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jaegermaybe something like: (not well-tested)00:16
jaegerit runs a simple hello program at least00:18
korijaeger: I have 1.5.3 installed, I don't remember how I installed it though00:20
prologicjaeger:  yeah I'm behind on my ports :/ I'll try to do some updates tonight. Thanks for reminding me00:23
jaegerAll good, was just curious. I've been using it at work for about a week now, just wanted to check it out in crux00:24
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jaegerit works well enough for simple tasks, at least00:39
jaegerusing the Pkgfile I pasted00:39
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Worksterjaeger, solution for go seems nice but you could forgo the boot strap if go is already installed. but it raises the complexity a little in the build() function.00:56
Worksteri should also be checking the sum of that file.00:56
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jaegerI suppose, though it doesn't seem worth the effort to set up for both cases01:09
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Wildefyrholy fuk udftools is turning out to be a pain to compile03:01
Wildefyrseems like the codebase is so unmaintained I'm now tracking down patch files across the interwebs03:02
Wildefyrah ha!03:04
Wildefyrgot it compiled finally03:04
Wildefyrreally having no luck03:19
Wildefyrmount just reports unknown filetype 'udf'03:19
jaegerudf support in the kernel?03:21
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Wildefyrdidn't realise it had to be enabled in the kernel as well03:22
Wildefyrthought it was just a lib03:22
WildefyrI have fuse already03:22
WildefyrACTION dances03:22
Wildefyrthanks jaeger03:22
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Wildefyrfinally got the disk mounted03:55
Wildefyrhad to reboot cause I had changed the image anyway03:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: docbook-xml: adopted, added post-install, added unzip to dependency list04:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: docbook-xsl: adopted, updated to version 1.79.104:56
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Worksterjaeger, you could extract with bsdtar and forgo unzip05:05
jaegeryeah. I'll look at that next time05:05
brian|lfsI see a crapload of updates today05:06
Worksteri haven't done any yet brian|lfs :D05:06
brian|lfsI'm being serious not a smart ass got a  lot of crux emails today with updates05:06
brian|lfsand guess no one cares about the skype fix05:06
brian|lfsI submitted it to bugs my working configuration05:07
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brian|lfshow you been Workster05:08
brian|lfsI know busy haven't seen you in ages05:08
Worksterjaeger, a good test would be if btrfsprogs would generate theman pages, i know frinnst never could get docbook on crux to do that.05:14
Worksterbrian|lfs, yeah been busy.05:14
jaegerWorkster: yeah, they build here. Adding asciidoc and xmlto to core would be very annoying, though05:17
Worksteri wouldn't do that but at lest frinnst can generate the man pages on crux then.05:35
jaegerah, ok. makes sense05:42
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brian|lfshey tilman06:29
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tired890what say you make one for crux?
tired890s/you make/you we make07:09
Wildefyrsomehow I don't think we can top the linux kernel07:13
Wildefyrafter all it is the largest piece of software ever written07:13
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tired890heh.. wasnt thinking of it as a competition.. just something to do for fun :)07:20
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Wildefyrwhy does opt/transmission not ship with a service file?08:13
Wildefyris there a particular reason anyone knows of before I open an issue on the bug tracker08:13
tired890service file?! as in systemd.service ? lel08:16
WildefyrI was refering to the start/stop files in /etc/rc.d08:17
tired890oh :)08:17
tired890well, I used to run it as me :)08:17
tired890just have my .config/transmission set the way I like and fire it up08:17
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WildefyrI don't really care08:18
Wildefyrbut it'd just be nice to have on boot08:18
tired890you can always use rc.local heh08:18
tired890anyways I reckon you can copy an existing script and tailor it for transmission08:19
Wildefyroh sure08:19
tired890you are using the cli version right ?08:19
WildefyrI just think it'ld be nice to offer as a default08:19
Wildefyrthey don't get enabled by default anyway those files08:20
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tired890Wildefyr, I hacked my first script08:39
tired890want it?08:39
Wildefyrah another pastebin to add to my collection08:42
tired890not sure thats "collection" worthy.. but should work in theory :P08:42
tired890I actually use rtorrent now.. used to be a long time transmission user though (always started it as my own user however)08:42
Wildefyrno I have a script to transfer pastebin urls08:42
Wildefyrpeople never link the raw paste08:42
Wildefyrand instead link the html page08:43
tired890ACTION notes he  should always link raw08:43
Wildefyrit's no big deal08:44
