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john_catalopodAnd new technology doesn't make things better. I always have to disable (U)EFI because it is impossible to set up and makes installing a distro so much more complicated.00:00
groovy2shoeswhat do you mean?00:01
jaegerI use UEFI on all my machines now00:02
jaegertakes a little learning but it's fine after that. (unless you have HP hardware, fuck their UEFI implementations are bad)00:03
john_catalopodYou need to set up some partition with fat32.00:03
john_catalopodAlso you're supposed to use GPT now, which also brings errors all the time.00:03
john_catalopodMost of my installations fail because of some bootloader stuff.00:03
groovy2shoesI haven't had any issues with GPT or UEFI at all00:04
groovy2shoesit's actually pretty convenient that with UEFI, there's a "built-in" stage 1 bootloader00:04
groovy2shoeskind of removes the need for half of what GRUB does00:04
john_catalopodThe guides on how to use UEFI and set up GPT are kind of complicated00:05
groovy2shoeswhich guides?00:05
jaegerI've had issues with UEFI or GPT I caused myself before I knew better but they're solid now00:05
john_catalopodarchlinux guid00:06
groovy2shoesACTION googles00:06
john_catalopodYeah, I think it's more PEBKAC than the tools.00:06
groovy2shoesthat does seem to be very detailed and probably more information than you actually need to get going with UEFI, to be honest00:07
jaegerI tried to strike a balance with the CRUX UEFI page00:07
groovy2shoesdetailed is good in some cases, but all you really need to know is:  use gdisk/cgdisk instead of fdisk/cfdisk, use elilo instead of lilo and install the bootloader to your UEFI partition00:09
groovy2shoesor use GRUB2 I guess00:17
groovy2shoeswhich is what I do, but only because I didn't realize the reason I wanted GRUB is irrelevant with UEFI now00:17
groovy2shoesjaeger, did you see my message earlier about docbook-xml?00:18
john_catalopodThere is no gdisk/cgdisk on the crux installer.00:23
john_catalopodThat makes it pretty much impossible to use GPT.00:24
jaegerI saw it. I'll look into it next time I'm working ports00:29
jaegerjohn_catalopod: parted is available00:29
jaegerand though it's subjective I much prefer it to gdisk00:30
jaegers/working/working on/00:32
john_catalopodI prefer the graphical tools over the non-graphical00:33
john_catalopodI find them easier to use.00:34
groovy2shoeshmm... I would've sworn I used cgdisk when I installed CRUX00:44
groovy2shoesbut it's been a while00:45
tired890do you reckon this box is worth 100 euros?
groovy2shoesjaeger, I'm doing some code reviews at the moment, but I'll try to see if I can reproduce the issue in a little bit00:45
tired890and there should be no probs running crux off it ?00:45
jaegertired890: I've got one similar to that; you won't be able to run main crux on it00:46
tired890due to ?00:46
jaegerit's x86.00:46
jaegerNo 64-bit support.00:46
jaegerwith that said, it works fine otherwise00:46
tired890the apu series then00:46
jaegerMaybe, I know nothing about those00:47
tired890I think this would be a better choice then00:48
tired890thanks for the 64bit heads up.. those geodes are ancient it seems00:48
jaegeryeah, pretty old now00:49
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john_cephalopodaHmm, got problems with the intel wifi01:52
john_cephalopodaIt doesn't show up in the "ip link" list though lsmod says that a module is loaded for it01:54
jaegerdo you have the proper firmware installed?01:54
jaegercheck "dmesg | grep firmware"01:55
john_cephalopodaAh, thanks. "no suitable firmware"01:57
john_cephalopodaMaybe the kernel is too old.02:00
tired890prt-get install linux-firmware02:01
tired890also, when you compile a new kernel (say 4.4) maybe install firmware as well02:01
tired890make modules_install; make firmware_install02:01
jaegeryou can also download the individual file it wants if you don't want the whole linux-firmware package, etiher way should work02:03
john_cephalopodaAah, make firmware_install.02:03
john_cephalopodaLol, I should really edit line 9 in etc/fstab. It complains about it every time I boot and shut down02:04
john_cephalopodatired890: I can't install linux-firmware because I haven't got a network connection02:07
tired890that be the case I'd follow jaeger 's advice, get the missing FW so you can get online02:08
tired890copy it over using usb stick02:08
tired890firmware_install didn't solve it?02:14
tired890and what card is this?02:14
john_cephalopodaA 7260.02:14
tired890lol dual-band wireless AC ?!!02:15
tired890usually this kind of cutting edge hw doesn't have good support02:15
tired890let me check02:15
tired890ACTION googles02:15
jaegerthe 7260 is rock solid in linux02:15
jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: which file does it want?02:16
john_cephalopodaIt worked with archlinux.02:16
john_cephalopodasome firmware file. I installed one now, let's see if it works.02:16
jaegerYeah, I was asking for the specific name :)02:16
jaeger <-- to get from here02:17
john_cephalopodaHow do I restart a start job?02:18
