IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2016-01-17

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Wildefyranyone use teamspeak here?00:51
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joacimi sometimes do when this guy begs me enough02:00
joacimi mostly agree to use it for the audio normalisation02:01
joacimhate loud/quiet fucks02:01
Wildefyryeah well my install is just broken for no reason02:03
WildefyrI ran it earlier tonight and it crashed on me02:03
Wildefyrtried to start it up again02:03
Wildefyrproduces no error02:03
Wildefyrspent the last hour trying to trace the issue02:04
Wildefyrcan't find shit02:04
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jgnbehAnyone have decent experience configuring ALSA?  I have a usb soundcard which is giving me heaps of trouble to be able to use03:13
Wildefyrnot massively03:16
Wildefyrtilman I bet is the guru you need though03:16
Wildefyrwhat's the issue and what have you tried?03:16
jgnbehThe issue is that I simply don't have sound (trying aplay on the test alsa sounds)03:17
jgnbehI've tried to set my usb card as the default03:17
jgnbehdevice 003:17
Wildefyrwhat's the method you've tried03:17
jgnbehbut I think the problem might be a conflict with another device that's staying device 0 as well?  I'm not sure03:18
Wildefyrdoes it show up as the default in alsamixer?03:18
Wildefyrany error messages?03:18
jgnbehit did (not anymore, I was trying a different method now), and aplay didn't give any errors (like it's doing now)03:19
jgnbehI tried to set up a /etc/asound.conf03:19
jgnbehwith pcm.!default and ctl.!default entries for the usb card, which is device 203:19
jgnbehbut even when it was listed as device 003:20
jgnbehin aplay -l03:20
jgnbehanother card is ALSO being listed as device 0 in aplay -l03:20
jgnbehso I don't know if there's a conflict03:20
Wildefyrhave you tried playing a .wav file with aplay?03:20
jgnbehI have two "HDA_ATI_SB" entries, and one "HDA_ATI_HDMI" entry in addition to the usb03:20
Wildefyrand no err ?03:21
Wildefyrmaybe it's sending the output to a non existant device03:21
jgnbehlet me switch my setting back to how it was with the usb card listed as default in alsamixer03:22
jgnbehthere's no way to restart alsa without a reboot in that instance, right?03:22
jgnbehbrb restarting03:24
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jgnbehmy "Generic USB" driver shows up in alsamixer as the default now03:26
jgnbehaplay does give "aplay: set_params:1239: Channels count non available"03:27
jgnbehthough it does say "Playing WAVE" on the line before that03:28
Wildefyrgoogle it!03:29
jgnbehI'm looking right now03:29
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jgnbehalsa is...confusing04:38
Wildefyrit's an ancient relic no one wants to replace04:39
Wildefyrinstead people just build on top of it like pulseaudio04:40
Wildefyrwhich is then just a contrived mess04:40
jgnbehI got audio to play... but only one application can have sound at once04:50
Wildefyrsounds like you need to create an .asoundrc04:51
jgnbehI wonder if pulseaudio would solve this04:51
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jgnbehwhat would I put in .asoundrc?  I used /etc/asound.conf to get the sound to work for one program at a time04:52
WildefyrI literally had this guy write mine for me04:53
Wildefyrsadly he isn't here right now04:53
xeirrrjgnbeh: dont use pulseaudio..04:56
xeirrrjgnbeh: instead create .asoundrc in your home dir04:57
jgnbehxeirrr: I already made a /etc/asound.conf -- does this file serve the same purpose, or?05:00
xeirrrjgnbeh: that file is for system wide use. it's better to have one for per user.05:01
jgnbehI like on th Alsa project asoundrc page under software mixing "There are many ways to have software mixing in the Linux environment. Usually it requires a server application such as ARTSD, ESD, JACK... The list is large and the apps can often be confusing to use."05:01
jgnbehxeirrr: If I switch to .asoundrc, I'll still have to do something else to make audio work with multiple applications at once, right?05:09
xeirrrjgnbeh: not needed if you have it proper configured.05:10
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jgnbehxeirrr: proper configured being using some sort of software mixing?05:14
jgnbehlike dmix or jack?05:14
xeirrrjgnbeh: probably05:17
xeirrrjgnbeh: Arch linux has a good documentation for ALSA, take a look.05:18
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brian|lfswow 74 people06:33
brian|lfsquestion if I install CRUX on my skylake and the latest kernel will I be able to get my radeon 390 and intel gpus to work06:34
brian|lfsseems like all the other dietros are a crap shoot right now06:34
brian|lfsdo we have a new iso with kernel 4.4 yet even?06:35
j_vjaeger, what kernel you currently have on your updated iso?07:00