Wildefyrjust gets really annoying for a heavy term user after awhile with a million aliases for everything load who loads files into vim directly for viewing..08:44
WildefyrI should get out more08:44
tired890always a good thing to do that08:45
Wildefyrand there we are08:46
Wildefyrdirectly into vim(!)08:46
Wildefyrwith two keystrokes only08:46
Wildefyrtbh I think I am just gonna put it in my zprofile aha08:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: doxygen: deleted missing patch file from source array09:27
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frinnstdebians apt-cache search is awesome09:54
frinnst"apt-cache search autoconf"09:55
frinnst"radvd - Router Advertisement Daemon09:55
frinnstyep, thats what I wanted :-)09:55
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Wildefyrwhat even10:14
WildefyrI knew it was bad but c'mon10:14
frinnstwell, it IS a ipv6 autoconfiguration daemon :)10:42
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frinnstah, there we go:12:18
frinnstDownload: 236.13 Mbit/s12:18
frinnstUpload: 103.92 Mbit/s12:18
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frinnstwroom wroom motherfuckers!12:20
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tired890thats fast12:33
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teK_frinnst: in Germany, the government "thinks" it needs to pay 2.7 Billion EUR to support broadband connections (the target was 50 Mbit for everybody!!1)23:11
tired890HSA skeptics:
tired890its the future.. and I finally found the answer to my question there as well, programmers won't need to target HSA with their code23:13
tired890its the compiler's job23:13
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tired890it will automatically detect code that is HSA-able and optimize accordingly23:14
slacko_27608ey crux'ers, just lost my crux machine, so sad, I feel so bad, I miss so much my crux23:15
tired890this is far from openCL and GPGPU stuff, HSA is different.. paradigm shift indeed23:15
tired890hey slacko_2760823:15
tired890what happened23:15
slacko_27608my dog destroyed my laptop, I'm working on it to bring it back to life via ssh23:16
tired890liquid-destruction or physical abuse ?23:17
slacko_27608now I'm on very small one without internal drive and with slacko23:17
slacko_27608physical abuse, no monitor or keyboard anymore23:17
tired890oh dear23:17
slacko_27608I will be back soon via ssh ;), nice to meet slacko, nice bootup stuff, this ram thing...23:19
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frinnstteK_: 90% of swedish households will have at least 100mbit connections by 202023:22
frinnst <- probably not very informative for you since it's in swedish :-)23:23
teK_and jealous any way ;)23:25
tired890is this driven by any real need or just first world status kinda thing?23:25
tired890coz even 4k streaming won't take more than 20mbps (using HEVC)23:25
teK_I hope to manage getting 16 Mbit DSL on Feb 18th, 50MBit some months later23:25
teK_tired890: I do no streaming but bulk downloading23:26
tired890p2p? how "bulk" are we talking about?23:26
teK_and I think that there are hardly any reasons beyond 100MBit/s for households atm.. besides the I want 200 for reasons!!1 reason23:26
teK_no p2p.23:26
teK_Server (mostly in NL, some in DE) to home23:27
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frinnstbusinesses need it, even small ones23:27
teK_I also want to share larger blobs with my family, so upstream is of importance, too23:27
frinnstand more and more people work from home these days23:27
tired890I mean can I get a general idea? Servers rendering and pushing uncompressed frames kinda thing?23:27
teK_frinnst: sometimes. I spoke about households :)23:27
teK_tired890: I prefer not to disclose details23:27
frinnstjust imagine fileserver access over vpn23:28
teK_oh.. yes. I'd also like to access all my media stuff from abroad because I'm not at home three days a week23:28
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tired890I am trying to imagine what would require anything more than 30mpbs for a home user, I can't think of any. Heck pulling 1080p p2p stuffs takes mere minutes on a line like that.. 100mbps begs the question how much storage do you have that demands such needs ;)23:29
teK_but the LTE contract is somewhat volume based etc.. but we're going to shove 2.7 billion EUR up the telcos' and construction builders' assess23:29
teK_for ripping us, the people off :]23:29
teK_tired890: you are mostly right.. the issue is with artifical or unintenional congestion23:30
teK_in my experience, the uplink from e.g. munich to the NL server sucks big time23:30
tired890teK_, a well configured router dramatically improves performance23:30
teK_BUT the nuernberg to NL uplink is ok. nuernberg is, where the other server is.. so I push things from NL to nuernberg to munich; it's a bad joke23:31
tired890think x86 on anything 30mpbs++23:31
teK_tired890: tell that to one of the upstream providers between telekom and the NL hoster (probably at fault: the Telekom)23:31
tired890oh well, there's always a catch isnt there. like those 100mbit lines in romania for 10euro/month.. man!23:41
teK_do they perform well?23:42
teK_I guess not ;)23:42
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