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xeirrrjaeger: just want to tell you: updating mate from 1.10 to 1.12 is fine, but i need to recompile all the xml schemas files else i can't login.00:19
GreaseMonkeyi just learnt something today: if your loopback interface isn't up, you get some really fun bugs00:48
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brian|lfsdon't think I ever had a machine with no loopback04:14
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temporaryHello. I am installing for the first time, using GRUB. When I have used GRUB before, it always had a call to `initrd` in the menuentry, after the call to load the kernel. I noticed neither my auto-created grub.cfg, nor the manual example given in the Handbook, has this.05:26
temporaryI'm wondering why it isn't there, because currently I am freezing after loading the kernel on bootup. Could someone clear up my confusion?05:27
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nogagplzwhat does it say when it freezes05:27
temporary"Loading Linux 4.1.13", which is the string given to `echo` right before the call to load the kernel in the menuentry in grub.cfg05:28
temporaryI have tried adding `debug` as a kernel parameter, and I remember it saying something non-error-like right before that, I can go retry and get that message if helpful.05:28
nogagplzdo you see any kernel messages at alll05:30
temporaryLet me go retry with the debug parameter. IIRC, it was just one message right before the "Loading Linux 4.1.1305:30
nogagplzthat still sounds like grub05:30
j_vmy money05:31
j_vis on the boot loader05:31
temporaryYes I think you are both right here. I guess then my original question is about the absence of `initrd`, which I could not find much help about through searching.05:31
nogagplzyou don't really need an initrd with crux unless you want to do something special early on05:32
temporaryOkay thank you, that helps narrow. So, I just retried. I put debug as kernel param. And I put a call to echo 'Done Loading' after the `linux ...` command.05:34
temporaryUpon hitting Ctrl+X, it says: "Booting a command list". Then "Loading Linux 4.1.13 ...". Then "Done Loading"05:34
nogagplzand nothing after that? is there any indication of activity?05:36
temporaryIt appears to freeze. It doesn't even finish clearing the remaining buffer below it that still shows the Grub edit-command screen.05:37
nogagplzdid you make your own config for the kernel when you built it05:37
temporaryI even added `set debug=all` and `set pager=1` and stepped through this before, and it appears to call many times malloc, free, etc. but then seems to just stop at a certain point.05:37
temporary(inside grub.cfg I mean)05:37
nogagplzcan you try again with the one from the livecd and see if that works05:37
temporaryAs for custom config, no I used the default `.config` that was there, as in, I did not make any changes in `make menuconfig`05:38
temporaryHm okay, as in redoing the `make all; make modules_install` ? Thank you for your help so far, by the way.05:39
nogagplzI can't remember if that .config used to build the live kernel is provided already with the source on the iso, but if you can make sure that config is present and try building a new kernel with that one and seeing it that works or not, it'll probably narrow things down further05:42
nogagplzit's generally a safe baseline to make your own kernel config from05:43
temporaryI think this is a good idea yes. I just rechecked the Handbook, at least from now it says "The setup program installs a configuration file /usr/src/linux-4.1.x/.config which is a good starting point for a custom kernel, because all needed options, like CONFIG_DEVTMPFS, are enabled."05:43
temporary(I am making right now). If this does not end up working, I thought it might be worth trying to do this with a more recent kernel, else the one here:
temporaryI am currently using a CB Pixel, which I set up with Arch back on linux 3.x (before switching to the custom kernel). So I doubt hardware is a problem but... I might be unlucky with 4.105:49
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nogagplzmake sure to build the screw attack module in that linux-samus, or you'll have a bad time against ridley05:50
