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groovy2shoesanyone else use Google Hangouts?05:29
groovy2shoesI've noticed that ever since the latest Firefox update, Google Hangouts crashes whenever someone shares video or their screen05:29
Wildefyrsadly not05:30
WildefyrI'd probably recommend using google-chrome for hangouts personally05:30
Wildefyrmore likely to work well with google-tek05:30
jaegerI use it frequently for work but that's on a mac05:31
Wildefyrdoes hangouts require pulseaudio?05:33
groovy2shoeschrome doesn't work for me at all05:33
groovy2shoesit crashes immediately after opening05:33
groovy2shoesfiled a bug with Google, have yet to hear anything05:34
groovy2shoessame thing with chromium05:34
Wildefyrany error?05:34
groovy2shoesand no, it doesn't require pulseaudio05:34
groovy2shoes"Bus error"05:34
john_cephalopodaUsing jitsi for video chats here.05:34
Wildefyryeah you're probably never getting to the cause of that one05:34
groovy2shoesweird because it works fine on Slackware-current05:35
groovy2shoessame kernel config, mostly the same library versions... I'm stumped05:35
john_cephalopodaIs hangouts webrtc?05:35
groovy2shoesit's got a custom plugin that it uses05:35
groovy2shoesanybody know how to get networking to work in a chroot?05:44
jaegercp -L /etc/resolv.conf /path/to/chroot/etc05:47
groovy2shoesaha, thanks05:48
groovy2shoestrying to make a framework for building ports in a chroot05:50
groovy2shoesit's not working out so well05:51
jaegerhave you investigated safe_crux already?05:51
jaegeror maybe safe-crux, I don't recall which it is05:52
groovy2shoesI have not05:52
jaegermight save you some time05:54
groovy2shoeshmm my scripts also use the iso to create a fresh environment05:57
groovy2shoesonly issue I'm having now is imagemagick's Makefile segfaults -_-05:57
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brian|lfshey Romster anyone ever try your fix for skype07:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cups-filters: update to 1.8.113:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gutenprint: update to 5.2.1113:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gutenprint-gimp: update to 5.2.1113:37
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z3brawho's there?16:20
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arceterathe url for irssi in opt/ is broken16:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: irssi: fixed url16:49
frinnstbtw you can add "PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(" to your pkgmk.conf. the mirroring system is still very much alpha but usually works ok16:55
tilmanit seems that with that variable set, the mirrors take precedence over the url given in the Pkgfile16:55
tilmanthat seems weird to me16:55
tilmanbut maybe i got it wrong ;]16:55
jaegerthat's the whole point, heh16:55
jaegerthink of sourceforge bullshit, for example16:56
tilmani thought the mirrors should be used as a fallback if the primary source is unavailable16:56
tilmani can see it being more useful the current way with sourceforge, yeah16:57
jaegermost upstream source is ok but there are some high profile ones that always or very frequently suck16:57
jaegerlike alsa, anything on sourceforge16:58
frinnstgithub is worse than anything17:07
jaegerAt least it's rarely down... though I agree that their naming scheme is amazingly stupid17:09
onoderawhy is github bad? I never had any problem with using the releases on there as a source?17:26
jaegerTheir default archive naming scheme creates files like $version.tar.gz17:34
frinnstso informative17:35
frinnst <- check the first couple of entries17:36
john_cephalopodaSourceforge is horrible. It's confusing to get an actual download link out of it.17:43
john_cephalopodaGithub is even worse when you need a version as package. No clue how you'd do that.17:43
onoderaI'm pretty sure their default is $name-$version but I could be wrong17:55
onoderahmm you are probably right seeng that distfiles link17:55
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joacimgithub has crap tarball names, but at least theyre easier to download18:32
joacimcompared to sourceforge18:32
t0b1nuxjoacim: yeah, and the tarball address is predictible18:33
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GelnanaHey, how do I put crux onto usb?18:58
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z3braGelnana, dd if=crux.iso of=/dev/sdX19:08
