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frinnstI run btrfs on all my systems at home (more or less)00:09
frinnstdepends on what you want to use it for.. raid5/6 is very experimental but mostly stable as long as your hardware is reliable00:10
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frinnstraid 0/1 is mostly fine00:10
frinnsti run a 3*3TB raid5 on my ~00:11
tired890I see00:29
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tired890well since my boot drive is an old SSD.. btrfs should be a good choice given its flash awareness no?00:30
tired890now to figure out how to clone my drive (ext4) and put it back after reformat as btrfs..00:31
frinnstmake damn sure you have backups00:46
frinnstI have had one dataloss with btrfs and it was due to user error00:47
frinnstlot easier to fuck things up with btrfs since it works a bit different to regular filesystems00:47
tired890i see00:47
frinnstmy backup machine also runs btrfs in jbod00:48
frinnstI always make sure I run that on a different kernel than my desktop00:48
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tired890different kernel? so if a new bug is introduced it will not screw up both ?00:52
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tired890I saw comparisons and such, but what was the main reason for your switch to btrfs? inherent error correction? or the easy to backup (snapshots?) feature? or something else..00:56
frinnst+ i was bored00:57
frinnstawesome.. I found an old dvd-ram disk with lots of old backups00:57
tired890I get nostalgia attacks whenever that happens00:57
tired890if its severe I fire up a VM and install winXP00:58
tired890then delete it ;)00:58
joacimi just use md raid101:00
joacimwith ext4 on top01:00
joacimno backups :]01:01
joacimshould at least get a UPS tho01:01
DaViruzi picked up a ups a few years ago. haven't plugged it in yet :/01:02
frinnst <- so i still laugh at that01:02
frinnstguess i havent changed01:02
tired890damn it frinnst01:03
tired890you should lable NSFW content as such man01:03
joacimnever seen cosplay01:03
tired890hosted on github no less01:03
frinnst-rw-r--r-- 1 fredrik 20 1.3K mar 13  2007 goatse.cx01:03
frinnsti wgetpasted that file01:03
DaViruznsfw text? come on now!01:04
tired890UPS in storage? the batteries degrade even if you don't use it01:05
joacimsomething that'll last long enough for my server to safely shut down when the fuse blows again01:06
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brian|lfsQuestion is there no package for the kerenl in CRUX?02:04
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jaegerbrian|lfs: no official one, the kernel is up to you02:49
brian|lfsah ok figured that I went with 4.402:55
brian|lfsmust be missing somehting stuipd but whhy is  grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg  not seeing my kernel02:56
brian|lfsand generating a grug.cfg with no entries for my kernel02:56
rmulldo you have it stored at /usr/src/linux?02:56
brian|lfsno didn't make a sym link02:56
rmullDo that, and try again02:56
brian|lfsah ok02:57
rmullthough that may not actually help02:57
rmullI use lilo02:57
brian|lfsno didn't help02:57
brian|lfswell I have evil UEFI02:57
brian|lfshmm I see there is no /etc/default/grub.conf02:59
jaegerdon't make a symlink, that's a bad idea these days I think03:20
jaegerwhat is your kernel named and where did you put it?03:21
brian|lfsI don't see a script for mdadm to start on boot does it just start03:21
jaegerThere's no requirement for /etc/default/grub.conf, though you can create it if you want to03:21
brian|lfsit just dawned on my grub needs mroe thhen a generic name03:21
brian|lfsI knew I ran into this beofre couldn't remember the solution03:21
jaegertry with the name "vmlinuz-$(uname -r)"03:23
jaegeror really -anything03:23
jaeger    list=`for i in /boot/vmlinuz-* /vmlinuz-* /boot/kernel-* ; do03:23
jaegerthose are the names for which it will search03:23
jaegertake a look at /etc/grub.d/10_linux if you want to see more03:24
brian|lfsit worked doning that03:24
brian|lfsbut for my mdadm what starts mdadm03:25
jaegerEither the kernel (in case of the modes it supports) or an initrd/initramfs03:25
jaegerThe kernel can auto-assemble raid0 or raid1 mdadm arrays03:26
brian|lfsah ok so I need an initrd just for my home folder03:26
jaegerProvided you set the partition type and use the proper metadata version which I think is 0.903:26
jaegerIf you are not using mdadm for your boot partition you don't need either auto or initrd/initramfs03:27
jaegerI believe udev will do it for you in that case03:27
brian|lfsok I'll reboot in a sec and see what happens and go from ther03:27
jaegerrmull: for reference,
rmulljaeger: Cool, thanks, was gonna ask :)03:28
jaegertook me a few minutes to find a reference03:28
jaegerthese days things should find the kernel source via /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/{source,build} though I'm sure there are some stragglers03:30