j_vbrian|lfs, the only updated one i know of is jaeger's. the kernel on it is 4.1.13. i just checked.07:13
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brian|lfsah ok cool was watching netflix08:52
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onodera(easytag:25941): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'org.gnome.EasyTAG' is not installed14:09
onoderafish: 'easytag' terminated by signal SIGTRAP (Trace or breakpoint trap)14:09
onoderadoes anyone know how fix these glib-GIO-ERROR scheme errors14:09
onoderarunning 'sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas' doesn't do anything14:10
tilmandid you run the post-install scripts for gtk3?14:16
tilmanthat fixed a similar error that i had with wireshark14:17
onoderayeah the post-install script for gtk just runs the glib scheme command I posted before14:21
groovy2shoesthat command has always fixed those issues for me14:22
onoderayeah it used for me as well14:22
groovy2shoesare you sure easytag installed its schema in that directory?14:22
onoderabut now it doesn't, I recompiled glib, gtk3, and easytag14:22
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onoderaah, fixed14:23
onoderaI removed "junk" in the pkgfile, which was not actually junk14:23
groovy2shoesah lol14:23
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groovy2shoeswhatever happened to mahmutov?  I ported a bunch of xfce goodies just for him and then he disappeared14:25
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onoderawill crux switch to libressl anytime soon?16:01
groovy2shoesI, for one, hope so16:03
onoderaI just installed it again, and so far all rebuilds are working16:08
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onoderajue: the libevent source seems to be down, can you use the new github one please?
onoderaalso you can remove the --mandir in ./configure16:19
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onoderarecompiled everything, running libresll rite now16:29
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tired_laptophaving libressl as default would be superb16:46
tired_laptopssl with de raadt as head? yes pls16:48
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frinnsta knee-jerk reaction to move to libressl would be stupid18:05
tilmanbut... but... theo!18:06
tilman(i don't even think he's "head" of libressl)18:06
frinnstthe "code cleanup" will probably last a long time.. when the a couple of serious cve's has been assigned to openssl and NOT libressl it might be interesting18:07
frinnstand who knows.. libressl might fizzle out in just a year or so18:08
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frinnstI try not to subscribe to "ooh, shiny!"18:09
mktthello, i've been trying to install dbus-32 for skype, I already checked the previous IRC logs and installed x-org-libx11-32, but it fails at: I/O error: attempt to load network entity "", which then gives me more errors to, and finally: Makefile:822 recipe for target 'dbus-cleanup-sockets.1' failed, if anyone could help me it'd very much appreciated!18:12
frinnstlooks like it fails to generate the docbook manpages. you can probably work around this by uninstalling docbook and/or xmlto, asciidoc etc18:13
groovy2shoesmktt, you need to merge /etc/xml/docbook with /etc/xml/catalog18:13
frinnstnot an ideal solution - it should "just work"18:13
groovy2shoesif you don't have /etc/xml/catalog, you can probably just mv /etc/xml/docbook /etc/xml/catalog18:13
frinnstbut by doing so you would be able to install it in a few minutes18:13
frinnstor do as groovy2shoes say :)18:14
mkttalright i'll try them both out, thanks18:14
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mkttboth of them failed :(18:20
groovy2shoesmktt, do you have docbook-xml and docbook-xsl installed?18:22
mktti removed docbook-xml18:22
groovy2shoesyou need that18:22
groovy2shoesinstall both of those, then run docbook-xsl's postinstall script18:24
groovy2shoesthen to merge /etc/xml/docbook with /etc/xml/catalog, just copy all the lines between the <catalog> </catalog> tags from /etc/xml/docbook and paste them in /etc/xml/catalog18:24
groovy2shoesthen try again18:24
groovy2shoespaste them in between the <catalog> </catalog> tags in /etc/xml/catalog, I mean18:25
groovy2shoesI may write a utility that merges two catalog files... that would be very useful18:29
groovy2shoesSGML had an idea of a "supercatalog" composed of multiple catalogs... no idea why they didn't include that for XML18:30
groovy2shoesthings would be much less of a pain in the ass if XML had a supercatalog18:31
mktti did it, heres hoping it works18:32
tired_laptophaha I guess time will tell..18:34
mkttoopsie, i merged catalog with docbook instead of the other way around18:35
groovy2shoesyou can probably safely cp /etc/xml/docbook /etc/xml/catalog then18:35
mkttstill same error18:44