z3brasdX being your usb device19:09
z3bra(it will destroy all data on the stick)19:09
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j_vi noticed i think in some archlinux pkgbuilds i've looked at where they had a renaming kind thing for sources, would be useful for sources from github19:16
t0b1nuxz3bra: maybe he wants to install crux on the stick, not to copy the installer19:17
z3braoh, my bad19:17
z3brawell in this case I guess it works like any install19:17
z3brajust mount the stick on /mnt19:17
z3brahardest part will be compiling a kernel that will boot every hardware19:18
t0b1nuxz3bra: or ensuring henwon't destroy his nand memory (customizing kernels parameters and fs, ...)19:19
GelnanaIm trying to put crux onto my laptop, Im just trying to get a working crux installation usb19:19
t0b1nuxOh, sorry I misunderstood19:19
GelnanaNo problem ^^19:20
z3bragot a question regarding lxc19:24
joacimI like how people respond when I ask how to _install_ windows to an usb drive19:24
z3braMy container can ping its host, but not the gateway. Why would it not?19:24
z3bra(I'm running out of ideas)19:24
joacimmost people respond as if i wanted to write the install iso to the usb drive19:25
t0b1nuxz3bra: network namespaces are interconnected ?19:25
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z3braI left that to lxc19:25
z3brabut I guess so19:25
z3brathe veth was added to the bridge19:26
t0b1nuxThe container config is correct ?19:26
Gelnana_Ok, so I wish to install crux onto an thinkpad x220 laptop. I need to put it onto usb, is there any way to do this from a winblows laptop?19:26
z3braregarding ip.mask ?19:27
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t0b1nuxGelnana_: rufus19:27
Gelnana_K, sweet19:27
t0b1nuxIt can act just like dd does19:27
z3braI'm using veth pairs19:27
j_vz3bra, can you pastebin the lxc config for the container?19:28
t0b1nuxDifferent subnets ?19:28
j_vso, the bridge is assigned
z3brano it's assigned
z3bra.1 is my gateway19:29
t0b1nuxCan you ping on the host through the veth pair ?19:30
t0b1nux(The host side of the pair, more precisely)19:30
z3brayeah I can19:30
z3braI need to go to eat, sorry about that19:31
z3braI'll be back later19:31
z3brathanks for your help ;)19:31
t0b1nuxHave a good lunch19:31
j_vah, i've only been using dhcp server (dnsmasq) to assign the containers addr, just started using lxc this month19:32
t0b1nuxj_v: dnsmasq on the router or on the Host ?19:32
j_von host19:33
t0b1nuxWell, lxc start being complex if we need to add layers to make it working19:34
j_vworks good. can connect to net from container. can ssh in from host to container.19:35
t0b1nuxi don't deny how powerfull it is, but docker is still easier to use for simple things19:35
t0b1nuxThat's sad19:35
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randomanonIs there a tutorial for getting crux onto usb through rufus?19:49
randomanonSorry im a bit of a noob19:49
randomanonoh wait nevermind19:51
t0b1nuxrandomanon: not needed, just launch rufus and load the iso file19:52
randomanonI do that, however upon booting it says it lacks the media install19:52
t0b1nuxHow do you boot ? UEFI19:53
t0b1nuxIs the iso processed with isohybrid ? I no longer remember that19:54
randomanonSorry, It says cant access tty; job control turned off19:54
t0b1nuxOh, then it loads the kernel19:55
t0b1nuxI tough your uefi loader couln't load the installation media....19:55
t0b1nuxrandomanon: do you have access to a shell ?19:56
t0b1nuxThen what dmesg say ?19:57
randomanonSearching for crux media... No media found on /dev/sda, /dev/sdb. The crux media was not properly mounted! Spawnigna shell for you to attempt to fix this problem. If you are able to find the correct device, mount it at /.tmpfs/. media and then log out of this shell to continue. If you are NOT able to fix the problem, installation will not be possible.20:01
t0b1nuxI could only guess20:02
t0b1nuxBut I imagine the because it's a USB stick, the naming conventions are different20:03
randomanonill list devices20:04
j_vz3bra, you've checked ip {link,addr,route} in the container?20:06
randomanonusb is listed under /dev/sdb, so i dotn think thats the problem20:07
randomanonoops, *I Don't20:07
t0b1nuxrandomanon: the iso is meant to be used from a cdrom, thus the root partition might differ if written on a usb stick20:07