brian|lfswow love it it says booting kernel ... and just hangs03:37
brian|lfslast time I had that happen I had to DD the disk03:37
jaegerIt might be booting but not initializing the framebuffer. Did you enable efifb in your kernel?03:40
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brian|lfsgood  point hmm04:06
brian|lfsI'll have to check04:06
brian|lfsI remember enabling nvidiafb but not sure about efifb04:16
brian|lfsI will have to check04:16
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brian|lfsah jaeger I didn't have Device Drivers > Graphics support > Support for frame buffer devices > [*]   Enable firmware EDID on04:45
brian|lfsbut I hhad EFI framebuffer on04:45
jaegerI doubt you need the EDID option at all but I could be wrong05:00
jaeger <-- a kernel config from one of my EFI machines in case you want to compare05:01
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brian|lfswould nvidiafb bork it05:41
brian|lfsI wouldn't think it would but who knows05:41
jaegerI don't think so but I can't think of any good reason to use it, either05:47
brian|lfsI"m not sure what the issue is I"ll post my kernel config05:48
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brian|lfsok here is my kernel config file jaeger
brian|lfsit could be my kernel but don't think it is06:02
brian|lfsyou still there jaeger ?06:05
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brian|lfsWith pure UEFI boot mode, with legacy mode disabled, following error expected:06:19
brian|lfsvideo driver not supported, boot hangs, hard reboot required.06:19
brian|lfsChoose UEFI first, next legacy driver. It depends on motherboard vendor and efi bios version.06:19
brian|lfsIn UEFI bios choose grub option, if your succeeded with above guide, additional menu should appear in Boot Menu, otherwise it boots into EFI shell: grub:NAME of you hard drive06:19
brian|lfsI guess I can  double check that06:20
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brian|lfsI crash jaeger not sure if you replied to me or not06:35
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brian|lfshhello anyone around?08:31
frinnstis it me you're looking for?08:37
frinnstI can see it in your eyes08:37
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brian|lfsanyone sure lol08:48
brian|lfscan't figure out whhats wrong in my kenrel causing it to just say boot linux... and just ahngs no display08:48
brian|lfshow have you been man08:48
brian|lfswow just figured it out08:50
brian|lfsmust of been one of my framebuffer options didn't like EFI08:51
brian|lfsnot sure which one because I copied thhat section from jaeger kernel08:51
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frinnstguess it pays off to be cheap. I currently pay 469SEK/month for my 100/100 connection. Called my isp and asked them to lower my costs. they gave me 250/100 for 249SEK for 6 months and then 369SEK/month after that09:56
Wildefyrnot bad09:58
Wildefyrnot sure how much that translates into pounds though :>09:59
frinnst1SEK = 0.08GBP according to duckduckgo09:59
WildefyrI pay 35quid for the superfast option10:01
Wildefyrit is something around 15010:01
Wildefyrbut only 10 down10:01
Wildefyr10 up*10:01
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frinnstnwe: can you check pageviews on a coworker is selling his apartment and wants to know :)10:39
frinnst(telling him to fuck off is also ok) :D10:39
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nwefrinnst: sorry :)11:32
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groovy2shoeshey all, I added a section to the FAQ, since I've seen this come up a few times now:
groovy2shoesI don't recommend using Rufus since that makes a bootable USB in a rather hackish way (it uses a bootloader that chainloads the ISO rather than writing the ISO directly, which is not needed since our ISOs are processed with isohybrid, and Rufus's method seems like it causes issues with setting the root device)16:07
groovy2shoesdd for Windows isn't as friendly, but it works like a charm16:08
groovy2shoesand I figure since CRUX's target audience is rather advanced users, they should be able to figure out how to use dd ;)16:08
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t0b1nuxgroovy2shoes: great! thanks19:42
t0b1nuxhow did you submit it ?19:42
groovy2shoest0b1nux, there's an "edit" button at the bottom of the page19:55
t0b1nuxyou need an account19:55
groovy2shoesI dunno, I didn't need one19:56
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deus_exif anyone is feeling brave or is foolish enough to trust me, here is my repo with bunch of stuff in it
deus_exwarning: using it might end in tears23:12
tired890you misspelled frinnst name, you wrote friinst23:12
tired890ACTION ducks23:12
jaegerdeus_ex: all that stuff is libvirt-related?23:14
jaegermore than I expected :) nice work, though23:14
deus_exlibvirt+deps and a few other things23:14
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