nogagplzalso I don't know anything about that cb pixel, maybe it has some nuances with whatever framebuffer driver it requires or some such deal05:51
nogagplzif it's locking up that early in the boot05:51
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temporarySorry, could you please explain to me what you mean by 'screw attack module' and 'ridley'?05:52
temporaryHmm. Perhaps you are right about the framebuffer driver. This reminds me:05:52
temporaryThis person compiling from scratch (as opposed to all of us who had been using the OOTB-working package), created this issue:
temporaryMentioning building in framebuffer support05:54
temporaryWhich correspond to his changes here:
temporarySo I'm thinking I'm going to try making those kernel config changes and remaking.05:55
temporaryWell, it appears the FB settings were the same. I will just make. Sorry for the spam.06:03
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tilmantemporary: metroid reference. samus aran. :]06:14
temporaryAh, lol, now I wish more I had played :(06:15
tilmancoincidentally, iirc nogagplz maintains a ports repository for various gaming console emulators ;)06:16
temporaryI can see nogagplz is very dedicated xD . If (when!) I make this work, I will have to try06:17
nogagplzI have to clean it up for 3.2, the heat here lately has impeded progress unfortunately06:18
tilmanheat. in january. lol, you are fooling noone06:22
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Romsterit got to 37C something yesterday today it's a mild 20C06:51
tired890you could actually transition between seasons in the span of a day or two? fascinating06:54
Romstersure can06:55
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Ghost_r00ttemporary: Do you freeze there or you don't have any video output. Do this, you nead to a. insmod <poper_videos_one per each insmod in each line> b.set root= to your boot partition c.linux line d. initrd line.07:20
temporaryGhost_r00t: Thanks for the reply. To update, after making, and trying to change GRUB /etc/default/grub vars, no success07:32
temporaryOkay as for what you are saying, it simply freezes. It is not a blank screen, it still shows what is there07:33
temporaryHm sorry, could I ask you to clarify on what you mean by07:33
temporary"poper_videos" ?07:33
temporaryAs for set root=, yes, it is currently: `set root='hd0,msdos1`. I believe this corresponds correctly to /dev/sda1, though now that does seem strange...07:35
temporaryCurrently my menu_entry looks like this:07:35
temporaryload_video; insmod gzio; insmod part_msdos; insmod ext2; set root='hd0,msdos1', where the `;` are newlines.07:36
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Ghost_r00tif you are EFI you nead to do "insmod efi_uga"   "insmod efi_gop" if not and you are using old good bios you nead "insmod vga" "insmod vbe"07:37
temporaryAdditionally, I noticed that `insmod ext2` also seems wrong, because I have my root partition as formatted under ext4, but I noticed setting this to `insmod ext4` resulted in it complaining that ext4 module is not available. Strange. I will look up this now.07:37
Ghost_r00ttemporary: ext2 means the same thing let in be there07:37
temporaryAh okay. I was not aware of this, I am using good old BIOS, so I will add "insmod vga" "insmod vbe" now and retry07:37
temporaryOkay, thanks for the clarification.07:38
Ghost_r00tand you have seprate initrd ramdisk and vmlinuz kernel?07:38
temporaryAh I was gonna mention that too. I do not understand ramdisks well, heads up. So right now, I just have a `linux ...` line. No `initrd` line.07:39
temporaryI do not find any `.img` files under `/usr/src/linux-...` except two .img files under ft1000 drivers. Perhaps I need to make it differently to get this file?07:41
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temporaryOkay just an update of my learning, it seems initramfs is the update of initrd, and I can use `` to make this file. It is hard to find solid info on when `initrd` call is needed or not, but still reading.08:06
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tired890gcc 6 is due soon, apparrently they changed the versioning scheme so that the major number (X.y) will be upped every year09:15
tired890don't know why a lot of software opt for this lately.. I remember the good old firefox days when a major number meant dramatic UI and underhood changes.. now it seems every couple of weeks we get a bump. its firefox 43!.. google started this.09:16