j_vz3bra, i wonder if your container needs to set a mac for the eth:
j_vz3bra: also, are the necessary pseudo filesystems mounted inside the container... i'm assuming this is a privileged container since it doesn't set uid/gidmap20:12
j_vproc, sys, run, dev, dev/pts20:13
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z3brait is privileged yeah20:35
z3braafaik, the mac is autogenerated if not provided20:35
j_vcan you verify? cat /sys/class/net/eth0/address20:36
z3bragot it generated yeah20:37
z3braveth573LIC - fe:ff:ef:19:12:c820:37
j_vlooks right... it weird, it's on the same net, i don't think it needs nat, wouldn't have thought it would need forwarding, but that could be something to look into20:40
z3brayeah it needs ip forwarding for the bridge to work20:41
z3brabut it's set to 1 laready20:41
t0b1nuxz3bra: so ip config in the container is ok ?20:41
z3brato me yeah20:41
j_vlooks right to me, too20:41
j_vis there a firewall on host?20:42
z3brais there a firewall by default on crux?20:42
z3bramodprobe: FATAL: Module ip_tables not found in directory /lib/modules/4.4.0-spoink20:42
t0b1nuxMake modules_install ?20:43
z3brafor info20:43
z3bra^ from the containers20:43
j_vi had to set the bridge if to promiscuous mode when i set up my bridge. i wonder if that is an issue20:46
t0b1nuxNothing weird20:46
t0b1nuxWhat is the bridge linked to ?20:47
t0b1nuxSome physical interface ?20:47
z3braI got my kernel compiled without packet filter support20:47
z3brat0b1nux, yep20:47
z3bra^ output or brctl show20:47
t0b1nuxI guessed ;) Have you tried disabling firewall on the host to test ?20:48
z3brabut i don't have a firewall?20:49
t0b1nuxOn the host neither ?20:49
t0b1nuxHow do you do forwarding then ?20:49
z3bralxc + br0 is supposed to handle it20:50
j_vforwarding would be handled by iptables, at least that's how my setup does it20:50
z3braand lxc setups iptables rules automatically?20:51
j_vah, wait, that's nat... forget i said that20:51
t0b1nuxj_v: you nat without a firewall ?20:51
t0b1nuxz3bra: sorry, I'm not on my computer so I couldn't test20:52
t0b1nuxMaybe create another container with an existing template to see if it works and what differs20:52
j_vno, i have firewall. my bridge and host are on different subnets20:52
z3brat0b1nux, good idea20:52
z3braI'm pretty sure it's something with my kernel20:54
z3braor setup20:54
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z3bradebian takes ages to compile20:57
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t0b1nuxThey are prebuilt containers20:58
t0b1nuxLxc-create -n test -t download20:58
z3brathat's that's what I did20:59
z3bradownloading debian-sid amd64 now20:59
z3brabut it takes long20:59
j_vif you don't mind rebuilding lxc, i have a crux template21:00
j_vthe alpine template doesn't take long to create, if i remember right21:02
j_vor is that template not in the default port... i modified the port to build upstream latest and added cgmanager support21:03
t0b1nuxj_v: this remind me that I should put every server on my RPi in LXC in order to increase slightly security21:04
j_vt0b1nux, was really why i started learning about lxc... now i've got actually containerize them21:05
groovy2shoest0b1nux, for what it's worth, the Makefile for the 3.2 iso does run isohybrid -u on the iso21:06
t0b1nuxgroovy2shoes: thanks, but this isn't his problem. Good to know nonetheless21:07
z3brano network access either21:07
groovy2shoest0b1nux, I know, I was just curious since it came up, so I decided to check :)21:07
t0b1nuxz3bra: lxc-checkconfig ?21:08
z3braall good :)21:08
t0b1nuxgroovy2shoes: this should be indicated in the handbook ? Wanna do some documentation ?21:08
t0b1nuxz3bra: this is even more bizarre then21:09
t0b1nuxz3bra: speaking of that, which lxc version do you run on ? The one in the contrib or opt (I'don't remember) ?21:10
groovy2shoest0b1nux, actually, the handbook does already say that it can be written to a removable flash drive21:10
t0b1nuxgroovy2shoes: Well, that's even better !21:11
t0b1nuxContrib ? Mine is also from contrib and warm me about cgroup namespaces21:12
groovy2shoesit doesn't go over writing the image to a disk, though21:12
t0b1nuxWhile it looks like it was remove in linux 3.8 or so21:12
t0b1nuxWho is maintaining documentation (aka who have push access to it) ?21:13
t0b1nuxMaybe he could add that or let you do it21:13
