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nullspoonHey all, quick question about package dependencies. I'm trying to install network manager on my system, and on the configure stage (./configure...), it's complaining about gudev missing. I checked the Pkgfile for network manager and it doesn't mention gudev anywhere.18:55
nullspoonI can install gudev no problem (it's in opt), just thought I'd check with folks to see if I'm missing something.18:56
Wildefyrdid you try installing gudev? and compile network manager after okay?18:56
jaegerit looks like gudev is listed in networkmanager's deps18:56
jaegerare you installing with "prt-get depinst networkmanager" ?18:57
nullspoonI'm sorry again.18:57
nullspoonI keep forgetting about depinst18:57
nullspoonOne question though. Where do you see gudev listed in its deps?18:58
nullspoonI'm checking the Pkgfile on the # Depends on: line and I'm not seeing it.18:59
Wildefyrjaeger : gudev isn't actually listed18:59
Wildefyremail the maintainer18:59
nullspoonHowever depinst did almost install correctly (footprint mismatch on polkit)18:59
jaeger$ prt-get depends networkmanager | grep udev18:59
jaeger[i] eudev18:59
jaeger[ ] gudev18:59
Wildefyrah k19:00
nullspoonStill probably another dumb question here. I'm getting a footprint mismatch on polkit.19:03
nullspoonherm. Looks like a missing user I think.19:04
jaegerIt probably has a pre-install script19:07
jaegerI suggest enabling those by default in prt-get.conf19:07
nullspoonJimminy. Didn't know that was there.19:08
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nullspoonThat resolved the user issues with the footprint mismatch. still getting a mismatch though.19:10
nullspoon . Looks like several new directories.19:13
jaegerlooks like it picked up gobject-introspection support, safe to ignore19:19
nullspoonhello faq19:19
nullspoonjust saw that ignore in there as you said that.  :)19:19
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frinnst :)21:26
tierd891the "" doesn't help :D21:37
tierd891lol I just scrolled down to see some comments and many people said the same thing (ie domain doesnt help) haha21:39
Wildefyrgotta get those haxx21:42
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onodera>Also, I have yet to figure out how to unhack the hackers from my Instagram...21:53
onoderasrsly lol21:53
frinnst"can you move my email from this computer to that" me> "yes, do you have the email credentials" her> "no. just do it anyways"21:54
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jaegernullspoon, Wildefyr: sorry, to clarify from earlier, gudev isn't in networkmanager's deps list but it's in something else's deps in the tree23:09
jaeger'prt-get deptree networkmanager' will show here23:09
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jaegerneat, TIS-100 can be played in steamos. Looks like a silly fun game23:33
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