tired890<end rant>09:16
Romsterand i hate that too09:20
Romsternext gcc will have version 6.1234.5678.3409:20
yui^^yeah if you're going to bump the version every year you might as well just go for full date versioning (v2016.01.14)09:21
Ghost_r00ttemporary: how is you progress09:39
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temporarySomewhat not so well. After researching initramfs/initrd, it seems not the right solution for what I want. The only idea might be to load a module, but that doesn't sense because if I knew the exact module I wanted to load, I would just set the corresponding item to =y in the .config, to build into the kernel09:58
temporaryI'm now wondering about just starting fresh and using LILO.09:59
frinnstdamn, Romster.. -12C here09:59
temporaryI also found, which looks promising.09:59
frinnstI should start lobbying for winter offices in south africa or something10:00
frinnstbiggest issue with chromebooks are the lack of a real keyboard10:00
frinnstasus had a nice version otherwise that you can run with libreboot and everything.. no firmwares, nothing10:02
temporaryfrinnst: Yes that has been frustrating before :/. However I've come to only miss PgUp/PgDown for example for scrolling a tty when not in GUI.10:02
frinnstwont miss F1, F2 etc?10:03
temporaryIt's funny, actually the buttons at the top send function key codes10:03
Ghost_r00ttemporary: what is the problem exactly? (the only use of ramdisk is for when you have /etc/ /var or other important-inthe-boot dirs on different  partitions10:04
frinnstnot sure if that was the model or not, but think so10:04
temporaryGhost_r00t: Hm, okay, I did get that as being one of the advantages. But regardless, I only looked into it as a possibility to explain what was going wrong10:05
temporaryI otherwise have not been doing any `initrd` / ramdisks thing in GRUB10:05
temporaryJust the call to `linux`, that was still ending in freezing.10:05
Ghost_r00ttemporary: let start fresh here. what is the machine we are talking about. the link above?10:06
temporarySorry yes, I've been somewhat incoherent about this.10:06
temporaryYes it's a Chromebook Pixel, the 2015 model.10:06
temporaryI was originally under the impression that only GRUB can make it work, from reading throughout Arch Wiki, and on a thread there, etc. However, the Slackware link shows a use of LILO successfully.10:07
Ghost_r00ttemporary: do you have any usb live distro around. like ubuntu or crunchbang or puppy64 ....10:07
temporaryYes I do, I have two USB live distros atm, one with crux, one with arch10:08
temporaryAnnoyingly enough, on the crux one right now, iwlwifi is not built in, so I can't get WiFi. But I can get internet on the arch live USB. So I was thinking of remaking the crux one from the arch one.10:08
Ghost_r00ttemporary: something GUI would be better as the can help alot.10:08
Ghost_r00ttemporary: if you stay long enough for us to help you could install crux too10:09
temporaryI'm actually typing this from a family member's windows laptop, not sure if that helps.10:09
temporaryI really appreciate the help. I very much believe this can work on crux. I was just encouraged by the Slackware link I gave, simply because they used LILO.10:10
Romsterat least you don't need a freezer frinnst10:10
Ghost_r00ttemporary: look. the strategy for you is too boot that machine from a (what is it 64or32 bit) GUI livecd or live usb successfully10:10
Ghost_r00ttemporary: In crux too; you are not forced to use grub. go lilo syslinux or even rEFIend10:12
Ghost_r00ttemporary: how much of iso size you could download right now? under 1gb or more?10:12
temporaryYes, I think I jumped the gun by starting with GRUB.10:12
temporaryOne USB is 8 GB, the other is 2 I believe.10:13
Ghost_r00ttemporary: but by far grub is simpler choice in some cases (65% or so)10:13
temporarySomething I want to try is this: Make a fresh crux live USB. Don't mess with config or GRUB or anything. Just make and try with lilo.10:14
Ghost_r00ttemporary: do you want to install crux on hard drive of chrome pixel or just as presist LIVEUSB10:16
temporaryI would prefer to have it onto the hard drive.10:16
