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jaegerAnyone in here dual-booted a macbook pro with core storage encrypted partitions?00:01
jaegerGuest58096: hello00:01
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joacimi only tried that without encryption00:45
jaegergoing to give it a shot with my work laptop after I back it up00:54
jaegerbacking up the ~500GB raw partition takes a while, though :)00:55
brian|lfsoh jaeger the problem ended up being something iin the framebuffer part of my kernel00:57
brian|lfsI had EFI on but something else was conflciting with it00:58
jaegerglad you got it sorted00:58
brian|lfs I'm thinking more then likely nvidia framebuffer but not sure00:58
jaegercould be, yeah00:58
brian|lfsI was lazy just copy that part of your kernel config and put it in my kernel lol00:58
brian|lfsso I'll shall reinstall crux 3.2 didn't find the problem until I install 3.100:59
brian|lfsafter I installed 3.1 I acutaly saw an error about EFI so I had something to research00:59
brian|lfsit was kind of weird only really saw the error twice the other times I tried to boot my kernel just got a blank screen01:00
jaegeryeah, it doesn't always show. I don't know why it's inconsistent01:00
brian|lfsThe error really only helped me determine thaht it was indeed my kernel.01:03
brian|lfsNot really whhat in my kernel01:03
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brian|lfs do you think its being lazy or smart to use the genfstab script from archlinux to install CRUX04:38
koribrian|lfs: it's being dangerous but hey if you wanna do it do it04:43
koriit's probably not that bad04:43
Halfwitbrian|lfs: I know you from there, heh o/04:43
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brian|lfswow stuff installs pretty quickly with 16 cores05:40
tired890moar coares needed05:58
brian|lfsI know I should of bought thhe 4500 xeon05:59
brian|lfsit has like 36 cores 45mb of cache05:59
tired890how about power consumption06:00
tired890them corez sure show up in the bill06:00
brian|lfsguess we shall see if Alan ever fixed all of ke406:03
brian|lfsthats what I'm installing06:03
brian|lfsnot realy sure why he wouldn't bother with kde4 at this point it hasn't been supported in about a year now06:04
brian|lfstime for plasma 506:04
brian|lfswow don't download to fast now wow 30KB 20 mins to download mysql06:11
jaegerslow down, we got a badass here!06:17
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brian|lfsits up to 45kb now06:20
jaegerI can't hear you over the whistling of the bits zooming by!06:20
brian|lfsI must be using dual 56k modems06:20
brian|lfsI remember my friend and I talkjed about ding thhat when thats all we hhad was dialup06:21
brian|lfswe bnever did06:21
brian|lfsI think we reserch it you would have to have 2 phone lines and 2 dialup accounts06:21
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brian|lfsso jaeger I called comcast to look into their 2 gigabit internet06:23
brian|lfsno one has a clue whhat I'm talking about06:24
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brian|lfsbut you look on their website and its in a ton of states now06:24
jaegerheh, sounds like par for the course for comcast06:24
tired8902 jegabits ?06:28
brian|lfsgigabits lol06:30
tired890while you're at it go all out fiber06:30
tired890all the way to the PC (fiber NIC).. don't use 10GbE..06:30
brian|lfsya I know06:30
brian|lfsyou would have to get that fast06:30
tired890reckon you'd get sub 5ms latency06:30
brian|lfsyou would only get 1GB with a standard ethernet06:31
brian|lfsI seen a speepdtest it got 2ms06:31
brian|lfsping time06:31
tired890nah.. "standard" in my book is 100mbits, 1Gb is good.. 10GbE is "next gen".. all fiber is enterprise ;)06:31
HalfwitThose are more fallible though06:31
brian|lfs  CCLD     update-mime-database06:32
brian|lfsupdate_mime_database-update-mime-database.o: file not recognized: File truncated06:32
brian|lfscollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status06:32
brian|lfshmm am I missing a package06:32
tired890I have the same prob06:34
brian|lfswell kde break if I remove it from  the deps06:34
jaegerprobably. you should find the root cause rather than hack around it06:35
brian|lfsdon't think the problem is with shared-mine-info06:43
brian|lfsnot sure what its with06:43
brian|lfsI think it may have to do with the way CRUX handles locales06:44
jaegerThat seems unlikely. Every user would have the problem then, no?06:45
brian|lfstired said he got the same error as me06:45
jaegerthat's 2, heh06:45
tilman update_mime_database-update-mime-database.o: file not06:46
tilman                     recognized: File truncated06:46
jaegerupdate-mime-database is used by a lot of stuff06:46
tilmanbeing due to locales?06:46
brian|lfsyes try doing mkpkg on it06:46
tilmani'm doing no such thing!06:46
tilmanuse the standard tools instead06:46
brian|lfshuh that is standard tool06:47
tilmantry "make -j 1"06:47
brian|lfshmm good point06:47
jaegerwhat is mkpkg?06:47
jaegeris that a typo of pkgmk or a real thing?06:47
tilmanis sepen still around?06:48
tilmanas in working on crux?06:48
jaegerhe made a bunch of commits recently06:48
jaegercouple days ago06:48
tilmanbut he seems to have left #crux?06:48
jaegerhe hasn't been in here in a long time, no06:48
brian|lfsya it is06:49
brian|lfsj1 seemed to work06:49
tilmani saw a random build failure once on this 6 core machine06:49
