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temporaryGhost_r00t:    seemed to work, and booted up. However now at kernel output, it proceeded to go into a kernel panic: "unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)". which according to seems to indicate kernel was "Mount the partition because it does not know how to access the file00:12
temporarysystem". So hopefully solving this makes it work, just updating.00:12
temporarys/was/was unable to00:12
temporaryYes, forgot to set EXT4_FS to builtin >.<00:17
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rmullConcurrent disk IO on my system is terrible01:34
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tired890I'd say an SSD is about the best investment one can make as an upgrade, if one was still using mechanical drives.01:59
tired890recently they've become quite affordable02:00
rmullI was copying data from an SSD onto a mdadm raid5 array of HDDs, and it made my system basically unusable02:00
tired890rmull, you mentioned this before.. I remember suggesting disable huge page tables02:01
tired890this happens probably due to memory compaction02:01
tired890when you move data you fill up buffers and HPT causes compaction operations02:01
tired890either disable HPT or specify direct transfer (no memory buffering)02:01
jaegercould also be a crappy disk controller02:01
jaegermarvell or something02:02
rmulltired890: Pretty sure I made that change - I'll update to 4.4 and double check that setting at the same time02:02
tired890for example when I do a dd operation, I specify: oflag=direct02:02
rmulljaeger: I'm using a supermicro board, so I hope it's good02:02
jaegersupermicro's not immune to crappy third-party stuff. What's the chipset?02:03
jaegeror the board?02:03
rmullIt's Intel Atom (C2000)02:04
jaegersure, but which chipset?02:06
rmullIdk, that's what lspci tells me for my SATA2 and 3 controllers02:07
rmullShould I be looking at documentation and not at lspci?02:07
jaegerDo you know which motherboard you have?02:07
rmullThis guy here:
jaegerweird. not much info there02:09
tired890quad GbE.. do you use this as your desktop?02:10
rmullI assume because it's a SoC02:10
jaegerIntels are usually great, like the C204 chipset... but that one might be some terrible low power thing02:10
rmulltired890: Yes02:10
jaegerCould be something else, too, I'm just guessing anyway02:10
rmullMy guess is that the Atom, being a SoC, integrates the controllers02:11
tired890do you use the IPMI functionality?02:12
rmullNot currently. I mainly bought this because of the form factor, the low power, the PCI-E, the brandname, and the memory expansion.02:12
rmullDown the road I may like to use IPMI, but my setup would have to change a bit first02:13
tired890it'd make a great networking device, like a router or VPN gateway.. I reckon with 4 GbE they had that in mind02:14
rmullYeah, it's packed with features. I'm happy with it except for the USB3.0 issues I couldn't figure out.02:14
rmullThat one is a Renesas chip - I've worked with their embedded stuff in the past and I have mixed emotions about them as a company02:15
temporaryGhost_r00t: Sorry for the spam but I got it to work!! I am booted into crux installed on main drive, lspci -v shows everything covered. Except right now iwlwifi is a module not a driver of course, so gotta read how to set that up. Thank you so much for your help.02:15
tired890not exactly cheap but given this is basically turnkey (apart from RAM?) its a good deal02:17
tired890strange thing in the link you posted: 10. 7-Year product life02:17
tired890what does that mean? 7 year 24/7 operation under full load? it certainly doesn't imply warranty..02:18
rmullOh, fanless operation was another feature that sold me02:18
rmullI'm not quite sure what the product life number is all about02:18
rmulltired890: There are some HugeTLB-related options that are automatically selected that can't be unselected, FWIW. Did you have a specific option in mind?02:29
tired890hold on02:32
rmullWhile I'm in there I'm turning on group scheduling support for the IO scheduler, which I didn't have before02:33
tired890you can disable it during runtime02:33
rmulltired890: This is as of 2.6.38, so I imagine there are some improvements by now. I'll try out 4.4 with the IO scheduler tweak and the hugepage support stripped out and see how things go. brb02:35
tired890echo never >/sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/defrag02:42
tired890or disable entirely: echo never >/sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled02:43
tired890for future reference (IRC logger): the easiest solution would probably be to avoid using cache, with dd use oflags=direct02:49
tired890if copying files/dirs, use rsync with option --drop-cache02:49
rmullOh man, so much better03:21
rmullToo bad I changed so much stuff at the same time... We'll never know what the fix was!03:22
rmullBut thanks for your recommendations regardless. I won't be switching them back.03:22
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Ghost_r00ttemporary: add the line "/sbin/modprobe iwlwifi" to the end of "/etc/rc.modules" , for each module add a line like that.08:18
temporaryGhost_r00t: I actually found out from dmesg that it was a .ucode firmware that i was missing, and I found it in here: Since adding it to /lib/firmware, it has worked !08:20
temporaryThank you again though :)08:20
xeirrrtemporary: we have linux-firmware package in repo08:23
temporaryxeirrr: Sorry I think I am misunderstanding, which repo is this?08:25
xeirrrtemporary: prt-get search linux-firmware08:25
temporaryAh okay. I only just found CRUX a few days ago so I am still reading the Handbook/Wiki pages/etc. I will look into this now, thank you!08:26
temporaryxeirrr: Ah, awesome, I see it in there. Once I get some other things set up I will install this. Thank you!08:29
frinnstits in contrib but it should probably move to a repo thats enabled by default08:39
brian|lfsdo we have a crux install iso with kernel 4.4 yet?08:41
temporaryfrinnst: I know I have no real say being so new, but that seems nice at least for particularly WiFi access, as was my scenario. Just my weak 2 cents.08:41
temporaryTo clarify, I mean the Catch-22 of needing wifi to get access to contrib, but needing contrib to get access to WiFi :P. It was straightforward to use another liveUSB to put it in there, but not the most convenient.08:44
