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john_cephalopodabrian|lfs: Lol, for some reason I read "6 to 8 seconds" instead of "6 to 8 weeks" :D00:16
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brian|lfsanyone have a port for paprefs00:37
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joacimi think it works01:02
brian|lfshmm anyone have gconfmm01:04
jaegernot I01:13
brian|lfshow about paprefs01:14
jaegernope. I thought that was deprecated anyway01:14
brian|lfsnot sure using over here on archlinux it works01:14
brian|lfswhat you think jaeger
brian|lfsnot sure why the whole log won't upload01:27
jaegerdoesn't mean much to me, tried searching for that error?01:47
brian|lfsyes nothing02:00
brian|lfsto many dam deps about to give up02:03
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brian|lfsyay got paprefs working02:36
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brian|lfsand pavucontrol03:08
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brian|lfshey jaeger you around05:44
brian|lfsor Romster maybe05:44
groovy2shoesI'm around!05:45
brian|lfsah hey how you doing05:45
brian|lfstrying to make a port for 32 bit pulseaudio05:45
brian|lfspounding my head lol05:45
groovy2shoesalright... debating whether to go to bed or to pull an all-nighter05:45
groovy2shoesleaning towards all-nighter05:45
brian|lfswhat not an all nighter lol05:45
groovy2shoeswhat's so great about pulseaudio?05:46
brian|lfslet me wnever said it was great05:46
brian|lfsbut makes lfie easier for me at least05:46
groovy2shoesoh lol05:46
groovy2shoesfair enough05:46
brian|lfsand unfortunately skype is 32 bit  along with second life05:46
brian|lfswell second life is 64 bit but uses 32 bit pusleaudio05:47
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brian|lfsmy Pkgfile
brian|lfsmy compile failure
brian|lfsmaybe I should try pulseaudio 5 what the defautl is in crux lol05:50
groovy2shoesmaybe you need a 32-bit libtool?05:50
brian|lfsalready made that05:50
groovy2shoesis it version 2.4 or later?05:50
groovy2shoesI've got nothing :/05:51
brian|lfsunless I screwed up on libtool05:51
brian|lfsmy pkgconfig for libtool-32
brian|lfsnot sure why I bother05:53
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Worksterdo you really need pulseaudio when there is apulse-3206:23
Worksterdid you touch .32bit in each of them directories? for -32 ports06:23
Worksteri need to get on crux 3.2 and sort out skype it's more complicated than just qt4-3206:24
Worksterbecause of gcc changes there is a bout 6 affected ports06:24
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brian|lfsI got skype working workster06:30
brian|lfsif anyone read the bug reports06:30
brian|lfssorry didn't see your message earlier Workster06:30
brian|lfsbut ya I updatied I fixed skype but it would work much better with pulseaudio 32 bit06:38
brian|lfsyou pass out Workster your at work you can't pass out06:49
Romsteri personally don't want pulseaudio anywhere near my machine. but feel free to use it.06:50
Romsteralso i don't see the fixes/patch on bug report.06:50
Romsteri haven't looked at the qt5 bug yet just seen that now06:50
Romsteri am behind on a lot of stuff.06:50
Romsteralso i asked about including jsut the wifi firmware on the iso but the consensus was no, it would bloat the iso too much.06:51
Romsterbrian|lfs, all i saw ont eh skype bug report was s ome confusing comment ( or was it in irc... ) about how to get skype working.06:52
Romstergcc introduced a dual ABI change to libstdc++06:53
brian|lfsit was a bug report witha ttachments06:54
brian|lfsqt4-32 jsut needs clang and clang++06:54
Romsteroh for gods sake is that the solution... rather heavy handed06:54
brian|lfsyes someone replied to you in december and I didn't know wtf they meant besides clang06:55
brian|lfsso I finally went and looked at the atch package for qt4-32 bit lol06:55
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brian|lfsbut non one evern updated qt4 32 to 4.8.706:56
brian|lfsso you would need qt4 as 4.8.7 for 32 bit also06:56
Romsteri already fixed the ABI issue for qt4-32 but i didn't bump the verison as i was wating on sepen then i got too busy to get to anything crux related.06:56
