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arcetera when trying to compile mesa3d-32, i get the error 'no pacage 'glproto' found'00:14
arceteraxorg-glproto is installed00:14
arceteraand when compiling libdrm-32, i get 'no package 'pciaccess' found'00:15
Wildefyrtry recompiling them?00:15
arceterathat's what i'm trying to do...00:16
arceterathey're installed but they fail to update00:16
Wildefyrwell what's their error messages?00:16
arceterai just said so00:16
arcetera'no package 'glproto' found', 'no package 'pciaccess' found'00:16
Wildefyrwhen trying to recompile xorg-glproto ??!00:17
arceteranot xorg-glproto00:17
arceteraOH i see00:17
Wildefyrrecompile that first if it's saying it can't find it00:17
arceterahow the fuck00:18
arcetera/usr/lib/pkgconfig/glproto.pc exists00:19
arceteraso does /usr/lib/pkgconfig/pciaccess00:20
jaegerbut not the 32-bit version, probably00:21
jaegercheck xorg-glproto-3200:22
arceterafor one, that was a dependency for wine which is now removed and i no longer need00:22
arceteraor rather00:22
arceterait was a dependency for packages that wine depended on00:22
arceteraoh for fuck sake00:23
Wildefyrhaving fun? :_00:26
Wildefyr:_) *00:26
arceteraFF44 doesn't recognize the font I use in userChrome.css00:26
arceterareverted to 43 for now00:29
Wildefyrhonestly I gave up on FF00:29
Wildefyrmoved back to chrome00:29
arceterawell what else am i supposed to use00:29
Wildefyrmight try out qutebrowser00:29
Wildefyrbut chrome is FAST00:29
Wildefyrforgot how fast it was compared to FF00:30
arceterafixed it00:39
arceteragfx.font_rendering.fontconfig.fontlist.enabled in about:config00:39
arceteraset to false00:39
Wildefyrwhat font was it?00:41
arceteraapparently ff44 doesn't allow bitmap fonts by default00:41
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tilmanjaeger: is it "an USB device" or "a USB device"?08:10
tilmanACTION looks at the "new" revdep-in-c08:32
tilmanACTION sees nested functions used in 2015 code08:32
tilmanMY EYES08:32
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tilmanjue: (you can pipe those emails through "git am" to apply the patches)08:58
brian|lfswow love it mdadm updated and now I can't boot lol09:16
Halfwitbrian|lfs: You use old shit :09:17
brian|lfsmy system actually hard locked after the update09:17
brian|lfsif thats what you want to think my shit is old sure think what you like.09:17
Halfwitbrian|lfs: Yours is probably newer than mine.09:18
brian|lfsthank you09:18
brian|lfsand guess no put in submitting fixes if no one is going to implement them09:18
HalfwitI haven't used mdadm in a while, really09:19
brian|lfsso you just use hardware raid09:19
HalfwitI have been using BTRFS lately, though.09:20
brian|lfsthem bastards they stole openssl from us09:21
Halfwitbrian|lfs: I had a power loss, and lost my single disk BTRFS09:22
brian|lfsany idea what CRUX uses to make their initrd on their ISO?09:24
tilmanyou can find out :)09:25
brian|lfsWait you saying you don't know?09:28
tilmanthink that's a problem?09:29
brian|lfsno just surprised09:31
tilmani just never worked on the iso-fu much09:31
brian|lfsah ok I looked I see a commit but not sure what initrd it is09:32
brian|lfsall I see is I guess initramfs09:33
brian|lfsI had a bad day09:34
brian|lfsthen I came home and wasn't thinking and plugged my 40 inch monitor back in but was having trou ble witht he wires and faced it down to reach the ports and the screen is all messed up09:34
brian|lfsso I have a monitor with a bunch of lines09:35
brian|lfsand unuseable09:35
brian|lfsI wouldn't of thoguht that woudl put that much weight on it09:35
brian|lfswe are all human I suppose and don't think09:36
brian|lfsbut been having issues lately so it makes it worse mistakes09:36
brian|lfsreason I unplugged it was to get the serial number becuase it had these weird thigns along the top boarder09:42
brian|lfsseriously not trying to be mean so does anyone look at the bug site?09:46
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tired890brian|lfs, sorry to hear about ur troubles take it easy buddy10:19
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brian|lfsya I live on the 6th floor10:21
brian|lfsand have a balcany10:21
juetilman: thanks!10:24
tilmanjue: np; i forgot to mention that i'm unsure if prtreject needs the same treatment10:29
tilmanthe other scripts i had a look at and/or tested10:30
jueyeah, the same10:53
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jaegertilman: a USB device15:07
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tilmani thought it's about the vowel that you pronounce..?15:36
tired890when U has a "YOU" sound, then "a" is used15:38
tired890hope that was AN Unambiguous answer ;)15:39
tilmanreally surprised i don't seem to have ever heard about this exception15:40
jaegerenglish is rife with stupid exceptions16:00
jaegera unicycle, a USB device, an unambiguous rule (ha!), a UFO16:01
tired890ACTION puts on tinfoil16:08
tired890a (you)nicycle, a (you)SB device, an (u)namb... a (you)FO, So simple isnt it tilman? I deduct rules myself. They don't write them down so you think its hard and pay for tutors/books and TOEFL tests etc.16:08
tired890I wonder, if GCC 6 was able to accelerate certain functions with HSA/OpenCL/GPU etc, would one need to rewrite code or does GCC (when invoked with certain flags) able to substitute accelerate-able and make use of the new execution methods? anyone know?16:20
tired890I reckon if its automated this would be a real paradigm shift and we would see an exponential gains16:25
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tilmanwell then16:45
tilmanthank you both16:45
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groovy2shoesany chance we can get Xephyr in xorg?17:15
tilmanpretty sure we already have?17:17
groovy2shoesit'd be helpful for me, since I'm now contributing to the awesome window manager17:19
tilmantry adding --enable-kdrive to the configure call17:20
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Wildefyrmy bootup is failling20:04
Wildefyrgets past grub and then freezes when executing some of /etc/rc it seems20:04
groovy2shoesdid you accidentally rm -rf /sys/firmware/efi/efivars ?20:05
Wildefyrnice meme though20:05
groovy2shoesso it just freezes? no error messages or nothin'?20:06
WildefyrI still have access to a rudimentary terminal20:06
Wildefyrit just seems stuck executing the init script20:07
WildefyrI mean I have modified it20:07
groovy2shoesdo you know which spot it's getting stuck at?20:07
Wildefyrbut it's done 20+ boots since20:07
WildefyrI think it's sysklogd20:08
WildefyrI hit ^C and it throws out some messages20:08
Wildefyrhitting ctrl-alt-del tries to shutdown the system but rc.shutdown gives me /tmp/rc.1815: Read-only file system on line 2120:09
Wildefyrlogger: /tmp/rc.1815 doesn't exist on the next20:10
Wildefyrand then won't shut the power off20:10
Wildefyryeah seems to purely be getting stuck off sysklogd20:14
Wildefyrif I leave it for a little while it the last line it prints is setting the keyboard: us20:15
Wildefyrafter that it freezes completely20:18
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Wildefyrwell looks like reinstall of / time20:35
john_cephalopodaUpgrade CD of 3.2 would probably fix it, wouldn't it?20:39
Wildefyrdunno but too late now20:40
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Wildefyrtime to compile everything :)21:21
Wildefyrthankfully I already had my kernel image ready to go21:21
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john_cephalopoda--enable-lto in gcc...22:34
john_cephalopodanumpy seems to require it.22:35
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