debug debugfs noauto                     0      010:24
remmona_dash#usb                   /proc/bus/usb usbfs defaults                         0      010:24
remmona_dash# End of file10:24
remmona_dashoh sorry really10:24
remmona_dashthe was not my intention really.10:24
remmona_dashI was about to do a paste of that link10:24
frinnstno worries :)10:25
remmona_dashfrinnst: I think maybe it is because of this fstab?10:25
frinnstno. the filesystems are mounted later10:25
frinnstwhat does your lilo or grub config look like?10:26
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frinnstand you have your crux kernel on root='hd0,gpt3' ?10:38
frinnstI dont know what else to tell you - doublecheck you are actually booting a kernel with CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y enabled10:39
remmona_dashfrinnst: boot is on /dev/sda3 || root is on /dev/sda8 || grub and grub.cfg and the EFI partition is /dev/sda7 (esp partition)10:40
remmona_dashthe kernel and system map is on /dev/sda3 (vmlinuz
j_vis that --hint-baremetal stuff normal for grub2? sounds wrong to me but i've been using lilo, elilo, and syslinux for long time and forgot what little i knew about grub210:43
frinnstnot sure either, bootloaders are boring10:46
remmona_dashSo there is no idea as to what is causing this?10:55
remmona_dashShould I paste my dmesg too?10:55
j_vweird, dhcpcd crashed on me... maybe my messing around with a bridge for lxc did it10:59
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frinnstremmona_dash: yeah11:06
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j_vlooks like the /run tmpfs isn't mounted... just a guess11:16
j_vudev starts before root rw remount, so if /run not on tmpfs udev can't write to /run11:17
frinnstyeah, but I have no idea how it happened. since its a fresh install remmona_dash ?11:20
remmona_dashfrinnst: YES11:21
remmona_dashI am starting udev myself in tty after login. udevd11:21
j_vpastebin of /etc/rc and /sbin/start_udev11:21
remmona_dash     ||rc11:23
j_vthat looks right11:24
remmona_dashShould we check their permissions too?11:25
j_vthat would be a good idea11:26
frinnstprt-get -fr update filesystem rc && rejmerge11:26
j_vbetter yet11:27
remmona_dash-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1023 Nov 17 02:00 start_udev11:27
remmona_dash-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2577 Nov 17 02:56 ../etc/rc11:27
john_cephalopodaIs there a way to execute poweroff without having to be root?11:28
john_cephalopodaIt is a bit annoying for desktop or laptop systems.11:28
john_cephalopodaWouldn't chmod 700 /bin/poweroff by default bring enough security?11:29
john_cephalopodaOr /sbin/halt, I'm not sure how this works for symlinks11:30
john_cephalopodaIt's inconvenient when I have to do "sudo poweroff" and then enter my long password every time I want to shut down.11:31
remmona_dashjohn_cephalopoda: you have too look at udev rules and if you don't use DE (KDE gnome XFCE ...) look at Zenity too.11:31
remmona_dashI know that much11:31
john_cephalopodaNever worked with udev. I'll read a bit into the topic.11:32
j_vyou can configure sudo so that user/group doesn't need passwd for specific commands11:32
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j_vi don't think its secure, but then that's what your looking for11:32
j_vie: username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown, /sbin/reboot, /sbin/halt, /sbin/poweroff11:36
remmona_dashshould I add udev in service array in /etc/rc.conf? (udev or udevd?)11:36
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remmona_dashWas those permissions ok?11:38
j_vremmona_dash, the perms look fine11:38
j_vremmona_dash, i don't think you need to add udev start. it's trying to start, but failing to write to /run directory.11:39
j_vremmona_dash, is there a /run directory on the root partition. also, did you do what frinnst said. that should solve any missing directory or permission problems.11:41
remmona_dashj_v: anyway to help it do that. to explicitly set something somewhere?11:41
remmona_dashj_v: yup. shadow and fstab wants to revet back to new file state and I keep the old ones.11:42
j_vwhat is perms for the /run directory 'ls -ld /run'11:44
remmona_dashj_v: drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 4096 Jan 13 15:03 /run11:45
j_vwell, all i can think of is that there must be an error when mount the /run tmpfs...11:46
j_vis /etc/inittab modified?11:47
remmona_dashj_v: I didn't myself but maybe something did.
