IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2016-01-21

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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gnutls: fixed mandir location00:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cabextract: fixed mandir location00:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: desktop-file-utils: fixed mandir location00:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dialog: updated to 1.2-20150920 and fixed mandir location00:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: freetype: fixed mandir location00:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: fontconfig: fixed mandir location00:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: intltool: updated to 0.51.0 and fixed mandir location00:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: openldap: fixed mandir location00:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: krb5: updated to 1.14 and fixed mandir location00:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: shared-mime-info: updated to 1.5 and fixed mandir location00:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libidn: fixed mandir location00:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mtools: fixed mandir location00:54
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tired890shared-mime-info fails01:07
Wildefyrwho's been having their weetabix today?01:15
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Worksterit's fine here tired890
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tired890Workster, any idea what might be causing it? linking issues?03:39
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tired890my system is pretty much stock 3.203:39
Worksterour of space, says it's truncated?03:53
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Worksteri just tried it in my docker image03:53
Worksterrevdep ?03:54
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tired890revdep only reports libreoffice (false positive)03:55
tired890no space issues..03:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nvidia-sl: added nvidia-modeset kernel module05:04
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errlcan someone help me trouble shoot grub2? i am installing on uefi and keep getting the grub prompt with a generated config07:10
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: coreutils: update to 8.2511:24
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: ca-certificates: update to 2016011911:24
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: dhcpcd: update to 6.10.111:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: aspell-en: update to 2016.01.19-011:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sqlite3: update to 3.10.211:32
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DaVinciHi, sometimes when I do a pkgmk, all the files are getting owned by a non-existent group(106), how can I stop this.16:17
t0b1nuxDaVinci: does this happen during compression or before ?16:29
DaVincibefore, if I add a chown -R root.root $PKG, I get what I expect, but that's not the right way to solve this problem.16:30
t0b1nuxthen it's probably not a compression problem16:31
t0b1nuxmaybe the configure or makefile is chown some files ?16:31
jaegeris your work dir setgid 106?16:31
DaVinciI don't actually know how to check that.16:34
jaegerls -l :)16:34
jaegerwhich port does it?16:37
DaVinciI don't think it's configure or makefile, because it happens on lots of ports.16:37
DaVincibut not all.16:37
DaVincigtk3, atk, at-spi2-atk at-spi2-core16:38
jaegerdefinitely not the ports, then.16:39
jaegerpastebin your pkgmk.conf?16:39
DaVincialso sometimes a get a footprint mismatch, files owned 0 0 instead of root root16:39
DaVinciIt's only three lines.16:42
DaVinciexport CFLAGS="-O2 -march=i686 -pipe"16:42
DaVinciexport CXXFLAGS="-O2 -march=i686 -pipe"16:42
DaVinciexport MAKEFLAGS="-j7"16:42
jaegeronly those exact three lines?16:43
DaVincieverything else is commented.16:43
DaVinciand that line.16:43
jaegerhrmm, not sure what would cause that16:45
DaVinciAny thoughts on why sometimes uid and gid resolve to name and sometimes they don't16:45
t0b1nuxDaVinci: you are sure there isn't any account with the gid on your system ? cat /etc/group | grep 10616:46
DaVincigrep -R /etc/* -e 106 == ""16:47
jaegerthe name thing I vaguely recall in the past but not what the solution was16:48
t0b1nuxit's funny that all theses packages are related to gtk16:48
DaVinciJust what I'm playin with right now.16:48
DaVinciseen it on a bunch of stuff, just got annoyed with it enough to come talk to someone.16:49
t0b1nuxhave you tried to make a simple package (just a single file) with starce -f to see if anything strange happens ?16:50
DaVincino, I'll give that a shot.16:51
DaVincislightly longer test.16:51
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frinnstah, the 0:0 ownership thingy17:06
frinnstiirc its appeared 2 or 3 times before and I always forget what the fix was17:06
t0b1nuxfrinnst: almost, here it is the xxx:106 ownership problem ;)17:07
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DaVinciI'll take a solution to either. they might be related.17:17
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juefrinnst: remember, glib and --enable-static-nss ;)18:41
DaVinciwasn't there a licensing issue with that?18:42
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frinnstjue: ?21:40
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jaegerfrinnst: regarding the 0:0 issue, I believe21:42
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t0b1nuxSpeaking of glibc, is there any plan of supporting musl in the future ?21:45
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onoderat0b1nux: I think kori used musl for a while21:53
t0b1nuxSome patches are needed to make some non-fully POSIX compliant program work21:54
korionodera: only a couple ports21:54
t0b1nuxHow can he achieve that ? Patching himself ?21:54
korit0b1nux: many patches, rather21:54
koriyou can look at alpine linux' port tree21:54
onoderaor void21:54
korior void, yeah21:54
koriit's a lot of work21:55
t0b1nuxYeah, but alpine is fully musl, unlike void21:55
chris2you get used to it :)21:55
korieh I've burnt out on maintaining packages21:55
t0b1nuxI was more ask that question like : "Will the crux move to musl in a distant future ?"21:56
onoderat0b1nux: void is also fully musl21:57
onoderayou can choose between a glibc or musl iso21:57
t0b1nuxonodera: some packages aren't supported21:57
onoderaomst are though21:57
t0b1nuxYeah, that's true21:58
t0b1nuxSo If I want musl, you think I should better change distro ?21:58
koriif you want it NOW, yeah, you should21:59
t0b1nuxFine, currently I'm still quite happy with glibc21:59
onoderawell tbh I don't see crux switching to musl anytime soon21:59
onoderawhere soon is 5 years+22:00
onoderaalso a lot (all?) propriotary software doesn't work with musl22:00
t0b1nuxI thought the same, but wanted to be sure (maybe something was happening in a garage or somethin ;)22:00
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frinnstt0b1nux: no, i very much doubt it22:56
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