brian|lfsits all good06:57
Romsteror didn't i push the fix...06:57
brian|lfsso why you against pulseaudio06:57
brian|lfsnot trying to start a flame war just wondering how you would use multippe06:57
brian|lfsaudio thigns at once without it06:57
brian|lfsI've never had luck with that working with just alsa06:57
Romsterbecause it's made by the same tards that are systemd. and i don't need it for alsa and dmix to work.06:58
brian|lfsalsa and dmix never worked for me06:58
brian|lfswell alsa I works06:58
brian|lfsjust nto dmix06:58
brian|lfsI didn't realize pulse was made by the same tars06:59
brian|lfsI'm typing to fast06:59
Romsterand i got pissed off when iw as using jack and devs on wne removed jack because no one was maintaining it.07:00
Romsterand later pulseaudio got added to wine07:00
Romsterbut poor jack for professional use since i do pro audio....07:00
brian|lfsya jack is important07:01
brian|lfsunderstand your pissed but some stuff is binarly and can't disable pulse in07:01
Romsterso i got a hate thing for pulseaudio, it might work ok and with some lag?07:01
brian|lfsskype you did tell me there is a work around for usign alsa07:02
brian|lfsbut there isn't one for firestorm or secondlife Im aware of07:02
Romsterapulse it's mentioned in the README07:02
brian|lfsah for skype07:02
Romsterand iirc i also alloed for pulseaudio-32 to be used on it. and iirc kde has 32 bit pulseaudio if i'm not mistaken.07:03
Romsternow i can't find the bug report fir qt4-32 that i commented on...07:03
brian|lfsoh I made a new one07:03
Romsterand i just found it07:04
brian|lfsfor my attachments07:04
brian|lfsI forgot to modfiy my Pkgbuild and add clang as a dep07:04
brian|lfsI wrote that on the top07:04
RomsterCompiling with -D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI should of fixed qt4-32 and i was wating on testers.07:04
brian|lfson the old bug someone tried it didn't help07:05
brian|lfsand he said it worked with clang07:05
Romster(i also noticed arch uses clang on chromium too)07:05
Romsteris it jsut me or is gcc going to shit07:05
brian|lfsI agree07:06
brian|lfsor they just don't want anything old to work07:06
tilmanlol you guys07:06
brian|lfshey man07:06
Romsterunless they didn't fix that -O2 level optimization bug?07:07
brian|lfsI know your not a pulse fan but if you have any ideas to get it to compile 32 bit would be nice07:07
tilmani don't :/07:07
brian|lfsI meant Romster lol07:07
brian|lfsok so how would I implement that07:08
brian|lfswith export?07:08
tilmanACTION goes into hiding again07:08
Romsterexport CXXFLAGS+=' -D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0'07:09
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Romsterwhat tilman :D07:09
brian|lfsok going to modify my qt4-32 and try it07:09
brian|lfsI have 16 cores shouldn't take long07:10
Romsterso they use a define to mangle the names between ABI versions.07:10
Romstertilman, you're a programmer, what is you take on having to use clang in place of gcc when07:11
Romsterexport CXXFLAGS+=' -D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0'07:11
Romstershould suffice?07:11
brian|lfsI'm trying what you would prefer Romster and I expect skype won't work liek the guy said when he tried on the bug page07:13
Romstergcc introduced that way to avoid a so name version change that broke a lot more things.07:13
Romsterhonestly if that does not work then gcc is inherently broken, and using clang is just a band aid fix around broken gcc.07:14
Romsterbut the annoying part is clang takes awhile to build on top of qt4-3207:14
Romstera prt-get depinst skype now takes forever and then add clang to that?07:15
brian|lfsit wasn't to bad building clang07:15
Romsteron a fresh install07:15
brian|lfsthats true ton of deps for skype07:15
Romstermost it was done for wine and i had a few new ones to make.07:16
Romsterit wasn't a pleasant experience setting up compat-32 to begin with. but jaeger did most of the work, but i had more things to add at that time.07:16
Romsterstubs for header files for 32 and 64 bit was where i got stuck and llvm-3207:17
brian|lfsya I hear  you they need to convert all apps to 634 bit07:17
