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fpibbis there any way I can speed up compilation? I have an i5 and compilation seems to only take up around a quarter of it's power.00:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: di: updated to 4.40 and fixed mandir location09:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: monit: updated to 5.15, fixed mandir location and improved start-script (Thanks to Juergen)09:24
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frinnstfucking chromium.. it has been building for what.. 4hrs now?14:50
frinnstuseless i3 crap-cpu14:50
retardsomething something blame equipment14:52
frinnstIntel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz14:53
retardwhy not blame chromium/blink?14:53
frinnst<@frinnst> fucking chromium14:53
retardthat's a handsome little cpu14:53
frinnst2 cores with ht iirc14:54
retard2011, a fine vintage14:54
frinnstyep. my i7 2600k is still awesome14:54
retardseems i've got a i7-2620M in this box14:55
nogagplz2600K was awesome, the difference from the q6600 I had prior was staggering14:56
Wildefyrsandy bridge in general was awesome14:56
WildefyrI still have my 2500k14:56
frinnstnogagplz: heh yeah, i also moved from the mighty q660014:58
frinnsti didnt expect any major differences but boy was I wrong14:58
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john_cephalopodai7-4770, pretty nice.15:00
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retardi just bought an i7-6700k with christmas bonus money15:09
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retardbut i haven't got the system to put it on yet15:09
john_cephalopodaretard: With _your_ calculation power we can turn crux into a binary distro! ;)15:10
retardnot when the thing is laying in a drawer15:11
retardalso if you wanted that i'd offer something more fun15:11
john_cephalopodaThe only reason why I'm using crux is, because it's source-based15:12
retardpkg-get will fix that right u15:12
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Wildefyrhonestly It'ld be pretty cool though to run a package manager that offers good binary and source packages simultaneously15:15
Wildefyrhave minimal default binaries for ease of access / install15:16
Wildefyrbut stuff you want to homebrew yourself is also seemless15:16
john_cephalopodaWildefyr: If you want to choose between source-based and not use archlinux or void.15:29
Wildefyryeah but there's *no* middle ground15:29
Wildefyrnot like I've described15:29
john_cephalopodaOffering binaries would kinda break the paradigm.15:29
Wildefyrsure you can compile stuff on binary distros but it's never pleasant like on a source based15:30
Wildefyrnot really15:30
Wildefyrthe whole system can still be built from source if you want15:30
john_cephalopodaFor installation, binaries are needed. After that, it's not within the paradign in source-based.15:30
Wildefyrwell no15:30
WildefyrI'm talking about a hybrid15:30
john_cephalopodaHybrids exist. Also it isn't difficult to make binary packages for crux.15:32
john_cephalopodaCompile it, put it on a server, let the Pkgbuild say "source:", then just "cd $name-bin-$version" and "mv -R * $PKG"15:34
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Wildefyrthe idea is that it easy to do both15:46
pitillowhat about pkg-get ?15:52
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groovy2shoeswhat sort of magic do the compat-32 packages use and how can I use it in my own ports?17:03
tilmantouch .32bit17:05
jaegerretard: the 6700k is a beast, I've got one as well17:05
retardjaeger i'm way off course for what i usually care about here17:05
retardit is an attempt to get me interested in more consumer level hardware17:05
retardto do VR17:05
groovy2shoestilman, cool, thanks :)17:06
retarda cpu without ecc support i would ordinarily regard as unusable17:06
retardi've got one of these on the way in the mail
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frinnstoh, its restored?20:28
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frinnstit was gone for a while20:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] socat: update to
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-libpixman: updated to 0.34.021:03
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john_cephalopodaIdk, I just saw that link in an other channel21:10
frinnstits an old classic :-)21:14
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joacimi remember reading that back in 199321:58
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