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john_cephalopodaI don't get mime info.00:32
john_cephalopodaIt's some dark magic00:32
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GreaseMonkeyjust tried the dosbox ports (stable one in opt, svn one in emulators), both give me the DRC64 unhandled memory reference error, i'm going to try and find the svn revision that fixes it01:50
GreaseMonkeybasically, 64-bit dosbox on sandybridge doesn't play nice... i think head is 3955, the patch to fix it was applied against 3947 so it's a pretty recent fix01:51
brian|lfsmy firefox is updating01:57
brian|lfslooks like its done its compressing it took about 5 to 10 mins with 16 cores02:01
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brian|lfshey anyone have a good mirror for chromium?02:23
brian|lfsthis mirror sucks and google don't show crap for mirrors02:23
brian|lfsnevermind had a backup of thhe port02:29
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brian|lfsdbus-32 is missing a dep libx11-3203:54
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brian|lfshhey tired how you doing04:02
tired890hey brian|lfs04:02
tired890this usb controller is driving me crazy04:03
tired890in the VM all usb devices work except input (ie mouse and keyboard!)04:03
brian|lfsI know on my amd rig my usb devices would always change order04:03
brian|lfshaven't had thhat issue on archlinux04:03
tired890storage/drives/scanners work.. but most important thing for passing through the controller in first place (ie input) doesnt work!04:04
tired890no I'm passing through the entire controller (not individual devices off my host bus)04:04
brian|lfsI jjust pass gpu and usb audio04:04
brian|lfsuse syngery for keyboard and mouse04:04
brian|lfsI had no luck passing the controller04:04
tired890upon some googling it seems this is an issue that happens when connecting old devices (ie usb2/1) to usb3..04:04
brian|lfshow do you determine the controller to pass it04:05
tired890I might end up doing that04:05
brian|lfsthat was what stumped me04:05
tired890first you determine the controller's num (or ID?), using: lspci -n04:06
brian|lfsso far haven't crashed after a plsma update today04:06
tired890once you know it (in my case Etron USB3 controller), I then put said ID in my bootloader config file to pass it to kernel upon bootup04:07
tired890like so:04:07
brian|lfsall I got is numbers doing thhat04:07
brian|lfsand IDs not devices04:07
tired890yea n is machine readable04:08
tired890just issue lspci without args04:08
tired890at top you can see I tell vfio-pci to hijack my graphics card (and its hdmi audio) and my usb3 controller04:10
brian|lfsok looking at my lspci if I passed my usb3 contoller looks like it would pass more then one port04:10
brian|lfsso I would be sol04:10
jaegerI pass one as well -
jaegerwhat do your iommu groups look like?04:11
brian|lfsso how many USB ports do you lose doing that jaeger04:12
tired890yups to passthrough successfully devices need to be in separate groups (or passthrough the whole group)04:12
tired890hence why I passthrough the usb3 controller card, which works fine in Win VMs, but not in debian04:12
brian|lfsmaybe everyboard is difference but mine looks like I would lose a bunch of ports if I passed through a controller04:12
jaegerbrian|lfs: lose? none. It's a pci-e card04:13
jaegerbought for that very purpose04:13
brian|lfsok that makes more sense04:13
tired890you can use your onboard usb3 which is almost always provided by a third party chip (not part of the NB/SB)04:14
jaegerif you pass an onboard controller you're likely to lose a few, yeah04:14
brian|lfsyou all have audio issues or pulse working for you04:14
brian|lfsseems to be working for me04:15
tired890I use hdmi audio off my graphics (passed through)04:15
jaegerI use a usb soundbar currently, haven't been able to fix native audio yet04:15
jaegerslow and choppy04:15
brian|lfsuse to have that issue with debian as a host04:16
brian|lfsbut audio has been good using arch as a host04:16
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tired890brian|lfs, find your groups (even if you have your usb controller in a group with something else you can separate them with a kernel patch/option? don't recall)04:16
tired890find /sys/kernel/iommu_groups/ -type l04:16
brian|lfsI'm guessing you mean kernel line for booting my kernel by patch?04:17