Romsterif skype would be built in 64bit. it would save a ton of effort07:17
brian|lfsif second life used all 64 bit libs07:17
brian|lfsit would save me a lot of pain07:18
Romsteri know wine requires 32bit ofr PE 32bit exe files to work. that'll never change until on no one has a 32bit exe anymore.07:18
Romsterblames microsoft for skype :/07:18
brian|lfsya I do also07:18
brian|lfsthey own it now so they are not going to give us shit for linux07:18
brian|lfseventually skypeweb will go final07:19
Romsterif i really have to use clang i'll just have too, but if i can avoid it.07:19
brian|lfsI hear you07:19
Romsterskypeweb might be the death of the client07:19
brian|lfsI'm compilg with the exprot for gcc abi we shall see what happens07:19
Romsterif that don't work also add in -Os07:19
Romstermight still have a optimization regression at -O2 but i thought gcc 5.3.x fixed that.07:20
brian|lfsmy goal is to eventually get firestorma nd skype tow ork then work on building plasma07:20
Romsterseemed ok on wine going by jaeger07:20
brian|lfsI don't think Alan is ever going to get too plasma07:20
Romsteras for your 32 bit game i need to add a ton of gstreamer to compat-3207:20
brian|lfsand kde 4x is pretty dead07:20
brian|lfseasiest way is probably to get the PKGBUILD from archlinux aur07:21
Romsteri dunno what alan is upto but he did get git branches sorted out for 4 and 507:21
brian|lfsyes he did and kde4 installed with letter modififcation on crux 3.207:21
brian|lfsI think there might of been 2 or 3 bad urls and maybe a missing dep07:22
Romsterif you feel inclined to convert PKGBUILDS to Pkgfile format for plasma.07:22
Romstershould report those so alan can fix.07:22
brian|lfsis it hard to convert07:22
Romsterno idea07:22
Romsteri moved away from kde3 ages ago07:22
Romsterand i07:22
brian|lfs3 was better07:22
Romsterand i've never used kde since.07:22
brian|lfsdid anyone bother with gnome3 lol07:23
Romstermessed a little with e17, xfce icewm and fvwm07:23
brian|lfseverytime I would enable extentions to make it look the way I want the gnome shell would puke07:23
Romsternope jaeger gave up on it. there is mate.07:23
Romsteri stated messing with gnome but the more i built of it the more and more dependencies i had to make...07:24
brian|lfsok qt4-32 is done its just building the package07:24
brian|lfsor compressing I mean07:24
Romsterturns out to be dependency hell07:24
brian|lfskind of figured it is07:24
Romsterand then i would hit stuff that wont compile07:24
Romsteri gave up07:24
brian|lfsok switching computer to log in and try to oopen skype07:25
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brian|lfsok didn't work07:27
brian|lfsThats a O not a zero correct?07:27
brian|lfsfor -Os07:27
ryu0-Os, small.07:28
ryu0no zero.07:28
brian|lfsso not capital O07:29
ryu0It is capital o.07:29
brian|lfsoh ok you said small threw me off07:29
ryu0small optimization, optimize for size.07:29
Romstercapital O07:29
ryu0-O2 is the highest i would ever take it.07:30
ryu0-O3 is known to cause problems if used everywhere.07:30
brian|lfscorrect figured thats what  you all meant07:30
ryu0Romster: super busy these days still?07:30
Romster-O2 before gcc 5.3.x caused a regression on gcc 5.x07:30
brian|lfsI just added the -Os07:31
brian|lfscompiling again07:31
Romsterthough it was run time segfaults07:31
Romster-Os seemed to disable what got changed07:31
brian|lfsbut the person that replied to you was correct it didn't work07:32
brian|lfsbut always good a second person to test07:32
Romsterryu0, yeah i haven't cought up with everything, real life has taken over lately.07:32
brian|lfsso how did we get chromium tow ork without clang?07:33
Romsteronly skype needs the older libstdc++ ABI07:34
Romsterbecause ckype is static07:34
brian|lfsso someone was lazy on archlinux maybe07:35
Romsterchromium gets compiled from source so uses the newer libstdc++ version.07:35
brian|lfsand used the quick band aid07:35
Romsterperhaps or they hit a issue using gcc, i don't know.07:35
Romsteror it might of been from a older version and it's never been changed since07:35
brian|lfsthe last is the most likely07:36
brian|lfsdone compilg its packageing up07:41