j_vt0b1nux, i googled that one, and what i found was a bunch of posts saying that lxc-checkconfig was outdated21:13
groovy2shoest0b1nux, I don't see a git repo for it, and I don't know who maintains the handbook21:13
t0b1nuxj_v: same, but doesn't know why21:14
t0b1nuxgroovy2shoes: I said push as I would have said write, sorry for the term which wasn't clear21:15
groovy2shoesI *wish* it had a git repo, to be honest ;)21:15
groovy2shoesI guess it's stored in a wiki21:16
j_vt0b1nux, i remember reading that they removed the namespace cgroup, something about that the namespace cgroup was a 'bad fit' but i'd have to find the lkml posts again to remember more than that21:17
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t0b1nuxj_v: heard the same,but don't know why lxc checkconfi isn't up to date is the other parts of it are21:18
t0b1nuxgroovy2shoes: as you could imagine, editing the page need a password21:18
z3brat0b1nux, it's about the kernel config21:28
z3brafor the "cgroup namespaces", you need to mount the cgroup fs somewhere to get it green21:29
t0b1nuxz3bra: cgroup_ns no longer exists21:29
t0b1nuxz3bra: oh thanks I didn't knew that21:29
z3braI had a hard time figuring it out :P21:29
t0b1nuxi had to investigate on it21:29
j_vi think they don't worry about lxc-checkconfig because there are so many kernel versions in the wild and a million ways to configure them21:30
z3brait helps though21:30
z3brafuck I can't reboot oO21:30
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t0b1nuxj_v: or maybe crux version of LXCis outdated21:31
j_vi'm on newest, 1.1.5 and it is still outdated21:32
t0b1nuxWhat abour lxc 2.0 ?21:33
j_vwhen did that come out?21:33
t0b1nuxShouldn't it be realsed in the same time thanlxd21:33
t0b1nuxCurrently they are on lxc-2.0.0 beta21:35
t0b1nuxBut 1.1.5 is up to date21:36
j_vah, i'll wait for the release before i update again. i've still got one issue with privileged to unprivileged container conversion to take care of anyways.21:40
t0b1nuxI shall probably use cgmanager for lxc21:41
j_vit's supposed to help with for unprivileged containers, which is why i added it as a dep to my forked lxc port, but since i've not used lxc without it, i couldn't say if it actually helps. only that my unprivileged containers work as i expect.21:44
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t0b1nuxFine, I will test that tomorrow if I have enought time21:48
j_vi followed this guide for setting up lxc and unpriv containers:, and wrote so i wouldn't forget modifications i made, then forked the port to fit my needs21:48
j_vit's not the only way to do it, but it does work21:49
t0b1nuxThanks for sharing links21:57
t0b1nuxWill take a look at it tomorrow, as said earlier21:57
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z3braI think it has to do with netfilter22:14
z3brabut I don't know what's the problem22:14
z3bra"If you have compiled bridge netfilter into your kernel, the LXC guest will only be able to ping the host and not other computers on your LAN or the internet, since all network traffic from the bridge is filtered by the kernel for routing."22:14
z3brafrom the gentoo wiki22:14
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z3brat0b1nux, I hate myself23:02
z3brat0b1nux, my router isn't, it's .25423:04
Wildefyri expected better of you z3bra !23:19
z3brawell, you'll be glad to know my distro works in a container :)23:21
z3braall I need now is 3 packs: gcc, make and mk23:22
Wildefyrsoon I'll end up installing it haha23:24
z3brahaha maybe23:24
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john_cephalopodaLinux rocks.23:54
john_cephalopodaI just remapped my gamepad, so I can use it to scroll through a webcomic.23:54
john_cephalopodatriggers to go back and forth in pages, analog stick for scrolling up and down23:55
tired890if I setup a super tux kart server, would you join for a game ?23:56
tired890ACTION is asking all crux members23:56
john_cephalopodaOooh, yeah23:56
john_cephalopodaThough I would play with the keyboard because my gamepad isn't really useful for anything :D23:57
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tired890john_cephalopoda, cool! will only be fun if we have at least 4 or 5 players tho (real people no AI)23:57
tired890for those who don't know it, here it is:
tired890you just untar an archive and run it (no install no nothing!)23:58

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