mkttthis is starting to become very irritating18:45
groovy2shoesdoes your /etc/xml/catalog look more or less like this:  (maybe with a few extra entries for docbook-xsl)18:47
groovy2shoesmktt, believe me, I know how irritating it is... I've gone through all this the hard way before... blame XML18:48
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groovy2shoesmktt_, did you see my previous messages?18:49
mktt_yeah, it pretty much looks the same- give me a minute and i will upload it18:49
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groovy2shoesah, you have the same problem I had... docbook-xml for some reason didn't add all the necessary entries18:51
groovy2shoesyou can copy+paste the missing ones from mine, that should do the trick18:52
mktt_okay, i'll let you know if it works :)18:52
groovy2shoesyou don't need the <public> ones, just the <rewriteSystem> and <rewriteURI> ones18:52
groovy2shoesI can't for the life of me figure out what the problem with the docbook-xml Pkgfile is, but sometimes it winds up overwriting each entry instead of adding them18:53
groovy2shoesbut not always18:53
groovy2shoeseverything in the Pkgfile looks correct, as far as I can tell... must be a bug with xmlcatalog18:53
groovy2shoesthose 4 lines at the top, did you add those or are they actually in your catalog?18:54
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mkttconnection is pretty flakey here18:56
groovy2shoesdid you add those 4 lines at the top to your paste, or are they actually in your catalog file?18:57
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mktti moved them from the docbook-xml i think18:57
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mktti moved them from the docbook-xml i think18:58
groovy2shoesthe " \ catalog \ No recorded activity" lines?18:59
mkttah, no that was my google drive18:59
groovy2shoesoh okay :)19:00
mktti can't copy and paste from the terminal yet19:00
mktti've still to set that up19:00
mkttit installed19:00
mkttthanks alot19:00
groovy2shoesno problem19:00
mktti was close to giving up19:00
groovy2shoesI had the same problem before19:00
groovy2shoesXML is dumb19:00
mkttyep, sure is19:00
groovy2shoesand people who use XML should feel bad19:01
tired_laptopand guilty19:01
mktti think i need to lay down for a minute and de-stress19:01
groovy2shoesjaeger, you might want to look into this issue with docbook-xml ^19:01
groovy2shoes(btw, I don't think xmlcatmgr will help as I stated before... looks like it's just meant to be a small replacement for xmlcatalog)19:02
groovy2shoesI'll see if I can reproduce the issue again later, but for now I've gotta run19:03
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tired_laptopwow copying 325GBs of data from disk to external usb (both ext4) is taking 90% of cpu! didn't expect that.. with rsync19:18
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brian|lfsI wouldn't expect that but it taking a very very very long time21:22
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tierd891hi john_cephalopoda21:39
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TheCephalopodNothing better than unsteady network...21:43
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tired890I finally found a theme that fits just right with gtk dusk21:45
tired890I will take a screenie21:45
tired890anyone interested to get it:
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john_catalopodI think that some of my HDD problems might be due to archlinux.21:56
tired890what kind of problems21:56
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john_catalopodBlocks breaking.22:00
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john_catalopodUNC DRDY errors22:01
john_catalopodbuffer i/o errors22:01
john_catalopodHappened with 2 HDDs, so I guess it's either the other hardware or arch.22:02
john_catalopodDeleted the old crux iso by accident.22:05
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john_catalopod1:10 to download a new one and the internet is very unstable.22:06
tired890I'd grab the torrent link if that be the case22:06
john_catalopodHeh, I got no torrent program.22:08
john_catalopodI'll just sit and hope :D22:08
tired890no idea about hdds but I doubt its arch, all those distros use common FSs and syscalls.. unless its destructive behavior, crazy writes or something22:08
john_catalopodI'll just try crux and when it doesn't work, I'll ask customer support.22:09
john_catalopodI think I still got warranty.22:09
tired890you could depinst transmission-gtk , very easy to setup (gui)22:09
john_catalopodDoesn't look like torrent is faster than http though.22:14
tired890I guess its your connection.. the crux iso is well seeded.. should max a 10mpbs line easily22:15
tired890thats if you have forwarded the port through your router..22:15
john_catalopodMy DSL is doing weird things lately.22:16