brian|lfsok it don't work its only going to work with clang07:43
brian|lfswish I saved the package with clang lol07:44
brian|lfsno I have to compile again07:44
Romsterwell then gcc has to be broken or qt4 is not exporting that to all the modules in qt407:44
brian|lfsor skype has another issue with gcc07:44
Romsteror that07:44
Romsterbut it all happened since gcc 5.007:45
brian|lfsI'm going to switch mine back07:45
brian|lfsmaybe we should make another prot fort qt4-32 for skype use07:45
Romsteronly skype uses qt4-32 afaik07:46
brian|lfsthen if someone is not using skype just use the normal qt4-3207:46
Romsterwould love to solve this regresson/bug though07:46
brian|lfsI was doing good tonight got pavprefs to work along with pavucontrol07:46
brian|lfsthen got stumped on pulseaudio for 32 bit07:47
Romsterwhat is that stuck on libtool?07:47
brian|lfsno some weird error can't pase my compile failure07:47
brian|lfsI acutally built libtool for 32 bit07:47
brian|lfsnot sure if I needed to or not but it was a dep libtool07:48
Romsteryou do have .32bit file in the directory with the Pkgfile for pulseaudio-32 ?07:48
brian|lfsyes and I tried it without also07:48
Romsteri think the 64bit libtool would work fine for both 32 and 64bit07:48
brian|lfsusing exprot to for 32 bit07:48
brian|lfsI think I need a patch for my error and can't find the link to get the patch07:49
brian|lfsmy compiile error07:49
Romsterdid you see that?07:50
Romsteralso check out gentoo ebuilds for patches07:51
RomsterWARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-systemd07:51
brian|lfsah ok so how would I put that in a patch07:51
Romstermake it raw and download it07:51
brian|lfshuh thats valid07:51
brian|lfshow do I make it raw07:52
brian|lfsdont' mess with patches much not trying to be stupid07:52
Romsterthe plain link07:52
brian|lfsoh ok07:52
Romsterbut that looks like a run time fix not a compile fix07:52
brian|lfsahh so after its installed?07:53
Romsterno not really you can patch it before or after compile, before is preferable07:54
brian|lfsoh ok07:54
Romsterit's just a wrapper script fix07:54
brian|lfsguess I can take the --disable-systemd out and see what happens07:54
Romsterfor the 32bit lib32 path07:55
brian|lfsok so I have the patch as raw so what file namefoprmat woudl I need to save it as07:55
Romsteryou ave the pain raw format of that patch into a file07:55
brian|lfsoh ok07:56
Romsterthen you add it to the source and after cd ... patch -p1 -i $SRC/foo.patch07:56
brian|lfsok cool07:57
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brian|lfsok patch can't find the file Romster07:59
Romsterhmm looks like it does need libtool-3207:59
brian|lfsI'm assuming foo.patch was example07:59
Romsteryes an example08:00
brian|lfsI could call it anything08:00
Romsterfoo bar are placeholder names08:00
brian|lfsok just making sure08:00
brian|lfsmaybe I messed up on libtool-3208:00
Romsterquite possible08:00
brian|lfsbuild() {08:01
brian|lfs    cd libtool-$version08:01
brian|lfs    ./configure --prefix=/usr \08:01
brian|lfs    --libdir=/usr/lib32 \08:01
brian|lfs    make08:01
brian|lfs    make DESTDIR=$PKG install08:01
brian|lfs    rm -r $PKG/usr/share/info08:01
brian|lfsseems pretty basic08:02
Romsterand a .32bit file in that directory?08:02
brian|lfsyup .32bit08:02
Romsterwhat about removing conflicting files out of the port like the header files?08:02
brian|lfsHow woudld I do that08:02
Romsterrm $PKG/usr/include/libltdl08:03
Romsterand friends08:03
Romsterrm -r ...08:03
brian|lfsso add that to the Pkgconfig08:03
Romsterhow else would it install if it's got file clashes with core/libtool?08:03
Romsterto the Pkgfile after make install..08:03
Romster like that even08:04
Romsterheaps of examples08:04
brian|lfsdo I want to get rid of bin also08:07
brian|lfsok just making sure08:07
Romsteronly in rare cases you need the binary files and they need to be changed to be foo-3208:08
Romstermost of the time the pc la file and so is all that's needed.08:08
Romsteras an example08:09
Romsterconfiugre in this case uses the *.pc file to find the library08:09
brian|lfsok thanks libtool is good now no erros of conflicting files08:10