jaegerthere's an ACS override patch04:18
tired890no, there is something you can do even if you want to passthrough a device that happens to share the iommu group with another device04:18
brian|lfsI think Verizon is dicking my speed tonighht seems like everything is downloading slow04:18
tired890jaeger, have you ever had issues with input devices plugged to your passed-through usb controller?04:19
jaeger <-- see acs override patch here... but only if you need it04:19
jaegernot so far04:19
tired890I only have probs with input devices, everything else works :/04:19
jaegerhow very odd04:19
jaegerMy only problem currently is the native audio sucking04:19
jaegerusb audio works fine, though04:20
brian|lfsstrange you using pulse jaeger04:20
jaegertried both alsa and pulse and tweaking settings04:20
brian|lfswe still on pulse 5?04:21
jaegerI'm using 7.104:21
brian|lfsI know 8 just cmae out04:21
brian|lfsI'll probably order a USB3 or 3.1 PCI-e card04:23
brian|lfsyou all notice that windows 10 activates with no product key in a VM ?04:24
tired890lol, no it doesnt.. that must be a "special" windows ISO ;)04:25
brian|lfsits off of Microsoft04:25
brian|lfsmy friend had the same result04:26
tired890avoid etron chipsets like the plague04:27
tired890try find one with NEC/Renesas chipset04:28
tired890I hear those are good (no personal exp tho)04:28
jaegeravoid asmedia04:29
brian|lfsanyone using skype on CRUX 3.2?04:29
jaegerjust a recommendation, not based on real data :P04:29
jaegerNot I04:29
brian|lfsguess we shall see if it works then04:30
brian|lfsI kind of agree NEC is bette for USB controllers04:32
brian|lfskind of strange qt failed comping for 32 bit it tried comping out of order but 64 bit was fine04:39
brian|lfssame compile options04:39
jaegerAnybody play Diablo 3?05:03
HalfwitI did!05:07
nogagplzI did too, but it wasn't that great imo05:09
jaegerthis season is pretty fun05:11
brian|lfsany have suscess with qt4-32?05:11
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nogagplzit always just felt like wow-lite, I also got screwed around by the support people when my account was broken into, so it's soured the game irreparably for me05:13
nogagplztorchlight 2 was much better, made by the actual diablo people from blizzard :P05:14
jaegerI played TL2 as well, good game05:14
jaegerI can't say that D3 feels wow-like to me but to each his own05:15
Halfwitjaeger: I was on PS3 when I played it though05:15
nogagplzit's in relation to the limited character leveling vs diablo 205:15
tired890any here play tank warfare games (namely world of tanks and Armored Warfare) ?05:15
HalfwitD2 was bettar IMO, I didn't feel played out right away.05:15
jaegerI've got the ps4 version but the PC version has a lot more. No seasons on the console releases :/05:15
jaegerNot I05:16
HalfwitI played WoW as a tank, does that count?05:16
tired890World or warships ?05:16
nogagplzwas it a gnommish tank05:16
tired890how about Hawken05:17
HalfwitI was Blood Elf, heh. Not the best class but whatever. Still was decent enough to tank HC bloods on spine05:17
tired890anyone played that?05:17
Halfwittired890: That was fun05:17
tired890"was" ?05:17
HalfwitI haven't played on linux yet05:17
HalfwitAnd Windows... well, basically to hell with Windows.05:17
tired890heh I'm trying to find a game we can co-play to strengthen community ;)05:18
tired890SuperTuxKart then ?05:18
nogagplzdoes that have multiplayer?05:22
Halfwittired890: I was pretty good at it, but I wasn't the best :(05:23
brian|lfsI always fall off the road in Supertuxcart05:24
brian|lfsI think its multiplayer05:24
tired890multiplayer seems WIP atm05:31
tired890i know the right game!05:31
tired890what do u think? I can setup a server in no time if there's interest05:32
tired890simple graphics but very mature gameplay05:32
tired890this game has been around since 199305:32
brian|lfsmy goodness no wonder qt4 is failing its onlt 4.8.6 for 32bit05:33
brian|lfsI remember this game tired890 from the old linux days05:39
tired890yup, its a fun game05:41
HalfwitI'll check it out :D05:58
HalfwitWe actually play UrbanTerror some on #archlinux05:59
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tired890ACTION googles urbanterror06:05
HalfwitIt's free!06:05
HalfwitSo, I'm actually window shopping distributions right now, as I'm feeling Arch has left me far too wanting at times, so the question I have to ask is as follows: How does pacman/makepkg to the crux build system?06:12