Ghost_r00tso first I think you have to build your own kernel. (90% sure). to do that you need a liveusb medium as a buffer/helper/catalyst to do so. is your chrome 64bit?10:24
frinnstRomster: no need, i just go outside :D10:25
temporaryGhost_r00t: Okay, I'm definitely open minded about it. Yes, it is 64bit.10:25
temporaryI also have an external hard drive by the way. I am currently booted into my Arch USB, which does have WiFi. So I am curling the crux ISO onto my external hard drive. Then, I will dd the iso onto my old crux live USB, to rewrite and start fresh.10:29
Ghost_r00tif so go download xubuntu. I see kanotix nightly spitfire above 1G is also a good choice but it is just the toy we need to actually install crux. xubuntu 64 is better. download it dd it to one of your usbs. if you are in windows you could use Unetbootin10:30
temporaryAh okay, I can do that.10:31
Ghost_r00tbtw; you should dd the crux to a usb-stick and boot and install. you don't tweak crux on liveusb10:31
temporaryRight yeah. Should I just try that first before going XUbuntu? I think I can try quickly: dd crux to usb stick, boot, do the whole mounting main hard drive, chroot, install. Then boot main hard drive.10:32
temporaryI think I can try that quickly, but if you think it is not worth the time, please say so10:33
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Ghost_r00tfirst you need to partition your drive ( the SDD on you chrome).so if you could do that from the tty (command line) go first with crux if not go first with ubuntu.10:40
Ghost_r00twe will install crux from the vanilla ( no tweaking ) crux live usb. then reboot with ubuntu liveusb and then chroot to your crux which is installed but don't boot and also not work.10:41
Ghost_r00tand from chroot we start building/tweaking your hard disk-instaled crux on chromebook10:42
Ghost_r00tat least I will do it that way. choose if you want to go along! ;)10:42
Ghost_r00ttemporary: ^^10:42
temporaryGhost_r00t: Thanks for your help, that does sound good. Okay, I will now re-do the Crux Handbook up to the part of booting back into the system (which hypothetically will fail)10:45
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Ghost_r00ttemporary: you have to build and make your own kernel sir. with kernel options related to you enabled in it. but you say you don't know what are the options. yes?10:52
Ghost_r00tSo there should be a way for you to find that out on is lspci lsusb and similar commands10:53
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temporaryGhost_r00t: Yes okay, that makes since. Yes for example, I know for wifi I need to have iwlwifi for my card. For others I do not know yet10:54
temporaryI will pause before making kernel, and come back here to discuss10:54
Ghost_r00tpaste your chrome lspci -n output10:55
Ghost_r00tlike : lspci -n | curl -sLT- p.iotek.org10:56
temporaryOkay I will do that in a sec. It's a little complicated because the Crux USB doesn't recognize my wifi device, so I have to boot back into the Arch USB to do that.10:57
temporaryOkay here is that output:, did you maybe want `lspci -nn` instead?11:07
Ghost_r00ttemporary: up to this point I find out you need i915 graphic card module12:06
temporaryGhost_r00t: Okay thank you so much for your help so far. I will go read about this now12:12
Ghost_r00ttemporary: where are you know?12:15
temporaryOh, I am simply paused before making the kernel12:15
temporaryI have just been researching around online about  LILO, because I have never used before12:16
frinnstlilo is dead-simple12:16
temporaryIt seems much simpler than GRUB indeed so far.12:17
temporaryHowever, I am very paranoid about mistakes right now.12:17
Ghost_r00ttemporary: I haven't used lilo since along long time12:18
temporaryGhost_r00t: Okay. Also, I have found something interesting. when in the Arch USB, all the `lspci` items have corresponding drivers/modules:
temporary(For example, including the i915, so maybe this output is helpful) However, when I am in the CruxUSB, many are missing. For example, `iwlwifi`, which explains why no wifi connection.12:23
temporaryTo note, the ArchUSB is running linux 4.3.3 (as opposed to 4.1.13 on crux), It might be good for me to curl the stable linux 4.3.x and finish crux install using that.... But I am not sure.12:25
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Ghost_r00tIDN it is related or not but is informative12:35