Romsterit really is annoing there is 2 different ways to pass link time dependencies to libraries though libtool and pkg-config08:10
brian|lfsnow to try pulseaudio-32 again08:10
Romsteri always say if you have to force pkgadd to install a package your doing it wrong.08:11
brian|lfsok didn't know that08:12
brian|lfswill I realzied that after you told me I need to get rid of duplicate files08:12
brian|lfshmm still failed same error08:13
Romsterprtvirify can scan and check for common issue08:13
Romsterlook at config.log in pulseaudio's source08:13
Romsterand config.guess08:13
brian|lfsah don't see those do I need to pass an option to keep source08:14
Romsterpkgmk -kw08:15
brian|lfslooks like -kw keep work08:15
brian|lfsg++: error: unrecognized command line option '-qversion'08:18
brian|lfsg++: fatal error: no input files08:18
brian|lfswhat does that mean08:18
frinnstbroken makefile?08:20
Romsternot using weird CFLAGS/LDFLAGS?08:21
Romsteri remember seeing this before and with -V08:22
Romstergcc used to have a -V option for version reports. It now uses -v, and provides the configuration options used when the compiler was built.08:23
Romsteroutdated option08:23
RomsterOn some versions of gcc, the -V option tells it to use a specified version of the compiler -- but it requires an argument. It's documented here. The option appears to have been removed some time between 4.5.4 and
brian|lfsso can the make fiel ato a -v?08:32
Romster-v  Print (on standard error output) the commands executed to run the stages of08:35
Romster           compilation.  Also print the version number of the compiler driver program and of08:35
Romster           the preprocessor and the compiler proper.08:35
brian|lfsso you think my problem is there I"m confused08:39
Romsteri know qt sues qmake08:39
Romsteri can't find any reference to qversion08:40
ryu0who knew Qt was so litiguous?08:40
Romstergcc later versions removed -V08:40
ryu0Romster: i'm working on a 2nd rewrite of revdep. i have some ideas for making it faster, in theory.08:41
ryu0there's a bit of waste in using the ld program.08:41
Romsterrewrite ld :D08:42
ryu0fork + exec is still done, hopefully can eliminate that.08:42
Romsteriirc fork is expensive08:42
ryu0it is to some degree.08:42
ryu0i'm thinking to try a model i cache the elf information so i only have to process each one once per run.08:43
ryu0i realized that what revdep does is conceptually a graphing problem.08:44
Romstercan only try if it works better08:44
ryu0it might, but since the kernel does caching, it would mainly help with the overhead of recomputing each ELF.08:44
ryu0the processing time, even if disk IO becomes a non-issue due to a cache.08:45
ryu0i wonder what i can use. C doesn't natively offer much for dynamic data structures.08:46
ryu0it gets old having to rewrite the same old code for the same old problem but with a slight difference.08:46
ryu0makes me want to use C++ simply to use the data structures.08:46
ryu0std::vector is rather convenient.08:47
brian|lfswow EBUILDS give me a heache to look at lol08:49
ryu0ugh. gotta love websites that hijack the back button.08:50
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brian|lfsevery site does that at work09:09
brian|lfsyou hit back nothing happens have to hit it like 5 times09:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-fcgi: update to 5.6.1816:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-fpm: update to 5.6.1816:54
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: curl: update to 7.47.117:03
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onoderathanks lol18:00
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GreaseMonkeythere's an issue with physfs where if you have wxwidgets installed you get an ambiguous overload error in a test program due to the way NULL is defined... and of course you get a footprint mismatch22:07
GreaseMonkeythe extra thing is a test program though, so it might just be best to disable the building of that program somehow22:08
frinnst <- brilliant22:11
frinnstwny is opensuse so strange?22:14
frinnstrunning "zypper update" uses so much cpu you would think you were running windows update22:14
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