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jaegerstill very happy with my code keyboard and ducky shine 300:06
joacimmy quickfire rapid is starting to get annoying00:11
joacimremovable usb cord was a bad idea =)00:11
tired890how so ?00:12
joacimconnection can get bad00:12
joacimif i move my keyboard, it can lose the connection00:12
tired890I see00:12
joacimthink ill remove the port and permanently solder the leads one day00:13
tired890what color cherries do you guys prefer?00:13
teK_red; everything else is spoiled or not ready for consumption00:13
tired890joacim, doesn't it have a small corner where you tuck the wire in so its secure?00:13
joacimI agree with teK_00:13
joacimtired890: it is not quite secure00:14
tired890I hear all those nice  things about how superior the "Topre" switches are (compared to cherry red/black/blue)!00:14
joacimthinking about getting another keyboard with mx blues00:14
jaegerI prefer brown, both my keyboards are00:16
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joacimpretty expensive these keyboards00:27
joacimworse when i have to pay import fees and get custom keys if i want a layout for my region00:28
Halfwitbrian|lfs: o/00:43
brian|lfsI just got a chiense keyboard wiith yes keys00:43
brian|lfsits mechnical00:43
brian|lfsso far so good I went throguh 2 black widdows00:44
brian|lfsFirst one I had bad left arrow key last one I would end up with the same letter multiple times.00:44
Halfwitbrian|lfs: The one with those um00:44
HalfwitThe green mech switches they made00:44
brian|lfslet me find a link to the keyboard I bought00:45
Halfwitbrian|lfs: I was contemplating that, and ended up with a 60% Poker II from Massdrop00:45
HalfwitIt handles my frustrations well.00:46
brian|lfsanyone have any luck getting skype to work?00:46
brian|lfsI followed what they said in the bug report which didn't help00:46
HalfwitCute board00:47
brian|lfsunless I have to recompile everyt‌hing skype uses with clang not sure00:47
brian|lfsI would love to know what on arch is messing up amazon.com00:49
tired890wow that must look quite the lightshow at dark00:49
brian|lfswhen I pluged it in it light up every key like one key at a time like 3 times then blinked the O key like 5 times.00:50
tired890not sure I follow but that sounds exotic00:50
brian|lfsserious any ideas on skype I wasted lot of time on it the other night and had no luck.00:51
Halfwitbrian|lfs: Arch only? Lol00:51
tired890brian|lfs, fact of life many windows apps have poor alternatives on linux.. hence Wine or VMs..00:52
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brian|lfswell I emailed Romster he must be busy he no reply and I do see him on here lately00:53
brian|lfsI was trying to get to the point I could use CRUX on my main machine still not close to that\00:56
tired890look up: virtualbox seemless mode00:58
brian|lfsdon't really fix the problem the guy ont he bug report got skype working01:00
brian|lfswith clnag but I'm unclear if he just recompiled qt4-32 or all the deps01:00
brian|lfsWhats different in Chromium 48 today verses yesturday01:01
Wildefyr"chromium, what is it good 4? absolutelyyyy nothin!"01:02
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Halfwitif you don't sync histories, the persistent login is nice across phone/browser01:03
HalfwitErm desktop01:03
brian|lfstrying again I put export CC=clang in my pkgmk maybe they were conflicting having it in the Pkgfile no clue01:09
brian|lfsIt seems doubful to me01:09
brian|lfslooking at arch pkgbuild only differences I see our -webkit export CC=clang and export CC=clang++01:29
brian|lfsbut its already comping with webkit01:29
HalfwitAm I correct in assuming that you always grab a fresh, full copy of source?01:31
brian|lfswhy would the source file change01:32
brian|lfsit re-extracts everytime01:32
brian|lfsI'm half asking maybe I'm wrong01:33
HalfwitLet me phrase this better. When a developer adds a few changes to a github repository for your favorite movie player, and you want those changes on your machine. In Crux, do the included tools just update a local copy of the src, or grab a fresh copy?01:33
brian|lfsah got you your saying check for a newer qt-4.8.701:34
jaegerthe source specified in the Pkgfile is downloaded if it's needed and doesn't already exist locally. if you want to use a git source you need to do it manually or make a tarball01:34
brian|lfsI did notice something else arch isn't using -exceptions but gentoo is01:35
brian|lfsI've been trying with -exceptions myself01:35
brian|lfsyay bingo works01:47
brian|lfsapperantly it needs clang and clang++ and maybe webkit01:47
brian|lfs-exceptions doesn't hurt01:47
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brian|lfslovely intel driver01:59
brian|lfsjust crashed and got a kernel dump01:59
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brian|lfsI submitted my changes so hopefully someone can update the port.02:06
jaegerok, hopefully this is an unfucked docbook-x{m,s}l setup:
