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Wildefyrtired890 : well it already complained about missing libs haha00:12
john_cephalopodaWhere's the download?00:13
Wildefyrlink is in youtube descriptions00:13
john_cephalopodaAh, there.00:14
Wildefyris anyone around to help me figure out my usb webcam isn't being detected?00:18
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Wildefyrshow up lsusb no problem00:20
Wildefyrdmesg does show it but I'm unsure if it's getting loaded00:21
john_cephalopoda./supertuxkart: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:22
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Wildefyryeah I had the same error00:23
tired890there is a statically linked one I think hold on00:23
Wildefyrcba to try and find out why it isn't seeing lib00:23
john_cephalopodaWildefyr: There's a kernel module required for some webcams00:23
Wildefyrjohn_cephalopoda : yeah I know, but I believe I have loaded it in00:23
john_cephalopodaMy webcam uses linux-uvc.00:24
john_cephalopodaLook if you can play /dev/video* with mplayer.00:24
Wildefyryeah I don't have a /dev/video00:26
john_cephalopodaPlay it with mplayer or mpv and see if it displays your video.00:39
john_cephalopodaOh, wait, misread00:40
john_cephalopodaThen either your webcam is not supported by linux-uvc or you haven't compiled it into kernel properly.00:40
john_cephalopodaIt's a bit fiddly iirc00:40
tired890gnutls is in the lib-64 folder00:44
tired890try run the game with ./run_game.sh00:44
tired890did you download the 400MB tar ?00:45
tired890at the top (full game)00:45
tired890Wildefyr, are you sure its complaining about libcurl and not something else?00:50
Wildefyractually it complains about
Wildefyrwhatever that is00:51
tired890well, its provided by p11-kit... but since we don't have enough players anyway..00:53
Wildefyryeah I'm gonna leave it for now00:54
Wildefyrmaybe another time00:54
Wildefyrjohn_cephalopoda : I actually want the mic on it to work more than anything00:54
Wildefyrbut i guess it's not being loaded by the kernel then still00:54
john_cephalopodaOh, audio...00:56
john_cephalopodaYou can pretty much forget any audio in crux.00:56
john_cephalopodaAll audio-related stuff is completely broken and doesn't work at all.00:56
Wildefyrthat's not very positive00:56
john_cephalopodaaudacity doesn't work.00:57
john_cephalopodaqjackctl freezes X completely.00:57
Wildefyrif the device works on other linux distros fine then I'm sure I can get it working crux00:57
Wildefyras for the other programs00:58
WildefyrACTION shrugs00:58
Wildefyrpretty sure audacity can work00:58
tired890you can always run audition inside a VM or wine00:59
tired890ACTION ducks01:00
john_cephalopodaOh, wait, audacity works.01:00
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john_cephalopodaI think it was the one that requires /bin/sh to be bash instead of dash.01:01
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prologicAny experience with Outdoor Cat6 cabling?
prologicI need to replace the Netgear Powerline (Ethernet over Power) devices I'm using with proper cabling :/ I'm experiencing 70-80% packet loss and poor throughput ~10-20Mbps on avg with the powerline(s)01:26
tierd891prologic, yes, with multi-phase power systems these powerlines are pretty much useless.. I have normal cat5E cables running over the roof with the sun cooking them for years and they still work (no degradation)01:27
tierd891and those are normal cat5E, no "outdoor shielding" etc01:29
prologici;e: non outdoor rated stuff?01:29
prologicis it even shielded?01:29
prologicwhat have you benchmarked the latency/throughput at?01:29
prologiccan you share some performance stats?01:29
tierd891no proper benchmarks conducted, but pings are sub-5 ms to router01:29
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tierd891no I think they are unshielded, basically bought off plain old discount center so nothing special at all01:31
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tierd891prologic, I got wire speed on a 100mbps card, sorry can't conduct gigabit tests no server configured with gigabit card01:45
tierd891if you will do a hackjob then I'd say don't overspend on fancy "shielded" stuff, if its inside wall properly done for children of your children to enjoy then cat6a is wise :)01:46
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prologictierd891: if you could do this for me; ping -i 0.1 -c 100 <your_other_end>02:12
prologicat least share that with me :)02:12
prologicI get 70-80% packet loss here on these Powerlines02:12
prologicso definitely looking to replace this segment of the network02:12
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GelnanaI have a question, how do you access crux through grub2?02:50
GelnanaAnYONE ._.03:08
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groovy2shoesGelnana, make a /boot/grub/grub.cfg (grub-mkconfig can make a basic one to start you off with) and use grub-install03:24
GelnanaIm not in usb anymore :/03:25
GelnanaOk so I did that, it gives me commandline grub :/03:31
groovy2shoesyou probably need to make a menu entry in your /boot/grub/grub.cfg03:32
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GelnanaOkay so im in grub config, what do i add?03:53
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tired890see manual creation04:09
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tired890why hi there05:31
brian|lfshey tired89005:32
brian|lfsstrange question hhow would I make my font size bigger in tty in general05:32
brian|lfsI tried using setfont it hhad no affect05:32
brian|lfsand also /etc/vconsole.conf05:32
brian|lfsabout to reboot just disabled framebuffer05:33
tired890tty? graphical terminal emulator or before starting X ?05:33
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tired890did u get my msg?05:41
tired890you are trying to change the font size before starting X, correct?05:41
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t0b1nuxFor french guys, a cool link:
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brian|lfsdoes the crux iso have raid cards built in08:35
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Wildefyrwell I don't know but maybe you should stick around for more than 2 minutes08:37
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t0b1nuxbrian|lfs: why not using something like btrfs or zfs instead of RAID ?10:19
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t0b1nuxj_v: I will test your cgmanager port, thanks for sharing11:17
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j_vt0b1nux: no problem, let me know if you have any issues, or see any improvements i should make14:05
j_vt0b1nux: the lxc-mk-unpriv has a weird issue i'm trying to figure out. after initial conversion, the new unprivileged container won't run, but if you clone that as unpriv user, the new clone works fine.14:08
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frinnstman, btrfs raid5 scrubs sure are slow17:42
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Ghost_r00tanyone awake here.17:51
Ghost_r00tfriends Wake UP ;)17:51
Ghost_r00tI can't open github with firefox but I can open it with surf.17:51
Ghost_r00tfirefox gives me "connection reset' error17:52
frinnstfirefox --safe-mode18:15
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Ghost_r00tfrinnst: then what?19:27
frinnstwell, does it work?19:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: rxvt-unicode: updated to 9.2219:58
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frinnstscrub started at Sun Jan 24 17:10:01 2016, running for 05:43:5021:54
frinnsttotal bytes scrubbed: 1.08TiB with 0 errors21:54
frinnstfucking yawn21:54
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tired890how big is the FS ?23:04
tired890I'm contemplating changing to btrfs.. do you reckon that would be a good move?23:05
tired890embrace the future?23:05
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