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brian|lfshey Workster how many times you going to change your name lol01:09
lockdowndoes someone maintain ec2 images somewhere?01:10
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jaegerI'm not aware of any off the top of my head01:33
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ryu0brian|lfs: you do realize those 2 nicknames are Romster's 2 different irc instances for home and work?02:19
neeasadeis this distro sexy02:22
neeasade/what appeals it to you02:28
neeasademy understanding02:28
neeasadeis a tl;dr is that is has source packagemanagement like arch02:28
neeasadeand everyone claims very pleasant packaging experience02:28
neeasadethis isn't really a query02:29
neeasadethis channel is mostly dead02:29
brian|lfsyes I do ryu002:36
jaegerneeasade: it's just low-traffic02:44
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mechaniputerneeasade: It gets more lively around a release or when there are problems. When it's quiet, it's a good sign.02:49
mechaniputerneeasade: CRUX is indeed source based, though you are mistaken in that Arch is not source based.02:51
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brian|lfsI should be known as headache08:10
brian|lfsbecause I have one right now08:11
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ryu0brian|lfs: is my client version really that interesting? :P09:05
brian|lfsnot really09:12
brian|lfsnot sure what happend CRUX decided it didn't want to boto with my raid anymore so I booted with an iso and letting mdadm recover09:12
brian|lfsthen need to fsck it09:13
brian|lfsand porblem just configure my mdadm.conf09:13
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ryu0nogagplz__: lol.10:33
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] glibc: added patches for CVE-2015-8776, CVE-2015-8777, CVE-2015-8778, CVE-2015-877913:37
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neeasademechaniputer: I see15:11
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Wildefyrah there's nothing more fun than being told by a program you don't have a certain module15:56
Wildefyrbut yet, it is already installed15:56
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tsaopHa! Just managed to run a virtualized CRUX under qemu with a somewhat working 3D support using virgl18:19
tilmanare you from the future?18:21
koritilman: aren't we all18:21
tilmani'm from the 80s18:21
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john_cephalopodaThe year 2000 is the distant future.18:38
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tsaopfunnily, I was just reading the forum comments for that article20:47
groovy2shoespretty soon it won't be GNU/Linux anymore, it'll be systemd/Linux20:48
tsaopnot as long as distros such as CRUX and Slackware are around20:48
tsaopluckily, KDE still works without systemd-logind20:49
tired890ACTION puts on tinfoil20:49
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tired890what concerns me is the devotion/commitment some people show in defending systemd.. if one simply says I don't want it they almost attack him.. you see this consistently in many forums20:49
tsaopI wonder why is that20:50
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groovy2shoesyeah, I'm really confused by how angry this "pal" guy is getting because one guy said he didn't like systemd20:51
tired890its a hostile takeover.. distros can continue without it but what if independent devs started depending on takenover-d,  then what? no distro maintainers will bother porting software to his non-systemd distro20:52
tired890groovy2shoes, I'm not talking specifically about phoronix, but in many forums..20:52
tsaoptired890: if that happens, then it is game over20:52
groovy2shoestired890, I know, and I agree, but this is just a recent example20:53
groovy2shoesI just see a lot of the systemd developers' decisions as trying harder and harder to strongarm people into using it20:54
tired890ACTION puts another layer of tinfoil20:54
tired890and who is paying the salary of those developers? yups, none other than the biggest commercial company in linux land, HiddenHat20:55
groovy2shoesoh, here's a good one: (to paraphrase): "the anti-systemd camp is all rhetoric about 100 years behind the times and wants to cling to the past"20:56
tired890I just wish more linux users were into the philosophical aspect of free software, not just "it works and I don't care"20:56
groovy2shoesI can't believe anybody is willing to employ Poettering or Sievers, based on what I've seen of their behavior and their output20:57
tired890yes exactly, labeling them as old white beards who won't embrace the "so fast!!" systemd.. 2 seconds faster boot20:57
groovy2shoesCRUX actually boots extremely fast for me20:57
tired890employ? they are employed by redhat20:57
groovy2shoesand I boot so rarely that it doesn't really matter all that much how fast it boots, honestly20:57
tired890groovy2shoes, exactly my thoughts20:57
groovy2shoesI know, what I'm saying is I can't believe anybody would employ them20:57
groovy2shoesif I behaved the way they do at work, I'd be fired pretty damn quick20:58
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groovy2shoesI prefer simple to complex, but maybe that's just me21:03
groovy2shoeshere's my favorite init system:
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tired890groovy2shoes, thats the unix philosophy, do one thing and do it well. If you say this to systemd trolls they'll shout at you its an "umbrella" and not all of the services are under pid 1 ;)21:06
groovy2shoesI don't care whether is monolithic or modular, the fact is that they all have dependencies on each other, and it's getting worse by the minute21:06
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groovy2shoesif that weren't true, then eudev would be unnecessary21:07
groovy2shoessystembsd would be unnecessary21:07
groovy2shoesand whose idea was binary logs?  that's the worst idea I've ever heard21:07
groovy2shoesI'd rather have a jump to conclusions mat than binary logs21:08
tired890I questioned myself.. I mean I don't know better than them distro maintainers, why are they migrating like a flock of birds traveling or something. But I can't figure out why.. I mean if I was developing a software and wanted the bsd family to use it, then depending on systemd effectively doubles my work or removes compatibility! oh wait there is a systemd port on systembsd.. oh man21:10
tired890groovy2shoes, agreed 100%21:10
john_cephalopodaThere's the possiblility to write compatible systemd replacements.21:10
groovy2shoessystembsd is just a set of shims to get things with dependencies on systemd (like GNOME) to compile21:10
groovy2shoesI don't want a compatible systemd replacement21:11
groovy2shoesI want no systemd whatsoever21:11
john_cephalopodaI mean for the tools around it.21:11
groovy2shoesnow they're trying to strongarm the kernel devs to put dbus in the kernel -_-21:11
tired890exactly my point, why do people bother with this when existing (production proven) systems work just fine. There is no game-changing merit to systemd21:12
john_cephalopodadbus is oriented towards the GUI.21:12
groovy2shoesit seems like a lot of change for change's sake to me, and breaking shit in the process21:12
john_cephalopodaGUI ICP. Linux is NO desktop OS.21:12
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john_cephalopodaI thought about init. What if you would compile all the scripts into one executable with parallelized boot support?21:15
john_cephalopodaNo parsing during boot any more.21:15
john_cephalopodaJust executing the executable21:15
tired890whats the big deal with faster boots anyways? nowadays with ssds being mainstream and all21:16
john_cephalopodaSuckless had a project there once (sinit) but it seems abandoned.21:16
groovy2shoessinit isn't abandoned, it's just finished21:17
john_cephalopodagroovy2shoes: Last time I looked, the website was down.21:17
groovy2shoesthat's the nice thing about simple software, it can be finished21:17
john_cephalopodatired890: I think it has to do with servers. When you have a server, you want it to boot as fast as possible, also most servers still have HDDs.21:17
john_cephalopodaOh, it's back again.21:18
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john_cephalopodaIs qt5 fixed yet?21:26
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