Halfwitcompare *06:14
brian|lfsah looks like someone figured out skype qt4-32 just needs clang++06:17
HalfwitSuch as, does pkgmk happily obfusate arbitraryish vcs solutions?06:17
brian|lfstrying it now06:17
Halfwit(my typing seems to be going downhill... hm)06:18
tired890Halfwit, have you installed crux or not yet?06:20
tired890if not perhaps looking at a sample pkgfile will give you an idea:06:20
brian|lfsits ok myine is getting wrose and worse on this keyboard I have a new keyboard on thhe way06:20
Halfwittired890: So it's just using curl behind the scenes?06:21
tilmanwget i think06:21
HalfwitAlright, thanks!06:22
brian|lfshmm clang didn't help for me unless I'm doing it wrong06:32
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brian|lfshello anyone still around08:01
brian|lfswhats the easiest way for me to compile qt4-32 with clang++08:01
brian|lfsI figured I could add it with just clang++ in the Pkgfile or -clang++ but that don't seem to work08:02
pitillobrian|lfs: using CC=clang ?08:04
brian|lfsok  so do I do that in the configure script in the Pkgfile08:07
pitilloexport CC or pass it to make08:08
brian|lfsso clang will do clang++08:09
pitilloyou can verify that clang++ is a link to clang08:10
brian|lfsthanks added an export line to thhe Pkgfile08:12
brian|lfsbefore make08:13
brian|lfswould think I would see it in the code scrolling by no clue08:15
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] curl: update to 7.47.010:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lvm2: update to 2.02.14110:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sylpheed: update to 3.5.010:24
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-video-r128: update to 6.10.110:26
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xkeyboard-config: update to 2.1710:26
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frinnst1.4G Jan 27 12:34 php_errors.log11:38
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tierd8911.4 gegabites?11:38
tierd891what kind of servers are you running there.. or maybe verbose set to 100 ;) ?11:38
frinnstits not my server11:39
frinnstand no, its all legitimate errors11:39
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john_cephalopodaHmm, I got a problem with qt514:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] imlib2: updated to 1.4.714:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: shared-mime-info: fixed parallel jobs14:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dialog: updated to 1.3-2016012614:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] chromium: updated to 48.0.2564.8214:57
frinnstawesome - i pressed ctrl+d while I had audacious focused some time ago14:57
frinnstjust ran out of diskspace - since ctrl+d enables "record stream"14:58
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john_cephalopoda-headerdir /usr/share/qt5/include17:45
john_cephalopodaIt confuses me a bit, that qt5 stuff is installed in /usr/share/qt517:46
john_cephalopodaI think it might be the cause of my error, since I couldn't find similar errors on the internet. So it's likely due to non-standard install locations. (Error: )17:47
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tilman_"qt5 stuff" being in /usr/share/qt5 isn't bad per se18:44
tilman_headers not being in /usr/include seems messed up18:44
john_cephalopodatilman: Headerse are linked to /usr/include/qt518:53
john_cephalopodaIt looks like they are searched in /usr/include instead of /usr/include/qt518:53
john_cephalopodaWhich is weird18:54
tilmannot necessarily18:55
tilmanoften times projects expectd that you include their stuff relative to /usr/include, eg "qt5/blah.h" in this case. not sure that's the case with qt though18:55
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john_cephalopodaNo, that's not what I meant.19:03
john_cephalopoda/usr/include/qt5 is nessecary because the stuff in /usr/include/qt4 is the same stuff.19:04
john_cephalopodaBut some cmake templates in qt search for stuff directly in /usr/include19:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: firefox: clarify readme20:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: [notify] nginx: updated to version 1.9.1022:50
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