tilmancouldn't reproduce it, but i assume "make -j 1" will fix it06:49
jaeger=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/shared-mime-info#1.5-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.06:49
brian|lfsit did fix it just using -j106:50
tired890do you edit /etc/pkgmk.conf to change number of jobs or is there a faster way to specify it ?06:51
tired890..for a particular pkg06:51
jaegerMAKEFLAGS in /etc/pkgmk.conf is the usual way06:51
brian|lfsthats how I modifed was just /etc/pkgmk.conf06:51
jaegersome individual ports change it if needed, though it's rare06:51
tilman"make -j 1" is specified in each Pkgfile that needs it06:51
tilmanif that's what you're wondering06:51
tilmanglobally forcing sequential builds just because shared-mime-info is broken would be sad06:52
brian|lfsno but annnoying06:52
jaegercan't reproduce it here for what that's worth06:52
brian|lfsmight just not like the haswell how knows06:52
tilmanthis is not related to your cpu06:53
tilmanjust broken/missing dependencies in the makefile (or
brian|lfs bad url06:54
brian|lfsso why would 0j1 help it06:54
jaegerbecause a parallel job required part of the build that hadn't been done yet06:55
brian|lfsah ok that makes more sense06:55
tired890sepen maintains it but tilman is the packager, if you could just append -j1 after make that would be cool06:55
tilmani don't think packager means what you think it means06:56
tilmanand i don't have access anymore anyway06:56
jaegerwe should stop using packager, I feel06:56
brian|lfslet me research dvd+rw-tools to find a good url06:56
tilmanyes, probably a good idea06:56
tired890it implies teacher/student kinda relationship06:56
tired890here son, I packaged this, maintain it06:57
tilmanno it does not06:57
tired890I reckon at face value, it kinda does06:57
brian|lfsok worked for dvd+rw-tools07:01
brian|lfswho knows old mirror could work tomorrow07:02
brian|lfsit looked like from the maintainer that it is just down right now07:02
tilmanguess you could ask a guru or a ninja to put it on their mirrors07:03
tired890Romster has one07:03
brian|lfsyes he does07:03
brian|lfsI keep asking at the wrong times did Romster's susgestions fix skype on CRUX 3.207:04
brian|lfsI lost what he susgested I try07:04
tired890an IRC log is kept07:04
tired890see the title of this channel for url07:04
brian|lfsyou know how long ago that was like 3 weeks ago maybe a monthh at least07:05
tired890ah so you have a time frame, makes it even easier.. anyways google it like so:07:05
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tired890<keywords you used, eg skype romster>
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tired890here ya go:07:07
brian|lfsdon't think my video card likes 4k07:07
brian|lfssorry I crashed07:08
tired890I can't do context switching so fast.. need more cores.. good luck ;)07:09
brian|lfsthese chat logs make it seem it works07:12
brian|lfsbut last I knew that wasn't true with gcc-5x07:12
brian|lfson CRUX 3.207:13
brian|lfsthis is funny watching QT compile with 16 cores shit is just flying by07:25
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mahmutovcan we compile crux pkgfile with musl-gcc08:09
mahmutovor can we use musl library ,default library to compile pkgfiles in crux?08:13
tired890jaeger, have you ever come across "Not enough bandwidth for new device state" "Cant set config #1"08:44
tired890this is on a VM (uefi, machine type q35)08:44
tired890upon googling people claim its usb firmware issues, but the exact same config (a passed-through etron controller) works perfectly in win10 and win7 VMs08:45
tired890ops forgot to mention what the problem is: usb devices are connected to a hub, which in turn is connected to the passed through controller..08:46
tired890note the devices are detected correctly (together with hub and controller) but nothing works, last stage of initialization tells the error I pasted above..08:47
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brian|lfsI'm stilling compilg kde been a few bad links08:52
brian|lfsothher then thhat running08:52
frinnstoh, dvd+rw-tools doesnt work?09:06
frinnstits in my ck4up so it worked yesterday (im pretty sure)09:06
brian|lfsit works just the link is broken09:18
brian|lfsmaybe the link is down tonight or this morning not sure09:19
brian|lfsyay feel like I acomplishehd something got kde fully installed09:19
brian|lfsother then 2 broekn links it worked fine09:19
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brian|lfshmm take a few hours to rsync a 13.7tb raid 510:10
brian|lfshmm take a few hours to rsync a 14.7tb raid 510:10
asiehmm take a few hours to rsync a 15.7tb raid 510:11
tired_laptophmm take a few hours to rsync a 16.7tb raid 510:11
brian|lfsI miss typed the first time10:12
asiehmm take a few hours to rsync a 17.7tb raid 510:12
brian|lfsso why is your laptop tired tired_laptop10:12
brian|lfslet me guess 20.7tb in it10:13
asiebecause it took a few hours to rsync a 18.7tb raid 5, brian|lfs10:13
brian|lfscome on all I"m drunk sorry for the typo10:13
asiedid you get drunk because of the hours it took to rsync a 19.7tb raid 5?10:16
asie(sorry, had to)10:16
brian|lfsbecause I was installing KDE10:17
asieon a 20.7tb raid 5?10:17
brian|lfsno a 21.7tb raid 5.10:20
asiewhy not upgrade to a 22.7tb raid 5?10:20
tired_laptoplolz stahp it10:21
brian|lfsNo more room in the case10:21
