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brian|lfshey anyone around07:14
brian|lfsI'm scratching my head07:14
brian|lfsever since mdadm updated a week ago or so my crux won't boot07:14
brian|lfsI"m clueless07:14
brian|lfsonly raid device I have is /home07:15
brian|lfsand my /var as a seperate partition07:15
ryu0brian|lfs: how was mdadm assembling itself?07:15
brian|lfsI just made an /etc/mdadmk.conf07:15
brian|lfsI just made an /etc/mdadm.conf07:15
brian|lfsdidn't help just keep getting a log in as root or control D toc ontinue07:16
ryu0hm. usually distros setup mdadm with some initrd.07:16
ryu0what metadata format are you using?07:16
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brian|lfsnot sure would have to check the raid bios07:17
brian|lfsbut in my conf I did 1.207:17
ryu0... excuse me? mdadm is software based.07:17
brian|lfsya I know I have raid on my motherboard but it seems to be software raid07:17
ryu0so you're using that?07:17
ryu0that's different from MDADM.07:18
brian|lfsthen linux assmbles it07:18
brian|lfswith mdadm07:18
jaegerryu0: mdadm can manage some softraid setups like intel's IMSM07:18
ryu0which is it? motherboard "raid" is a different kind.07:18
brian|lfswhen I booted off the curx iso it still assembled fien so not sure07:18
jaegerIt's confusing and I don't recommend it :)07:18
brian|lfsya its Intel07:18
ryu0brian|lfs: query it and find out the metadata format firstly.07:18
brian|lfsso I guess boot off the iso and disable my home fodler and see if I can boot07:19
jaeger'mdadm --detail-platform' should show some info from the option rom07:19
brian|lfsok I'll check07:19
ryu0since finding ZFS though i stopped using mdadm.07:19
brian|lfsguess be a few still doing a fsck on my var07:20
brian|lfsbecuase I seen an error about /var/lvm/lock07:20
brian|lfsbut not using lvm so no clue07:20
brian|lfswhat webhosting service do most people use for hosting crux ports?07:21
jaegerI use some of my own personal webspace or github07:22
brian|lfsI don't have any webspace right now07:22
ryu0jaeger: what languages does crux permit in its own source repos? it appears limited to C, C++, awk, sed, and shell primarily.07:23
brian|lfsis why I was asking07:23
jaegerprobably any would work with httpup. If you want more than that you might need a VPS or to use github (httpup or git)07:23
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brian|lfskind what I figured07:24
jaegerryu0: I'm not sure what you mean. Not restricted, I think07:24
brian|lfsnot sure what he means07:24
brian|lfsif its a language we don't ahve he could make a port for it07:24
ryu0jaeger: ah. i was assuming that the languages allowed in like prt-utils would be limited to a small subset to keep depends small.07:24
jaegerwell, I'd certainly prefer keeping dependency lists smaller but I don't think there's an official policy at present07:25
jaegerexample: I'd rather have a c version of pkgutils than a go version simply because go would be required at build time forever after07:26
tilmanlikewise for anything that requires llvm ;)07:26
tilmanor ghc... the horror.07:27
ryu0huh. i actually am growing to like Go, at least for how easy it makes development.07:27
ryu0but i suppose i can just use C.07:27
tilmanare you the guy who re-wrote revdep in c "recently"?07:27
jaegergo has some cool stuff, yeah07:27
ryu0yes, i've heard it has issues still.07:28
tilmanof the languages not yet used in prt-utils, python would _probably_ be acceptable too07:28
tilmanryu0: just one thing: please consider not using nested functions anymore :D07:28
ryu0is that a problem? it's not like you don't use another compiler but GCC really.07:29
ryu0i'm actually working on a revdep rewrite. i have an idea to make it faster, perhaps even employing some threading if it seems to make a difference.07:30
brian|lfsI had to use clang and clang++ for qt4-32 to get skype to work07:30
tilmanit's okay, no worries07:30
tilmani just consider it a code smell07:30
ryu0is glib2 acceptable to use?07:30
ryu0not sure if it's in core.07:31
brian|lfsI"m lost isn't that a graphics library07:31
ryu0glib2 is a low level library to provide stuff C doesn't naturally come with.07:31
brian|lfsoh ok07:31
ryu0like hash tables and stuff that don't suck. :P07:31
tilmanyou could use modern c++07:31
ryu0i have an idea, i'm going to see if i can drop the necessity for revdep to use glibc's ld loader.07:32
ryu0that may make it a bit faster through less fork + exec.07:32
tilmanryu0: be aware that whatever i say isn't the $TRUTH; i'm just a bystander here :D07:32