j_vok, that looks ok... it's the sysinit stage i was thinking of and that is /etc/rc as it should be11:49
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j_vis it booting in recovery mode?11:51
remmona_dashj_v: why?11:51
j_vi notice the recovery menu item in your grub config and wonder if it's trying to boot to single user mode11:52
remmona_dashj_v: and If it goes to single user mode we would have that problem. yes?11:53
j_vnot sure, give me a moment... i'm refreshing my memory on sysvinit runlevel semantics11:54
j_vthe udevd failure entry in your dmesg looks to be in about the right spot, so that seems to mean that it' getting run, the question is why is the can't udevd write to the /run directory if the tmpfs has been mounted there as it should have been.12:02
j_vit's weird12:02
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j_vi'd be tempted to add the -v flag to the mount command in /sbin/start_udev on line 1712:06
j_vbut that won't end up in the logs, just on the console12:06
remmona_dashyes and i don't think with that speed in boot i could catch the output12:08
j_vcould also add a sleep after the mount line, say 10-15 seconds... what ever you think you need to be able to see the output and maybe write it down too12:09
j_vor take a picture of the monitor12:10
j_vjust for completeness, perhaps pastebin your kernel config, also12:11
remmona_dashj_v: good idea paste your line please and I change it according to that to be on the safe side12:12
remmona_dashthat I would do12:12
j_vremmona_dash: here is a modified /sbin/start_udev:
j_vchange the sleep number to what you want12:15
j_vdon't forget to remove the sleep line later :)12:16
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j_vremmona_dash: should change CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER_PATH="/sbin/hotplug" to CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER_PATH=""12:34
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j_vno tmpfs... strange because i thought that devtmpfs is supposed to automagically select tmpfs, but perhaps not so12:48
j_vthat is remmona_dash's issue, in case i'm afk when returns12:49
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remmona_dashwell hello back12:54
remmona_dashj_v: it says something about file-based initialization failed12:55
j_vno tmpfs in kernel config, only devtmpfs...12:55
j_venable that, also change CONFIGE_UEVENT_HELPER_PATH to empty string ""12:55
j_vrebuild kernel12:56
j_vshould be fine then12:56
j_vafter reboot into kernel with tmpfs support built in12:58
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remmona_dashj_v: that helper was disabled by default. I enabled it. (though i like to know what exactly it does) should i "n" it again. and what option you are refering to for temp.13:03
remmona_dashand overall explained what happened here?13:03
j_vuevent_helper is old way, like if you were using old hotplug helper (from before there was udev) or maybe today for with mdev13:04
j_vbut udev works with netlink socket so no need for helper13:05
j_vdon't disable it, just the path blank13:08
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j_vremmona_dash, if you want to have further reading on uevent helper, this doc is old but pertinent:
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remmona_dashj_v: what kernel option you refering too that is not enabled16:36
remmona_dashj_v: I can't find it16:36
jaeger# CONFIG_TMPFS is not set16:55
remmona_dashjaeger: thank you17:24
remmona_dashduring the kernel make (compile) I get this warning but it is still going and compiling. is it bad? this error/warning I mean
nogagplzsafe to ignore17:40
remmona_dashnogagplz: what does it says?17:43
nogagplzwhat it says on the tin, that the variable may or may not already be initialised before it's used17:45
nogagplzmatters even less too if you're not using reiser17:45
remmona_dashdo we have gfxterm in crux17:59
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torisoremmona_dash, check the ports
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Ghost_r00tguys. how could i change my default SELL to bash for ever.19:42
Ghost_r00tchsh won't stick after reboot19:42
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Ghost_r00tand the default shell is tsch or som'ing in crux 3.219:43
jaegerchsh should persist and the default is sh which is symlinked to dash19:43
Ghost_r00tit is not pretty working with it really19:43
jaegerafter using chsh, check your user entry in /etc/passwd19:43
Ghost_r00tya dash from debian19:43
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Ghost_r00tjaeger: what should be there exactly to show the change is happened?19:45
Ghost_r00tACTION asks about the person who suggested i3 for WM19:46
teK_% grep '^'`whoami`: /etc/passwd19:46
jaegerthe last entry in your user line is your shell19:46
teK_but bash instead zsh :)19:46
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jaegerAfter running chsh it should be updated on that line in /etc/passwd19:46
jaegerif it's not, perhaps chsh has the wrong permissions19:47
Ghost_r00tall the lines in there are up to /home/tek: . nothing after ":"19:47
teK_yeah so chsh is not working properly19:48
teK_% ls -l `which chsh`19:48
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Ghost_r00t-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 40912 Nov 17 02:57 /usr/bin/chsh19:50
teK_that's ok19:50
jaegerlooks fine; how are you executing it?19:50
teK_as a quick fix, just edit /etc/passwd as root to reflect your desired login shell19:51
teK_btw.. grep bash /etc/shells shows results?19:51
tired890launching tomorrow ^19:51
tired89032W TDP O_O19:51
tired890crux arm here I come? I hope they sell cheap19:52
Ghost_r00tteK_:  /bin/bash19:53