john_cephalopodaLike "systemctl restart <service>"02:18
jaeger /etc/rc.d/<name> restart02:19
john_cephalopodaNow it works :)02:22
john_cephalopodaI think I'll let my computer compile over the night :P02:32
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tired890goodnight :)02:33
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frinnstSecret Hitler Card Game09:46
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Ghost_r00twhat are **commodity clusters** ?12:27
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teK_Google Image for server4you16:50
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nullspoonGot a possibly dumb question. I've got what I think is the right kernel module loaded for my ethernet device (r168), but my device isn't showing up. I'm a bit new at mucking around with linux at this level, so it's entirely possible I'm missing something and not my system. Any pointers?17:18
nullspoonDerp. Sorry. r8169 is the module.17:19
jaegernullspoon: what does "lspci | grep -i net" say? can use that info to look up if it's the right module17:19
nullspoonlspci shows rtl8111/8168/8411 pci express gigabit ethernet controller (rev 0c)17:20
nullspoonlooked around the interwebs and the 8169 module supposedly handles my nic fine.17:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lvm2: update to 2.02.14017:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libevent: new source URL17:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: scite: update to 3.6.317:21
jaegerAny errors or related output in dmesg after loading the module?17:21
nullspoonHmm. I see "rr8169 0000:03:00.0: can't disable ASPM; OS doesn't have ASPM control"17:23
nullspoonsorry, mistype. that's r8169. This system doesn't have networking yet or I would be logged in from it.  :)17:23
nullspoonlooking into that now.17:24
jaegerfigured :)17:24
jaegerNot sure about that one but I'm guessing it isn't fatal17:24
nullspoondoesn't look like it. I see several references to the module afterwards that look to be just infos.17:24
jaeger'ip l' doesn't show the device at all?17:25
nullspoonNope. Just lo and sit0@none17:26
nullspoonThe more I use crux, the more I learn how much most distros do for you (eg: initrd, init, init scripts, etc). That said, should udev have created this device on module load without me needing to write a udev rule for it?17:27
nullspoonNot sure if this is even in the realm of udev since I know net devices aren't in /dev, which udev manages (? I think?)17:27
jaegerudev does handle network device stuff like naming but no device node is created, so you shouldn't need to mess with that17:28
jaegerWhat if you remove the module and load it again? (not sure this will help, just wondering if it'll generate some useful output)17:29
nullspoonsure. lemme try.17:29
nullspooncan't rmmod is. Says it's in use. However lsmod | grep r8169 only shows the one line where it's loaded. no other modules are using it.17:30
nullspoonwell, assuming I'm not missing something of course.17:30
nullspoonHuh. Checking dmesg output,it says "Modules linked in: r8169(+) wmi kvm irqbypass xhci_hcd"17:33
nullspoonall of those modules are loaded, the r8169 line doesn't show that any of those use it.17:34
jaegeris that part of a kernel oops?17:36
jaegerthe "modules linked in" text makes me think so17:36
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nullspoonEr. Kernel oops? Not sure.17:37
nullspoonIt seems to proceed fine.17:37
nullspoonI do have a couple of RIP entries after that line.17:38
nullspoonNot sure what that is (Rest In Peace?)17:38
nullspoonoh, looks like that line indicates a kernel oops. Learning new things every day.17:39
jaegerSorry, not sure what to tell you. I assume that's related but it's hard to tell from here17:39
nullspoonThat's totally fine. I appreciate the help so far. At least I know how the system *shoud* be behaving so I know I'm not going down a rabbit hole. I'll keep working on it.17:40
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jaegerIf you do get it sorted let us know. I'm curious17:51
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nullspoon@jaeger: Looks like it was partially a pebcak.19:12
nullspoonSorry about the @. Habit. Got used to having to use those on hipchat and slack.19:13
nullspoonI downloaded a new version of the kernel source. Realized I was on rc7 of 4.4.0. Grabbed the stable of 4.4.0 and all is well now.19:14
Noctuaslack's got completion without the @, too. Without the completion list though.19:14
nullspoonLooks like it was just a bug in rc7.19:14
jaegerAh, good to know19:14
nullspoonVery much so. That's what I get for trying to use latest. Now on to getting the linux-firmware stuff set up so I can haz teh wifis.19:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.419:41
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john_cephalopodaWelp, my second HDD gave up the ghost.21:18
john_cephalopodaSo I'll have to go to a computer store tomorrow and find out what's wrong with my computer.21:21
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