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ryu0my idea is to read all the elf information and process it myself to find the missing info.07:33
tilman.oO(use libelf to check for DT_NEEDED?)07:33
ryu0yea, but i need more than just that.07:34
ryu0think i'll make use of hash tables for fast lookups in my cache...07:34
ryu0tilman: should i also look for missing symbols?07:35
ryu0that's something revdep never did.07:35
ryu0first thing... i need to find a way to generate the library search path that LD uses.07:36
ryu0hm. need to parse /etc/ld.conf or w/e its path is.07:37
ryu0then look in the environment.07:37
ryu0and then there's the file specific rpath to consider.07:37
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brian|lfsmdadm --detail-platform07:42
brian|lfsdoesn't say anything about metadata07:42
brian|lfssorry for the paste07:46
brian|lfs# mdadm --detail-platform07:46
brian|lfsmdadm: imsm capabilities not found for controller: /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:11.4 (type SATA)07:46
brian|lfs       Platform : Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology07:46
brian|lfs        Version :
brian|lfs    RAID Levels : raid0 raid1 raid10 raid507:46
brian|lfs    Chunk Sizes : 4k 8k 16k 32k 64k 128k07:46
brian|lfs    2TB volumes : supported07:46
brian|lfs      2TB disks : supported07:46
brian|lfs      Max Disks : 607:46
brian|lfs    Max Volumes : 2 per array, 4 per controller07:46
brian|lfs I/O Controller : /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1f.2 (SATA)07:46
brian|lfs          Port0 : /dev/sdb (Y4EEK9E2FSAA)07:46
brian|lfs          Port1 : /dev/sdc (Y4EDK8BVFSAA)07:46
brian|lfs          Port2 : /dev/sdd (S1SRNWAFB05978E)07:46
brian|lfs          Port3 : /dev/sde (Y4EDK8BTFSAA)07:46
brian|lfs          Port4 : /dev/sdf (Y4D3KBXKFSAA)07:46
brian|lfs          Port5 : /dev/sdg (Y4EDK8BYFSAA)07:46
ryu0brian|lfs: try detail on the assembled raid?07:47
brian|lfsstill don't say07:48
ryu0sorry been forever since i worked with it.07:48
brian|lfsjust says the raid UUID along with the devices and size and amount of space used07:48
brian|lfssame here might have to google07:48
ryu0brian|lfs: try --examine?07:49
ryu0or --query?07:49
brian|lfswow jsut saw that at the same time examine on google lol07:49
brian|lfswow neither nothing lol07:50
ryu0let me try it in a VM. ugh.07:51
brian|lfsgoing to edit my fstab disable my home fodler to see infact if thats why I can't boot07:51
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ryu0brian|lfs: mdadm --detail /dev/<raid>07:56
ryu0brian|lfs: Version line gives the metadata format.07:56
brian|lfsah ok got crux to boot on its own its not assembleing my raid after the mdadm upgrade07:56
ryu0brian|lfs: are these things your root filesystem runs on?07:59
ryu0if it is, then this applies for sure.07:59
brian|lfsno my /home folder07:59
brian|lfsbut could be my problem that I used my bios and am not using raid partitions08:00
brian|lfsbut why would the crux iso understand it08:00
ryu0perhaps the newer mdadm needs a newer kernel?08:00
brian|lfsI'm using kernel 4.408:01
ryu0okay, okay. just an idea.08:01
brian|lfsya I know08:01
brian|lfsat this point sounds like I might as well blwo away my raid in my bios and just create an array manually08:01
ryu0i tried setting up crux to run off virtfs but i gave up.08:01
brian|lfsthank goodness its a test machine my home folder was empty08:01
ryu0it's possible but virtfs is way too slow.08:02
ryu0it's like 2 MB/s write.08:02
brian|lfsprobably safter making my raid from within my curx installation08:02
brian|lfsnow that I can boot08:02
ryu0brian|lfs: are you using partitions for mdadm?08:03
brian|lfsno I wasn't08:03
ryu0you used the raw devices?08:03
brian|lfsactually I made one big partition and formated ext408:03
ryu0mdadm can interfere with disk labels and such if you're not careful.08:03
brian|lfsgoing to comment out the one line in my mdadm.conf and reboot adn see if it makes a difference before I blow it away lol08:04
brian|lfsright now I see no md devices08:04
ryu0have you considered using others?08:04
ryu0btrfs and zfs are interesting for basic RAID replacements.08:04
brian|lfsso they span multiple disks?08:05
brian|lfssimilar to raid08:05
ryu0from what i understand, they're both raid, lvm, and filesystem in one.08:05
ryu0or at least replicates some of the features.08:06
ryu0i'm more familiar with ZFS.08:06
brian|lfswell my origional idea was to build ports for everything I use and fix whats broken like I got skype working08:06
ryu0btrfs has data + metadata checksums.08:06
ryu0and optional compression.08:06
ryu0and raid modes.08:06