brian|lfsoh crap that means it woudl need clang as a dep02:12
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: [notify] openssl-32: updated to 1.0.2f. Resolves CVE-2016-0701,CVE-2015-319703:01
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jaegerhaha, I just thought of a trivial hack to maybe fix my VM audio. I feel stupid for not thinking of it before03:32
jaegerwoot, seems it worked03:32
jaegerso simple... start a one-off pulseaudio instance as root before running qemu03:35
tired890I don't get it03:57
tired890how would starting pulseaudio as root fix your crappy audio?03:58
jaegerI wasn't able to get alsa configured in a way that would work without chop or static so I wanted to try pulse... but when running qemu with sudo (for taskset and bridging) it couldn't connect to the pulseaudio server04:00
jaegerso I just start an extra pulse server for the VM04:00
jaeger <-- testing with some fun music :)04:05
tired890that sounds kinda choppy!04:14
jaegernot on my end :D04:14
tired890try this (continues sound):
tired890also chilaxing04:16
HalfwitThat's close to my gruvbox colors.04:17
brian|lfswhy it start in the middle of the video lol04:30
tired890because.. thats the interesting part ;)04:48
tired890for testing purposes :P04:48
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skrzypCRUX day 0: everything works in general, but looks like shit08:50
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tired890looks? as in DE ?09:07
pitillonothing nicee than a terminal...09:07
skrzypno, just bare herbsluftwm config and urxvt and no any bells and whistles09:26
skrzypbut it will come soon09:26
tired890the bells and whistles?09:27
tired890openbox if you wish to remain a minimalist09:27
tired890or pekwm09:29
tired890anyone here uses xfe file manager?09:34
tired890looks neat09:34
skrzypsomething is wrong with 6c37's mpv port, again09:41
skrzypwhen I try to play Youtube (youtube-dl installed) I've got this:
skrzypWildefyr: kori: ^09:42
tired890install lua09:42
skrzypwhy it's not a dependency?09:43
tired890because this is the crux way, you need to figure things out from time to time to feel some sense of accomplishment09:43
tired890prt-get depinst lua5209:43
tired890will fix mpv09:43
skrzypI think I should rebuild mpv again after installing lua09:45
skrzypbecause it still doesn't work09:46
skrzypso here we go:
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skrzyp[vo/opengl] GLX not found.10:21
skrzyplibEGL warning: DRI2: failed to open i965 (search paths /usr/lib/dri)10:21
skrzyplibEGL warning: DRI2: failed to open swrast (search paths /usr/lib/dri)10:21
skrzyp$ ls /usr/lib/dri/*{i965,swrast}*10:21
skrzyp/usr/lib/dri/ /usr/lib/dri/kms_swrast_dri.so10:21
skrzyp/usr/lib/dri/ /usr/lib/dri/swrast_dri.so10:21
skrzypwhat's wrong there?10:22
frinnstwhat gpu do you have?10:22
skrzypIntel Ironlake10:22
frinnstyou could try mesa3d from git perhaps10:23
skrzyp5gen Intel GPU10:23
frinnstwill probably need some tweaks to the configuration options10:24
skrzyphow can I modify Pkgfiles in the way that are not altered while they're updated?10:26
xeirrrskrzyp: create a local overlay, copy mesa file there and order the sequence in prt-get.conf10:28
skrzypthen I need to care about updates on my own?10:29
skrzypconfigure: error: Package requirements (wayland-client >= 1.2.0 wayland-server >= 1.2.0) were not met:10:40
skrzypNo package 'wayland-client' found10:40
skrzypNo package 'wayland-server' found10:40
skrzypwhy the fsck i need wayland10:40
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frinnstfrom my port?10:41
frinnstyou probably need to specify to disable it10:41
frinnsti havent touched that port for a looong time. so as I said, you probably need to change quite a few things10:42
frinnstI just thought the git stuff might be useful10:42
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skrzypfrinnst: its a copy from t0b1nux repo10:43
skrzyp(which is the same as your Gist)10:43
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skrzypthat whole "devops" thing sucks so much11:11
frinnstACTION looks at jaeger 11:11
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koriskrzyp: luajit should be listed as a dependency14:14
koriis it not14:14
skrzypkori: it isn't14:14
skrzypit is14:14
skrzypbut it should have lua52 instead14:14
skrzypand "Optional:" is not respected by prt-get14:15
korifile a bug and someone will take a look14:17
korior you can commit the fix yourself, you have access to the repo14:18
skrzypkori: I know14:18
skrzypkori: but last time when I modified someone's Pkgfile, you were disappointed about that14:19
koriI wouldn't say disappointed14:19
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] tzdata: update to 2016a14:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mdadm: update to 3.414:30
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john_cephalopodaThe crux handbook is a bit confusing. A lot of clutter, bits and pieces of information that seem kind of unordered14:54