temporaryThank you for the link. I have done before steps 1-3 when I set up Arch Linux on it originally. And I do recall it booting correctly out of the box, like it seems this person's Debian build does.12:39
temporaryBut I also experienced the problems this person experienced, and used the linux-samus repo to solve. But this is nice because it is an alternative source, especially the steps 11, 12 seem helpful.12:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: imagemagick: use configure-option --with-modules, FS#128712:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cups-filters: update to 1.6.012:51
tired890sugguestion: modify mpv pkgfile: --with-lua, this will allow mpv to use youtube-dl12:53
tired890which has better chances of being able to play youtube vids (https)12:53
yui^^tired890: pretty sure you don't need --with-lua to get youtube-dl support12:54
yui^^just make sure you've got lua5.112:54
tired890ACTION investigates further12:57
temporaryGhost_r00t: Okay I'm going to go to bed now. But this is what I think I will do tomorrow morning. Get the linux 4.3.3 kernel. Go through the kernel modules/drivers that the ArchUSB found in here:, and make sure to set up the config to enable those correctly.Then do all the `make`ing, set up `lilo.conf`, boot then test.12:57
yui^^tired890: lua52 might work as well, i'm not sure12:58
tired890yui^^, I keep getting this error: [ffmpeg] tls: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.13:06
tired890need to recompile ffmpeg with tls right?13:06
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yui^^tired890: are you sure you've got the lua51 or lua52 package?13:08
yui^^and not just the lua package (5.3, which won't work with mpv)13:08
xeirrrtired890: probably need to install gnutls13:09
yui^^i still think it's lua13:10
yui^^if i remove lua51 and lua52 and recompile mpv, i get the exact same error message13:10
tired890yui^^, I have lua5213:10
yui^^and if i reinstall lua51 and lua52 and recompile mpv, it works fine13:10
tired890I see13:10
tired890I'll try recompiling mpv then13:11
tired890wonderful it worked13:11
tired890cheers :)13:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sqlite3: update to 3.10.114:15
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] openssh: update to 7.1p216:22
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Ghost_r00ttemporary: when I asked you to use xubuntu xential was because of exactly this. well if arch does find does your work is easier. just do "/" in make menuconfig and type the module name. and the search result will show you where to find them. try to build those  inside the kernel (y). may be only your wifi as module (M)17:48
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temporaryGhost_r00t: I apologize, I interpreted it as using xubuntu to debug a non-bootable. I feel comfortable in the `make menuconfig`, having messed around with it before, so I will continue to write down each step I take and try it. I am most comfortable using Arch yes, though I definitely will prepare the Xubuntu distro given this runs into an issue.19:49
Ghost_r00ttemporary: you are ok with arch use arch. that's that.19:51
Ghost_r00tfind the modules that are currently loaded in arch by **lsmod** and set them in kernel19:52
Ghost_r00tthe **make && make modules_install**.19:53
temporaryAh okay, I was going to base it of `lspci -v` as listed there. But maybe that doesn't have everything? I will go back into the arch usb now.19:53
Ghost_r00tuse both19:53
Ghost_r00tcompare them though I don't see how they would be different19:54
temporaryYeah, this sounds good, thank you.19:54
Ghost_r00tGhost_r00t: if your chromeboot is a native x86_64 you could even build your kernel on another 64bit machine with much more cpu power but with your chromebook box kernel **.config** file.19:55
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Ghost_r00tabout your video issue there is a kernel option saying "make VGA/VBE/EFI framebuffer as generic". be sure to enable that19:57
temporaryYes it is native x86_64, and it has taken ~15 minutes before to build each time, so it's not too much of a time issue.19:57
temporaryHere is my `lsmod` by the way, just for reference:
temporaryAnd okay, I will, thanks19:58
Ghost_r00tthen your relative i915 options and modesettings19:58