brian|lfsthen once I got everything working get webspace and put my ports on the db08:06
ryu0i believe subvolumes can be used to imitate partitions.08:06
ryu0like LVM.08:07
brian|lfsthen convert my main system to CRUX08:07
ryu0i use ZFS on my NAS debian box.08:07
ryu0which reminds me. time to scrub again.08:08
ryu0and there it goes.08:08
brian|lfscan't go wrong with debian08:08
brian|lfsdebian 8x very stable08:08
ryu0i stripped out systemd.08:08
ryu0it still works with sysvinit for now.08:08
brian|lfssomeone made a good video on doing that on youtube08:09
brian|lfsahh its still not seeing it08:09
ryu0brian|lfs: my laptops employ luks with btrfs on top. i can compress the data before encryption :)08:10
brian|lfsguess I'll blow it away not losing any thing my ports are in /usr/ports/local08:10
ryu0brian|lfs: only problem i see with ZFS is it usually is recommended to have a fair amount of ram and ECC ram.08:12
ryu0i have both.08:12
brian|lfsI have plenty of ram08:17
brian|lfsjust not ECC08:17
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brian|lfssomething is screwying I did  mdadm --create --verbose /dev/md0 --level=5 --raid-devices=5 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdf1 /dev/sdg1 --spare-devices=1 /dev/sde108:20
brian|lfsand it gave me no verbose and nothing happened08:20
brian|lfsahhh I figured it out I had no mdadm it was corrupt just reinstalled it08:29
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john_cephalopodaWhy is qt5 installed to /usr/share?14:00
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frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: I dont know. But romster seems to be very busy right now. Feel free to test & send him patches16:08
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IgneousHey, are there any good docs for setting the system locale? I've run localedef (and rebooted for good measure), but when I run 'locale' as a user, LC_* is set to POSIX, and urxvt has garbage in it, instead of the correct glyphs16:19
Wildefyrcopy this over to somewhere on your system i.e. add it to /etc/profile or call it from somewhere else i.e. /etc/rc or when your shell loads16:24
Wildefyrobviously set your locale to the one you generated and don't use mine16:24
Wildefyrgot chores to do now so don't expect a response of me soon16:26
Igneouscool, thanks.. that's about what I was expecting. I figured crux didn't have the facilities to set that for me, and I'd just have to stick it in profile16:32
Wildefyrwelcome to crux.16:53
IgneousACTION waves16:53
IgneousI assume radeon-ucode is the magical package I need for ati dri support? Right now it looks like I'm on llvmpipe16:55
john_cephalopodaHi Igneous16:57
john_cephalopodaHmm, ati dri should be in mesa.16:58
john_cephalopodaMaybe you need radeon-ucode.16:58
tilmanIgneous: dmesg has the answer16:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: msmtp: update to 1.6.416:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cups: update to 2.1.316:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mysql: update to 5.6.2916:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] jre: security update to 1.8.0_7416:58
tilmancompare dmesg with pkginfo -l radeon-ucode16:58
IgneousIt's also possible that I didn't build ati dri support into my kernel.. It's probably been 5 years since I've had to build one, so I'm surprised I got this far on the first shot :P16:59
IgneousI need to grab the -ck/BFQ patchset and rebuild anyway16:59
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frinnstlinux-firmware might be a better option rather than radeon-ucode these days17:21
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tired_laptopor make firmware_install after kernel compile17:34
frinnstno, most firmware is not included in the kernel source17:34
frinnstno new firmware has been added for years - its kept in a separate repo17:35
tired_laptopI see17:35
groovy2shoesI do wish linux-firmware were included in the ISO17:35
groovy2shoessince I need it to get my networking up17:36
frinnstlinux-firmware needs some loving17:36
frinnstI hope we can get it sorted for the next release17:36
WildefyrYeah I packaged up the git release for someone because that package was out of date for them17:37
frinnstperhaps split it up into firmware-net, firmware-gpu etc17:37
Wildefyrsounds good17:38
groovy2shoesI wound up converting the slackware package because I had it handy17:38
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brian|lfsabout 25 mins until kickoff23:05
brian|lfswow nuts fixfox is going to release new versions every 6 to 8 weeks.23:09
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