frinnstits usually a good filter to keep the most annoying users from using crux :-)08:47
brian|lfsIt didn't work on our French friend08:48
GreaseMonkeyexcept wpa_supplicant is already in opt08:48
Wildefyrfrinnst : you evil bastard ,)08:48
GreaseMonkeyoh right, the linux-firmware contrib... yeah that would be better off in opt/ on the CD in my view, but whatever08:51
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frinnstError: 7884, Severity: 20, State: 1. (Params:). The error is printed in terse mode because there was error during formatting. Tracing, ETW, notifications etc are skipped.09:16
Wildefyras always.09:16
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j_vRomster, in pkg-clean:39: $CORE gets a 'core' package name in there... this what I was talking about needing the -mindepth 1 as well as the -maxdepth 111:20
j_vanother method to get a list of core pkgs: `ports -l | sed -n '/^core\//s,.*/\(.*\),\1,p'11:21
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Wildefyrso I installed libreoffice from contrib11:31
Wildefyrone tiny problem is how the hell did this thing install to?!11:31
Wildefyrit's not appearing on my path at all and I can't make heads or tails of this bizzare pkgfile11:31
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xeirrrWildefyr: check its footprint11:35
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xeirrrWildefyr: the name is soffice11:46
Wildefyrah okay11:47
Wildefyrah fun :(11:48
xeirrryou can install jre from repo11:54
Wildefyrnever seen this one before11:56
xeirrryou need to download the source manually11:57
Wildefyrhow? I might add12:00
Wildefyrah I see12:04
xeirrrWildefyr: download source and move it to /usr/ports/opt/jre/12:04
Wildefyryep just got it12:05
Wildefyrnote to self check for the readme file12:05
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Wildefyrhmm not having any luck here12:09
Wildefyrit keeps trying to download the file even though it exists in PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR12:09
WildefyrI am having no luck12:54
Wildefyrgot the right archive this time but bsdtar just complains about unrecognized format type12:54
rmullAre you sure you have the right file?12:57
rmullWhat's the filesize?12:58
Wildefyryep.. wget wasn't grabbing the file properly13:00
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: mesa3d: update to 11.1.113:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sqlite3: fix man-page location13:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: fuse: update to 2.9.513:09
Wildefyrwell sucesss at last13:09
Wildefyrnow only if I can get firefox's dialog boxes working properly13:09
Ghost_r00tI have problem connecting to github in firefox. each time I reboot and reconnect to internet with wpa_supplicant I can open github pages for about 2 hrs then I get Secure Connection Failed. I should do that again to open github in firefox for another 2hrs13:12
Ghost_r00twhat's wrong? on better where's the problem?13:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: poppler: update to 0.40.013:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: poppler-glib: update to 0.40.013:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.40.013:36
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Wildefyrare you trying to copy dylan 100%?13:42
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Ghost_r00tonodera: sorry but what is the font? what is the WM?14:05
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frinnsttoo much spacing14:14
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xeirrrGhost_r00t: he told me once, wm is openbox, and font, i forget the name14:22
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orgamastronjoin #crux-es14:28
orgamastronHi, having problems installing cruxppc on ibook g4 PowerPC, boot promt, but partition problem14:30
frinnstI dont think cruxppc is developed anymore14:36
orgamastronyes I know, but, I was trying to get help.14:36
frinnstI know nothing about ppc and its bootloaders, sorry14:37
orgamastronlast question. I can boot from USB with "boot usb0/disk@1:,\ppc\mac\yaboot" but, promt boot: /pci@f2000000.......... not a partition number. I just to know hot to tell OF of yaboot.conf the path of the Linux files at startup14:40
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frinnstsorry, no clue here. maybe someone else might know something if you wait a bit14:46
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onoderaGhost_r00t: fixed 13, openbox15:35
geggamnot sure how to ask this... not interested in flames or starting them... does crux ship without systemd ?15:37
jaegerit does15:38
geggamis the build system for crux publicly available  ?15:39
geggamas in ... how to do it and the scripts etc etc15:40
onoderayes look check;a=summary if thats what you mean15:43
onoderaor for the Pkgfiles15:43
geggamthanks... trying to find me a linux that is clean and simple and regularly updated ... i like slackware but they recently introduced pulse and there is no easy way to rebuild the distribution free of it... someone told me about crux and im not sure why i havent ever used it before :)15:46
onoderayeah seems like crux is the distro for you15:47
onoderadoes slackware really ship pule by default!?15:47
geggamnot yet ..14.1 is free of it but -current seems to have included it15:47
Ghost_r00tonodera: thanks15:47
onoderaseems really unslackware-y15:48
geggami moved all my personal servers to openbsd when systemd started infecting everything linux so i didnt have to deal with that mess... but i still need a decent linux to use15:48
onoderacrux is the most bsd like distro imo15:48
geggamreally running under the radar15:48
geggamive been using linux since 99ish15:49
onoderaI'm quite new to linux, but yeah no one talks about it for some reason15:49
onoderaI mean it's the inspiration behind one of the most talked about distros (arch), I don't really get it15:49
geggamthink it has anything to do with country of origin ?15:50
onoderacrux is swedish I think15:51
onoderaI dunno, most linux distros seem to be founded in some european country15:51
Ghost_r00tany idea about my github problem?15:58
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