asiebut i can easily fit a 23.7tb raid 5 just fine!10:21
asieokay i think it is time to stop10:21
tired_laptopyou can always add more via PCIE SSDs ;)10:21
asieif we don't stop10:21
asiethe logs will take up a 24.7tb raid 510:21
frinnst16 cores + 32gb ram.. ~0.2 load and a wordpress sites loads in ~3 seconds10:25
frinnstyay amazon ec210:25
tired_laptopcheapo line ?10:25
frinnstnah. its not even big. one image a logo10:26
tired_laptopuse caching plugin ?10:27
frinnsthtml - 5,96kb -> 3694ms10:27
frinnstnah, im happy its slow. easier to get the customer to move to us instead :-)10:27
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brian|lfswow never seen 80 people in this room at once10:32
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frinnstCompressing.. "About 16 Hours remaining"10:53
frinnstthe joy of windows10:53
asiewith bill ross10:53
brian|lfswhhat's you compressing?10:54
frinnst.. and done10:54
frinnsta users homedir10:54
tired_laptop7z ?10:54
brian|lfscompressing sounds like a bad idea10:54
frinnst"send to zip"10:54
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lo0mhi, i just installed Crux (what a fun expirience!) and I'm loving it. It think it should be pretty solid by design but I was wondering - do you guys use it as your work distro?11:40
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onoderaWell I use crux as my main distro.11:44
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lo0mThanks! I'll give it a try then.. there is some additional software like VirtualBox or Nvidia drivers that come as .run that I might need in the future - do you have any experience with those ? (I propably? mean binary packages in general)11:53
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onoderaI've never used virtualbox on linux11:57
onoderabut nvidia is just a pkgfile with build instructions like all other packages11:58
onoderashould just install itself11:58
tired_laptopvirtualbox compiles successfully on crux11:58
tired_laptophowever the current port is old (still 4.x)11:58
tired_laptopsomeone here successfully compiled 5.x, it needs a small patch IIRC11:59
tired_laptopI used to use virtualbox heavily on crux, then switched to qemu/kvm and never needed VB..11:59
lo0mthanks for all the good news then ! :)12:01
tired_laptopwelcome to the club! cozy here with direct access to friendly devs, what more could a nerd ask for?12:01
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rmullI have to admit that I don't use crux as a work distro, assuming in this case "work" means there is a possibility of someone other than me having to take it over at some point12:57
rmullI don't feel comfortable handing crux with all its obscurity off to someone else12:58
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frinnstwe mainly use debian and centos for customer and internal servers13:11
frinnstI run crux on my desktop though13:11
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lo0mrmull: i guess the only thing my boss would want from my work PC would be unpushed git branches and that would be equally hard for him on crux as on debian which im running atm13:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nvidia: updated to version 352.7917:47
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: nvidia-32: updated to version 352.7917:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] firefox: updated to 44.0.17:55
frinnstchanges in 44.0 is the removal of gstreamer support. use ffmpeg instead17:55
frinnst(or dont use ffmpeg if you dont want fancy h.264 support)17:57
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Wildefyrhuh it depends on unzip18:05
Wildefyrshould be listed as a dep if it's in opt18:05
frinnstyou are very right. unzip used to be in core18:08
frinnstbut as it were, its already listed:18:10
frinnst unzip, zip18:10
WildefyrI thought prtupdate pulled deps18:10
WildefyrI guess not18:10
WildefyrACTION shakes his head18:10
frinnstno, prt-get sysup will not install new deps18:10
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Wildefyrhey frinnst if you're still around could you help me work out why my webcam isn't loaded by the kernel?18:21
Wildefyrshows up in lsusb and a brief mention in dmesg, but it never gets loaded18:21
Wildefyrthe model is this:
jaegeryou probably need uvc support in the kernel18:22
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WildefyrI have it already compiled as a module but it doesn't seem to get loaded on boot18:24
Wildefyrtrying to load them with modprobe fails with 'Unknown Symbol'18:26
Wildefyrshall i try inbuilt then?18:26
jaegercheck dmesg, you can probably find the missing symbol18:27
jaegerbuiltin won't matter if the problem is a missing dependency, most likely18:27
Wildefyrit's this
jaegerI'd recommend searching for that online or in the kernel source. Probably comes from something else that isn't enabled18:29
jaegerI don't know which off the top of my head18:30
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Wildefyrwell the module now does load19:15
Wildefyrbut not automatically19:15
Wildefyrand still nothing like /dev/video19:16
Wildefyrthe most frustrating part of it is that dmesg turns the device light on during boot breifly lol19:19
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jaegerfinally on one of my machines shared-mime-info breaks. weird stuff23:57

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