teK_tired890: we'll see19:53
jaegerGhost_r00t: do you get any error output from 'chsh -s /bin/bash' ?19:54
Ghost_r00tjaeger: if I was at a dash prompt it won't do a thing19:54
jaegerplease clarify "don't do a thing"19:54
teK_that's not a bad sign19:54
jaegerblank output is expected for what that's worth19:55
teK_check return status after the csh command by saying: echo $?19:55
Ghost_r00treturns to the same dash prompt as before19:55
Ghost_r00tnothing changes19:55
tired890you have to logout and relogin19:55
Ghost_r00tcould i just solved it with source command or something like it?19:56
jaegerexec bash19:56
Ghost_r00tor just bash <Enter>19:56
jaegerexec is probably better in the case of changing shells but either will work19:57
Ghost_r00tI did the edit of password by hand. I suppose it will take effect after the next login19:57
teK_if you want it to just work. add the field to /etc/passwd with an editor19:57
jaegerIt would be nice to know why chsh didn't work, though. It should.19:57
jaegerDid you check /etc/passwd after running chsh?19:58
jaegerThe shell that's currently running won't be changed by chsh so it wouldn't be immediately obvious19:58
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teK_would you mind running strace -ff -o ch_sh chsh -s /bin/bash  and paste the results somewhere?19:59
teK_but he sad it wont persist across reboots anyway20:00
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j_vwhat's this about tcsh being default shell. since when20:05
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jaegerIt isn't20:05
teK_i.e. /bin/sh -> dash20:05
tired890hey Ghost_r00t were you asking about crux? ;)20:05
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jaegernote he did say "or som'ing"20:06
j_vah, ya, or sumtin20:06
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Ghost_r00tstrace just returned the command prompt20:08
Ghost_r00tnothing noda zilch20:08
teK_it wrote to csh_sh*20:09
Ghost_r00toh sorry as I didn't looked at the command I just pasted it20:09
teK_funny, the strace cmd from above fails for me :)20:11
teK_probably because cshsh is setuid20:11
Ghost_r00tteK_: I have four of that file suffixed by numbers. which one?20:12
Ghost_r00ttired890: what you mean?20:13
teK_Ghost_r00t: all of them.20:13
teK_still.. I cannot compare to my system .. were you root while executing chsh?20:13
Ghost_r00tteK_: it seems some binary data in them is it safe to upload them?20:14
Ghost_r00ttired890: ???20:14
tired890Ghost_r00t, that was a joke, since what you ask isn't default in crux.. either you are not using crux or your box has been hacked and the hackers prefers other shells20:14
teK_they should contain text only20:15
jaegertired890: or it was simply a mistake20:15
GreaseMonkeyRomster: your nss-32 seems to be out of date and when i try building it it segfaults when generating a DSA key pair (opt/nss is 3.21, romster/nss-32 is and also seems to have the wrong URL)20:16
GreaseMonkeyi'm going to try massaging it to use 3.2120:16
tired890how can it be a mistake that passwd doesn't have shells specified? it does in a clean install doesn't it?20:17
tired890at least for root20:17
teK_take a look at the man page...20:18
jaegerno, saying that tcsh is default was the mistake20:18
tired890oh. right heh20:19
tired890hey Ghost_r00t20:22
tired890how did it go? is your shell bash now?20:23
tired890echo $020:23
Ghost_r00tno it is not20:27
Ghost_r00tI am trying to upload those files20:28
Ghost_r00tit was my mistake not to explicitly set the SHELL in useradd/adduser command. (whichever it was)!20:30
tired890that shouldn't be a prob (since chsh should work)20:31
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tired890I suggest you change the file manually and just relogin then play with chsh to see why it didn't work20:32
tired890you didn't give an answer above on this, did chsh do anything?20:33
tired890try this (as root):20:33
tired890chsh -s /bin/bash ghost_root20:33
tired890replace ghost root with your actual username20:33
Ghost_r00tI didn't relogin sir. and i changed my passwd by vim myself.20:33
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tired890try it before editing the file manually20:33
tired890alright :)20:34
Ghost_r00tI hope it works20:34
Ghost_r00tbut the problem is why chsh won't touch passwd. the changes on that file doesn't need relogin to be visible. yes?20:34
Ghost_r00tSo something is at fault here. i am trying to assertain that20:35
j_vif it doesn't keep after manually editing /etc/passwd, then there's probably much bigger problems than chsh not working correctly20:35
jaegerwhen it works, chsh does touch /etc/passwd... so why it doesn't is a good place to start20:35
Ghost_r00tj_v: it keeps that way. it wasn't changing before, when I used chsh20:36
tired890you were changing for your own (currently logged in) username right?20:37
tired890if you change for anyone else you must invoke it as root20:37
j_vthat's good, otherwise i'd be wondering about rootkit20:38
tired890Ghost_r00t, I second j_v. if basic fundamental things like this don't look/work right I try find out why but don't bother much, I wipe and clean install.20:39
tired890lol that sounds like advice I'd give a few years back.. still windows mentality I guess? :P20:40
jaegera smaller scale option would be reinstalling shadow20:40
Ghost_r00tjaeger: yes I do it with my user logged in and started Xorg&&i320:43
Ghost_r00tHow should i go about shadow reinstall or that was just a say?20:43
teK_dont it's not the problem20:43
jaegersorry, wasn't suggesting that, just offering a better option than wipe and reinstall20:46
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: sqlite3-32: updated source URL21:17
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