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groovy2shoesyou really think so?  I've found that the CRUX handbook is one of the better pieces of documentation I've seen in distro-land15:05
tired890agreed, groovy2shoes15:07
groovy2shoesjohn_cephalopoda, if you think you can make it better, I'm sure no one will mind, though :)15:08
tired890if one is spoiled by debian-like docs then they might seem substandard but IMHO they are concise which is always good15:09
john_cephalopodaArchlinux docs are the best docs for Linux that can be found.15:12
groovy2shoesI think the handbook could be a little more complete, but overall I think it's really good15:13
john_cephalopodaIt has a lot of information. I only use it for the installation though15:13
groovy2shoesyeah, and post-installation stuff is where I think it could be more complete15:15
john_cephalopodaI'd prefer short descriptions that are then further completed over a giant description.15:16
john_cephalopodaLike, seperating the handbook into several pages15:16
groovy2shoesthat's probably a good idea15:17
groovy2shoespre-installation, installation, and post-installation all fleshed out a bit as separate pages?15:18
john_cephalopodaOr maybe "What is crux", "Installation" and then either one or several pages with all the post-install stuff.15:20
john_cephalopodaI like how it is on archlinux. You have the installation guide directly there.15:21
john_cephalopodaAnd you don't have to scroll through the explanation what arch is before reaching the installation.15:21
groovy2shoeslast time I tried to install arch, the installation guide wasn't on the ISO, which was disappointing15:21
groovy2shoesI like that the CRUX handbook is included on the ISO, in case you need to refer to it while installing15:22
john_cephalopodaOoooh, found a wrong thing in
john_cephalopodamenuentry "CRUX 3.1" { :D15:23
skrzypI think there's something wrong with my kernel.15:24
skrzypEverything is terribly slow compared to binary-based distros.15:24
john_cephalopodaskrzyp: What exactly is slow?15:24
john_cephalopodaBoot? Starting programs? Game frames per second?15:25
skrzypSwitching between desktops takes 2 seconds, when GUI elements "pops" out from nowhere, games (Teeworlds for example) are a bit slower, video playback takes much of CPU usage, and so on15:26
john_cephalopodaMaybe your graphics card is not properly configured?15:26
skrzypBut glxgears works at stable 60FPS. However, putting it in maximized window works well, but when I press mod-f (for fullscreen mode) it slows down badly15:26
skrzyp$ glxinfo | grep -i direct15:27
skrzypdirect rendering: Yes15:27
john_cephalopodaWhat does your "lspci | grep VGA" give you?15:27
skrzypi need to grap pciutils, wait15:27
skrzypit's available, but not for regular user15:28
skrzyp# lspci -nn | grep VGA15:28
skrzyp00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:0046] (rev 02)15:28
skrzyptl;dr - Ironlake graphics from Arrandale 5gen Intel Core CPU15:28
skrzyp(i5 520M)15:28
john_cephalopodaSo onboard.15:29
groovy2shoesskrzyp, do you have the i910 module loaded? (lsmod |grep i915)15:30
skrzypYes, but it's not a problem for daily usage.15:30
groovy2shoesi915 module, I mean15:30
skrzypgroovy2shoes: I have built it into kernel, Xorg driver works too.15:31
groovy2shoesah okay15:31
groovy2shoesdo you have SMP enabled in the kernel as well?15:31
skrzyp# dmesg | grep -Ei '(i915|ironlake|SMP)' | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' sprunge.us15:33
groovy2shoesyou could have a look at the kernel config for the distros that are faster and see what's different from your config15:34
groovy2shoesI did that with Slackware's kernel15:35
skrzypthat always sounds bad, I think I just overdid with kernel config15:35
skrzyp# curl -F 'sprunge=<-' < /root/linux-4.4/.config15:36
skrzypIf anyone here is experienced in kernel configuration, I'll appreciate a little review of this config.15:36
skrzyp(machine is Thinkpad X201)15:36
groovy2shoesnot me, my eyes tend to glaze over when I look at kernel configs :S15:42
john_cephalopodaIt is ultra-hard to find the atheros card section.15:57
john_cephalopodaIt isn't shown in the search function.15:58
john_cephalopodaAlso I keep forgetting some parts somewhere.15:58
john_cephalopodaAnd since 4.4, my uvc doesn't work any more.15:58
skrzypProbably found the case.15:59
skrzypas usual, I need to add intel_iommu=igfx_off as boot parameter15:59
skrzypjohn_cephalopoda: device drivers - > network drvices - > wireless - > atheros16:00
john_cephalopodaskrzyp: There are two different places.16:04
john_cephalopodaActually, when I search for "Atheros" in the search menu, I only get "NET_VENDOR_ATHEROS", which is ethernet.16:06
john_cephalopodaI find that one most of the time though.16:07
john_cephalopodaBut UVC... no clue how to activate that.16:07
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: tzdata: add -j1 to avoid possible race conditions16:15
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