Ghost_r00tyou need TMP and DEVTEMPFS also19:58
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temporaryGot it20:04
Ghost_r00ttemporary: use;a=blob;f=kernel/linux-4.1.13.config;h=69a6e414099aae17de1f98f97e06a40311b2450d;hb=HEAD as the base and add your stuff to it.20:12
Ghost_r00ti.e get your kernel 4.3.3 from the and then copy this .config file to the unarchived kernel directory.20:14
Ghost_r00tthen run" make oldconfig"20:14
Ghost_r00tit may ask you 3-4 question ascept their defualt by hitting enter20:14
Ghost_r00tand after that do make menuconfig. temporary20:15
temporaryOkay I see, I will do that now.20:15
temporaryThanks so much again.20:15
temporarySo it is fine that that config is for 4.1.13 kernel?20:16
temporaryAh, I assume that's what `oldconfig` means xD20:17
Ghost_r00tthe make oldconfig will do the difference and ask questions for new items which were not in 4.1.13 ATT20:17
temporaryyeah, makes sense now, sorry :P20:18
Ghost_r00thello to the great blueness20:19
bluenesshow am i great?20:19
bluenessi swear it wasn’t me!20:19
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Ghost_r00tblueness: yes you are. first for your best eudev ( which now we know how much it worth ) and your beautiful linux edition you put ut20:22
Ghost_r00tthanks for you selflessness contribs mate20:22
Ghost_r00tblueness: Ghost_r00t is the same is _r00t_20:23
Ghost_r00tif you recall20:23
bluenessyeah kinda sorta remember20:24
Ghost_r00tblueness: I wish somebody would solve this
Ghost_r00tI bugged you sometimes20:25
temporaryAlrighty, it asked me many questions, but just used Enter to use defaults all the way through. Now I will start the menuconfig20:30
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temporaryGhost_r00t: Okay, I have thus far been setting =y to build into kernel. The last one I have here is iwlwifi, which you said might be better to leave as a module? Is there any downside to just building it in?20:58
temporaryGhost_r00t: Okay, now I went through the lsmod output, and for any modules I found in there that were not set to =y after going through the `lspci -v`, I pasted here:
temporaryI left out various ones that definitely did not seem important (e.g. joystick...), but those ones ^ I was less sure about.21:28
temporaryOkay after researching, I've narrowed down the maybe-relevant ones to VIDEOBUF_*, INPUT_PCSPKR, DW_DMAC, I2C_DESIGNWARE_*, IIO_KFIFO_BUF, CRC16, INPUT_EVDEV, GPIO_LYNXPOINT, SND_SOC_INTEL_SST_ACPI, SERIAL_8250_DW, SPI_PXA2XX, SCH_FAQ_CODEL, LOCKD, FSCACHE, USB_STORAGE, MMC_SDHCI. Still reading.21:50
temporaryAh I see now how iwlwifi is only able to be module, not built in.22:10
GreaseMonkeyto whoever updated openssh in under 6 hours and pushed it to core, spot on22:12
frinnstjue is amazing, yes22:14
frinnstI think he was just minutes behind upstream :)22:14
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nullspoonI'm wonder, is there an initramfs script that is recommented for crux? I'm writing my own for the learning experience, but was wondering (and wandering) if there is one people typically use. I haven't really seen anything documented except the one referenced on the cryptsetup wiki page.22:48
jaegerI wrote a little one that's very basic and doesn't support anything advanced like encryption or raid but what I'd probably recommend is dracut22:50
jaegerNo reinventing the wheel that way22:50
nullspoonOkay. I'll have a look.22:51
jaegerI don't have experience with it, that's just based on some cursory looking around. There might be a better option22:52
nullspoonSo, one other question here while we're discussing init systems. I've got my system booting fine without an initramfs (no encryption), but once I reach init 2 or 3, /boot isn't mounted. I also noticed my mtab file isn't being updated on boot.22:53
nullspoonI've not dabled in this area too much yet. Is there something I'm missing?22:54
nullspoonIt generally seems my fstab file is ignored. Grub gets / mounted, but nothing in my fstab is executed.22:54
nullspoonwait, just rebooted. I think I might have found my problem.22:56
jaegermtab is a symlink to /proc/self/mounts and should update automatically22:56
nullspoonderp. Should have checked my host system for that. Sorry for the dumb question.22:58
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