john_catalopodLow data rate might be related to me setting the interference resistance of the connection to maximum.22:16
john_catalopodBecause else I got a disconnect every 5 minutes.22:17
tired890oh dear thats painful22:17
tired890how far is the exchange ?22:17
tired890back when I was on dsl I'd try find out the dslam vendor and buy a modem with a matching chipset, this usually yields the best stability22:18
john_catalopodNo clue how far it is away.22:18
john_catalopodIt has started yesterday.22:18
tired890one thing you could try is change your modem mode to legacy if your speeds are not high22:27
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tired890if your package is 8mbps or less then try to sync using adsl and not adsl222:28
tired890you're on adsl right? I assume not vdsl..22:28
tired890I recall in the old days g.dmt gave best stability (my package at the time was 4mbps so it didn't matter wether I sync'd using adsl or adsl2)22:29
john_catalopodPeople don't advertise adsl and vdsl any more. They just call it 160,000 DSL or something like that22:31
john_catalopodBecause they promise 16 megabits per second.22:31
john_catalopod(which they never deliver)22:31
jaegertired890: my current favorite is this:
jaegerthere's a firefox theme as well22:34
tired89016mbps is certainly not adsl, either adsl2(+) or vdsl.. vdsl is usually used for last mile only (ie put dslam at bottom of high rise building and distributre vdsl service via phoneline)22:34
frinnstI dont get flat themes.. I find them confusing22:35
frinnstas in you cant really tell if something is "clickable" or not22:35
tired890so I'd say most likely yours is adsl2(+), if you are willing to sacrifice some speed open your modem and look for "modulation" or "sync mode" or something like that, and change it to g.dmt22:35
tired890sometimes called G992.122:35
frinnstmy customized adwaita theme ftw \o/22:36
tired890jaeger, thanks for share :)22:36
tired890arc-dark looks interesting22:37
jaegerI use the "darker" variant but I think they're all pretty decent22:37
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frinnst :)22:44
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tired890lol Enigma? haha22:46
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john_catalopodcrux 50% downloaded.22:49
john_catalopodHave there always been so many people in #crux?22:50
WildefyrI feel like this channel has been more popular recently..22:52
Wildefyrthe more the merrier22:52
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john_catalopodI just realised that I am a catalopod and not a cephalopod any more.22:54
john_catalopodACTION accepts his fate and purrs22:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libjpeg-turbo: updated to 1.4.222:55
john_catalopodStill 40 minutes download time for crux...22:55
jaegertime to upgrade from cans and string internet :D22:55
john_catalopodIt is usually 1.5 mibibyte/second22:57
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john_catalopodBut 1&1 is a really crappy ISP.22:57
john_catalopodSometime the connection is okay, sometimes it is catastrophic.22:57
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john_catalopodAnd they are about 2x as expensive than an other provider, that uses the same cables.23:03
frinnstI love my isp:
frinnstlots of bandwidth im not utilizing :)23:03
john_catalopodI have to watch youtube videos in 720p because they don't work else23:06
tired890is that a vps or your home line ?23:07
john_catalopodhome line23:08
*** faalentijn has joined #crux23:08
john_catalopodIf I had a VPS, it would have practically unlimited bandwidth.23:09
tired890I see..23:09
tired890I was asking about this:
frinnstits my home connection23:10
tired890what do you use for a router?23:10
*** dougiel has joined #crux23:11
frinnstcrux :-)23:11
tired890x86 I'd imagine to make full use of that line23:11
frinnstAMD Turion(tm) II Neo N54L Dual-Core Processor23:13
frinnsthp microserver23:14
tired890turion.. thats a laptop-oriented processor. and crux is running as gateway? what software/config? I currently run openwrt on x86 but yours sounds more exotic :)23:15
tired890always wanted to run a full distro and setup a squid proxy23:16
frinnstit does all sorts of things. http, smtp, irc :-), nfs23:17
frinnstand then just nat via iptables23:17
frinnstand some vlan routing23:17
jaeger <-- recently switched my router/firewall from a VM to this box. Works well so far23:18
tired890running crux also ?23:18
jaegersometimes. usually pfsense, though23:19
frinnstpfsense has a new? little appliance that they sell23:19
frinnstlooks tasty23:19
jaegernot bad23:20
john_catalopodComputers are annoying. They never work.23:21
john_catalopodWith a proper OS they work better. But still not perfectly.23:21
john_catalopod3 minutes left in my download23:24
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